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/mir/ ~ silver pearl - marisol
File 152932203352.jpg - (1.66MB , 3000x2000 , 152692964216.jpg )
16905 No. 16905
does anyone have this set?
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>> No. 30506
Is anyone able to load the pearls' site? http://pearls.silver-sales.info/
Forbidden for me.
>> No. 30519
This has been some thread! It has been surprising, encouraging, mysterious, confounding, provocative, contentious, intriguing, frustrating, and confusing.
It started with unseen (by me) Marisol pics that appeared to be extra frames from known sets (>>21689, 21690, 21876, 21877). There were no clues how these extended sets might be obtained. There were other pix, in the familiar Silver style, from, it seemed, special sets (>>27934, 27935). Then there were pics (>>25073, 25074) that, it was hinted, came from the collection of "real customs" that exist. Then there were some most arousing, beautifully photographed pix, cropped to inspire maximum curiosity and frustration, with no provenance revealed (>>27998, 28047-48-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56, 28131). There were also posts (since removed) alluding to the alternate web containing "all the customs you could want". Well, extensive searching on those "tear-inducing" domains, didn't turn up anything. Now there are some references to the evolving policies and possibilities of the old Silver sites once again. Whatever they might provide in the future, though, it appears that there was already juicier material out there, and it remains mostly impossible to find. If anyone can add any clarity or information or guidance, (not to mention, any additional pictures), it will make for excellent gifts in this happy season.
>> No. 30788
>> No. 30809
please more of her. she's a beauty.
rar links, vids, gifs, or pics?
>> No. 30811
same guy that leaked these also leaked star sessions he did it because he made and want to shut down studio
now he succed he will leak no more sorry
>> No. 30840
Why the fuck would someone leak Marisol thumbs in order to take down another completely different studio as SS? That's bullshit.
>> No. 30843
in some ways it's seems that particular leaker do something very similar to what an sjw's crusades would be about
in order to really make sure something will end every thing is allowed to do.....
so if that dude is an sjw there's def no more leaks ever again from any studio the success were established

but it's a fucking detemined dude for sure a customer and do need good funds to leak as much just to close the studio
obsessed is another term maybe possible to add
whatever it's def not giving taht dude great creds and makes me wonder which studio is the next one..........
>> No. 30853
Well, there's no Marisol custom leaks at all. Only some thumbs and literally 2 pics. So I cannot get why a guy who wants to take down SS would stop leaking non-related content that he even didn't start to leak in the first place. LOL
>> No. 30973
File 15455993021.jpg - (5.58KB , 345x133 , two.jpg )
All I want to find under the tree is more from these sets.
>> No. 30974
File 154559935996.jpg - (6.96KB , 345x166 , one.jpg )
And these
>> No. 30982
Luckily for you, you are only 12$ from first one set. It's available at pearls site.

Unluckily for you, the second one is not available at the site.
>> No. 30995

Umm DUDE I have all her sets and these are from them , crooped n shopped
quit tryin to troll
>> No. 31015
Dude, lighten up a little, it's Christmas. I don't think anonymous was trolling, he just didn't realize that the pix he liked were photoshopped. The person who cropped and shopped may have been doing a little holiday trolling, and if so he got us. Good fun, no harm no foul. But you have to admit, it's hard to know just what's what. Some pictures here are clearly additional frames from sets most of us have seen (unless everything is shopped, if so somebody's been busy). There are other pix that I've never seen (25073 26795 +) and who wouldn't be frustrated at not knowing even where they came from and how to get them. So if there are sets and pictures and videos in addition to the commonly-known ones, there might be some naive desperation expressed now and then. You say you have everything, you're a lucky man indeed. Tell us, are there just some extra outtakes, as posted here, or are there limited availability sets made somehow available, or are there really the reputed "customs"? No one can fault you for keeping whatever you've got close to the vest. Many would just wish to know what really exists out there, and whether to stay on the trail. If, though, you could show us the unshopped uncropped version of one of those nice fakes, at least we'd know just how we got so taken in. Happy holidays. Who knows what the new year will offer.
>> No. 31043
File 154565829160.jpg - (754.85KB , 1700x2550 , SILVERDREAMS-Marisol-denimshorts-7-105.jpg )
>> No. 31046
Sigh. But thanks.
>> No. 31141
thank you for the nice picture

sad we got no new Marisol for X Mass
what a shitty holiday its been for me hope you guys had a better one
>> No. 31273
File 154592720225.jpg - (325.55KB , 1755x1170 , sd-Marisol-whitelace-5_00092.jpg )
she is simply perfect
>> No. 31353
>>26795 Where is this from? Anyone have any more? HNY.
>> No. 31501
where can I find this set
>> No. 31680
New year. New hopes. May those little-seen and never-seen pix and vids, or at least learning how to find them, emerge in the light of a new day.
>> No. 32606
Somebody? Somehow? Something? Please.
>> No. 32805
Stop begging and pay for it. She has fully naked sets for those who pay.
>> No. 32808
Pay who? Find where?
>> No. 32847

Post pics or you're a fuckin' liar.

Been following her "career" from the beginning. Never seen any nude pics - just the topless ones. I'd love to be wrong about this...

...but till you post pics...you're a fucking liar!
>> No. 33111
Lol, why someone is going to post naked pics of sets that cost 1 BITCOIN each? If people spend that kind of money on a set they don't deal with rif-raf like you guys...
>> No. 33113
This is the way capitalism works: you are what you have in your wallet. If you are not happy move to North Korea.
>> No. 33210
marican still marican?
>> No. 33234
There are no naked pics of her, only few topless.
>> No. 33330
He's still around
>> No. 33333
>>33330 edante123456789
>> No. 33547
Can someone post some pictures again?
>> No. 33967
See few unseen sets available at pearls sales for Marisol but they only accept bitcoin now.
>> No. 33969
They still accept cards. And no new 'unseen' sets have been posted
>> No. 34123
black mesh 1 and dancewear 1 and 2 her best sets.
>> No. 34157
Well . . . maybe so, but then where did 25073 25074 26795 (and others) come from, and how can we see the unseen? Clues, links, posts, anything would be welcome.
>> No. 35077
Where'd everybody go?
>> No. 35100
cause no more sets available and bullshitters everywhere faking they got new stuff and customs.Old news ain't no new customs,let it go!!
>> No. 35123
No way to buy, everytime I add a set to the backet and I go to the checkout page it says "Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements" I tried IPs from USA, Japan, China, Europe, nothing changes. I sent 2 emails to support, no reply. Same story for silver moon. They keep releasing new content but there is no way to buy it. What the fuck is wrong with those guys?
>> No. 35144

It's possible they're only selling to a select clientele. Keep the circle small.

Still, the shit will eventually leak to the chans and forums.
>> No. 35234
I knew a guy that knows a guy that bought those and that guy said they had to sign a non-disclosure with the photographer to NOT, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, RELEASE any of the pictures. So, only the initiated circle that developed a relationship with the photographer for years can buy the naked sets. He will even tell some people that those sets don't exist as he knows that if the sets reach the wrong hands he can be sent to jail.
>> No. 35251
THERE ARE NO NUDE SILVER CUSTOMS! There ARE, however, nude customs of most of the South American models whose material appeared under the "Silver-Whatever" studio names. These customs come from the photographer, NOT the studio! Silver bought the sets they published from the photographer, as is a standard practice in the business. You don't think the studio sends out photographers in their employ or uses facilities they own to do the shoots, do you? That's why some models turn-up in sets from several studios concurrently, like Marisol and Candy in Silver Pearls/Silver Dreams as well as DreamStockPhoto or Kelly Kutie, Ximena, and Yeraldine in TTL & Silver.

Just as the photog sells sets to studios, he sells "customs" to individuals. This has been true with several Newstar models as well as some of these South American models used by Silver. The studios can deny customs exist because THEY DON"T HAVE ANY FOR SALE AND NEVER DID.

Unless you get a hook-up from someone who knows the photographer you'll never get a made-to-order custom and any previously shot customs you'll get will be resold by someone who did have that hook-up or something that's gone its rounds in the (rotten rat-bastard) traders/hoarders circles for years.

Yes, they exist but don't hold your breath waiting for them to appear.
>> No. 35259
dude make sure your using the new links page , e mail them they are very nice , been buying for years from Von silver-sales.info
>> No. 35284
1) no way to create a new account at silver-archive.net, looks like you can only log in if you already have an account
2) they do not reply to emails sent to sales @ silver-sales , not sure why
3) if I add something to the basked and I go to the checkout page, I will always get the same crappy message saying "Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements"

What should I do in order to buy some sets as long as I cannot create a new account, they do not reply to emails and I cant not send any payment?
>> No. 35289
Just give up,they don't want your money,no new stuff,no shekelers gonna share,let this thread die now !!!
>> No. 35298
>>> 32251
do you know which Newstar Models made customs ?
>> No. 36070
Or perhaps . . . don't let this thread die.
>> No. 37332
Still hoping something that was hinted at, alluded to, or shown in this thread earlier gets, shall we say, fleshed out.
>> No. 38312
please upload marisol sets please
>> No. 39274
pictures of this naked babe
>> No. 39295
More from the sets shown earlier in this thread . . . please.

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