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/loli/ ~ Jesu Shaves
File 154471623173.jpg - (332.13KB , 574x576 , candy.jpg )
6085 No. 6085
Jesu love little childrn.
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>> No. 6293
File 154497456775.jpg - (1.92MB , 1587x1932 , jcmk.jpg )
>> No. 6455
Wasn´t it Mohammed whose fourth "wife" was only six years old?
>> No. 6456
Aisha was mohammed's 40th wife he married her when she was six and he was almost 60
>> No. 6458
Although six is the age some sources go by, there is no actual age for Aisha that all scholars agree on. One text says she was at least nine at betrothal and fourteen at marriage.
>> No. 6503
Who are Mohammed and Aisha exactly?
>> No. 6626
Mohammed was a 7th century warlord
He and his army (the jihad)
Murdered thousands of men
raped thousands of women
enslaved thousands of children
his favourite hobby was finding new and original ways of torturing people to death
Oh he is also the founder of islam
>> No. 7033
Yeah...mohammed then man who made ,,jihad,, was real terrorist who love blood..making hatred against all ,,non muslim,,peoples...fuk him
>> No. 7040
File 154730265480.jpg - (111.58KB , 822x460 , mo-aisha-child-bride.jpg )
>> No. 7041
Bring the holy water, I'm converting!
>> No. 7044
File 154737831893.jpg - (114.79KB , 1080x1080 , mo + 4 wives.jpg )
If I can have four loli wives, I'll sign up too!
>> No. 7163
Lol, Mohammad and Jay are the same shit. Only faggots suck cock of Semites like them. Real MEN follow the NORDIC GERMANIC PAGAN RELIGION. Death to gay Semitic Christians, Muslims and Jews.
>> No. 7201
File 154783787296.jpg - (311.06KB , 1225x1600 , DolfYGoebbelsDau.jpg )
All world leaders had girlfriends. Here is Adolf and Göbbels daughter.
>> No. 7203
Heil Hitler!
Rette die Deutschen! Rette Sie Rase!
Rette die Freiheit Liebe!
>> No. 7275
File 154808809879.jpg - (38.89KB , 306x465 , pope.jpg )
cardinal sin
>> No. 7310
File 154817325545.jpg - (322.40KB , 872x1104 , jcfama.jpg )
Je suis familie.

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