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/mir/ ~ Request
File 153004894139.png - (192.50KB , 369x643 , Capture d’écran 2018-06-16 à 02_10_55.png )
17329 No. 17329
Please links to her 2 vids
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>> No. 26532
File 154168328413.jpg - (57.75KB , 475x530 , th (1).jpg )
Here's the First one....


Pass: suD@6)!GF}Q

Uploading the 2nd video now will post it when its done...

**Important Safety Warning Concerning This Video: Before viewing of this video it is highly recommended to take a few minutes to do some full-body stretching exercises to prevent any Muscle Cramps, or Muscle Spasms (and not the good kind) Also please remember to take and heart medication before viewing and you might want to bring a couple extra pills with you as well. Have Fun and Don't Hurt yourself!!
>> No. 26535
And as Promised here's the 2nd Video....


Pass: >a,5~VxtrhEe>>26532
>> No. 26540
just wondering. Were aall the other host that are faster than dial up busy? Thought i was back on Compuserve
>> No. 26564
25 kbs? Couldn't you have picked any other?
>> No. 26577
Pass for 2nd vid is wrong...

Correct one is: >a,5~VxtrhEe
>> No. 26601
Video is corrupt, doesn't play. All I could get is sound and I have all the players and updates. Couldn't even open it in Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker. couldn't even convert it.
>> No. 26608
Thanks for your effort.
But, the worst host I've Ever seen. Didn't even waste my time.
>> No. 26661
wdupload.com is
repost another
>> No. 26711
I downloaded both videos fast without premium with no problems at all They both Play just perfect IDK what the hell is wrong with these other people saying this and that They obviously are plain retarded! Figure out how to do shit before complaining to the OP even if the DL were fucked up At least they tried to help out what have you done except sit on your fast ass with your dick in one hand and wasting oxygen! Thanks again OP Vids were perfect!
>> No. 26749
If you really downloaded it please upload it to another uploader.
>> No. 26846
What are you talking about? haven't you people ever heard of leeching to premium for Full DL speeds and wait for it......its free
>> No. 26847
Alright, Don't get your panties in a twist, just calm down! Full working Videos are uploading to a new place now and will post them as soon as their done....
>> No. 26850
Here is the first one and the way better one of the two


Pass: l34rn70u53 4c0mpu73rb17ch
>> No. 26858
File 154192885868.jpg - (358.19KB , 1018x1820 , RU_CAWE_1_01_avi.jpg )
>> No. 26859
File 154193231559.jpg - (390.18KB , 1018x1820 , ru5514njbc4m_mp4.jpg )

Pass l00k.h0w.5m4r7.y0u.4r3-y0u.c4n.r34d.l337
>> No. 26860
Thanks a lot
>> No. 26907
Firefox keeps failing my download and I have to do like 8 captchas
>> No. 26940
Used every variation of the password, leet or not - bad pass.

As for your other host, recaptchas no longer work on TOR-enabled browsers, and reducing security to get this file is not recommended.
>> No. 26942
Bah - NM - was a bad download. Tried again, pass works.
>> No. 27284
i can confirm, just downloaded it and tried the pass written.

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