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/mir/ ~ silver pearl - marisol
File 152932203352.jpg - (1.66MB , 3000x2000 , 152692964216.jpg )
16905 No. 16905
does anyone have this set?
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>> No. 16909
old hag
>> No. 16955

She's like 13 years old, dumb ass.
>> No. 16968
Do you have more photos of her sugar tits?
>> No. 17033
I'm only half her age, so yeah old
>> No. 17190
Serious about Marisol
>> No. 17200
File 152980140648.jpg - (463.33KB , 2917x1485 , silverangelsmariannelesbocustomvid2_mov.jpg )
not silver but the photographer

I say again silver site did no customs but the photographer did
>> No. 17203
>> No. 17276
>> No. 17403
File 153023823254.jpg - (217.16KB , 3000x2000 , 152711357318.jpg )
>> No. 17419
guess WHAT u reaaly need to LEARN how to TURN OFF CAPS LOCK
it's just the basics anyone knows except TROLLS and plain dumbfucks
>> No. 17536

his posts are too immature and neanderthal to be considered serious trolling, but "plain dumbfuck" fits him pretty well. ^.^
>> No. 21680
bump for custom marisol
>> No. 21689
File 153565716632.jpg - (421.32KB , 683x1024 , 67635765.jpg )
>> No. 21690
File 153565717452.jpg - (782.84KB , 1504x2256 , 7247427.jpg )
>> No. 21702
>> No. 21859
the guy that has all of these is a prick and will only sell them .

if you have crypto - currency only
>> No. 21860
these are in a Tor Trade buy group only , this guy leaked the previews sent to him and will never have more , each set is two grand in bitcoin or other crypto
>> No. 21876
File 153582727913.jpg - (1.23MB , 2000x3000 , 6556766.jpg )
>> No. 21877
File 153582732948.jpg - (334.21KB , 1991x1057 , 6732727.jpg )
>> No. 21896
Someone please say there are similar pictures of Candy!
>> No. 21898
Oops. Unfortunate coincidence. I don't mean the candy in 21890. I mean . . . you know what I mean.
>> No. 21981
Someone I know saw a fully naked picture of Marisol on one of those sets displaying that enormous and awesome ass. It was on GaP or FF, but both seem to be down and gone.
>> No. 22023
bullshit , only 2 pics where leaked by a fucktard in a trade group , he will never see any good stuff ever again
>> No. 22043
only topless were posted, not nudes.
>> No. 22049
As the Surrealist poet Lautreamont wrote, the cruelest torture is the torture of hope.
>> No. 22051

Do you have the video?
>> No. 22052
That video (17200) appears to have nothing to do with Marisol. Alas. That being said, anything having to do with Marisol or Candy would be much appreciated. It does seem that there may be stuff out there somewhere that was never seen. Cheers
>> No. 22225
Fuck, the day Marisol naked customs are released in the wild and I can see that Colombian ass fully naked I will lock myself in my house and will masturbate for days non-stop until I die.
They exist because there are people trading them in the deep webz already. I hope they become available to us poor peasants one day.
>> No. 22426
>>22225 Ha, ha, you are right , man!
>> No. 22944
Bump for more custom! Pleaaase!
>> No. 23616
Looking for the same. If anyone can be my hero and share.
>> No. 24890
Still hoping that if they're out there somewhere they'll appear here sometime
>> No. 24965
I'd probably have a heart attack if some Candy customs were ever found.
>> No. 25001
They must be out there somewhere, we can hope.
>> No. 25073
File 154016772477.jpg - (24.18KB , 451x301 , MarisolCust_Thumb1.jpg )
2 Grand? The photographer only wanted $500 per custom. Sadly I never had the cash to buy them, so I don't have any full custom sets.
>> No. 25074
File 154016800035.jpg - (249.80KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot.jpg )
Real customs exist too, not just out-takes of regular sets! These need to be unhoarded too!
>> No. 25075
The number of This set?
>> No. 25079
ooooooooo! Those are sweet. I hope somehow Santa Claus sees this thread.
>> No. 25081
>> 25074

People already said in this thread Marisol real custom sets DO EXIST. She gets fully naked and stuff.
They are hoarded, thou. People are charging A WHOLE BITCOIN now for them in the deep web.
>> No. 25082
It is a matter of economics and ole'good capitalism. As that guy said, photographer used to charge $500 for a full set of Marisol custom naked pictures. People bought that at that time. Now, as good capitalists, they want to make profit. So, they sell for $2000. People that buy now for $2000, besides fapping to bare-death, will also hope to make a profit in the future, so they will not unhoard their stack. Capitalism is an economic system funded in selfishness. If you don't like it, move to somewhere where they have free healthcare and free schools for everybody like Norway, Netherlands, Sweden or Denmark, and enjoy socialism.
>> No. 25090
this set please
>> No. 25108
She does NOT get fully naked

and nothing is being sold or traded in deep web

i live there , stop giving false hope
>> No. 25109
Wow thanks so much I bought every set she did

sure miss her
>> No. 25184
BUMP. Big time
>> No. 25208
Thinking that all had been seen that would ever be seen was disappointing.
Now, learning that somewhere, remaining unseen, there may be more to be seen . . . makes not seeing it painful.
Seeing even some of the unseen would be . . . scenic!
>> No. 25241
>> No. 25272
Lol. Two grand, or $500, for custom?

The only way I’m paying that, is if I am in the custom.

And I mean all the way in.
>> No. 25277
>>25081 U live where in the deep web or in Colombia
>> No. 25279
I had never seen 25073 or 25074. Anywhere.
So . . . somewhere it seems there are fortunate somebodies somehow in possession of something. Maybe several somethings. I think most most people don't know what the deep web is, or understand bitcoin. The idea that there's a mysterious unknown realm out there somewhere is a fascinating fantasy but few will ever get it.
So be that as it may . . .
. . . If even a little bit more of those somethings could appear here it would be another happy surprise, and a nice early present under the tree. Cheers to all.
>> No. 25282
File 15404414732.jpg - (498.47KB , 2000x3000 , 58AA988B-8C44-4FD2-99D8-4667A8C9058F.jpg )
Marisol’s buddy
A few oops
>> No. 25283
File 154044152247.jpg - (397.49KB , 3000x2000 , 847E9607-3C09-424C-8E15-9BC412B30AA6.jpg )
>> No. 25284
File 154044156256.jpg - (858.22KB , 3000x2000 , 127C8C2F-D059-40F1-9AC2-DB1FA52DE5EE.jpg )
>> No. 25288
Does anyone know if there are Candy customs or privates out there in the little-seen regions of the universe?
>> No. 25289
>> No. 25293
>> No. 25298
i agree , she was much older in this set , i would die to see her pussy , none of these are for sale or trade on tor in fact these customs where here first then tor
>> No. 25483
File 154069706657.jpg - (29.69KB , 301x451 , Maybe.jpg )
I'll just leave this here for now.
>> No. 25484
File 154069711858.jpg - (232.51KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_02_29.jpg )
This one too!
>> No. 25485
File 154069719678.jpg - (207.79KB , 1920x1080 , snapshot_04_13.jpg )
Candy is pretty hot in this one!
>> No. 25487
File 15406978027.jpg - (26.95KB , 451x301 , Maybe2.jpg )
What I have are mostly incomplete sets, sold to me by a third party. Paid a high price for them, but I got what was advertised.
>> No. 25488
>>25486. It says site can't be reached. Please reup. Thanks very much.
>> No. 25496
Never mind. The address had a "1" instead of an "i", but it's nothing to do with Marisol or Candy anyway. A letdown for the moment, still hoping though.
>> No. 25520
I saw a preview on candy or both of them I don’t remember of a custom with a salor outfit before it was a long time ago tho
>> No. 25554
The day you have several videos of these candy and marisol, there is no three days of my room and pull it very strong until dry and ejaculate blood.
little by little the secrets are unveiled, nothing in this life is hidden from the truth, and the truth is free, and the poor are free in life
>> No. 25555
Can't wait to see more of those unveiled secrets, so far they're the best surprise since forever.
>> No. 25567
how much and do we get to see Marisol's sweet pussy

please do tell and a huge thanks for keeping the dream alive
>> No. 25632
>> No. 25656
>>25632 . Wait. What? Does this mean you've been surprised to see the posted pictures, or you have a surprise still to share? (Hoping for the second.)
>> No. 25676
please upload those set and the video please
>> No. 25757
>> No. 25760
>> No. 25762
What he said.
>> No. 25846
bought it can not share sorry
>> No. 25849
>>25846 . Can you just give us a description of what the set or vid contains? ty
>> No. 25859
He hasn't got shit you moron otherwise he would've as proof, otherwise only gullible assholes like you believe him.
>> No. 25886
"Where there is no vision, there is no hope." (G.W. Carver)
That could be taken as an endorsement or a refutation of the last comment. ("Show us something to prove it or you ain't got jack". Or: "Wait, there were some pix posted that make the gullible morons believe there might be more.")
Either way, this has been a very interesting thread. Let the discussion continue!
>> No. 26054
less discussion and more private pics and videos
>> No. 26060
Hear Hear! (Or is it Here Here?) In this case, both!
>> No. 26250
>>25859 . After searching many corners of the various webs, the supposed trove of customs there is nowhere to be found. No samples have been posted of those alleged high-price specials, and so it might now be assumed that their existence was, too, a hoax. The naysayer, it appears, was right (or half right). I was gullible (hopefully not, though, a moron).
>> No. 26296
File 154154500985.jpg - (20.93KB , 451x301 , Maybe3.jpg )
>> No. 26297
File 154154515926.jpg - (20.76KB , 451x301 , Maybe4.jpg )
Okay, clicked wrong button a couple times.
What I meant, is customs like these do exist, and I may be willing to trade them for Mila secret stars.
>> No. 26300
I've never heard of Mila Secret Stars, but if I knew how and where to get those sets, I'd sure trade them for the Candy or Marisol sets I don't know how or where to get.
>> No. 26364
Now if only there were Scandinavian countries that provided previously unreleased pictures of Marisol and Candy, they might find their way to this thread and provide so much enjoyment. Otherwise, it's up to us individuals to find the ways to reconcile the desire for personal pleasure with the satisfaction of spreading joy—the giving and getting that's separate from institutional policies. While that's going on, any suggestions for achieving both would be welcome (or even just a thirst-whetting sample or two). It's Autumn, the time of change and excitement and expectation.
>> No. 26367
but they just look like regular sets SD shot and Silver admin didnt want to buy then SD opened 3 sites all failed fast , i say again seen sexier in sets i bought
>> No. 26383
That makes sense, though the whole question of what-came-from-where and what-was-offered-from-somewhere-else and what-all-is-actually-out there is a complicated matter to sort out. If there are unseen sets out there, how did they become available, and are they still so? If what someone has is sexier than just SD unissued sets, can we see a sample so we at least won't have to assume we're just gullible morons?
>> No. 26617
I remember that the photographer opened a forum, where he promoted some individual sets of different models, but that was years ago
>> No. 26757
please please upload those sets
>> No. 26795
File 154186894427.jpg - (17.29KB , 451x301 , Maybe5.jpg )
Again, custom sets. But I only have partials that FL webmaster sold to me.
>> No. 26814
Please share your happiness with the world.. Or share your knowledge on how to purchase.
>> No. 26819
Pls post that samples full size. You rock!
>> No. 26826
There has been mention (and some postings) of unreleased pictures, custom sets, and even special sets provided to select buyers. The topless outtakes from the silver sets are very nice indeed. Thanks so much to the posters. But, I can't help but wonder. Are those extra special, expensive sets much more revealing than the regular sets? We are very grateful for the samples of pix we have never seen. (Please more!) But the posted pix said to be from from the extra-specials seem to be not that much more risque than the standard (but still nicely spicy) sets. Are there still hotter pictures among those treats? Are there "special" Candy sets as well as "special" Marisols? Are there videos from the same (or other) sources? Many many thanks for the cool goodies shared here so far.
>> No. 26952
Pls post that samples full size.
>> No. 26962
Kindly provide the link pls so that I can buy some customs...
>> No. 26986
You can find SS leaks in hurtmeh
Did the research for you, cause I'm not interested in SS stuff. But I'm BIG interested in Marisol unpublished stuff, and would be very appreciated if you could share some. TIA!
>> No. 27060
We're keeping a light on in the window.
>> No. 27077
you can find sets on REDAC DOT TED of Marisol but risque not custom pics.
>> No. 27078
lol mods don't like the hermits at amf eh THEY REFUSED TO TEAM UP WITH US SO YEAH FUCK THEM !! loserplastico dot TV getting more daring with the star sessions sets but it will say powergoingtomyheadlittleemperorcomplexkramertimemodding dot fy
>> No. 27079
Come on mods, don't fuck with Marisol. Where are those sets?


>> No. 27080
As was said many years ago: Trust but verify.


>> No. 27083
We trust the mods will make available the pictures from the link they denied access to.
>> No. 27084
WTF?? Were they sets to purchase or a a forum or what? Was it a link to amf? Don't fool with marisol fans dying of starvation.
>> No. 27085
Well mods, then would be awesome to make the stuff available here. Users are not the ones to blame for another web's mistake. We are here for the links. If links get deleted for a personal battle of yours, maybe we are not here in the future, since links to the stuff is literally what we all are here for.


>> No. 27176
Can't we get this thread back on track?
>> No. 27422
Where'd everybody go? This thread had some promising surprises and some surprising promise.
>> No. 27543
File 154265143862.jpg - (353.12KB , 1000x1400 , 1_001.jpg )
This is the Marisol pink sock set I found on vipergirls this is a NN set as always no pass enjoy. http://dl.free.fr/ccrfwXVeq
>> No. 27640
just got a silver custom vid preview pack sadly no Marisol only the older models

Silver Customs available: Brenda (8 vids + sets) Sabra (8 vids + sets) Dulce (4 vids + sets) Sabrina (4 vids + sets) Luisa Henano TTL (2 vids)
>> No. 27648
Where are those available for purchase?
>> No. 27718
>>26297 >>26795 Is there a Secret Santa out there who might leave these under the tree for us?
>> No. 27719

the mods fucked it up
>> No. 27726
File 154279669423.jpg - (47.66KB , 550x309 , marisol_ctm.jpg )
>> No. 27727
nice fake but thats an adult hand much bigger then hers is still nice to dream of Marisol hc customs , i would be happy with a pussy peak
>> No. 27808
File 15429520798.jpg - (8.98KB , 345x230 , 154186894427s.jpg )
Dear Santa, Here's what I wish for.
>> No. 27814
what set is that pic faked from please
>> No. 27828
>>27808 The photo set (or just any more pix), that is.
>> No. 27855
File 15430213786.jpg - (916.62KB , 1600x2400 , SILVERDREAMS-Marisol-denimshorts-3-067.jpg )
>> No. 27899
thank i knew it was a fake she never did nude or hc
just a few nip slips
>> No. 27900
awesome fake
please post more
>> No. 27908
>>25073 >>25074 >>26795
awesome non-fakes
please post more
>> No. 27910
Or full size at least
>> No. 27911
>>27808 That orange bra set complete and full size is my new holy grail.
>> No. 27934
File 154309116293.jpg - (145.08KB , 900x588 , CsTm-1.jpg )
>> No. 27935
File 154309117260.jpg - (125.53KB , 600x887 , CsTm-2.jpg )
>> No. 27939
Are the last two pictures from regular sets or unreleased sets or custom sets? Does anyone out there have a better sense of what's what—how many unseen sets or customs or vids of what sort actually exist? (And anything that can be posted would be much appreciated.)
>> No. 27943
Just noticed the digital pasties. Can we see 'em without?
>> No. 27966
Marisol - Casual 7 Not Previously Published 114 full size images 4500x3000 was unreleased now for sale at silver pears same with silver-pearls_cover_MARISOL-blacklace-5
>> No. 27967
nothing to see he is just being a retard
no nip slip trust me
>> No. 27982
>>27967 hahaha are you sure? Why should anybody trust you and not the one with the pics?
>> No. 27983
File 154315044136.jpg - (49.19KB , 338x305 , zoom1.jpg )
Let's zoom in, shrink pasties a little bit, and see who is the retard here.
>> No. 27984
File 154315057713.jpg - (41.26KB , 318x368 , zoom2.jpg )
>>27967 That's not the attitude for getting good stuff here.
>> No. 27998
File 154316743628.jpg - (15.33KB , 201x212 , HC.jpg )
She looks really amazing when in action.
>> No. 28008
>> 27998
Yep. Someone posted a gif of her face in FF while she was riding a dick and she opens her little mouth showing a little pain but you see that she is liking it a lot. She was naked in the gif too, you could see.
So, at least one sex video is true. Leaks are coming out. Just hope for a new RobinHood like the guy that leaked all PolarLights hardcore stuff...
>> No. 28011
>>28008 . Searched FF up and down and couldn't find this at all. Any hints as to what thread there or where else this (or any of the rumored other stuff) might be found? ty.
>> No. 28026
probably shopped
>> No. 28038
Yeah also there is the other clip where she is sucking that huge black dick and then swallowing his cum.
>> No. 28047
File 154320739059.jpg - (33.13KB , 349x312 , HC2.jpg )
>> No. 28048
File 154320741346.jpg - (33.36KB , 364x324 , HC3.jpg )
>> No. 28049
File 154320799632.jpg - (19.22KB , 216x255 , CsTm3.jpg )
>> No. 28050
File 154320817183.jpg - (21.65KB , 259x244 , CsTm4.jpg )
>> No. 28051
File 154320859066.jpg - (30.86KB , 332x258 , CsTm5.jpg )
>> No. 28052
File 154320871796.jpg - (39.39KB , 301x415 , CsTm6.jpg )
>> No. 28053
File 154320911681.jpg - (24.50KB , 196x407 , CsTm7.jpg )
>> No. 28054
File 154320933833.jpg - (22.97KB , 310x225 , CsTm8.jpg )
>> No. 28055
can you stop cropping and censoring the pics and share the originals?
>> No. 28056
File 154320947064.jpg - (50.33KB , 360x390 , CsTm9.jpg )
>> No. 28058
Please. Even one uncropped. This is becoming actually physically painful.
>> No. 28061
Sure. I'll share complete sets whenever we get that orange bra/blue lace/black lace/white jacket full size. If we get them, then wil be a win-win for everyone. Meanwhile I'm just joining the tease-fest here.
>> No. 28064
Fair enough. Fingers crossed.
>> No. 28065
>>28038 and let's not forget the glorious self fist-fucking vid that's all around FF.
>> No. 28084
Those are just cropped pics from normal sets. Not customs
>> No. 28105
bought them all from the site ages ago
he is 100 percent correct

your being trolled

Those are just cropped pics from normal sets. Not customs
>> No. 28107
Perhaps you're right. Could you tell us though what sets these pics are from (21860 25487 26795 27934 27935 27983 27984 28053)? I thought I had found everything, and seen everything there was, and yet these seem new to me. Thanks.
>> No. 28112
>>28105 Share those complete sets then and see if that's correct. I see mostly never shared pics there, maybe sets of Silver that never leaked.
>> No. 28114
>>28105 I have all leaked stuff downloaded from FF and compared those with my collection. Pics 27934, 27935, 27983, 27984, 27998, 28047, 28048, 28049, 28050, 28053 were never leaked so they're very welcome! Pls share!
>> No. 28117
This thread is a joke and that's why we never won't get good stuff here. Pic posters harassed and treated like retards and shit posters treated as heroes. That's not the attitude at all, learn to appreciate what others share. Even if those doesn't have value for you, maybe valuable for others. And that attitude prevents people from sharing anything here.
>> No. 28123
Oh thank you very much, kind SJW! SJWs NOT ALLOWED HERE WTF I was about to share DSP_Marisol_Set-29(blackmesh-3) and DSP_Marisol_Set-32(orangebra-1) in order to see those delicious last sets, but now I know I don't need to.
>> No. 28131
File 154326610879.jpg - (47.38KB , 685x264 , CsTm12.jpg )
>> No. 28146
Wow. This thread has really turned into a roller coaster ride. It brings back memories of those e-tickets at Disneyland. I'm happy I lucked into it. I always thought that Marisol was the best model out there. And I thought I had seen all that was able to be seen, and was sad when it all seemed to stop. Then comes this thread. Pictures I had never seen. I don't know if they're outtakes or customs or privates or what. Or maybe I'm being trolled. I do know I check this chan every day, hoping for more. But this is the internet, so pretty soon the "no there aren't"; "yes there are"; "greedy hoarder"; "gullible moron"; arguments began. And I get that both the privileged holders and irritated deniers are entitled to a little fun. But what if there IS more out there than has met the eye? Believe you me, if I knew how and where to get my hands on it, I would. In a minute. And you know what. The delight the pics would bring me would not be diminished by letting others in on the fun. It's sort of like, at this time of year, the tags you take from the tree at school or work. It's a treat to buy small presents for people I never met and will never see. As for all the belief, insistence, distrust, denial, hope, and rancor that has gone back and forth, I remember that in the midst of World War I, the boys climbed out of the trenches for the holiday and exchanged tidbits and played soccer. I'd be glad to exchange gifts if I have what somebody wants to find under the tree. There have been some tantalizing treats here already—thanks to whoever you are. And based on the evidence, there are some somethings of some kind out there somewhere. I'm gonna keep checking. And checking. Hyvää joulua to all.
>> No. 28147
File 154328781898.jpg - (607.31KB , 1800x3000 , DSP_marisol_set_14_013.jpg )
>> No. 28148
Merry Christmas everyone!
>> No. 28160
DSP 29 is a whiteshorts set and DSP 32 is a red lace onepiece .....
>> No. 28266
>>28053 >>28131 . Wow. Those are two gorgeous pictures. OK. Now that I've applied my imagination to picture what lies beyond those judiciously cropped edges, can you open the window a little more and let us flesh out the fantasy? Thanks.
>> No. 28270
Nobody knows where to purchase those unpublished? I'd pay what is needed.
>> No. 28291
ok , what if someone have those sets required by you?
Should he post just a few cropped pics as you did?
or you would want all the complete sets posted at once, just in hope you later post what exactly??
come on!!
I guess you have to post at least a couple of complete non cropped pics first in order to set the trust needed.
>> No. 28293
Hey you seems to know about those vids, where can I find the 1 hour lesbian vid with Candy?? has disappeared from FF. ;-)
>> No. 28320
>>28293 At hurtmeh, among the Marisol & Candy BDSM collection.
>> No. 28324
>>28291 hahahaha WTF? I posted my crops as a teaser for anyone who can share new stuff. What did you post to tease me for uncrop my crops? I have every and each set of her published at Silver, so I'm here only for the unpublished stuff, and participating in the hype momentum, trying to attract good stuff here. Not like you and others who only come here to leech good stuff and harass posters. This thread is hilarious, full of trolls constantly harassing the ones who have the stuff.
There's no way I'm dropping my stuff here for leechers like you to enjoy. I'll wait and see if good unpublished stuff appears here (which is kind of impossible thanks to users like you) and if that's the case I'll gladly share any complete set I have and good posters request.
>> No. 28327
Well, to be fair, and to add a little perspective. Obviously someone with some desirable materials will be annoyed with posters insisting they be shared. Sometimes the requests are respectful, but sometimes selfishly demanding. This is a slightly unusual situation though. It's not as if someone has paid for sets of an easily available model, and is being asked to share them by lurkers and leechers who expect them for free. I thought I had all the Marisol material, and was resigned to enjoying what was. But this site came as a surprise, if not a shock. I'm sure many others felt the same. As pictures got teased, and comments exchanged it wasn't so much the fact that there was stuff fans didn't have that was so frustrating. It was that they never knew the material existed, and they had no way to know how or where to go to get it. If there was some hint how to track down the unseen pix, I'll bet there would be some very willing pursuers. Then they could decide what to share or what to deal for. But not being able to find any clues to getting the pictures for themselves, frustration turns into desperation. And that desperation can be expressed as inconsiderate, even nagging demands. I can understand. I've now been searching everywhere (I mean everywhere) for things that last week I didn't know existed. I'm just hoping that some hints, leads, clues turn up. I'm sure others are now on the hunt too. I'm hoping that one thing leads to another, and those who don't know will discover, those who don't have will get, and those who have will have more. Then everybody's happy.
>> No. 28334
>>28327 It's very frustrating, specially for those who spent over 1000$ in silver sets like myself. It's kind of bummer from Silver to not guide us huge purchasers in the direction of this good stuff and keeping it a secret. We spent a lot of money and now we discover that the good stuff was 1000$ away, but in another direction, and we spent the same in "lame" stuff. Very bad attitude from silver for their main contributors.
>> No. 28338
>>28327 If you are surprised or shocked by this then you are incredibly naive.
I dont get how people are always so shocked to see that a given studio ist producing this type of content. They all do! Every single studio does this. Its the whole reason they exist in the first place.
You really think they do all this just to create NN content exclusively? LOL!
>> No. 28399
>> No. 28401
>> No. 28402
Please, brothers, 144chan has been blocked again.
Does anybody know if there is any new door open to it?
>> No. 28431
Silver has nothing to do with these
they bought only nn sets to sell
the photographer sold customs to rich private collectors ffs get your brain checked
>> No. 28465
File 154360135880.jpg - (10.09KB , 167x250 , marisol_model_greenshorts_teenmodeling_tv_010.jpg )
>> No. 28466
File 154360137937.jpg - (15.94KB , 167x250 , marisol_model_ruffleskirt_teenmodeling_tv_030.jpg )
>> No. 28467
File 154360143196.jpg - (833.85KB , 950x2303 , marisolblackcroptoppreview.jpg )
>> No. 28468
File 154360144648.jpg - (741.43KB , 950x2237 , marisolblackonepiecepreview.jpg )
>> No. 28469
File 15436014667.jpg - (549.22KB , 950x2225 , marisolcolorblockpreview.jpg )
>> No. 28470
File 15436015188.jpg - (795.58KB , 950x2231 , marisolhawaiianflowertoppreview.jpg )
>> No. 28471
File 154360153617.jpg - (748.45KB , 950x2177 , marisolpinktoppreview.jpg )
>> No. 28472
File 154360156018.jpg - (776.61KB , 950x2225 , marisolwhitedresspreview.jpg )
>> No. 28473
File 154360158920.jpg - (715.59KB , 950x2255 , marisolyellowtoppreview.jpg )
>> No. 28628
File 154368709071.jpg - (153.27KB , 900x600 , SILVERDREAMS-Marisol-denimshorts-3-074_reduced.jpg )

A cropped pic is just like a fake one! So people would easily oversight your post thinking that pic belongs to a standard set and you are trolling us, without even stopping to do any research if its true or not.
But if there are (not all the set but) a couple of complete never seen before pics, then everybody will definitively put attention to what you say or ask for.

What do you want? so do the same as hoarders: release a couple of pics or the video thumbnails watermarked with your email in order to people contact you. That material would be viral so more chances you get what you demand for.
>> No. 28645
>>28628 I just give up in actively pursuing fresh stuff. I'll cross fingers and hope one day it just appears somewhere. I'm not dropping anything more here sorry.
>> No. 28655
1000$ for those sets? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>> No. 28656
>>28655 What could you leechers know about value of the stuff... 150 sets available, 12$ each. 150*12=1800$ is actually the price of the entire Silver's Marisol collection. Pretty much over 1000$.
>> No. 28847
File 154389802947.jpg - (347.34KB , 683x884 , M&C.jpg )
>>28645 haha yeah u have nothing and u are also a leecher, bye bye then troll!
>> No. 28937
File 154396542024.jpg - (34.16KB , 280x420 , Ok.jpg )
>> No. 28947
It's like being tickled slowly]
I love it. Don't stop.
>> No. 28982
where the fuck are the download links?
>> No. 28986
SILVERPEARLS- Marisol - White Mesh 1
>> No. 28988
>> No. 28989
>>28656 Most sets from dreams are not available for purchase and I doubt they will, so their value might be a bit more.
>> No. 28990
Really don't understand these studios ,high demand for Marisol,jess and others,seen the real custom set previews yet no way to buy them.Don't make economic sense!! Willing to pay yet they don't want the money totally crazy,any advice mods,collector's or anons ?
>> No. 29062
jess custom set previews ?
>> No. 29089
Marison custom views previews reviews purviews overviews viewpoints? Many are called. View are chosen.
>> No. 29217
It's fun to check in every day hoping for another surprise. Wish I knew where to go, how to buy, or what to trade. All offerings are appreciated.
>> No. 29244
buzzer off amf has Marisol sets on his various sites,jess too. Anyone know about fotokid dot in,its yandex related lots of sweet-amy Amanda sets but think must log in to yandex any ideas ?
>> No. 29339
I'm not sure I understood all of this, but it still seemed to lead to just the published sets or to nowhere. Can anyone help with the rare gems? Thanks.
>> No. 29429
jess custom set previews ?
>> No. 29568
Jess fans are welcome to start a thread, but let's keep the focus here on those special Marisol pix we want from Santa.
>> No. 29891
Please don't let this delightful thread fizzle out.
>> No. 29927
Is anyone able to load the site? http://silver-sales.info/

It displays Forbidden for me.
>> No. 29936
>>29927 There's a lot of new stuff from Candy & Marisol published, but only accessible from few chosen countries.
>> No. 29948
Do you know which countries?
>> No. 29988
Damn, US, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg sure are blocked. I tried using IPs from those places and can't open the site.
>> No. 29989
South American countries too. Perhaps they sell it only to China, Japan and so on. I envy those guys that can see Marisol's big ass naked...
>> No. 30060
this is what it tells when visiting the site
the msg will be the same though
maybe the site will be up soon lets hope for the best......

"SALES INFO 15TH December 2018

Following the continuing illegal attacks on our websites and systems, we are closeing our sales systems temporarily.

We shall soon return with new secure Bitcoin based sales services, similar to our proven previous systems.
We are continuing to develop our own sales system, not relying on outside companies.
Our aim is to have a cost effective sales system, that is secure for both us and our customers.
This will better allow us to directly control and secure our own information and data.

Any current issues with downloads etc, will be fixed individually with the customer in the next few days."
>> No. 30164
They been selling incomplete/corrupted sets for months. And ignoring your email asking for corrections. Von is as bent as he has always been. Fucking scammer.
>> No. 30166
>>30060 by me

i've bought some sets from the particular site well some time back
mostly i've got a better deal lets say on the side so to speak still complete sets but a simpler way to get the deal done

did like that cause i've got what i ordered well except the final couple of sets more then a year ago then canceled account there
so maybe this in my previous post could be just a way of getting read of some customers.....
maybe i left at the right time
but it's not good for others who only got bad experiences by being a customer at the site

we'll have to see about the message at their site if it's something that changes in a better direction & hopefully to better respect for customers.....
>> No. 30226
I'm in the US and accessed the site using the Tor browser. Here's their new message:

SALES INFO 16TH December 2018

Following the continuing illegal attacks on our websites and systems, we have made some changes to our sales systems.

We now have a new secure Bitcoin based payment service, added to our existing websites.
We shall add other crypto currencies in the future, if there is interest from customers.
This is the latest development of our own sales system, not relying on outside companies.
Our aim is to have a cost effective sales system, that is secure for both us and our customers.
This will better allow us to directly control and secure our own information and data.

Any current issues with downloads etc, will be fixed individually with the customer in the next few days.

Fresh content will continue for these websites and others, as we straighten out all the bumps, farts and squeaks in the new systems.

Other Silver content will be available in the future, as archives.
We have decided to completely re-organize things due to the high level of CC fraud, operating overheads and illegal reselling/tradeing.
Bitcoin is now the prefered payment system for "Silver" websites.

In the near future, we hope to support several types of crypto-currency, as well as bitcoin.

We apologize for the delays, but it was decided that starting from scratch with new systems but keeping features that were effective, would be the best solution for our future.
>> No. 30261
>>30060 & >>30166

reading that seems almost like "someone" been around here as it got a much nicer tone
and that's a good sign& lets hop it's a true fact.......
>> No. 30472
Please more
>> No. 30506
Is anyone able to load the pearls' site? http://pearls.silver-sales.info/
Forbidden for me.
>> No. 30519
This has been some thread! It has been surprising, encouraging, mysterious, confounding, provocative, contentious, intriguing, frustrating, and confusing.
It started with unseen (by me) Marisol pics that appeared to be extra frames from known sets (>>21689, 21690, 21876, 21877). There were no clues how these extended sets might be obtained. There were other pix, in the familiar Silver style, from, it seemed, special sets (>>27934, 27935). Then there were pics (>>25073, 25074) that, it was hinted, came from the collection of "real customs" that exist. Then there were some most arousing, beautifully photographed pix, cropped to inspire maximum curiosity and frustration, with no provenance revealed (>>27998, 28047-48-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56, 28131). There were also posts (since removed) alluding to the alternate web containing "all the customs you could want". Well, extensive searching on those "tear-inducing" domains, didn't turn up anything. Now there are some references to the evolving policies and possibilities of the old Silver sites once again. Whatever they might provide in the future, though, it appears that there was already juicier material out there, and it remains mostly impossible to find. If anyone can add any clarity or information or guidance, (not to mention, any additional pictures), it will make for excellent gifts in this happy season.
>> No. 30788
>> No. 30809
please more of her. she's a beauty.
rar links, vids, gifs, or pics?
>> No. 30811
same guy that leaked these also leaked star sessions he did it because he made and want to shut down studio
now he succed he will leak no more sorry
>> No. 30840
Why the fuck would someone leak Marisol thumbs in order to take down another completely different studio as SS? That's bullshit.
>> No. 30843
in some ways it's seems that particular leaker do something very similar to what an sjw's crusades would be about
in order to really make sure something will end every thing is allowed to do.....
so if that dude is an sjw there's def no more leaks ever again from any studio the success were established

but it's a fucking detemined dude for sure a customer and do need good funds to leak as much just to close the studio
obsessed is another term maybe possible to add
whatever it's def not giving taht dude great creds and makes me wonder which studio is the next one..........
>> No. 30853
Well, there's no Marisol custom leaks at all. Only some thumbs and literally 2 pics. So I cannot get why a guy who wants to take down SS would stop leaking non-related content that he even didn't start to leak in the first place. LOL
>> No. 30973
File 15455993021.jpg - (5.58KB , 345x133 , two.jpg )
All I want to find under the tree is more from these sets.
>> No. 30974
File 154559935996.jpg - (6.96KB , 345x166 , one.jpg )
And these
>> No. 30982
Luckily for you, you are only 12$ from first one set. It's available at pearls site.

Unluckily for you, the second one is not available at the site.
>> No. 30995

Umm DUDE I have all her sets and these are from them , crooped n shopped
quit tryin to troll
>> No. 31015
Dude, lighten up a little, it's Christmas. I don't think anonymous was trolling, he just didn't realize that the pix he liked were photoshopped. The person who cropped and shopped may have been doing a little holiday trolling, and if so he got us. Good fun, no harm no foul. But you have to admit, it's hard to know just what's what. Some pictures here are clearly additional frames from sets most of us have seen (unless everything is shopped, if so somebody's been busy). There are other pix that I've never seen (25073 26795 +) and who wouldn't be frustrated at not knowing even where they came from and how to get them. So if there are sets and pictures and videos in addition to the commonly-known ones, there might be some naive desperation expressed now and then. You say you have everything, you're a lucky man indeed. Tell us, are there just some extra outtakes, as posted here, or are there limited availability sets made somehow available, or are there really the reputed "customs"? No one can fault you for keeping whatever you've got close to the vest. Many would just wish to know what really exists out there, and whether to stay on the trail. If, though, you could show us the unshopped uncropped version of one of those nice fakes, at least we'd know just how we got so taken in. Happy holidays. Who knows what the new year will offer.
>> No. 31043
File 154565829160.jpg - (754.85KB , 1700x2550 , SILVERDREAMS-Marisol-denimshorts-7-105.jpg )
>> No. 31046
Sigh. But thanks.
>> No. 31141
thank you for the nice picture

sad we got no new Marisol for X Mass
what a shitty holiday its been for me hope you guys had a better one
>> No. 31273
File 154592720225.jpg - (325.55KB , 1755x1170 , sd-Marisol-whitelace-5_00092.jpg )
she is simply perfect
>> No. 31353
>>26795 Where is this from? Anyone have any more? HNY.
>> No. 31501
where can I find this set
>> No. 31680
New year. New hopes. May those little-seen and never-seen pix and vids, or at least learning how to find them, emerge in the light of a new day.
>> No. 32606
Somebody? Somehow? Something? Please.
>> No. 32805
Stop begging and pay for it. She has fully naked sets for those who pay.
>> No. 32808
Pay who? Find where?
>> No. 32847

Post pics or you're a fuckin' liar.

Been following her "career" from the beginning. Never seen any nude pics - just the topless ones. I'd love to be wrong about this...

...but till you post pics...you're a fucking liar!
>> No. 33111
Lol, why someone is going to post naked pics of sets that cost 1 BITCOIN each? If people spend that kind of money on a set they don't deal with rif-raf like you guys...
>> No. 33113
This is the way capitalism works: you are what you have in your wallet. If you are not happy move to North Korea.
>> No. 33210
marican still marican?
>> No. 33234
There are no naked pics of her, only few topless.
>> No. 33330
He's still around
>> No. 33333
>>33330 edante123456789
>> No. 33547
Can someone post some pictures again?
>> No. 33967
See few unseen sets available at pearls sales for Marisol but they only accept bitcoin now.
>> No. 33969
They still accept cards. And no new 'unseen' sets have been posted
>> No. 34123
black mesh 1 and dancewear 1 and 2 her best sets.
>> No. 34157
Well . . . maybe so, but then where did 25073 25074 26795 (and others) come from, and how can we see the unseen? Clues, links, posts, anything would be welcome.
>> No. 35077
Where'd everybody go?
>> No. 35100
cause no more sets available and bullshitters everywhere faking they got new stuff and customs.Old news ain't no new customs,let it go!!
>> No. 35123
No way to buy, everytime I add a set to the backet and I go to the checkout page it says "Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements" I tried IPs from USA, Japan, China, Europe, nothing changes. I sent 2 emails to support, no reply. Same story for silver moon. They keep releasing new content but there is no way to buy it. What the fuck is wrong with those guys?
>> No. 35144

It's possible they're only selling to a select clientele. Keep the circle small.

Still, the shit will eventually leak to the chans and forums.
>> No. 35234
I knew a guy that knows a guy that bought those and that guy said they had to sign a non-disclosure with the photographer to NOT, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, RELEASE any of the pictures. So, only the initiated circle that developed a relationship with the photographer for years can buy the naked sets. He will even tell some people that those sets don't exist as he knows that if the sets reach the wrong hands he can be sent to jail.
>> No. 35251
THERE ARE NO NUDE SILVER CUSTOMS! There ARE, however, nude customs of most of the South American models whose material appeared under the "Silver-Whatever" studio names. These customs come from the photographer, NOT the studio! Silver bought the sets they published from the photographer, as is a standard practice in the business. You don't think the studio sends out photographers in their employ or uses facilities they own to do the shoots, do you? That's why some models turn-up in sets from several studios concurrently, like Marisol and Candy in Silver Pearls/Silver Dreams as well as DreamStockPhoto or Kelly Kutie, Ximena, and Yeraldine in TTL & Silver.

Just as the photog sells sets to studios, he sells "customs" to individuals. This has been true with several Newstar models as well as some of these South American models used by Silver. The studios can deny customs exist because THEY DON"T HAVE ANY FOR SALE AND NEVER DID.

Unless you get a hook-up from someone who knows the photographer you'll never get a made-to-order custom and any previously shot customs you'll get will be resold by someone who did have that hook-up or something that's gone its rounds in the (rotten rat-bastard) traders/hoarders circles for years.

Yes, they exist but don't hold your breath waiting for them to appear.
>> No. 35259
dude make sure your using the new links page , e mail them they are very nice , been buying for years from Von silver-sales.info
>> No. 35284
1) no way to create a new account at silver-archive.net, looks like you can only log in if you already have an account
2) they do not reply to emails sent to sales @ silver-sales , not sure why
3) if I add something to the basked and I go to the checkout page, I will always get the same crappy message saying "Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements"

What should I do in order to buy some sets as long as I cannot create a new account, they do not reply to emails and I cant not send any payment?
>> No. 35289
Just give up,they don't want your money,no new stuff,no shekelers gonna share,let this thread die now !!!
>> No. 35298
>>> 32251
do you know which Newstar Models made customs ?
>> No. 36070
Or perhaps . . . don't let this thread die.
>> No. 37332
Still hoping something that was hinted at, alluded to, or shown in this thread earlier gets, shall we say, fleshed out.
>> No. 38312
please upload marisol sets please
>> No. 39274
pictures of this naked babe
>> No. 39295
More from the sets shown earlier in this thread . . . please.

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