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/mir/ ~ INA Sib
File 152471264779.jpg - (161.01KB , 800x1200 , IMG_0066.jpg )
13782 No. 13782
Looking for all vids and pics of INA. only found two sets and a couple vids. Any help is appreciated
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>> No. 13918
So first share what you have and then ask for more
>> No. 14095
File 152486250692.jpg - (1.49MB , 5184x3456 , IMG_0061.jpg )
>> No. 14105
wow!More of this set!
>> No. 14277
File 152493928389.jpg - (182.86KB , 1190x849 , 00_7_20040.jpg )
left more please
>> No. 14456
Which INA sets & vids do you already have? I'll check to see if I got any fills for ya.
>> No. 14465
who's with masha?
It's not Ina.
>> No. 14487
File 152505427025.jpg - (146.04KB , 1050x1485 , MOD_Katalog04_en_08.jpg )
It's IR2
>> No. 14506

yeah , shame there isn't more of her , she loved getting licked by Masha , almost as much as Masha loved doing it ;)

>> No. 14713
girl on left gets me so hard
>> No. 14716
File 152545352476.jpg - (201.33KB , 1282x859 , who dis - Copy.jpg )
Which model is this?

She's in two other videos with Masha - only she's older, she's taller and her tits are a lot bigger.

Really would have loved to see her suck Sergei's cock.
>> No. 14717

Watch it again. She really is not into what's happening. I'm she's clearly a willing participant but she is nowhere NEAR as into it as Masha is.

When Masha eats her pussy she seems slightly...bored. She's looking aroudn the room, at Sergei (or her Mom!), whatever.

When they switch places, Masha face lights up and she stares at Blondie as the girl eats Masha's pussy and ass.

Once AGAIN - I do not understand why the girls aren't fingering each other's pussy/asshole. That would have amped up the hotness about 200%.
>> No. 14727
File 152548358331.png - (1.23MB , 1254x621 , 144355114541.png )
ha ha , fingering would have been hot , but was probably a no-no to Masha and most other girls ,
from reading the subtitle files :


Masha seems overly concerned when Sergei jokes in the BJ vid that she's no longer a virgin:

Sergei Joking : “You're not a virgin anymore?…

What do you mean?
Why do you say that?
Tell me why you said that!
You're joking, right?
You... with your jokes..
Why did you say I'm not a virgin?
So, why did you say I'm not a virgin anymore?
You were joking?
How can I not be a virgin?..

Make sure you don't put it inside my pussy ( vibrator)

You haven't explained why you told me I'm not a virgin anymore…
>> No. 14749

Yeah, I have the subtitle track.

It proves that Sergei wasn't fucking her. He wouldn't need to ask her if she were a virgin if he'd been tagging that ass.

And the fact that she wouldn't allow him to finger her is also proof she was a cherry. A girl who was already fucking wouldn't have cared about having fingers or dildos in her cunt.
>> No. 14752
File 152571024994.jpg - (427.67KB , 720x1280 , mark-armstrong-rand-rorshach.jpg )

Come on fellow fappers, what's her name?

SOMEBODY KNOWS! (said Rorshach
>> No. 14768
>> No. 14807
Wow, new to me. The subs. But she was wet when the bj set began. Mmm, Masha is my sweetie.
>> No. 14827
her vid I van with oksi is so hot. he ehlps the lil one spread WIDE. I think its sl-238?
>> No. 15626
looking 4 some download link for sb model 24 !!
>> No. 15627
anyone have pics of sb model dash2 & ir2 ??
>> No. 16297
>> No. 18791
Can I get IR2 Download link pls. Or more photos set .
>> No. 24358
Please, can you upload this file? They are having so much fun...
>> No. 24397
Masha and Ira2, is there more?
>> No. 24607
Has Ina-M-15 ever been released? Seen preview. Never seen video posted or even mentioned.
>> No. 24638
"Tonia"Tatyana Tumashova pictures and video
>> No. 24667
Ina-M-15 was released nearly a year ago

1. http://dl.free.fr/fsuGX4y8k
2. http://dl.free.fr/jtTYjxxJC
3. http://dl.free.fr/itIDBaHUt
4. http://dl.free.fr/hJhmfMabn

Credit to radekradek which is also the pass
>> No. 24677

Thanks you good sir!
>> No. 26508
password pls
>> No. 26512
Did you not read the text under the links? It's right there.

Credit to radekradek which is also the pass

Therefore the pass is radekradek
>> No. 26526
GREAT stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing.
>> No. 29525
Can someone post download links or links to threads at 180, 144 and 155 where you can find INA photosets and perhaps the other videos of her not posted in this thread. She is so beautiful and i want as a complete collection that i can find. Please bros help me out.
>> No. 29559
File 154457378865.jpg - (743.93KB , 2416x3629 , IMG_2402.jpg )
I'm pretty sure the OP image is from the only solo Ina set, but there are lots of solo vids.

This Ina set with Masha and Tanya is here:


They look similar in terms of development, but amazing to think that Ina is nearly two years older than Masha.
>> No. 29562
The most recently released Ina vid is posted at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/57711.html#i91430
>> No. 29740
INA was love at first sight for me. I often daydream and fantasize what it would be if i were the same age as her and her first love. When you get to explore all the sweet joys about being in love for the first time.

Can anybody PLEASE take time to answer a few questions i have.

About how old is INA today?
What is her real first name?
How has her life been after the Siberian Mouse modeling?
Is there a more recent photo of her from after the Siberian Mouse modeling? It obviously doesn't have to be a photo taken yesterday, but perhaps a few years ago or something like that. I just want to see what she looks like nowadays.

I will be forever greatfull if anyone of you that read this can take some time to answer my questions and set my curiosity.
>> No. 29792
Hey friend, I realize your passion for seeing Ina as she is today. But first off, it's a massive invasion of her privacy! If she is on social media, you should be able to find her fairly quickly. If she's not, leave her the fuck alone.

These girls are often married and have kids of their own and have chosen to leave their past behind them. DON'T fuck up their life by pursuing them.

Others, are still active on social media, and are easy to find. Enjoy! But please respect their wishes of privacy! Enjoy your fantasies, we all have them! But, if you want to know how you will feel, knowing you dream angel is all grown up, read Nabokov. DEAD on accurate.
>> No. 29809

Hey friend. Nobody is pursuing anyone. That's why i didn't ask for her full details with direct links to social media accounts, only small tibits to set my own curiosity. Because i'm not interested in searching for her elsewhere and i wouldn't even dream about contacting her or anybody else in real life. So if she could be easily identified by even those small tibits i was asking for, better to just forget it and leave it alone all together. I'm totally with you on that she and others should be left alone to live their lifes without having to worrying about people contacting them x years later talking about things they most likley have moved away from a long time ago.
>> No. 29976
File 15448324207.jpg - (97.37KB , 604x453 , D145138.jpg )
Irina was born in March 1997, so she'd be 21 now. A guy recently showed up on Tor who was evidently close enough to them to know some stuff about the Sib mouse girls. He claims Ina
never regretted anything about that time in her life.
>> No. 30295

Great info, thanks.

21 years. She still has most of her life in front of her. I hope she gets to live life to the fullest and be able to fulfill her dreams and goals in life. She deserves it.

I hope the last bit of your information goes for the majority of the girls. They really shouldn't be ashamed of themselves for their work they did with Sergey, because he obviously cared a whole great deal for the girls and to be honest, none of the girls did anything wierd or extreme. I hope their parents didn't give them hell for what they did and that nobody else will in the future. There are way much worse things happening in our mad world than to give these girls a hard time for their nude photos and videos.

I hope they'll give “uncle Serezha” some thoughts from time to time. I'll bet that 14 years prison sentence isn't a walk in the park.
>> No. 30317
Sorry, sir! I share your feelings! I absolutely agree with you! I am sometimes, insatiably curious about some of my dream girls, also!... and I would love to know how they are doing in life. On MANY levels... but none of those levels have ANYTHING to do with me, trying to contact them. I mostly want to know that they have landed on their feet! ... and that, hopefully, their exposure/fame, is a positive thing.
My most compelling interest in all of these girls, is that, I am fascinated with, how their massive internet fame, is affecting their lives... positively OR negatively.

I want to see what they have become as young adults. I admire these girls! It sickens me when many posters here, freely speak of violent acts, rape and training young girls.

People are NOT pets or property... regardless of age!

Enjoy women/girls! You don't own anyone! Most of you posting your rape fantasies about young girls are hiding the fact that you are really afraid of women! lol. I guess I will be called a faggot, nigger, jew, whatever... I'm not worried about you lashing out against a stranger on the innnnertwebzz. I would guess that 95% of the people on this chan love hebe girls and have no ill intent... but it is the nutbags that post their rape fantasies and creepy intent, that make it difficult, for hebeophiles to EVER gain any sympathy or acceptance.
>> No. 30359

Yes, it is ridiculous that hebes are treated just like baby rapists. Anti's think that just because you appreciate the beauty of a undeniably sexy teen, that you automatically want to go out and rape a toddler. Strictly speaking, hebes aren't even pedo's! Never has a word been so misused in all of human history.
>> No. 30437
File 154523785346.jpg - (158.65KB , 309x1033 , _DSC2867.jpg )
Most of you posting your fantasies about young girls are hiding the fact that you are really afraid of women!


Please tell us, old sage one, where did you get your degree in psychology?

Or are you just talking out of your asshole like most of the people on here?

Could it possibly be that teen girls are the naturally the most appealing to men and that feminism and society have brainwashed the masses into thinking that men who prefer them over old women have something wrong with them?

In your sage wisdom, do you see that as a possibility?

Please enlighten us, O' Great and Powerful One
>> No. 30465
dayum, that's sexy! where did you find her, and is there a pic set?
>> No. 30473
There are 3 types of female
A girl dreams that a boy will kiss her on the lips
A lady expects all men to kiss her ass
A woman appreciates any guy who's still willing to kiss her pussy
Refusing to put up with bullshit is not fear, it's called being a man
And most men prefer girls over women
>> No. 30920
Looking for mod 22
>> No. 30932
File 154555619668.jpg - (172.96KB , 1718x752 , INA.jpg )
Does anyone got this one?
>> No. 30935
Does someone have INA_14?
>> No. 31020
it's a real vid? plz share!
>> No. 31154
It's a video of INA and her older brother (who is probably the father of at least her oldest kid, if not of both her kids) that seems to have never made it into the wild. Just like the Masha/Veronika blowjob vid, only a screencap sheet has ever been seen.
>> No. 31206
Video does not exist. It's only a slide show.
>> No. 38408

Where can i find working links to download the set that the first picture in this thread belong to? Please give me a helping hand!
>> No. 38477
She is like a kind a gold for pedos collectors shame triforce dont have new content about her.
>> No. 41230
All siberian mouse posted (also Ina) here:

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