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/loli/ ~ /loli/ posts now unscreened
File 151775333998.jpg - (36.98KB , 400x200 , insta.jpg )
245 No. 245
At the risk of getting some spam in /loli/ we decided to allow posts to appear instantly from now on.
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>> No. 296
File 15181181377.jpg - (11.16KB , 200x200 , vid.jpg )
You can now upload mp4 & webm vids up to 8MB in /loli/ just like /hebe/ & /boy/

Edit: To save server space please don't upload images larger than 1MB (resize them first if necessary), large sizes are reserved for videos. You can upload large images if you want but they'll be deleted in a few weeks.

>> No. 5400
File 154327291317.png - (3.50KB , 800x400 , 800px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union_svg.png )
/loli/ has grown significantly over the last few weeks to the point where shekeleering is not needed anymore to keep it alive. Active shekeleer threads have therefore been moved to /cg/ (Kisaku was assigned thread #66004).

EDIT: Ok fine, we'll leave a couple of shekeleer megathreads threads for some more time.


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