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/mir/ ~ NewSilverStarlets
File 152653133928.jpg - (149.13KB , 1000x1400 , cover-228.jpg )
15287 No. 15287
nude pics or sets?
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>> No. 17363
>> No. 17365
I don't want to see some gorilla with his hands on a lovely white girl. Erase the tape, find the coon, and erase him.
>> No. 17367
>> No. 17434
>> No. 17624
time to bump it up
>> No. 17640
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this video (complete version) and this set!!! you're a master youre a GOD you're the man!!...(in advance, just in case...)
>> No. 17724
Geez, I thought I missed something here!! lol But yes, whoever has the means, please post and receive all the accolades.
>> No. 17735

Better idea. Let's erase you.
>> No. 17763
could you send me or post any vids like this please
>> No. 17768
>>17763 Hi Charlie, I mailed the first twelve unofficial nude silver starlets sets I have to you. Please tell me if you like them and if I should mail you more. Thank you so much.
>> No. 17796
bump for hope
>> No. 17805
Well, now at least we know it exist.
Makes me wonder what else is out there, what else im missing out on.
How many other Teen Models made secret nudes/hardcore.
>> No. 17832
asshole...you have nothing but a vidcap
>> No. 17846
>>17805 I'm not sure if many unofficial sets exist and if yes, if they were sold to anyone, but I'm sure there were more photos with slips etc and I'm not sure if the photograper deleted them... Sometimes, the Studio also published a former set with extended sets, e.g. with many more topless pics when there were only very few in the original sets.

Btw, I also suspect that slip photos must exist for teencovergirls studio. You see in the sets that they wear such tiny clothing that slips are unavoidable. Sometimes they include very few risky photos but crop them or show only from an angle where you cannot see. Don't know if the photographers really delete the other photos.
>> No. 17870
>> No. 17933
>>17870 This kind of comment is so boring and stupid. Admit that you're delusional or prove it. Or if you have it but don't want to show any proof, just stfu.
>> No. 17954
Agree with you...if they do lingerie, they do nude
>> No. 17966
NO it's not the same posing in lingerie & in the buff
ever seen the victoria secret models in the buff???????
nope cause those gals do lingerie shoots ONLY;)
>> No. 18025
I did not get anything attached to your email
Do you have any more vids
>> No. 18061
clever clever, you bobo...
"ever seen the victoria secret models in the buff???????" YESSSSSS ALL OF THEM...THEY DO NUDES AND TOPLESS...but they call it "artistic photos". Take a look at Victorias secret models list (easy), choose one, then google her name adding "topless" or nude (easy)...and then you'll realize you're an idiot.
>> No. 18427
>> No. 18664
The problem of modeling in lingerie or without clothes is money, money for modeling in lingerie and MORE MONEY for nude modeling. that's why it's not the same
>> No. 18667
definitino of LINGERIE are NO NUDE just seethrue so where you've been looking can't be at victorias secret maybe viktorias wardrobe.......
but that's an irl pornstudio;)
>> No. 18976
File 153291908983.jpg - (64.53KB , 410x272 , 4104729-8969395869-never.jpg )
You're both idiots with your VS argument, but you in particular excel at idiocy so congrats.

TMTV/candydoll/silver..etc are extremely professional in their work, I have been a customer and avid fan for more years than I can count, they're almost similar to Japanese Imouto.tv/Image Creator people, they have the cutest candies in business but they keep it extremely professional & in the boundries of the law of the country they intend to shoot/sell in, and that's why they're still running today even though the USA SJW cucks are pushing their countries to close them..

However old hookers with ape genes like Elisa/Jayde/Dulce/Gema with no parents are a different case, they have the consent to shoot them almost naked (in every image in the set not in a treasured single image from the set such as Alissa's slips) because it's still legal today to do so considering the model's age in the time of shooting..

If anyone think there are some "hidden" content for Master Race like ValensiyaS or LauraB or Alissa or Hanna.. etc (before they hit the 15yo mark) is totally retarded..
>> No. 18990

>TMTV/candydoll/silver..etc are extremely professional in their work

>but they keep it extremely professional & in the boundries of the law

>and that's why they're still running today

you could have used a better example. tmtv and candydoll are both closed down. and silver is a shadow of its former self after maxim and nick left.

funny that you throw the "retard" label out so freely...
>> No. 19261
TMTV is shut down because the owner is an asshole thief. Almost all of the contributing photographers left TMTV because he was ripping them off. I know because I was one of them.
>> No. 19478

LOL, right Ned...
>> No. 19561
Post more pics or the video... Plus!
>> No. 19944
Bump for hope...
>> No. 19951
>>18976 I could agree that they probably didn't issue any unofficial/custom sets - but I'm sure the photographers had some more slips and 'interesting' pics on their cameras after the shoot. The question is: what happens to such pics after a shoot? Are they stored?

Also, Silver Studios come up with some old unpublished old set with some more risky photos from time to time, which means they stored it somewhere...
>> No. 20419
>> No. 21156
>> No. 21913
>> No. 22039
:C ...sniff
>> No. 23095
>> No. 23297
The customs aren't from Silver, they're from the photographer that Silver bought the pics they published from. Just like the "Newstar" customs, that had nothing to do with Newstar but were, instead, taken & sold by the girls' photographer, who is now in prison.
>> No. 23645
>> No. 28766
File 154384606169.jpg - (705.41KB , 1920x1150 , xQb2k7M5Ho3uWaX0wcNNJsqexLzRt2yzmyXsGvcR.jpg )
theres much more!
>> No. 28789
bump for hope
>> No. 28803
>>28766 Do you have any unpublished stuff of Marisol?
>> No. 28808
i post what ever I find, i dont have these. but it is for sale - 600 us
>> No. 28845
Who is the other younger white girl?
>> No. 28969
did any of the other silver starlet girls do nudes or HC
>> No. 28987
find silver starlets jess black dress 5 ,goes without panties,can see it all
>> No. 29077
>> No. 29197
I really want this video
>> No. 29480
more links here
>> No. 33026
>> No. 33027
>> No. 33189
Any chance you have the full set to download???

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