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/cg/ ~ Chan News & Announcements
File 152821647661.png - (100.06KB , 665x411 , backup.png )
42623 No. 42623

The Triforce is now fully operational on these 3 URLs

And these are our emergency links where we'll tell you our new links if all 3 chans get taken offline simultaneously triforce.forumside.com & Lisach. Make sure you bookmark them as well as trichan.de which is our new, independent emergency page.

You must now bookmark all 6 links above. Why do that if you're happy using only one of them to hop into the others? Because you'll probably wake up one day to find 5 of the 6 links dead. This is not hypothetical and actually happened just last September. And unless you were lucky and the link you bookmarked was the surviving one you'd have no way of knowing where we went and you'd lose contact with the Triforce forever, so bookmark all six now.

Phew that was a rough ride. I can finally go take a break now. Exhausted Mod out.
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>> No. 42633
File 152822253672.png - (11.05KB , 337x479 , riseup.png )
144chan and 155chan are being censored by a number of oppressive regimes worldwide. There are various technical methods used for blocking websites, the simplest and perhaps most prevalent is DNS filtering.

If your ISP uses DNS filtering to block us then you're in luck as it's very easy to circumvent. All you need to do is use another ISP's DNS servers to resolve your websites. This will not only allow you to access 144chan/155chan, but also any other websites blocked by your ISP.

This OpenDNS guide shows you how to change your DNS provider on any device whether it's PC, phone, or server https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/

So just follow the steps, and remember you can input any other DNS IP if you don't want to use OpenDNS ( and for example
Google's DNS is &
Yandex DNS &
Advantage DNS &
ScrubIT &
Or any other you prefer.

Don't let your government decide what's appropriate and inappropriate for you. Take power back into your own hands!
>> No. 42634
File 152822278359.jpg - (22.13KB , 609x450 , hiring.jpg )
Are you a Triforce resident shekeleer or poster? Would you like to join the inner circle and be one of the Triforce Illuminati? Now you can..
  • Make even more shittons of cash!
  • Delete your competitors' posts!
  • Remove any fat/thin/old/young girls you dislike!
  • Be your gang's star by letting your friends spam during your shift!
  • Enjoy making Guyver's annoyances vanish, or allow them to live!
Excited? So are we. Contact us now!

(For the humorly challenged: All the above is a joke except that we're really hiring paid mods among the chan's established posters. If that's you get in touch with your thread's link and your daily available hours)
>> No. 42635
File 152822305316.jpg - (82.06KB , 503x375 , exec.jpg )
I have locked a number of prominent threads for a prolific shekeleer because he was false-bumping by repeating the same sets over and over again. This wastes users time and steals page 1 spots from other shekeleers with new content to offer.

Because studio-produced sets & vids are ultimately finite I'm allowing shekeleers to repeat posts after 3 months. You're welcome to dispute this period on a /spam/ thread for a community discussion, but there has to be some limit in place to avoid fruitless unhindered competition where everyone repeats what they have over and over to stay on page 1, turning /cg/ into a clicking contest.

If your collection is not enough to occupy page 1 by spreading it over 90 days you should work your ass and expand it. Otherwise either post less frequently, post less sets per post, or combine your threads together. Doing any of this will reduce your exposure in favor of others who provide users with newer or rarer content, for which they deserve a page 1 spot without needing to bump every 12 hours.

We are also relying on you, honest shekeleers and dedicated users, to detect and report more cheating. We get way too many posts now for mods to detect all violations themselves, and applying the rules serves you first and foremost.
>> No. 55713
File 153703256320.jpg - (16.86KB , 430x278 , gun-to-head.jpg )
Attention shekeleers.

Shorteners are no longer allowed on 180chan /cg/. Per our community discussion only ulinkx.net is permitted to mask the origin of visitors clicks. Be a smartass and link to a shortener via ulinkx to kiss your thread goodbye.

If you want to use any other no-profit no-captcha no-countdown shortener for the sole purpose of masking clicks you have to propose it at the /spam/ thread first.

Shorteners already posted will not be removed, and we're anticipating more shekels visitors at 180chan /cg/ with this new policy but if you want to continue using shorteners you're welcome to start new threads or copy your entire old thread to 144 or 155 /cg/.


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