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/mir/ ~ Hailey Model
File 152796717394.jpg - (103.24KB , 600x756 , Hailey-Model_set22.jpg )
16153 No. 16153
Haven't seen her posted around here.

pass 12345

221 Sets over 12 parts

12 Vids over 8 parts
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>> No. 16176
File 152801034253.jpg - (279.12KB , 1167x1751 , imgsrc_ru_49676507GZS.jpg )
I am looking for this set
>> No. 16189
Thank you so much for sharing these sets, really appreciate it.
>> No. 16190
Did she ever do any topless or nude sets?
>> No. 16204
File 152805276265.jpg - (267.93KB , 1333x2000 , 0.jpg )

Certainly not, why should you think such a thing?
>> No. 16207
Thanks man, but file for part 3 (images) not exist on any of the mir.cr links. I keep download the rest hoping it work later or you have problem and re-up.
>> No. 16209
thank you so much. i have admired her feet for several years now. she is an angel.
>> No. 16240
Hey Mr. Anonymous. Are you on any communities (Forbidden Fruit, oder Girls a priory)?
We need to get in contact :D Maybe, we can trade :P
>> No. 16283
Her feet are beautiful, I've fapped over them for months, she has stunningly good legs also.
>> No. 16284
Please post if you have any. Thanks.
>> No. 16289
File 152814275565.jpg - (225.67KB , 750x500 , Little_Hailey_200107_0161.jpg )
She did do some customs, but it's just like the Newstar Diana and Emmie Model situation - a few leaked teasers and no sign of the sets.
>> No. 16438
correct in one way the sets "don't exists"
well they did exist at some time
had to be removed by a persistant person close in some ways to the fam

ever find a file named h41l3yc57m at 52,3 MB then it might be those gone photos
someone sold file named like that bid started at $50 final bid above $150
>> No. 16787
all ist here in the open, no such customs exist.

>> No. 16794
Thank you for this
>> No. 16834
Are there picture sets as well as video?
>> No. 17786
she had a beautiful body! has anyone seen her lately? and did she succumb to the ravages of age as most models do... :(
>> No. 17810
over 200 hundred pic set were posted at gap over the weekend! get there and get them before they go away!!!
>> No. 17839
what is gap ?
>> No. 17848
GaP is Girls a Priori - TOR board, links is here >>> https://155chan.li/spam/res/1135.html
>> No. 17864
Sorry, didnt understand...can explain better:
Is it a 200 pic sets (the same ones posted alredy here?)?
Or is it a 200 pic single set (custom/private)?
Thanks :)
>> No. 17869
there were no private or customs of her. Just the candid style of her life being documented by her father. eating, bathing , playing outside , swimming , topless. Displaying her legs and feet. a lot. changing outfits, her friends. its worth the time to go to gap, get all of the links and make a special time for yourself and her.
she is truly a masterpiece.
>> No. 17905
I managed to find the stuff referred to and it is just an incomplete rehash of the 200 or so sets that have been posted before across the internet.

I couldn't find sets with the images at >>16204 >>16289 in them and I always believed they were part of special sets that could be ordered separately (what we might loosely call 'customs' even if not specifically shot to order). So I'm not sure I believe 17869 above.
>> No. 18029
File 153164280665.jpg - (439.37KB , 3504x2336 , 094.jpg )
She truly is a masterpiece, and although there are, to my knowledge, no 'special' sets of her, she is fap worthy as much as any who have. Here is a photo of her messing around with two friends.
>> No. 18038
File 153166359727.jpg - (252.37KB , 768x1024 , album_pic038.jpg )
riding barefoot to school <3
>> No. 18042
File 153166922873.jpg - (161.59KB , 861x1280 , Hailey-Model_Set06_017.jpg )
She has the best feet and legs for sure.
>> No. 18046
Going by her photo sets she's a girl who seems to be on permanent vacation!
>> No. 40674
File 155277578265.jpg - (335.09KB , 751x500 , Little_Hailey.jpg )
Hailey Topless
177 photos in a folder


pass - Top
>> No. 40800
Much appreciated
>> No. 40845
This is quite stupid well take photos on your own how many of those you'll have to remove as not in focus or not up to the standards of your own
Nothing of Hailey Starkid Sara in a less dressed state exist well my question is how would anyone exept the photog know this
Exactly nobody else then the photog which makes this guy >>17869 telling something he def don't have a clue about
That's why I'd like been able to have the photogs camera with me before anything got removed;)

Well that's enough about that now to this >>40674
Thanks nice appreciated:)

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