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/mir/ ~ more lamia pls
File 152849496333.jpg - (76.81KB , 440x650 , 152674906357.jpg )
16470 No. 16470
I was shot, anons
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>> No. 16499
File 152857905666.jpg - (28.91KB , 436x759 , Clipboard01.jpg )
>> No. 16581
More from her plz
>> No. 16591
Do we have any more of these particular video formats around? This seems to be a unique selfie-type commentary video. Love the speaking to the camera type
>> No. 16599
There is something about a ginger minge that is sooo inviting!
>> No. 16733
a beauty yep those gingers def got something
>> No. 16987
any update?
>> No. 17489
damn, I am in love
>> No. 17514
It's just girls on streaming apps, talking to the chat.
>> No. 17606
>> No. 18133

>> No. 18288
is that all that is out there from her?
>> No. 18948
>> No. 18954
THANKS! yo anyone posted this. Thank you.
>> No. 19238
>> No. 19571
Sweet jesus what a hot red head i just love when girls that age make vids they always give you something good to watch
>> No. 21485
Anybody got her other 3 vids including the one already posted thre is 4 total would really love to see them
>> No. 21544
File 153549788784.jpg - (186.57KB , 737x1078 , Felixxx_083527_XlP_yolo-14932490022950556487--2017.jpg )
>> No. 21564
please share the other 3 videos XD shareeeee
>> No. 21584
holy shit she's beautiful, i wish more beautiful girls like her did this stuff, they know what's up.
>> No. 21649
File 15355847625.jpg - (233.69KB , 737x1078 , Felixxx_164433_AVt_yolo-14933279735300815214--2017.jpg )
Last one that I have

>> No. 21650
Thank You who ever posted this vid but its got no nudity what so ever i can only hope the other 3 have nudity in them
>> No. 21712
Can you post a regular link no mirrorace dl.free
please mirrorace was working yesterday but now it asking too many questions usually the link just appears when you click wich download you want WTF
>> No. 21723
There are 4 videos. 3 have been posted. There aren't 3 more videos after that. lol
>> No. 21728
There are 4 videos. 3 have been posted here already. There is only one more.
>> No. 21742
found her moms twitter. https://twitter.com/nimmzee
>> No. 21914
so does only 1 have nudity in it? also if anyone has the last one not posted here be a bro and post it, a million thanks in advance
>> No. 22003
I agree sombody post the last vid
THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS YES ONLY THE FIRST ONE HAS NUDITY SADLEY it wouuld be nice if she did more vids she is such a free spirit and loves posting things about her life...I THINK HER POSTING DAYS ARE OVER WHAT A SHAME it would be nice to see her giving head what a sight that would be
>> No. 22520
Any more vids of the red head Hottie
>> No. 22724
Seems like she's hard up for money: https://www.gofundme.com/Lamia-IMTA. I'll bet she could find a way to monetize her, um...talents.
>> No. 22746
Somebody tell her about bitcoin and this chan she'll be making thousands in no time.
>> No. 23038
whats her social media? is there even any way to contact her?
>> No. 23386
pretty sure this is her YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6S4GcRx9RPxqFTj-KqNiAQ
>> No. 23417

That's her sister.

> is there even any way to contact her?

That is not a good idea, and at this stage there's no chance she hasn't already been chased off the internet.
>> No. 23440
you wouldn't even know what to say!
>> No. 23627
judging by her dancing ability, height, and body type I quite sure she could do run way model for teens and do print modeling.

Tell her to check into a talent agency in her area.
>> No. 29325
I have her snapchat
>> No. 29333
show the pictures
>> No. 31186
Lamia is awesome!! Have her on instagram. Just love to see her so innocent and knowing that she probably has the best camshow here!!
>> No. 31197
>>31186 what's her insta?
>> No. 31199
Found her facebook

>> No. 31200

Her insta is @willow_see
>> No. 38783
Please no one dox this poor girl. If you feel compelled to try and talk to her, just say her dance video made her internet famous, and everyone loves her and thinks she's beautiful. For the love of god don't try to scare her, be a creep, or fuck up her life. I don't want to see another girl end up with PTSD, or dead from suicide because she wanted to express her sexuality.
>> No. 38789
You've just bumped a three months old thread which everybody had already forgot about genius.

Read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect
>> No. 38848
already did said that and she said every pedophile comment on her it will go to the police
>> No. 39545
File 155190783253.jpg - (78.67KB , 1100x541 , Will-1.jpg )
Some Idiot just asked her to go private yesterday after she asked people to roast her on Instagram story. She told him he would be blocked off her followers list if she did do another private video.
>> No. 39728
Typical little bitch. Women pull this shit, it's not a age thing either. Actually its the 'Victim" type, male or female. They shake their ass and all then once they regret it, they reverse It on everyone else, and make others out to be the bad ones.

Well fuck her and and all the #metoo dipshits out there female or male. You clearly knew what you were doing sweetheart....

DOX the fucker then!

>> No. 39744
Why don't do that .
>> No. 39752
i found the nigqer
>> No. 39765
Good, post it all here. Tired of these girls that want to act like a teen going on 35, and when it isn't going as they thought it would they run to their safe place and claim to be victims..

DOX her!

>> No. 39846
Re-up her nude plz
>> No. 39854
File 155217146465.jpg - (168.77KB , 1490x1000 , 2019-03-10_004204.jpg )
paas - Lamia
>> No. 39858
A wild incel appears
>> No. 40057
is this just her nude video or all 4 that are floating out there?

Plus, she's a nice person, too me anyway. I followed her on IG and she answers my questions. However when I slyly bring up her dance video she does ignore those. She is 15 now, used to do Modeling and has an agent. She is concentrating on High School and does Theater. She does not hide where she is, she posts about where she does her plays, if someone wants to hit her up or just see her in person dont scare her off or make her go private. You do that and everyone who here who finds her hot as fuck loses any chance to get to know her and possibly talk her into more private video before she becomes a granny. She'll be legal Next January by the way.
>> No. 40371
Lamia doesn't work as pass.
>> No. 40422
this is not a video from the thumbnails
>> No. 40465
Stop trying to fuck up with mir, you are going to get your shit deleted.
>> No. 40512
when exactly she shows her breasts? I can't find that moment
>> No. 40550
at the end of the video
>> No. 40574
She shows everything in the last ten minutes, her tits are shown for about a second or two, you're better off fapping to the pic.

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