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/cg/ ~ Star Sessions
File 151999297384.jpg - (1.11MB , 2000x3000 , Michelle-003-020.jpg )
26037 No. 26037
Michelle set 003 (HD 4000x6000) 137 pics


pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/7kgf5ht8hqwi
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/4bkbhzopdw1a
pt3 http://fileflares.com/wy5osnlzv6sw

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/z0tcb07hkoqn
pt2 http://fileflares.com/4xievrdro9da
pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/gydhiif6u6lw

pt1 http://fileflares.com/qbgx3zewo00f
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/4hnjddpvuz18
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/f2mq0jn9ammh

Pass = SS
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>> No. 26044
andregiant is blackballed from starsessions :P
Sharing KILLS the industry, but nobody wants to listen to reason.
>> No. 26065
UL bank is the fastest in spite of all the robots, lol.
>> No. 26067
nice catch, ban the fucker :D

btw. do you know when lisa is back in the studio? I'm getting kinda blueballed right here :O
>> No. 26094
Next couple of days you should see Lisa again.... Chill man :)
>> No. 26096
please share vids pleaseeee
>> No. 26098
Nice little butt...
>> No. 26135
more! more! more!
>> No. 26166
File 152010001769.jpg - (1.10MB , 1665x2566 , Nina-020-132.jpg )

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/4bh1uek5i2wp
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/0u7caevp330q
pt3 http://fileflares.com/3vz51d9iu2ta

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/dio6ldtmuo3z
pt2 http://fileflares.com/ccap0i0bh4d3
pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/27ae4edb02gx

pt1 http://fileflares.com/uglvvplk7b5g
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/vezlsrpjw78h
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/t5unbtj61bi6

Pass = SS
>> No. 26249
Many thanks! Do you have any video? Very much appreciated
>> No. 26271
Well if you are blacklisted might as well share everything you've got!
>> No. 26467
File 152033970567.jpg - (1.87MB , 3437x4000 , Maisie-018-056.jpg )

pt1 http://fileflares.com/9toqj4wi6udb
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/g14i5a9lur4v
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/qam6zcn1b3h7

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/p5vw2hwwvtpz
pt2 http://fileflares.com/55z3fgq0vrmv
pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/t74khcp2mqcu

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/xktzhhb08ujq
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/3jg13cx1gq7x
pt3 http://fileflares.com/23lij83d2f1a

Pass = SS
>> No. 26477
thanksssssss please more set and vids pleaseeee
>> No. 26497
>> No. 26605
File 152038373240.jpg - (62.60KB , 723x720 , nina18_mp4_snapshot_08_38_[2018_03_07_02_39_46].jpg )

or http://www.uploadbank.com/rgj74fe71cxc
or https://dailyuploads.net/06zxk0nmocj9

Pass = SS
>> No. 26606
>>26605 Reduced version.Bumping for 4k or whatever else is available(original quality as previous posts most preferred) Many thanks in advance
>> No. 26615
>> No. 26616
This looks like shit. You sure this is original? Nothing I've seen from this studio looks this crappy.
>> No. 26727
I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR MASIE!, she is my dream girl, anything more of her would be an absolute dream come true..your generosity is genuinely appreciated my friend.
>> No. 26732
Well if she's the girl of your dreams, why don't you go and buy her sets? She'd surely appreciate you supporting her modeling career.. oh well I guess you'd rather leech the content for free and see her stop modeling because not enough people support her :(
>> No. 26737
Well seems like Masie has already stopped. Not updates of her for a long long time.
>> No. 26754
Pony up a little! Why not tell us gruesome stories of models killing themselves - all because of the horrors of file sharing?
And - make us forget, you'd sell nothing w/o such cheap advertising places like this one here.
And - no way you'd care to find easy & safe ways to buy your stuff. BIG FAIL.
>> No. 26759
Models do not receive a payment if you buy a set, they receive a payment once when they make a photo session, all the other money from sales is received by the agency.
>> No. 26788

You're talking about a subject that you know nothing about. Are you a photographer running a teen modeling website? No. Do you even know one? No. So why do you comment on the subject and pretend that you know what you're talking about? You don't. FACT: Some models are in partnership with a photographer and they split the profits. Also consider that if the sales are robust, the photographer will arrange another paid shoot for the model, so in an indirect way, she does profit from the sales by being hired for more shoots. You clowns sharing stolen pictures do harm the models and potential future models.


>> No. 26867
File 152046546339.jpg - (539.25KB , 3840x2160 , The hottest video.jpg )

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/jcayapdxxv49
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/oonbvfogny6u
pt3 http://fileflares.com/jbamb5t2xai9
pt4 https://dailyuploads.net/j4kiwi8bbxlc
pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/f5pj2x2e8hjk
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/8gw90tx3j9lq
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/heu81qy0b6gq
pt4 http://fileflares.com/syaia7ri5vf8

Pass = SS
>> No. 26893
amazingly hot!
>> No. 26898
The models get a percentage of each set/vid sold in addition to payment for each shoot. And i know for a fact its a higher %age than most other studios have ever paid their models
>> No. 26899
Maisie will be back soon :)
>> No. 26982
Please get Elena in sexy panties SS she really blueballs me. Nina and Elena are the best but really think Mila is starting to show potential.
>> No. 27048
I already bought some videos of them, very good videos, but the latest videos of them are very conservative, without daring, so I'm waiting for them to return to releasing good videos, with the girls wearing less clothes, after all, the videos are expensive .. The new models they are introducing into the agency are very old too, they do not appeal to me very much.
>> No. 27067
File 152055130917.jpg - (1.24MB , 4327x3756 , Lina-003-031.jpg )

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/7z58cfo3v1hr
pt2 http://fileflares.com/22gsqtqi9n0u
pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/gmkni7gg8gev

pt1 http://fileflares.com/wfkzc7d10lck
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/ni35g1f83b2x
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/snm85fynfcs6

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/w30or6syss0w
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/dzi5g50hwcry
pt3 http://fileflares.com/gr8nsbsr4b3s

Pass = SS
>> No. 27068
thanks ssssss please share more more lina..
>> No. 27172
>> No. 27248
Thank you very much for sharing, how do you get them?,
more more linaaaaaa pleaseee
>> No. 27280
He/she pays out roubles, deutschmarks, shekels, dollars pounds euros or denari etc for them.
The model's site gets this money & pays out some smaller part to the model.
Often a very small set amount, sometimes more as starsessions claims.
This refucker gives out the copy for kopecs, phenigs, (no idea what the shekel minute is), cents pennies etc
The host sites & this nazi site gets a few phennigs along the way via you (&me) being here.
The biggest winner is probably Google via captchas. Making America great again?
>> No. 27358
amazing thank you!!! any more masie would be amazing! she is the best!
>> No. 27447
File 152076968263.jpg - (1.12MB , 5460x3461 , Maisie-018-040.jpg )
>> No. 27515
File 152080573543.jpg - (66.67KB , 719x521 , ss-Lilu-031.jpg )
please post this lilu set
>> No. 27577
great thread!
>> No. 27583
can you post Elena vids :) ?
Specially 27, 25, 22, 20 or 12
thx !!!
>> No. 27592
i only posted one set. he's posting the other ones... hypocrite.

btw u can't blacklist someone from a site that uses btc. i already bought another set from u
>> No. 27646
File 152089887367.jpg - (520.12KB , 2722x2160 , Lina-003.jpg )

Pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/dfvker4zo0bc
Pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/1glgevt4pd1s
Pt3 http://fileflares.com/m2eljn8b1dmp
Pt4 https://dailyuploads.net/i5au0h8bcn6p

Pt1 http://fileflares.com/7n7fz41qjzr2
Pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/4i25txunohnf
Pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/sevlte9v7jg1
Pt4 http://fileflares.com/o6cda1h47xh7

Pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/mbhojgtob6rr
Pt2 http://fileflares.com/wxf408h99dm7
Pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/re20erletb8m
Pt4 http://www.uploadbank.com/55kpwctl6xk8

Pass = SS
>> No. 27916
amazingly generous!!! please more masie shes is the best!!!
>> No. 28029
File 152114502757.jpg - (1.74MB , 5064x3421 , Nita-012-182.jpg )

Pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/0j083l3513ed
Pt2 http://fileflares.com/qvq6tmw5j6bj
Pt3 http://fileflares.com/uhqr9jb2iipk
Pt4 https://dailyuploads.net/p8vsn4xuzaaq

Pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/ndqp4k3qiaow
Pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/4ah0gr75s871
Pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/borx94tj6v6q
Pt4 http://fileflares.com/bz7xrknt4coh

Pt1 http://fileflares.com/jcpeeba3uunh
Pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/nbuotazx1uf5
Pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/6ma4afmdkiaa
Pt4 http://www.uploadbank.com/ogl3yxr7t6ti

Pass = SS
>> No. 28059
File 152115567394.jpg - (688.73KB , 1833x1222 , 1521134.jpg )
>> No. 28084

of course its not original. he's shrunk it down and other stuff to decrease file size
>> No. 28086
>> No. 28102
File 152119220268.jpg - (857.71KB , 2000x3000 , Nita-012-062.jpg )
very good!
>> No. 28108
>> No. 28117
File 152120350141.jpg - (0.99MB , 2560x2086 , Nita-012_mp4_thumbs_[2018_03_14_12_21_38].jpg )
Yes, ok, I have a video, but I'll see that this idiot wants to get more shekels.. I'll post the video in the evening.
>> No. 28123
big Thank You Bro!
>> No. 28138
>> No. 28156
File 152122180943.jpg - (204.47KB , 533x800 , Elena-009-02.jpg )
anyone have elena?
>> No. 28157
Thanks for Nita!! You have set 4??
>> No. 28209
File 152123970567.jpg - (1.24MB , 1920x1162 , Michelle-003_4K.jpg )
Michelle 003 HD 4K Full video. Enjoy it!





https://dailyuploads.net/mv7pqeqysu8f Pt.01

https://dailyuploads.net/7sqgbzm3a638 Pt.02

https://dailyuploads.net/ekza54nn2cw7 Pt.03

https://dailyuploads.net/w06z1azztsnt Pt.04

Pw: $preadtheloveintheworld!!!
>> No. 28211
>> No. 28212
wow what a girl!
>> No. 28216
>> No. 28223
File 152124532871.jpg - (361.36KB , 2228x1987 , Michelle-003_4K_mp4_snaps].jpg )
>>28209 I would like to complain about the hijacking a thread, but no .. thanks for sharing!
More HOT previews:

And mirrors:
pt1: http://www.uploadbank.com/3p3zltcloz7b
pt2: http://fileflares.com/4d11j9yhwd2y
pt3: http://www.uploadbank.com/3aoz0ebcpl3n
pt4: http://fileflares.com/qe3hy1dp7qeo

pt1: http://fileflares.com/wip8op1701dh
pt2: http://www.uploadbank.com/ki0szrhcxbsg
pt3: http://fileflares.com/8b38vgunqv5e
pt4: http://www.uploadbank.com/3p3zltcloz7b

Pw: $preadtheloveintheworld!!!

Thanks to the original poster.
>> No. 28226
I found it unnecessary to create another thread to post videos from StarSessions, so I preferred to post the videos here, if the creator of the thread does not care. I have other SS videos to share here. Besides that, it's my way of thanking the owner of the thread for the videos and sets that have already been posted here.
>> No. 28233
these girls are still modeling for the studio, why post their work on here? You idiots. If you can’t respect the site (which is run by one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet btw!), at least respect the models privacy by not posting their work on chan boards.

What is wrong with you people?
>> No. 28262
File 152127697799.jpg - (657.49KB , 2000x1333 , Maisie-018-096.jpg )
Yes, of course, post in this thread. I and all visitors will be happy with the new sets and videos!

I think you are wrong, because the agency has hundreds of sets, while only a few are shared.
Posts here are mostly advertising for the agency, because new people learn about it and want to buy sets. I also learned about this anegy recently when someone shared a video.

The model's privacy? What? The privacy of the models does not depend on the way they distribute their photos, for free or for money.
>> No. 28265
Thank you. More tiny cuties please.
>> No. 28268
good stuff Men! Nice quality video!
More Please SS!
>> No. 28272
Can someone please name the name of the studio that has these beautiful girls or link to the website..THanks
>> No. 28278
>>28272 >name of the studio
Star Sessions
>> No. 28289
>>28278 New Site: Childstars(dot)info
>> No. 28293
File 152129096510.jpg - (2.63KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
There's no email to contact Starsessions on http://childstars.info. Someone reported some of their posts for DMCA but I have no way of verifying if it's really them.

I'm not oblivious to the woes of piracy which killed Vladmodels, and I definitely don't want to be the reason a new studio is killed. If anyone can get us in contact with them to agree on an acceptable sharing policy please email us their email or vice versa. You can also report this post by ticking its small checkbox and write their email in the Reason slot at the bottom of the page and I will read it.

Thanks everyone.
>> No. 28311
File 152130268998.jpg - (409.92KB , 1920x1150 , Kathy-020_4K_mp4_thumbs_2018_01_01_22_09_42.jpg )
>> No. 28312
File 152130274968.jpg - (384.09KB , 1920x1150 , Michelle-003_4K_mp4_thumbs_2017_12_03_17_48_19.jpg )
>> No. 28313
File 152130276465.jpg - (355.56KB , 1920x1150 , Mila-005_4K_mp4_thumbs_2017_10_30_17_04_03.jpg )
>> No. 28314
File 152130278418.jpg - (407.44KB , 1920x1150 , Nina-031_4K_mp4_thumbs_2018_01_15_16_50_12.jpg )
>> No. 28315
File 152130280177.jpg - (379.20KB , 1920x1150 , Nita-016_4K_mp4_thumbs_2017_12_26_01_08_34.jpg )
>> No. 28324
>> No. 28326
File 152131084788.jpg - (443.93KB , 2413x2160 , Nita-012_mp4_snapshot_09_07_[2018_03_17_20_08_50].jpg )

pt1: http://www.uploadbank.com/iiqit10xo5n5
pt2: https://dailyuploads.net/8e3za7vgjsl9
pt3: http://fileflares.com/j56xx9zxyam0
pt4: http://fileflares.com/8hv73atrd9mq
pt5: http://www.uploadbank.com/gfjp3kmcs95x
pt6: https://dailyuploads.net/ei0th12lkooz

pt1: http://fileflares.com/c0p3578542ei
pt2: http://www.uploadbank.com/gz3o2p2kbvg6
pt3: http://www.uploadbank.com/ku66evh79797
pt4: https://dailyuploads.net/1fetlm4j75cy
pt5: http://fileflares.com/q0e4snpli2h9
pt6: http://www.uploadbank.com/zqe7rh2rbgdn

pt1: https://dailyuploads.net/dt5n6cy06op6
pt2: http://fileflares.com/x4y9yol7hrfd
pt3: https://dailyuploads.net/5n5ekqev5m6n
pt4: http://www.uploadbank.com/hi7gxzlnqh8i
pt5: https://dailyuploads.net/m854pmlv47bh
pt6: http://fileflares.com/xr5o51kvibfo

Pass = SS

Thanks to the original poster.
>> No. 28334
As far as i know, Star Sessions doesn't use mail. But if you really wanted to contact them, you can create an account on the site and open a ticket.
>> No. 28337
Maybe in the future, some models will have nude photos...
>> No. 28339
if you could so kind to post this vid
>> No. 28340
Thanks man,So I see that the site only accepts bit-coins or of that currency,can someone with more knowledge about bit-coins spread some knowledge and some good and reliable names to purchase bit-coins,the website makes some suggestions,but? I am a bit skeptic,please share some knowledge if you have any info purchasing safely and anonymously...THanks
>> No. 28371
1000 thanks friend
>> No. 28374
>> No. 28375
here is a list over some bitcoin exchanges that can be used, but some of the largest are bitfinex, coinbase, bitstamp and poloniex. Almost every bitcoin broker require you to register with identification to prevent fraud and money laundering. Mostly you can pay with debit and credit card, but some accept paypal too. If you want it completely manual, then you have to use localbitcoin and buy from other people with cash.
Secondly you need a wallet. Here you do not need ID. Theres many options here too. You have cold storage wallets, which is offline hardware storage like paper, usb and designated hardware. And there's hot wallets that's connected to internet like pc and phone apps. Here too, you have thousands to choose between, so do your research. Some popular hot wallets are mycelium(BTC only), jaxx(multi currency), exodus(multi currency), bitcoin core (BTC only, original BTC wallet).
It is a bit of work setting everything up and getting hang of it, but once everything is in order and you get used to it, its super easy. Buy crypto (ETH and LTC is some of the better to buy because of low fees and fast transfer).
Transfer it to your personal wallet.
Send from your wallet to whoever you are buying from.
>> No. 28379
>> No. 28388
it would be great to see these videos
>> No. 28396
Yeah, they only accept Crypto-Currency and only through a ticket by registering with them. I use Coinbase but as of late, Coinbase is no longer accepting credit/debit cards, only my bank account. To my understanding, I assume it's the norm with most coin exchangers and with crypto-currencies being taxed, I assume that's the reason. I could be wrong.
>> No. 28399
I like sharing as much as the next person, but SS is a young and fledgling model site and their rates are really great. Can we slow down on their material so they will remain reasonable? I don't want to see them go away when they are just starting out. Let's be more supportive of the agecies, thank you.
>> No. 28405
You post I post SS video. Nita or Nina
>> No. 28418
dont post SS sets please, we want them to continue and make new sets
>> No. 28454
some sharing actually helps the website. But the mods here need to be smart. Keep it to 2-3 per model.


>> No. 28459
Will jumping fucking Jesus. When they wait a month to update a single model it gets a bit boring. Supply vs. demand.
>> No. 28461
Newstar had it figured out just right. One update per week. It was reliable at least. I'm totally for supporting the site but they have to give you something to support.
>> No. 28463
Furthermore, he needs to quit wasting money on the models who shouldnt really be models. Its obvious which ones are making the cut. Get them in studio and the rest out.
>> No. 28466
Even when there is a decent update you have to go through the rigmarole of the crypto hassle.
>> No. 28467
coinbase is still accepting credit/debit cards where they can. The most likely reason why they dont accept yours is because your bank stopped supporting coinbase. Especially in the US a lot of banks have stopped supporting transaction to crypto brokers because of chargebacks and morons "investing" until they get broke and dont pay their cc bills.
>> No. 28491
post more sets!
>> No. 28513
The whole crypto thing os super sketch anyway. Teenmodels does straight CC payments.
>> No. 28519
Tell me, how exactly do you know that any of these models are getting much if any money? How do you know about the environment/conditions they are in?

If some of them are legitimately going away from home to get some photos snapped and a paycheck given to their parents, how do you know the parents aren't drug addicts or alcoholics?

How do you know most of these models aren't 'owned' by a bunch of men who do god only knows when the cameras aren't out, and just live off a small allowance?

I can't be the only one here who notices EVERY model has a scar on their shoulder......what looks like someone 'branded' them with the end of a lit cigarette.

Most healthy kids are taken care of by their parents...they don't need jobs. And if parents are relying on their child to bring home the money, shame on them.
>> No. 28529
You mean the round smallpox vaccination scar on left shoulder?
>> No. 28550
'I can't be the only one here who notices EVERY model has a scar on their shoulder......what looks like someone 'branded' them with the end of a lit cigarette'. Are you fucking serious? Ever hear of vaccination? Fuck, I have one on my butt that looks like someone put a cigar out there. I am 58 and have older siblings that have the same scar on their upper arm. You're a dotty MF.
>> No. 28556
File 152144388325.jpg - (1.28MB , 3000x2000 , Michelle-003-083.jpg )
>> No. 28562
File 152145095561.jpg - (235.22KB , 1920x1080 , Lilu-022_1080_cut_00'57-00'54-1_mkv_snap.jpg )

or http://www.uploadbank.com/gxcgkv4qj00y
or https://dailyuploads.net/14k5gr6lemlo

Pass = SS
>> No. 28564
File 152145268679.jpg - (162.38KB , 1920x1080 , Nita-007_1080_cut_00'57-02'58-1_mkv_snap.jpg )

or http://www.uploadbank.com/q4ii56nyma25
or https://dailyuploads.net/29qs6jv9wikc

Pass = SS
>> No. 28579
Preview only? Full vids?
>> No. 28616
buy them or die
>> No. 28630
Please keep the sets to yourself. No amount of sharing is beneficial to them. I know it may seem like it is, but it’s not. They don’t need advertising. I just wish people could understand this. I’m not trying to speak for them, but I do want to stick up for the site that I love as a loyal fan and customer.

Crypto isn’t too tough to figure out, they even wrote a helpful guide on their site to help you if you’re new to cryptos. I promise you the admin is one of the nicest people ever and will answer any questions you have if you’re still struggling with it. Please just give them the courtesy of not posting their work on here, it will mean so much to them.
>> No. 28640
File 152150256380.jpg - (369.65KB , 3840x2160 , Julia-020_4K_1_mp4_snapshot_00_31_[2018_03_20_01_3.jpg )

or http://www.uploadbank.com/4e756xdjbdc8
or https://dailyuploads.net/iau5t8meinfi

Pass = SS
>> No. 28641
>> No. 28647
You make a compelling point. Have plenty of SS material but not sharing any. The owner is a really nice guy. Only criticism is that he needs to be more adventurous in wardrobe selection. Not full on nudity or anything but more skin for sure.
>> No. 28686
Any advice on getting this vid to play on an old laptop. Using VLC player but it doesn't work. Guess I'm screwed cuz processors are too slow. TIA for any advice.
>> No. 28706
File 152155065920.jpg - (690.04KB , 1333x2000 , IMG_0958.jpg )
Really like this Michelle 4k video but since I can't download it with tor without sanding any data so thanks but no thanks, it's not worth the risk Dont trust paid vpn and such, they know where you are, they'll sell you down
>> No. 28791
try mpc-hc
>> No. 28792

You are quite right about producer need to do more adventurous HOT material.

Lately lame outfits that besides are shared among girls, girls in boring and repetitive poses, and lack of variation in scenery.

Some times seems like producer want to emulate japanese idol videos that i think is good idea, but he get no much success.

Personally i prefer a long video 15-20 min. with original audio on 720p than a cut short 6-8 min on 4K.

Without nudity it IS possible to get outfits and then poses and movements that could be very HOT.
>> No. 28793
In the videos I have seen, it looks like the models would be open to sexier outfits and seductive poses. They seem a little lost for direction. The models seem pretty kinky overall. The producer just needs to puch them in the right direction.Need outdoor sets in natural light.
>> No. 28795
File 152159345369.jpg - (539.46KB , 3840x2160 , Lisa-025_4k_1_mp4_snapshot_00_13_[2018_03_21_02_45.jpg )

or http://fileflares.com/g8ei64tuzt2p
or https://dailyuploads.net/k71rmd7isld9

Pass = SS
>> No. 28823
Actually the last videos are very "normal", the sexy poses and the sexy outfits that attracted me before, now practically no longer exist. And the new models that are getting into the agency are too old (if only they made a more hot stuff, age would not be a big problem). I think the producer is making a lot less money with these last videos, which are very boring ...
>> No. 28826
I totally agree. It's also beneficial to loyal customers. Sharing SS is only going to raise their prices.
>> No. 28833
I don't get you ppl?,you come to this forum or board,download other ppl's shit,but? when it comes to your shit you wont share,and frankly thats fine'it is your choice,but? you have solved nothing,other ppl who have these videos and sets will share them,maybe not here?,but they will share them,so? you go on thinking that some how you have saved the planet by not sharing in the end your bullshit task will fail and what you so preciously have fought here in reality you still lose,every model and video that is being sold on the net will at one point or the other be shared,may your hard drive that you so reluctantly refuse to share these lovely girls come to a burning inferno.
>> No. 28835
Unfortunately it has turned into "Much Ado About Nothing".
& with the new all-over watermark on site previews, it's become very much a non event.
So Vale to you.
>> No. 28844

Hey, Mr. Grammar Butcher, people don't share new material that they've paid for because they don't want to get blacklisted from the agency from ever buying again. And if they do share, it's between other traders who they trust not to reshare. I take it that you're either new to this hobby, or are just ignorant. Modern agencies embed the purchasers account information into the image, so that when it's shared for free, they can download the file and look at the buyer info. Boom, buyer is banned. I don't know about anyone else, but I have no desire to lose that privilege because some inconsiderate leech ass like you (who have probably never paid for a set in their worthless life) feels that he's entitled to a free set.
>> No. 28854
Well?as to your question? yes I have paid for premium shit,and to your dismay I shared it and I was not banned,I don't know as to and if the embedding that your talking about is bullshit or not?,But? I fail to see how someone has already shared some of there content here on this thread incase you were that stupid to not realize that they had done so,I guess that person sacrificed there account for the team here ..Right?,I get the feeling your full of shit,there is tons of shared videos and full site rips here,what is your theory on that? I suppose that content just happen to slip between the cracks right?..Somehow that didn't get embedded as you claim,As I said in the beginning I think more then likely your blowing smoke and your full of shit.
>> No. 28855
Any picture can be scrubbed of its info.
>> No. 28857
I would agree with you on that,the point is that there are certain ppl here who get there jollies off by flying on there high horse and bragging about all there premium shit they have and they wont share for what ever reason,but? if they aren't here to share? then they must be here to leech,otherwise? what the fuck are they doing here?we have a asshole amongst us who gets off by reporting what ever is being uploaded,but? his fight is of little use,as I mentioned before these lovely girls will be shared,so? knock your self out who ever you are,in about a few month's most if not all; of this content will be here and other forums like this one.
>> No. 28861
so if what's gunna come out in a few months is gunna come out, why do you arselickers keep on & on & on about how , why, where?
Give it a fucken rest for another few months PLEASE. It' worse than the mod sayin he just hired a thousand new mods & can't afforrd to shit. E N O U G H ffs
>> No. 28880
convert the file to another format and lower the resolution
>> No. 28900
A few months ago they wrote in the site that the special sets are not available, so do not ask... If they didn't have any special sets, they wouldn't say that! So the have custom sets and maybe some day these sets will be available.
>> No. 28903
The site said that they were not producing custom sets. It never said anything close to what you said it did. There are no "special" sets and they are not making them. Ive been to the site almost daily for a long time and that is just not true. Maybe you read what you wanted to read.
>> No. 28980
Incase you happen to have forgotten this is a chan board and it is open for discussion to anyone who is willing to comment,so keep your panties on and stop throwing a fit because you don't like ppl to discuss about the current thread,also? your free to leave and move on to another thread if that is what you choose to do,sorry I busted your bubble about you thinking your all that and a bag of chips in this forum
>> No. 28981
wish i didnt have to download this
>> No. 29017

are you honestly not aware of the embedding of account information in images? it's not bullshit, it's a real thing. and where are the links that you've claimed to share? it's real easy to say that you've bought and then posted sets.
>> No. 29047
So, how would you remove embedded info if you so choose?
>> No. 29061
Discussion over meat head!!!,point is? these sets and videos will be posted with or without your consent,with or without embeddings they will post these sets & videos,if? you had any brains at all,you would of noticed that thru all chans 144,155 and im sure others.. There are tons of full site rips with videos and sets,so? your theory is shit and you have no proof for your pathetic claim about embedding,get on your high horse and fly the fuck on you moron,and lastly I never said I would post my material,but? if and when I decide to post my shit,I am certain you'll be right there amongst the leeches that you so consider your self apart from,your a fucking joke...
>> No. 29271


Like a person said above, change the file format and drop the resolution. But apparently some agencies embed the info in a secure watermark, so unless you can remove that...
>> No. 29272
MODS, I don't appreciate you allowing >>29061 to call me every name under the sun, say that I'm full of shit and a "fucking joke" just because he doesn't believe something that is a known fact. Yet you don't approve my reply to him. If I was over the top, I understand and apologize. But unfairly being called names doesn't sit well with me (or many others). But I would have never replied had he not insulted me at every turn. If it breaks rules to defend yourself against a troll, fine. I don't agree with that, but fine. But in the meantime, if my tamer reply to him wasn't worthy of being approved, then in all fairness, HIS post should have never been approved. I respectfully request that it be treated as trolling, deleted and then the entire discussion will be closed Thank you.



>> No. 29276
You are 100% correct sir. There is no embedding. It's all just a trick to keep you from posting so go ahead and post away!!! They will never know it was you! No way!
Prove them all wrong by posting everything you have from this studio! The weekend is here so you have time. You will be the hero of the chans my friend!
Post um if you got um!!!!!!
>> No. 29326
ahh STFU with all your "dont share preaching"...just download the shit and fap on...its prob what your doing anyways.
>> No. 29402

Can you please post more of nina please!!
>> No. 29409
customer info embedded in videos or pics????

maybe yes or maybe not, but we should think a little beyond that situation before enter in bullshit discussions.

if SS would put customer info in its stuff, which info would be? only email used for registration and bitcoin address used to pay, so in that case if someone share material and then his email were blocked or blacklisted, just register again with other email and use other bitcoin address to pay.

ip address data also? well then use vpn

The only winner with fights in these threads and not sharing material is the administrator of SS.
>> No. 29412

what makes you think that he has anything to share? you've seen his posts, he's all bluster and bullshit. 999 times out a 1000 when someone brags about buying sets and sharing them they don't have crap to share because they never bought anything in their life. ask them to prove that they did, they give you the "maybe i will or maybe i won't" line. then go watch paint dry.


ask lenox24 about account info. embedded in images and then get back to me. anon above is right about newstar doing it for years. it started with a few images per set, then 3, the 5, then 7. someone figured out how to get rid of the hidden code and started to add them to the shared sets to make them complete - but the image resolution of those images was always lower.
>> No. 29418
File 152188815757.jpg - (174.08KB , 1920x1080 , Maisie-018_mp4_snapshot_04_07_[2018_03_24_12_42_00.jpg )
>>26867 Maisie 018 HD Full video 1080 version for slow PC


pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/lrjvr0m0lr99
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/c64vgrlq3h8e

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/ad1u0qc8w0xc
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/9tu55ulkvvsg

Pass = SS
>> No. 29428
And this one has been spread so much all over the internet in the last week that it's old news.
Need something new!!!
>> No. 29455
1080 version!!!
>> No. 29511
Im sure the SS admin is following this. Can we please, for the love of god, have more updates? Its hard to stay interested in the slow trickle coming from SS. Crack the whip over there and get em in studio.
>> No. 29544
... need videos with sheer, transparent pantyhose
>> No. 29562
File 152197545871.jpg - (211.94KB , 1920x1080 , Lina-003_1080_mp4_snapshot_03_09_[2018_03_25_13_50.jpg )
>>27646 Video Lina 003 HD Full video 1080 version for slow PC


pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/fdpxfh7r271y
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/5i46x3x37hve

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/kiq48x54zm8p
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/dmrrkv4bdvkg

Pass = SS
>> No. 29568
Working on 4K collection - 1080 is so last year lol - nice for those who otherwise couldnt see but kind of defeats the purpose,don't ya think.I mean that IS what really makes Starsessions special right ????
>> No. 29593

I guess people would prefer a lot more a 20-25 min. uncut video in 1080 format with girl in "interesting" poses and performance using hot outfits, rather than a 1Gb file of 6 min. 4K boring video.

SS should at least do that test ;-) and see what sells most.

I have had to convert those 4K to 1080 to get rid of lags in playing and quality is very similar almost no change perceived. So 4k is not a plus for me.
>> No. 29602
File 152200500216.jpg - (11.45KB , 350x196 , agreed.jpg )
>> No. 29643
File 152202261181.jpg - (79.79KB , 683x1024 , %2Fenter%2Fwp%2Dcontent%2Fuploads%2F2018%2F03%2FNi.jpg )
Nina is way to hot for such a shitty outfit. Covers her tight body. Needs much less and seductive poses.
>> No. 29645
Agreed,sort of and appreciate your effort for those having trouble playing 4K versions.Totally get your point.I am curious,though.You're sort of doing this experiment on your own-assuming your poster of both-I see only 40ish on 1080p version on uploadbank,how many download didja get on 4K ?
FWIW My own preferance.as a purist collector I guess is always for best available quality (original).There is a visible differance!!If you have trouble playing on PC-youve got to put it on a USB and watch on 60+inch 4k tv !!It's like Lifesize !!Imagine if Candydoll was shot on this equipment?! Or Vlad,Showstars,AMS,etc.Heres to the future of the industry,I hope !!
>> No. 29669
4K/60fps is very nice if you have the hardware required to play it properly. For me I'd rather have a well cut shorter but higher quality vid than a 30min 1080p that I'm only ever going to watch the same 5 minutes of anyway.

As to the matter of more risky poses. Sure that would always be better but I do believe they are trying to stay out of jail.. But who knows, with spring & summer coming up, the girls will naturally want to show off a bit more, so that could improve.
>> No. 29676
File 152205797962.jpg - (109.15KB , 937x1080 , 152205736637.jpg )
>>28223 Michelle-003 HD Full video 1080 version for slow PC


pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/n64ompqfkg4m
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/kzf8aitq17t6

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/4icbaobn7cen
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/vikcwklf5obb

Pass = SS
>> No. 29681
I agree that last Nina outfit was like WTF?
It's so unsexy compared to her previous ones all fluffy and peecolor looks like a big bag over her body worst outfit ever.
>> No. 29721
Some transparent or semi transparent would go a long way. Dont quite understand what spring and summer have to do with clothing selection. A heated studio should allow for any clothing year round??
>> No. 29731
>>No. 29721 I agree...
>> No. 29739
The latest videos are horribly boring, simple poses, few close-ups, no sexy outfits and old girls with no attitude. How does the producer want to keep making money like this? I would never pay $ 12 for those new boring videos, and I think many users will don´t pay them either. Older videos are much better than the current ones.
>> No. 29790
100 percent confirmed hit
>> No. 29797
I bought a few newer ones and you are correct, very dissapointed. It sounds like the models run the studio instead of the other way around. Amourangels is a good example of great photography from just a reference standpoint. At $20 a set+video they really need to deliver. There was tale of a new studio for SS a while back but havent seen any evidence of an upgrade. 4K video could/should be way more interesting than it is. Sort of a waste at this point.
>> No. 29900
>> No. 29911
Hmm I dunno.. if I were to run a studio like this I'd probably only sell the hot stuff to regular, good paying (500-1k per month) customers. That way you can lessen the chance of people leaking the material that gets you in trouble while still appearing publicly and having content to draw new customers in.

Not saying star sessions does this, I'm not a customer there, just thinking how I'd go about it.
>> No. 29916
Oh and I forgot to mention, this is also the reason why I'm against sharing content of studios or models that are still active. You never really know what's going on behind the curtains. You risk a model stopping early and a lot of awesome content getting never produced. I'm not saying that I'm against sharing, just think about what you're doing.. you might be shooting yourself (and the rest of the community) in the foot.
>> No. 29931
The question is something new to share soon???
>> No. 29946
buy or die
>> No. 29996
There will be nothing new to share if you cunts keep stealing their work.
Why would a studio/producer want to continue if their work is given away for free!
Fukin think about it!!
>> No. 30000
The people who beg for free very recent sets have never or will never purchase material from an agency. They could care less if brand new material is leaked. But they'll be the first crybabies if a studio decided to shut down because of money losses. I was around when there were tons of studios in the 2000s. In 2018 there are basically 4 main studios left. So demanding sets that have just been released is criminally stupid.
>> No. 30064
jeez what a thread. 10% of epic stuff and 90% is pigs moans about don't share
>> No. 30117
File 152236920975.jpg - (976.03KB , 1276x1768 , Screenshot_20180329-201718.jpg )
Looks like the outfits might be getting a little bit better.
>> No. 30305
>> No. 30311
>> No. 30330
need more Lilu vids and sets
>> No. 30333
File 152243544394.jpg - (140.72KB , 355x338 , gift-girl.jpg )
What about this business model for studios like SS? :

1. Producer make very good material pics & vids
2. For each girl fix a "selling package" for example 6 vids and its 6 pic sets. Could be something like "Lisa summer package" or "Lilu Hot Adventures" or maybe mixed girls "Crazy Ninfets"
3. Define the total amount of money that covers girl fees, producer expenses and a decent profit for that particular package material. Lets say $1500 usd.
4. Define a good affordable price for sell and the number of minimum customers that should buy to cover the amount defined in 3. For example 50usd and 30 customers (1500/50).
This is the key part (pre-sell):
5. For a period of time like a month or so promote the package. In this period receive the payments from pre-buyers but not release the material yet. The material SHOULD be released in ONE SHOT to all pre-buyers when the minimum money has been reached (the number of pre-buyers as defined in step 4.) In this way if the material is leaked later it does not matter because the needed income (fees, expenses and profit) has been obtained already. After that the package material could be sell in traditional way.
What if the minimum amount is not been reached?
6. If the minimum amount expected is not been achieved, the money is returned to the pre-buyers. (The use of cryptocurrency helps a lot in this). Later producer can offer again the package at other price or create a new package. Producer should publish the list of pre-buyers in order to check and validate constantly and give trust.

Its model its not quite perfect is only an idea that should be polish or may be twisted.
>> No. 30344
For SS producers: The big problem is that the latest videos / sets are not very appealing. I already bought some videos (very good videos), but I will never pay 12 dollars for these latest videos, which are not very attractive. Go back to making videos like before, I'll buy again.
>> No. 30358
buy Lilu's sets and vids, problem solved
>> No. 30363
man, if you need crack or mdma you are in the wrong place, and you are the wrong thing in this place, bye.
>> No. 30382
I´m not in wrong place, I was the one who made the original Michelle 03 4k video files(dailyuploading) available here. And I can make more videos available if I want.
>> No. 30450
Let's make some more appear
>> No. 30459
Nina please
>> No. 30600
>> No. 30610
too much nazi for moi
>> No. 30768
File 152267079772.jpg - (210.07KB , 1920x1080 , Nita-012_1080_mp4_snapshot_10_01_[2018_04_02_14_58.jpg )
>>28326 Video Nita 012 HD 1080 version for slow PC


pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/snpr5osqvuuy
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/hvs0oie0opgo
pt3 http://fileflares.com/ttf68w2s2ci3

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/vrin546je4mi
pt2 http://fileflares.com/ovag4c404rx0
pt3 https://dailyuploads.net/5f9b8cy69mha

pt1 http://fileflares.com/m4o7l6kfis9c
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/jgav80uu2a4v
pt3 http://www.uploadbank.com/z58fqo1wna9e

Pass = SS
>> No. 30833

please share more fulllll
>> No. 30894
File 152275086783.jpg - (1.07MB , 2000x3000 , Michelle-003-089.jpg )
>> No. 30930
Any Nina?
>> No. 30957
buy or die
>> No. 30961
Are the 1080 videos the original ones or were they selfmade from the 4K videos?
>> No. 30975
File 152279186765.jpg - (1.12MB , 2000x3000 , Nita-012-159.jpg )
they selfmade from the 4K videos
>> No. 31043
File 152283839188.jpg - (0.98MB , 2000x3000 , Maisie-018-050.jpg )
Many thanks!
>> No. 31135
thanks - Nita is a totally SUPER cute girl! Poor, cute little michelle may have hairier arms then even Heidi Model (is this even possible?)-Ouch! :-0
>> No. 31167
As long as she's still hairless someplace else . . . that's fine.
>> No. 31256
Thanks a lot...
>> No. 31568
if someone post more masie or that new natasha set i'll post 2 unposted sets with vids :) i simply can't afford to buy any more iv'e spent a lot lately
>> No. 31815
I feel your pain. $20 a whack isn't cheap. I've only purchased Nina and Nita so far. The content is decent but it could be a lot better
>> No. 31816
File 152314749431.jpg - (11.71KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
Think the SS dude is drunk or on vacation. No updates in a while.
>> No. 32043
Too bad this stuff is soooo tame -even more so than candydolls.. The maker should view some old fantasia-models (they always revealed more!) and learn...
>> No. 32053
Agreed, waaaaay to tame. The models are willing to do more if he would let them.
>> No. 32056
The best site in the last years...
>> No. 32105
File 152322927371.jpg - (139.77KB , 800x500 , EU_021_item_3233.jpg )
if someone post new videos ill post sets like this one
>> No. 32131
File 152325507931.jpg - (819.75KB , 1334x2000 , 149886071629.jpg )
I miss Maisie so much ;-(
>> No. 32180
Jumpin jeezus, would someone post some sets already?
>> No. 32348
for the love of the pedo gods, please post more masie or natasha
>> No. 33611
File 152390913093.jpg - (201.71KB , 1369x868 , 152379889525.jpg )
Michelle 007
>> No. 33619
File 152391095177.jpg - (188.05KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00470.jpg )
Y'all have lost your minds or you haven't seen any of this studios stuff. I've been in this hobby for about as long as the internut has been around and this studio makes CD look like an amateur cheerleading video
Not really. I still love CD but you get the drift
>> No. 33628
>> No. 33637
more more vids an sets pleaseee
>> No. 33643
agreed , must have not seen the sets . way more daring than CD
>> No. 33650
Post vid Michelle 007 PLEASE PLEASE
>> No. 33667

>this studio makes CD look like an amateur cheerleading video

Maybe you've lost your mind if you feel that a very professional Candydoll production is akin to some Youtube video. Please don't mistake less risque being equal to amateur. SS may be more "edgy", but CD is arguably the gold standard for NN videos.
>> No. 33741
>>33611 OMG! Michelle on 06:31 is topless?
>> No. 33759

please post this beauty !
>> No. 33921
Can somebody upload Maisie in pantyhose and also Nita and Michelle in pink stockings ?
>> No. 33932
I heard these models are from Kazakhstan. Is it truth?
>> No. 33964
>>33932 Maybe from Russia
>> No. 33966
>>33932 Who knows?
>> No. 33968
Did you choose not to quote the next line were I said "Not really but you get the drift"
You're not very good at trolling are you?
>> No. 34102

Who is trolling? I'm responding to a post that I disagreed with. And come on... qualifying an statement with "not really, but you get my drift" is basically saying, "just kidding, but not really".

I would have totally ignored your wrong opinion had you not started out your post with "Y'all have lost your minds...". But it looks like you don't like having it thrown back at you. If you don't like being insulted, don't throw out the first insult, dude.

Now I'm going to enjoy my amateur-ish Candydoll videos.
>> No. 34103
who cares? oh I know, law enforcement cares, I know where they're based off but I won't say a thing as long as this studio remains active, and neither should any of the other customers who do!
>> No. 34104

Buy the sets, stiff-necked man
>> No. 34119
File 152413389482.jpg - (286.76KB , 1440x900 , vlcsnap-2018-03-21-04h18m12s446.jpg )
>> No. 34435
File 152417373521.jpg - (223.28KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00031.jpg )
I guess it's just over your head. Let me explain. Nothing wrong with CD. I love CD! But to say this studio is tamer then CD is just plain wrong and my original statement stands. If you disagree then you just disagree. Was not meant as an insult though I feel your response was.
All I can say is you might want to get out and interact with real humans every now and then if you can't tell the difference.
>> No. 34446
File 152418219812.jpg - (295.07KB , 720x1080 , Mila-003-01.jpg )

>> No. 34447
File 152418326464.jpg - (75.21KB , 683x1024 , Lisa-027-03-683x1024.jpg )
this set please
>> No. 34448
File 152418330525.jpg - (291.09KB , 720x1080 , Lisa-017-02.jpg )
upload this video
>> No. 34449
File 152418336787.jpg - (719.63KB , 1600x1067 , Mila-003-03.jpg )
I think you will fap five times a day with this videos
>> No. 34450
File 15241834051.jpg - (83.99KB , 683x1024 , Lisa-026-02-683x1024.jpg )
>> No. 34451
File 152418368681.jpg - (344.38KB , 720x1080 , Kathy-020-03.jpg )
This video is absolutlly amazing, you can be fapping all day.
>> No. 34452
File 152418374939.jpg - (310.25KB , 720x1080 , Kathy-020-04.jpg )
This girl is devils daughter. Her eyes will hipnotize you. and her body will make explode your mind.
>> No. 34453
we just love shiny lycra on that bodies.
>> No. 34454
Nothing new since 2 or 3 days. And Lilu spoke german in the Julia-vid with the silver clothes.
>> No. 34584
That is, why i think it is german:

>> No. 34590
in the second part she says: "Du gehst uns auf den Sack."
That is, what i understood...but it`s german.
>> No. 34676
File 152423880622.jpg - (424.81KB , 1920x1090 , vlcsnap-01011.jpg )
Julia-015 and it's one of my favorites. I love the intro where she says "and we are beautiful"
>> No. 34730
>>34451 This set or video please...
>> No. 34954
if they dont publish anything new, i will publish a video.
>> No. 34958
im native german and in no world does she speak german there.

and their english has no german accent at all and they dont look german.

they are kazakh or ukrainian or somewhere from there, but definitely not german.
>> No. 34959
nope, I know for a fact that they aren't german, but I'm curious what you think sounds german, can you tell me the vid nr. where you think she speaks german? not gonna click through those aids infected links..
>> No. 34961
please share more full sets and vids pleasseee
>> No. 35022

1. Tell me the language (not maybe this,maybe that)
2. Nobody looks german in Germany since 2015
3. She said "Ist das falsch"

Every Idiot with speakers checked that.

But please, tell me, what is it, that she said?
>> No. 35025
how long will this site stay up before they lose tons of money for damn pirates? i understand sharing a bit but every single fucking set. stop waiting and support the girls
>> No. 35028

>But to say this studio is tamer then CD is just plain wrong

Talk about going over ones head... That is your problem with my posts?!? My supposed claim that SS is tamer than CD? Where the hell did I ever say that? I totally fucking agree that SS is more edgy than CD ever was. Almost to a fault. My problem with you is comparing a CD production to a cheerleading video, saying never mind, and then following up that with "but you know what I mean" *wink wink*.. Did you even read my very first comment, "Please don't mistake less risque being equal to amateur". Nowhere did I state that SS was tamer than CD.

It's ironic that you tell me to get out more. You seem like one of neckbeard basement dwellers who will beat a useless point into the ground just to see your own words in print. So please go bother someone else... smh
>> No. 35029
All of these girls are from georgia>>34958
>> No. 35031

I always had the feeling that they were Georgian, or somewhere in the Caucasus region. They remind me a lot of the Silver Moon kids, and that's where they were from.
>> No. 35032
all of these girls are from Georgia
>> No. 35077
It will very interesting to know some real names of these models or the social media profile. If they live in Kazakhstan, in Georgia or in Ukraine will definitely have vkontakte. Maybe these nicknames on site are real names, like vladmodels if you remember! Who knows!
>> No. 35339
No it wouldn't be interesting. Prying into the lives of these girls is not what they or the studio needs. There are a lot of fucking idiots in this thread. If you are interested just go and buy some.
>> No. 35342
so you can stalk them your freak!
>> No. 35372
I have a feeling that the agency will soon be closed. In Georgia, no one knows about starsession, I am sure that the parents of these girls also do not know in which explicit photo sessions are taking part their children, Georgia is not ukraine and not russia, we have more conservative people, someone will not let their children shoot photos where almost completely visible chest or other intimate parts. I do not understand how these children decided to take part in such photo sessions. For me, Silver-moon (there are also Georgians) was a bound, but was wrong.
>> No. 35409

Get a life stalker. Do you realize how many of these models have had to close down their social networking accounts because weirdos like you harassed them and tried to act as if they're personal friends of yours. They may dress skimpily in front of cameras for us, but they can still be spooked by online freaks and will do anything to avoid them. After all that they have given for your lonely ass, you can at least give them some privacy.
>> No. 35421
File 152439765633.jpg - (1.79MB , 2865x2897 , Lisa-020-083a - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 35424
File 152439788249.jpg - (553.72KB , 2553x2273 , Lilu-015-00036a - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 35426
This set, please..
>> No. 35430
>>35424 Do you have this set?
>> No. 35437
>> No. 35559
Pass for what? Did you forget the link?
>> No. 35579
I hope they soon have enough customers so that they can close up to the public and just continue on business with the regular & good customers... The idiots in this thread show why that's needed, sadly. Really pathetic how some people just have to ruin other people's fun just because they don't want to pay for it...
>> No. 35584
File 152444116465.jpg - (96.15KB , 1300x1154 , stars.jpg )
>> No. 35599
Looks like they're doing stuff boldly again.And that's good.
>> No. 36165
can someone post a link to the site please?
>> No. 36292
Current site is http://childstars.info/enter/
>> No. 36298
Does anyone here find any SS girls attractive other than Nina, Mila, Elena, and perhaps Michelle?
>> No. 36317
File 152474333224.jpg - (4.05KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
Thanks for all the users recommending we contact SS via their ticket system to discuss setting piracy rules for their material. I don't know what sort of business doesn't use email but it'd be great if someone who's already a member with them told them to drop us a line.
>> No. 36327
>> No. 36589
Did you mean "STARSESSIONS"
Why would you want to do this? They will just tell you to take it down. Let's just let the sleeping dog be...


>> No. 36590
File 152485170669.jpg - (168.21KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-04711.jpg )
Lilu, Lisa, and Julie is starting to grow on me
>> No. 36797
Nothing new since many days. i think, i post my videos if nothing happens there in some days. Its boring...
>> No. 36879
Good point but if you were that concerned you would block their stuff from being shared here now.
>> No. 36912

I can't speak for the board owner, but I wager that even though they don't mind people sharing stuff from still open agencies, they understand that if EVERYTHING being sold by the studio is being leaked, said studio will close down. It's all a matter of sharing intelligently, which with all of the beggars who come to these boards is tough to do. I've always been a proponent of allowing an agency to make money on their material for awhile, and then a few leaks here or there being released. Once they close down, leak it all. The only issue I have with an open agency is Newstar. The stupid owner was banning people from sharing sets from over 10 years ago.
>> No. 36916
that is the way it has always been even back in the newsgroup days with silverstar

it's up to the Mod to clean house and regulate what is posted.
>> No. 36988

It's pretty obvious that the board owner is leaving it up to the up-loaders to use their own fucking brains. That's the way it's been for months here. In other words, this isn't AMF who fall all over themselves banning complete agencies (NS, TPI). Is it the owners fault that posters are as dumb as stumps? There are always going to be "heroes" who want to be the first to post the holy grail (odd, since no one knows who the hell they are anyway). Why should the owner spend his days policing stupid people?

Regardless, if an agency doesn't want their material being shared, they can go straight to the hosting site to report copyright violations. Hosts will be more than happy to delete a file if threatened by lawyers.
>> No. 37126
File 152503161623.jpg - (268.19KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-00018.jpg )
Yep. It's a fine line I understand. If I had a studio I would be inclined to block all uploads even if the sets/vids were 100 years old. It is their work after all.
With that said if this studio set something up where they were cool with posting older stuff I'd start uping what I have right now.
As it is I haven't bought anything from them since they started accepting crypto only back in Jan. 2018 but I don't want to end up blacklisted just in case they change.
Mods let us know what happens but I'm afraid they are going to say no to everything and I don't blame them


>> No. 37167
File 152505041599.jpg - (362.39KB , 1280x720 , jdi's previews (1).jpg )
>> No. 37168
File 152505049918.jpg - (327.31KB , 1280x718 , jdi's previews (2).jpg )
>> No. 37169
File 152505058586.jpg - (359.54KB , 1280x710 , jdi's previews (3).jpg )
>> No. 37170
File 152505068669.jpg - (359.44KB , 1279x720 , jdi's previews (4).jpg )
>> No. 37171
File 152505143053.jpg - (257.48KB , 1280x720 , Michelle Pro Combo 3.jpg )
>> No. 37172
File 152505154814.jpg - (255.03KB , 1280x720 , Maisie Pro Combo 1.jpg )
>> No. 37181
thank you but, it leads me to a blank page
>> No. 37274
>>37126 OMG! She wear see-through panty??? Please, some photos of her?
>> No. 37276
In case you're not aware they're accepting amazon giftcards again.

@Mods, I'm pretty sure the guy who runs SS is aware of this thread. He might not have checked by recently and seen your interest in wanting to talk with him. Why not contact him through the ticket system? Atleast to exchange email addresses (I assume you want to use email to proof you're the site owner).


>> No. 37302
try making a new tor circuit
>> No. 37323
Of course they are aware of this crappy thread, because loyal fans like myself will report it to them when their work is shared. Although I hate to do it because I know that it hurts them. It’s not fair to us that actually care about the site when this happens.

Mods, I assure you they care very much about this. Why not at least lock this thread?


>> No. 37369
Hello Mr. Starsessions.
Your work is good, your prices are shit, and the pay-system too.
U used this chan for commercials, and now?
>> No. 37452
I have shown them your request for 'discussions'.

I also posted a response to YOU which, unsurprisingly,you have chosen to block....


>> No. 37485
A little holiday gift for you all.
Its compressed, so dont wonder about the size.
For free its good enough.


Pass: SS-Mila
>> No. 37486
Next vid or pics of you, next vid of me. Have a nice day.
>> No. 37487
Michelle Set 7 she shows her cute little nips!
>> No. 37494
File 152517836095.jpg - (708.40KB , 1600x1067 , Maisie-022-04.jpg )
This video anyone?
>> No. 37495
Holy shit. Got any Elena bro?
>> No. 37508
>> No. 37604
YES YES ! Pantyhose pls !
>> No. 37613
Last year the wonderful AMS studio closed... probably a result of the posting by that idiot Decoyz. He was a hero to some but he closed a site and we all lose.
If the mods and admins of this site were actually collectors they would lock this site. However, I guess they are just in it for the money. The posters need to stop being heroes and think of the studio and the girls.



>> No. 37724
File 152525436539.jpg - (81.49KB , 864x720 , Mila-006.jpg )

pt1 http://www.uploadbank.com/l8rtt60lev0d
pt2 http://fileflares.com/l19trqlzp0pi

pt1 http://fileflares.com/kdd2kdjtr51k
pt2 http://www.uploadbank.com/p69uso0suzyn

Pass = SS
>> No. 37914
Someone has more of Julia or Nina. I am in love!
>> No. 37915
>>37126 - This video has to be posted - please share!! thanks
>> No. 37936
please share Mila V006 4k pleasee
>> No. 37937
>>37613 decoyz was posting for a long time before they closed. ams announced they were closing the same week as the models were doxed and their VK-profiles and pictures was posted on chans on forums so i think that was the real reason and not piracy.
>> No. 38075
please post this vid!!!! she's a true godess
>> No. 38101
Dear SS, can you please update more often?
>> No. 38168
Lisa andby far the best imho Masie are
>> No. 38305
File 152574219215.jpg - (95.02KB , 1600x900 , pre.jpg )
Here i have video 15 of Julia together with Lilu.
If you need 1080p or 4K, you can buy it on starsessions.com

You have to upload now.
I think, the studio is more dead than alive.
One update per week is boring.

>> No. 38307
SS would be awesome but for the crypto currency problem I would order at least 20
videos from this agency
>> No. 38394

Is it an issue that they are taking payment methods that's relatively easy to use, global and safe???
>> No. 38412
it is an issue because its relatively new and the older folks are unfamiliar with the process like I said I would order 20 videos today if I could figure it which I am trying to do and hopefully will figure it out by next week and fill out my ticket I will mention this response in my ticket an reference Cg
>> No. 38477
Do yourself a favour and don't mention that you're active on chans/forums. It's not gonna help you build a good relationship with the admin if he's gonna suspect you are sharing or trading sets from the get go. Besides, I'm sure he's aware that crypto is not the most convenient option for some of his customers.


>> No. 38690

now stop making excuses for not contacting the admin!


>> No. 38985
@Mods, so your definition of “playing ball” is piracy of older sets, as if somehow they don’t matter to them anymore? Wow, I’m just shocked they didn’t agree to that. I really wish people could just put aside their egos for one second and actually think about the implications their actions have on others.

Also I just want to say this, and I’ve always said this, SS admin is one of the nicest and professional people I have ever dealt with. He cares about his customers just as he does the models that he employs, and anyone that has bought from them will attest to that. It sucks for us that actually love and care about the site seeing the crap that they have to put up with because of the selfishness of others.


>> No. 39024
Can't say I blame them.
>> No. 39188
File 152606158591.jpg - (185.17KB , 1280x738 , Lisa-018_4K_mp4_thumb.jpg )
ss admin , where are the Lisa vid previews please she is the only model on your site with only 2 video previews
>> No. 39232
I have no idea if that was the ss admin or not but I well second what he said. I have purchased sets from a lot of studios over the years and they were the easiest to deal with hands down.
With that said they need to come up with a better way to pay or I well be lost to them forever.
Love your stuff SS
>> No. 40211
I have bought many videos from SS its easy and the product is fantastic. Prompt service and delivery as promised.
>> No. 40319
Once I figured out the bitcoin process, found SS easy to work with. Very satisfied...
>> No. 40327
File 152669072526.jpg - (108.08KB , 1600x900 , mi1.jpg )
Yes, very easy to work with SS.
Michelle 1 Video.
4K and 1080p on starsessions.com

>> No. 40333
Please more star sessions Julia Model
>> No. 40379
That is rather splendid, thank you!
>> No. 40418
File 152675402694.jpg - (1.15MB , 3648x5472 , EU_021_03081.jpg )

>> No. 40422
Bump if you hate circling hosts that go nowhere.
>> No. 40493
AMS studio closed because all there personal VK pages where leaked and idiots started possting there modeling pics and demanding nudes on there VK pages , FFS get your facts straight please
>> No. 40569
it is a pain in the ass to download any of these files! 45 minutes trying to prove i am not a robot. put it on an easier download place.
>> No. 40688
please post more Michelle?!
>> No. 40842
If someone could post ANY and ALL MILA. I would very much love you for all of time.
>> No. 40946
>>>> please post more Michelle?!
>>>> If someone could post ANY and ALL MILA. I would very much love you for all of time.

Go and buy the sets and help the girls, or die you parasitic vermins !!


>> No. 40987
File 152711541199.jpg - (753.52KB , 2000x3000 , EU_021_03123_3000x2000.jpg )
I think starsessions must work with visa and mastercard like art modeling studios does while it was open since 2005


pass: Oslo
>> No. 41066
? is she from Star Sessions ?
>> No. 41250
who is that fat girl?
she is not from starsessions!

post real ss-girls, like i did.
>> No. 41251
copy "starsessions" to "mir" and delete "cg".
cg is shit!!!


>> No. 42285
please post more starsessions videos. crypto coins are imposible to use in my country.
>> No. 42286
specially katty 020 video in 4k. i know that you have the video, so why dont youpost the link here. cant buy because cryptocoins cant not use. starsessions must use visa and mastercard. thepeopleimage.com use visa and mastercard debit cards.
>> No. 42287
File 152798578194.jpg - (90.86KB , 800x500 , EU_045_item_3454.jpg )
she is from thepeopleimage.com site
and they accept visa debit card
please post the set after you download it.
>> No. 42289
pass: Oslo
margarita is from TPI europa, a brand of thepeopleimage.com
>> No. 42374
>> No. 42762
>> No. 42763
>> No. 42824

>please post the set after you download it.

haha good luck with that. tpi is nastier than even newstar when it comes to copyright protection. on their homepage they even threatened legal action against purchasers for leaking their stuff. newstar sir-gay didn't even go that far! hell, even fashion-land only sent elona in front of a camera with her bad english to warn people not to share their sets.

yeah, if you get some sucker to buy what you want and share it here, they'll enjoy being on the blacklist... why not try buying and sharing it yourself?
>> No. 43378
File 152875745081.jpg - (168.71KB , 722x873 , satancoin.jpg )
Starsessions Kathy video 20 is totally diabolic. this video is insane and made for perverts only. dont post that video here.
>> No. 43412
the fact that it is only 3 minutes and 12 seconds says either you are right and they had to cut it short because of that...or more likely you are full of crap. either way, it is one that I will be buying and none of you mofos are getting it from me because that site needs to keep going and they needs your moneys to do so.

>> No. 43443
bullshiy , its a shitty 1pc full cover suit , no risque shots at all not even much ass copared to her others inc nip slips
>> No. 43579
No. 43378 Why is diabolic? Why you said this?
>> No. 43586
File 152892712162.jpg - (698.56KB , 3840x2160 , Kathy-020_4K.jpg )
It's low quality bait, he's trying to get people to post sets he's too cheap to buy himself.

Cheers mate, good to see other Kathy supporters.
>> No. 43655
bullshit , 1 I have the set 2 it is not her best by far 3 suck a dick webmaster of SS if your going to ptomote do it with a good set not a bad selling 1 to make money off suckers
>> No. 43669
No. 43586 Please, share it!
>> No. 43678
>>43655 She has nude or nip slips, on this set?
>> No. 43683
File 152901245222.png - (5.34KB , 230x219 , diabolicStar.png )
The fact is the video is to short, i think starsessions owner have very fun moments with the original 4k video that is one hour production and not 3 minutes. Maybe a diabolic starsessions theme will be better instead of bored nasty videos. use chains...
>> No. 43684
File 152901264046.jpg - (6.63KB , 270x270 , devilsdaughter.jpg )
starsessions please make one hour videos, with a price of 50 us dollars. i hope you understand why.
>> No. 43835
I believe they did nude customs sets or videos, but I don't know when the admin to upload them for some price. I'm afraid to ask him, because maybe he will blocked me and I don't can anymore to buy again. Maybe he'll say me that they don't have nude, only NN sets. Who knows...
>> No. 43852

if you've never even bought the normal nn stuff and straight up ask for custom nude hc shit, then of course he is gonna deny and block you, wtf are you thinking
>> No. 43944
No. 43852 You believe that, if I buy some nn sets, he can to give me some nude sets or videos just for me? I afraid again! I don't ask this! Some people they bought nude sets or videos of newstar or tiny models how they ask him? The way maybe difficult! Because always, all the years, the sites of newstars wrote in the main page of each site "We are a 100% legal non nude website that has no nudity, sexual or erotic poses no lewd photography no photos are designed to arouse anyone. We were not designed for pedophiles."
>> No. 44021
>> No. 44027
>>43944 Always, I had the same query! What is the way to ask for the nude sets or hc or custom sets, of any NN site! All us, if we ask this, they'll say us that "...not exist them"!
>> No. 45173
I want to buy but the site doesn't seem to work.. is there a new address?
>> No. 45211
try the tor browser, but you should to disable the javascript Tor -> security settings -> standard. Many times need 2-3 times "click" to work the site ...
>> No. 45293
Please Michele set 007
>> No. 45434
you would'nt have the full version of StarSessions Nita Video 007 to share by any chance Please.
>> No. 45438
Let me guess, you ordered a handful of sets, then said "Wow great work, let me order custom I pay big $$$" ? That's not the way these things work.

If you want more success with NN studios, be a good customer. That means you should be prepared to spend a couple hundred per month. Give the people running the site no reason to mistrust you. Don't leak sets, previews or whatever. Don't mention you frequent any sharing sites. If you are buying as a group, for the love of god don't mention "your friends" and shit like that. Don't share the download links, if you are buying as a group download them once and then re- up them for your buddies. Stuff like that, there's tons of little warning signs that can tip the admins off that you're not trustworthy, so tread carefully.

A sign that you're doing it right is if you start to get little extra or bonus pics, just nip slips and stuff like that. If the site mentions the number of pics in a set and you get more, that's a good sign! It's at this point where you can start to make comments that communicate your interest in more revealing content. Just make little remarks that indicate your sexual interest. Try to be respectful and show some tact.

Here's the important part, they will let you know that you're now elligible for customs/nudes and not the other way around! If you insist one wanting such content you'll most likely never get it on that account.

There, just some past experiences I've had with some other studios.


>> No. 45839
customs do in fact exist. they are underground at the moment
>> No. 45927
File 153038474181.jpg - (99.82KB , 496x800 , spandextotty.jpg )
please post the baby oil special edition sets
>> No. 45928
File 153038484914.jpg - (94.63KB , 889x1200 , diabolicdaughter.jpg )
customs are not allowed on starsessions, because parents dont want kids make that kind of things.
they care very much about its childrens.
>> No. 45936
Do you have any samples?

The customs have a watermark on them labeled "secret stars"
>> No. 46136
No. 45936 How do you know that?
>> No. 46192
He's repeating rumors he's heard elsewhere.
>> No. 47123
>> No. 48099
File 153219280540.jpg - (432.62KB , 1012x629 , ss9.jpg )
Dou you have this video?
>> No. 48100
File 15321930283.jpg - (4.64KB , 225x225 , babyoil.jpg )
starsessions have a special item called baby oil photo and video sets. its only available for costumers that have been bought all starsessions sets. someone toll me that.
>> No. 48101
File 153219324443.jpg - (440.00KB , 1003x634 , delicious.jpg )
Have fun and fap five times a day with this video. i hope you liked so much, enjoy this delicious jewel.

>> No. 48103
no link
>> No. 48288
Where is the link?
>> No. 49727
Hi would you please post the download again?
>> No. 50993
File 153426526862.jpg - (145.46KB , 1500x1500 , mjgcgcv.jpg )
>> No. 50999
Michelle vid 007 please
>> No. 51100
>> No. 51183
File 153440335890.jpg - (132.78KB , 1920x1080 , Maisie-011 131.jpg )
So Please dear people who have the videos, what about at least posting some vid captures like those posted here?:
180chan... /cg/res/50997.html
>> No. 51310
Maisie grew up and became so hot! In the last set-26 she seems very sexy and more naughty!
>> No. 51316
>> No. 51410

I have seen proof of "secret stars" and will be buying as much as it takes for admin to give me access. Customs do exist, and I want every Lisa one on there.
>> No. 51421
No. 51410 Big question: How to ask him for customs? If I ask him this, I believe he will answers me a big NO! "There is no have any customs or nudes" Do you know the right way?
>> No. 51428
Studid comment! Why dont you just contact LEA yourself and have the best active NN studio investigated/shut down you idiot.
>> No. 51429

>I have seen proof of "secret stars"

lol where, on some other gossipy forum where people make up shit that they want to believe? and instead of actually proving what you confidently state, we're all supposed to just take your word for it because you say so? give me a break... nice trolling dude.

you couldn't even download the "proof" that you saw and upload it here? at the very least do that, and then maybe we'll not take your comments for what they really are - bullshit.
>> No. 51516
Have a look here,I don't know that it's real but... https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html
>> No. 51518
none of you sound like adults I highly doubt you would be able to do a business transaction involving said customs.
>> No. 51563
LMAO! butthurt much? They exist but I like to give support to these sites so they can keep going and keep making this stuff instead of dying off because of faggot leechers like yourself you cock loving cuckold shit-eating reject.

Oh and I promised the fine gentleman who shared a neat pic of LISA SHOWING HER WONDERFUL TITS that I would not share it to a cock loving cuckold shit-eating reject. So there's that too.
>> No. 51568
I haven't asked yet. I figure if I buy some more, especially from Lisa, he may give access to them. That has been the process for a few sites before. They had to see you as trustworthy and a regular customer. But if he doesn't come to me with access after my next batch of purchases I will ask him since I now know they definitely exist anyway.
>> No. 51620

blah blah blah, name call, blah, blah, name call, flame, etc.

and i never said that i wanted the fake sets that you're babbling on about. i just like calling out bullshit artists.

yet after that 9 year old tantrum of yours you still don't prove shit and just make more and more phony excuses why you can't prove your made up story. crawl back into your troll cave dude. you're just making an even bigger fool of yourself.


obvious shops. skin color of shoulders and upper chest don't even come close to matching her upper arm.


exactly. the troll/bragger comes across as some young teenager. doubt that he even has the money to buy any material from the agency.
>> No. 51631
>>51568 Please, ask him and tell us what he said you... thanks man...
>> No. 51736

lol you need to remind yourself to ask the imaginary agency person a question?
>> No. 51847
File 153481812616.jpg - (103.49KB , 533x800 , censoredcuzyousuck.jpg )
Alright. This is all you get from me. She is in an outfit that she does not wear in any other set on the whole damn site. Cucksplain that one. The ones on the other board are not shopped either. I don't know who the uploaders are but they suck and are going to ruin the site but whatever. Years from now when all of this comes out after presumably the producer is jailed or something so people don't hoard it anymore, you are going to look like a fucking idiot.
>> No. 51848
that last Lilu one was faked for sure, and was probably you.
>> No. 51852
"Imaginary agency person"? Sounds like you don't even think the site exists at all. How high are you and why don't you share with me?
>> No. 51941
faked for sure
>> No. 51970
How does one fake a picture if there is no non-nude version of it? There is no picture in any of her sets where she is wearing that jacket, sitting on that stool, in that pose, tits covered. Prove me wrong and I will drop my case and post the uncensored version.
>> No. 51998

Thanks for that heads up from you about SS. Any little contribution is much appreciated.

Please tell us what kind of stuff and what girls are on secret star? Only topless, soft nude, hard nude?. What about the videos? the girls do strip?

I would kill for Maisie, Julia and Lisa "special" videos.
>> No. 52335
>>51847 Without tits? Fake!
>> No. 52336
how to ask him? How you take this?
>> No. 52337
>>51847 >>51847 Do you have thumbnails (low resolution) for proof? Or some image-captures of video? This is not proof that they exist! Maybe is fake.
>> No. 52344
>>51847 Please, without black line...
>> No. 52561
>>51847 Is real or Fake?
>> No. 52565
>>51970 Without black line, please...
>> No. 52913
The full videos are excellent - please share more - thank you.
>> No. 53218
Please provide nude Nina videos from other agency. Thank you.
>> No. 53298

lol you place a black bar over her otherwise covered tits and expect us to believe you? you're a certified moron.


>Is real or Fake?

>> No. 53381
>>53298 You are right! It's absolutely fake...
>> No. 53400
Seriously? you take all Starsessions threads for reply yourself your posts writing Fake! is Fake!... Well pathetic Starsessions defensor, the customs are real... sweet girls doing BJs ... spreading and more... cry stupid cry
>> No. 53405
>>53400 I don't believe you. Do you have proofs?
>> No. 53417
well theres no bjs, pussy shots or hc. all we seen so far is 2 nip slips that could be fakes for all we know.
>> No. 53423

Ok its possible SS do topless or more revealing stuff, even some light nudes by few of the grown girls, but NOTHING ELSE!
No much revealing, no naughty poses, no close ups on girls inner parts while they are spreading her legs, and of course NO HC.

...or what?
>> No. 53534
>>53417 Who is she?
>> No. 53601
Already removed? wtf is going on in this site? was it anything good at least?
>> No. 53630

another babbling moron who talks out of his ass and can't provide a single shred of proof other than his flapping lips (and i don't mean ridiculous fakes made by a 12 year old with ms paint)
>> No. 53676
>> No. 55022
Listen to me stupid. First: I NEVER make fake, Second: Babbling moron is the mouth of your mother full of horse cum. Third: CRY STUPID BECAUSE CUSTOM HC EXIST!
>> No. 55023
File 153659118325.jpg - (90.44KB , 688x390 , 153650937247.jpg )
awwww you are crying isn't it?
>> No. 55026
You say MS PAINT? hahahahahahah IDIOT. You are another stupid who only know MS OFFICE. You make me laugh.
>> No. 55038
SS make only a lame boring topless or light nudes !!!
>> No. 55050
>>55022 What's this?
>> No. 55051
File 153660882740.jpg - (69.53KB , 1109x824 , yDSmzrCMaa.jpg )
Of course there are customs. Here's one with a HC backdrop - I've blanked out the explicit bit to conform to the rules.
>> No. 55067
>>55051 It's from set-11, not HC
>> No. 55069
>> No. 55070
>>51847 Why have you black line on her boobs?
>> No. 55076
Some people have a sense of humor bypass, it seems.
>> No. 55078
>>55076 This is joke for the Lisa's black line? I am sorry!
>> No. 55085
Why delete when i post spread legs STAR SESSIONS? I can't post nudes now?
>> No. 55200
>> No. 55201
Apology accepted! lol
>> No. 55203
>>51847 Anyone, without blackline? Come on...
>> No. 55293
File 153677746540.jpg - (94.80KB , 1300x866 , starmongo.jpg )
i think nobody have more starsessions videos.
>> No. 55294
File 15367775843.jpg - (140.86KB , 1300x866 , starmongol.jpg )
You have all starsessions collections. but you dont want to share them.
>> No. 55295
File 153677771854.jpg - (103.52KB , 1278x1300 , starsessions-mongol.jpg )
More Elena please
>> No. 55298
>>55295 If exist Elena's naked-pics please post them?
>> No. 55361
>> No. 55662

Blah blah blah, all that you can do in response to anyone is just
name call like a 10 year old punk. But once again not a shred of proof. just more fakes.

If there really was SS customs out there, they would be traded right now in any deep web VIP forum, but other than your poorly done fake shit, I've seen NOTHING out there.


You really think that's "HC"? Fuck me dude, you'd drop dead if you ever saw a real HC video.

Get over yourself, liar boy. Fully expect your butchered English insults to follow... -_-
>> No. 55682
>>55662 I agree... Everything fakes...
>> No. 55689
>>55022 "Lisa HC", HC doesn't exist!
>> No. 55693
>>55022 Reup the photo please...
>> No. 55761

Why you keep shouting angry about existence of SS HC trying to convince someone?

Isn't better to post something to prove it and finish the discussion in one shot?
>> No. 55803
>>55761 You are right! The guy is big liar!
>> No. 55823
HAHAHAHAHAH Obviously you can't see the 180chan and another 155chan thread isn't it?
>> No. 55828
>>55823 Hey, man... H-C d-o-e-s-n't e-x-i-s-t-!
>> No. 55919
you have to rar it up they won't allow just a picture it's against the rules
>> No. 55920

don't legitimize that idiot. he's full of shit and he finally realizes that we all know it now, so he's desperately trolling to hang onto anything to make him feel relevant. any other thread he attempts to point to is another of his fake picture trolling and flaming anyone who calls his lame ass out.


post what to prove what?? anything that he attempts to post is FAKE BULLSHIT and the more anyone tries to force him to prove anything, the more shooped crap we'll get along with more name calling. enough is enough.
>> No. 55945
>>55828 Maybe, this guy has not ears! And therefore he doesn't hear. OR, has not any HC or nudes. Good fairytales... Hahaha...
>> No. 55989
Well all you cry but now im see the lisa ass wide spread morons
>> No. 55991
>>55989 Liar!
>> No. 55994
>>55989 Hello, man. I believe you! You have customs. Can you describes the video of Lisa? She is fucking or only bj? The lover is her photographer?
>> No. 55995
Why can't anon post a pic of Goebells & Goering doin the banned naughty & get the mod to delete this fucked-over thread. FFS
Remember "TELL SOMEONE who CARES."
Go to the Jessie thread for christs sake with all this waste of time bullshit crap.
or the dianah secret nudes threads.
HONESTLY "I DON'T give a flying fuck."
>> No. 56004
Just to let you know I've mastered the purchasing technique and am now the proud viewer of a custom set of Michelle wearing a full Mars landing space costume...and you can see her EYES.....well, through the glass, anyway. It's a WOW! and WOW! again set! Saving up for the video now. Can't wait.
>> No. 56007
File 153722558282.gif - (14.28KB , 463x258 , largesmiley.gif )
>>55662 >>55761 >>55828 >>55920 >>55991 >>55995
LOL very butthurt samefag

You are so invested in this thread it's funny. We now own you. You have to check in every five minutes to make sure and counter any idea above your ability to comprehend. We could have fun with that.

Thanks for telling us your trigger phrase.
Customs and HC do exist!
>> No. 56013
Multiple Deep web sites have put a BAN on posting anything from SS, regular or custom. Anything posted gets taken down by the admins as soon as they are aware of it and can lead to being removed from the site. So no, it isn't getting traded around like LS or BD-company stuff.

In fact I was offered a single custom Lisa pic for full SS sets. I love that girl but 1. That's a crappy trade really and 2. I would rather that guy pay for the sets in full like I did and 3. I am more than happy to wait for the admin to like me enough to give me access to custom stuff.

You just want something for nothing and are getting pissy as all hell because none of us give a crap what you want. You are just a leecher/lurker/troll/neckbeard/crybaby and nobody likes those types.
>> No. 56057
sounds like that fag pyro trying to trade previews he got from someone else for more
>> No. 56115
>>56004 What is the purchasing technique? Ha? Another one Liar!
>> No. 56161
Another one with no sense of humor.
>> No. 56300

Ok so i will accept even fakes. So BRING THOSE SS FAKES!!!
>> No. 56391
Vote for Maisie fake SS video around the 15.-20. fake series
>> No. 56418
you people talk to fucking much. just shut the hell up and wait for the shit to be uploaded, it will eventually.
>> No. 56560
File 153756164710.jpg - (11.12KB , 278x181 , yes.jpg )
>> No. 56760
>>56560 Unfortunately, they'll be never share around here, because the admin of chans and starsessions, are afraid the police. That's all. Maybe, when the site close.
>> No. 56991
File 153784019610.png - (513.28KB , 683x384 , maisie 26.png )
Maisie-026 video please anyone!?
>> No. 57350
File 153807653165.jpg - (1.55MB , 2667x4000 , michelle-red-cp.jpg )
someone please post this michelle nude set
>> No. 57351
i think michelle is so cute and delicious
>> No. 57352
File 15380767068.jpg - (72.31KB , 853x901 , secretstars-michelle-blue.jpg )
this set if someone have it, please share and post here, thanks in advance.
>> No. 57414
Can u upload the pics...
>> No. 57415
2 pic can be found at here...
>> No. 57505
Well doing shoots like this is the kiss of death for this website. They had to go there.
>> No. 57516
nobody is busting the studio, investigating it or cracking down...no one cares.
>> No. 57557
Everybody assumes there's thousands of LEA tracking all child modeling boards 247 launching investigations at the slightest rumor of shady activity. The truth is nobody cares unless you become a real high profile AND producing hardcore. But a studio in central Asia producing a few topless? Nobody gives a flying fuck.
>> No. 57563
I gave up after 4 captchas. Seriously, exactly how greedy are you lazy fucks?
>> No. 58461
Any Mila custom pls?
>> No. 58463
More Angelina anyone?
>> No. 58500
Do you have videos of this sets..??
>> No. 59052
>> No. 59093
>>59052 The video is down
>> No. 59141
File 153919108987.jpg - (252.16KB , 1180x800 , 153759367588.jpg )
please post this photo set
>> No. 59189
File 153921494091.jpg - (84.15KB , 683x1024 , Michelle-007-03-683x1024.jpg )
>> No. 59206
File 153923038166.jpg - (30.64KB , 300x450 , 001C99F3-7202-4C6E-B9B7-5FDB160D3D8E-300x450.jpg )
please post more starsessions videos
>> No. 59210
File 15392370191.png - (266.33KB , 480x800 , Screenshot_2018-10-11-00-24-40.png )
this modeling video please post it if you have it on your collections
>> No. 59337
>> No. 59340
>> No. 59473
>> No. 59918

Nice..thanks. I hadn't seen that particular video.
>> No. 60101
File 153975487998.jpg - (806.47KB , 4000x1701 , starsessions-angelina-cs.jpg )
please post more vídeos
>> No. 60202
No. 60101
OMG that's the most sexy pic I've ever seen
starsessions is breaking new ground for eroticism thanks for posting dude much appreciated
>> No. 60203
File 153979759211.png - (240.45KB , 480x800 , Screenshot_2018-10-17-12-29-35.png )
this angelina set
>> No. 60204
File 153979837785.jpg - (609.51KB , 3400x1891 , 153975012497.jpg )
please post this photo set and video of starsessions angelina.
>> No. 60207
File 153980128073.png - (270.50KB , 480x359 , Photo_20181017_132601.png )
please post this cutie set
>> No. 60320
>> No. 60321
File 153988435487.jpg - (81.90KB , 435x600 , 09_angelinak_smodels.jpg )
starsessions agency is located in germany.
>> No. 60342
File 153989175911.jpg - (67.03KB , 389x600 , 02_angelinak_smodels.jpg )
angelina in baby oil set please
>> No. 60350
post more angelina sets
>> No. 60427
you do know that this is not the ss angelina?
>> No. 60433
angelina is very cute girl. i didnt see any of her videos because of crypto. so please be nice and post at least one video of this little treasure called angelina. just one video and i can rest in peace. i must see her video before i died. im with cancer. please make my last wish come true.
>> No. 60450
File 153998250512.jpg - (163.40KB , 683x1024 , AngelinaSS-002-190.jpg )
AngelinaSS set & video



pass: Sherwood^Forest^FOREVER
>> No. 60452
File 153998477129.jpg - (5.17KB , 133x400 , 31YgUNBSLRL__AC_SY400_.jpg )
angelina is so beautiful, i have a lot of fantasies with her. one of this fantasies is using this toy when im wathing her modeling thong video.
>> No. 60457
Could someone please upload Angelina’s set not as a split file (ie not as .001, .002, .003) and instead as a single file or as regular parts (ie part1, part2, part3). I would really appreciate it. I can’t open files in .001, .002, etc.
>> No. 60474
File 154000616240.jpg - (464.86KB , 750x482 , Sherwood-forest.jpg )
Thanks, you are good person. please upload angelina 003 and then i will be on heaven. angelina is delightful and sherwood is fantastic. i am so grateful.
>> No. 60475
File 154000725643.png - (297.88KB , 480x800 , Screenshot_2018-10-19-22-44-14.png )
if you hace this video, share it please. she is fabulous.
>> No. 60499
Simply Amazing Mr. Sherwood
>> No. 60505
Mmm this lil kitty appears to be in heat
And yes, PLEASE dear God share this set and vid
>> No. 60514
It is not rar files, probably. It is 7z. files. Download the programm.
>> No. 60542
Can’t open them
>> No. 60634
omg I can die in peace, Angelina is the best model ever, "for me",i had the fap of my life
how did you get that custom set?
>> No. 60643
Because they've been split (and not in the usual, multi-part sense where you just extract part 1 and the rest follow using WinRAR etc.)
First, you need to combine the files using HJSplit or something similar. See here:

Combine them using that (ironic given the name, but it actually performs both splitting and combining perfectly), then you should be able to extract/open the resulting file(s) (one for the vid, one for the pics) using the password. It's even simpler than it sounds, you're just not using the right software for the first part of the job most likely.
>> No. 60682
Angelina is OK.
Who has Mila, Nita and Natasha?
>> No. 60688
she is so intense and powerful. she deserve our energy too. photo video set 003 is a jewel.
share please.
>> No. 60823
60203 what forum is that screen grab from? One of these chans? (it's so hard to keep up.)
>> No. 60914
Please download Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 60986
yes if you upload nina videos i will download them. /facepalm
>> No. 61734
Please download Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 61798
dailyuploads, uploadbank, fileflares...none of these work
>> No. 61876
File 154075417917.jpg - (0.98MB , 1420x4160 , MaisieSS01_6189694_30898242.jpg )
Maisie secret stars
>> No. 62042
stop calling secret stars customs. it´s what it is but custom would mean a CUSTOMer would have requested specific outfits and such what´s not the case here. secret stars are just more showy versions of the regular collections but no customs.
>> No. 62095
Custom or not, I just want to know where that Maisie set is posted.
>> No. 62096
Thanksssss please more photos & vids please all modelsss
>> No. 62495
Please download Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 62773
Please post Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr download host. Thank you.
>> No. 62946
Please post Maisie SS 013. That set looks fantastic.
>> No. 63031
Thank you.
>> No. 63082
>>26605 Please post Nina-022 and Nina-030 videos. Thank you.
>> No. 63094
More more pleaseee
>> No. 63172
Nina is too skinny and have a duck face. Aleksandra, Leyla and Maysie are beautiful models.

Search in 180chan and Modelos Gratis and you'll find some fresh SS downloads there.
>> No. 63185
go buy some bitcoins and buy some sets!
>> No. 63187
File 154152530192.jpg - (945.87KB , 2000x3000 , Aleksandra-011-148.jpg )
>> No. 63204
Please post Nina-022, Nina-030 and Nina-040 videos. Thank you.
>> No. 63213
Does Isabella has secret set?
>> No. 63229
Thank you.
>> No. 63231
Nina is good model. Shame you do not like.
>> No. 63280
Nina is wonderful
>> No. 63285
Thanks for nothing for the premium only link at exfile.
>> No. 63288
Warning there is nothing gree here.
>> No. 63289
File 15415905883.jpg - (81.72KB , 586x570 , boo hoo premium.jpg )
modelos NON gratis
>> No. 63410
Excellent SS Nina Model. Please provide links to other Nina and NinaSS videos.
>> No. 63702
Although Nina-Model has many revealing collections these are not being posted on Triforce.
>> No. 63708
Oh Wow, this one is great I would like to have it
>> No. 63728
Prefer to watch the MaisieSS-013 video rather than look at the 218 image set. Please post the link. Ta
>> No. 63861
please 1080p, not 4k
>> No. 63881
thanks, really!! To all the losers that don't know how to use the internet: Geez, use a debrid/deeprid or any other premium link generator site that supports whatever VPN you are using to leech ex-load links! Some start at $2 for 10 days access on a 4GB a day cap. If you look deep enough you are sure to find a free one too that supports ex-load, if clicking through 30 sets of retarded spam links with capchas is your preferred way to pass time.
>> No. 63898
thanks for the videos of Ss but I want more PLEASE ¡¡¡
>> No. 63900
thanks for the videos of Ss but I want more pleaseee
>> No. 63905
google how to re encode a video and do it on your own nobody has posted the 1080p video of it
>> No. 63956
Please post Nina-022, Nina-030 and Nina-040 videos. Thank you.
>> No. 64036
PLEASE SHARE sets and video of HOT OLIVIA

>> No. 64170
File 154209470469.jpg - (233.43KB , 1192x800 , Leyla 08 Combo 1.jpg )
>> No. 64171
File 154209482052.jpg - (274.46KB , 1240x800 , Elena 22 Cover.jpg )
>> No. 64188
Elena has disappeared from the Star Sessions site. So as she is no longer a live model there, there seems to be no reason why her videos cannot now be posted.
>> No. 64434
File 154230673333.jpg - (618.30KB , 1320x1980 , 152415011224.jpg )
>> No. 64450

omg so w8 for all her sets...
>> No. 64463
File 154232825018.jpg - (811.71KB , 1320x1980 , Leyla-010-149.jpg )
What about Star Sessions Secret / Customs? Where? How to buy?
>> No. 64476
Strange files I can’t open it on my PC !!
>> No. 64477
Strange files I can’t open it on my PC !!
>> No. 64514
because you have asked. The answer is you CAN'T!
>> No. 64678
File 154249620811.jpg - (279.70KB , 1000x1500 , LisaSS-025-145.jpg )
Some unseen sets/videos were posted in some "all models forum", now closed for new signups.
>> No. 64722
then share them with us, I won't pay $49 for your premium shit... smells like scam to me
>> No. 64732
Nita ss007 vid/pics
>> No. 64733
Good for you, brother, but keep that private okay...jeez
>> No. 64735
Please. Thank you.
>> No. 64779

any proofs (link)?
>> No. 64798
File 154257435898.jpg - (124.95KB , 1558x365 , bxxx.jpg )
>> No. 64803

are u PR-agent? have u any proof of set lol? we can see this thread w/o reg
>> No. 64805
They don't have anything which is not already shared here before
>> No. 64806
i have a account there, nothing new he's just a scammer
>> No. 64807
File 15425814645.jpg - (124.53KB , 853x1280 , _.jpg )
Does anyone know leak-status of this set?
Saw many pics in tg-forward
>> No. 64809
File 154258204113.jpg - (254.47KB , 1040x619 , print.jpg )
There are some different sets not posted elsewhere, but no Secret Stars. Some areas are hidden for common members, so I don't know if there's some more or not.
>> No. 64815
File 15425850592.jpg - (885.02KB , 1536x2304 , Lisa-019-080.jpg )
Anyone know if the secret-stars of Lisa sets show that phat couchie in full. What you can see of the lips shows it to be something seriously special!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying for some full blown rear views of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 64882
File 154263194922.jpg - (322.71KB , 828x527 , 15425850592b.jpg )
Nice piece of fresh bisteck.
>> No. 64886

so u can post this and stay not-fucking-horder-bitard :)
>> No. 64891
Big mac for me too please, extra cheese. LOL
>> No. 64914
More lisa pleaseeee
>> No. 64915
It really suprised the hell out of me when I saw that Star Sessions released the photos of Lisa, showing off her clit. She really put a smile on my face and a really good feeling in my dick. I'm going to save a ton of money on VIAGRA! Hope Star Sessions open up on all of their girls!
>> No. 64925
every picture here is from sets posted all over it's nothing new.
>> No. 64942
Hey guy, this is not a clitoris, is just an oversized labia, the clitoris is under 3 cms of sweet skin in Lisa. But is under 2 or 3 mm in another girls. Just a delicious marshmellow for all tongues.
>> No. 65245
She is not a virgin, of course...
>> No. 65259
File 154284805845.jpg - (172.64KB , 1032x510 , CCe.jpg )
>> No. 65272
Eat her little hot box for an hour at least then pic her leftovers outta my beard in the morning!
>> No. 65542
Hello! I have not secret stars for trade. Therefore, I want to pay with bitcoin for some secret stars. Can I? My secmail is honey63[at]secmail[.]pro
>> No. 65585
Please post NinaSS videos and sets. Thank you.
>> No. 65678
Hey Admin...
Where is "https://180chan.co/mir/res/23214.html"?

UM, AT https://180chan.co/mir/res/23214.html ?

>> No. 65708
Lina has a secret set?
>> No. 65770
>>UM, AT https://180chan.co/mir/res/23214.html

Ha ha ha
It wasn't opening b4, so I panicked...
>> No. 65953
We welcome the new SS-II thread:
>> No. 66278
This pass is not working for the video?
>> No. 66449

>> No. 66717
>> No. 66991
And you know this how? Inside information? A survey of all past models? Perhaps you've actually seen a check change hands?

I've seen more then a few standard model contracts. They always mention a standard flat fee for the photo shoot. The ones the mention a % of the sales always had fine print of fees that had to be earned before the profit was shared. Studio time, wages etc all set by the studio and never spelled out before hand.

Unless you have the actual contract used by SS and can publish it, all we have is your "word" these models earn anything on each set sold. Without proof sharing is taking anything away from the models, all we know right now is sharing keeps someone else from getting rich off exploiting the models.

Most studio owners are one step above a pimp. While most of them don't whore out their models, both get rich living off the avails of the girls in their stable while the girls get very little.
>> No. 66992
Get ConvertXtoDVD. Try a torrent for full version. Convert the 4K video to DVD format. This will keep a lot of the quality but allow older laptops/PCs with non-4K graphics to play the video.
>> No. 67997
I've converted (first as as an experiment) 4k video to 1920x1080 and they played fine not only on my computer but on a PS3. If all else fails try that. Worked for me.
>> No. 68665
File 154509529816.jpg - (0.97MB , 2000x3000 , Kathy-027-131.jpg )
>> No. 68695
Is there Any Chance of StarSessions NITA video 007 (Full Version) PLEASE.
>> No. 68805
BE AWARE It's a Premium only link.
>> No. 68875
Star Sessions is closed. Thank you.
>> No. 68877
File 154525890583.jpg - (20.93KB , 636x242 , 0107698e0e082fa035c4e454887b9f26.jpg )
>> No. 69057
Same please post to accessible links.
>> No. 70135
>> No. 70138
>> No. 70412
please share more more more lina pleaseee
>> No. 70421
>>70412 Lina model collections (sets and videos) have been posted on this thread and other posts within Triforce Chans threads. Search and you will find. Thank you.
>> No. 70506

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