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/mir/ ~ Does anyone know her & and her vids?
File 153107107749.png - (249.70KB , 368x640 , 01.png )
17779 No. 17779
Is there any material of her? I found this on a board and the poster said that there are hc videos of her.
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>> No. 23446
>> No. 23493
Email: Miker391391@gmail.com to trade.
>> No. 23528
>> No. 23635
Can someone re up this video?
>> No. 23708
pls reup!
>> No. 23772
Reup pretty please
>> No. 23774
23130 please reup without any pw
>> No. 23898
>> No. 23942
Plz repost please
>> No. 23975
Pls Reup that Angel
>> No. 24002
reup please
>> No. 24064
For everyone:


Password: (use copy + paste)

tsal rebmemer

Wherever you upload files, just use a compressed file with a password.
Recommended 7z, maybe rar. The others are crap.
The search engine will immediately delete all movie extensions if the source is suspicious.
Never use directly searchable (original) file names.
That's it.

>> 18202
dlfree never uses cookies. You're not doing well.

>> 23 493
Never give anyone live mail address !!! Suicide and others can get into trouble.
Never ever.

Surf safe.
>> No. 24078
Please. Correct pw. Thanks
>> No. 24084
pw is missing .(
>> No. 24089
pw is tsalrebmemer
>> No. 24090
pw is tsalrebmemer
>> No. 24098
please reupload
>> No. 24099
pass not working...
>> No. 24100
Oh sorry.


(there is no space character between the two words)
>> No. 24109
The link still works.
>> No. 24277
He literally fucked the living shit out of her.

That's a real man right there. Doesn't mind getting a little bit of shit like most of the pansies complaining here. He just keeps destroying her asshole like god intended. And to top it off he's streaming it on live.me, balls of steel. I hope the feds found him balls deep inside that little whore when they burst into his house and gave those fuckers a sight they'll never forget. I hope that when they removed her from on top of him, she started leaking a combination of shit and semen that's been in there for hours.
>> No. 24375
she have diarrea
>> No. 25556
Where do you have it
>> No. 25557
love this vid he really gives it to her and she never complains, flinches or pulls back she just takes it like a trooper I WISH THERE WAS 100 videos like this...i also hope they made more than just this one vid
>> No. 25609
just made an edit of this video and got rid of all the shitty parts. the vids a lot shorter but at least its now fappable for me
>> No. 25611
igneramous the scat is the best part
>> No. 25613
Yep she takes like a champ even Sounds like she like it too!
>> No. 25626
She even asks dad if he can feel her cum.. to which he says No, but you will feel mine soon: that in itself shows she was enjoying every minute of it
>> No. 27952
best vid ever someone re up plz dl.free
>> No. 27956
Too bad half the vid the camera is turned away.
>> No. 28003
that cant be the full video? barely anything happened
>> No. 28933
Reup please be a hero
>> No. 28934
Download is courupt please reup
>> No. 28963
Brooo please send me this vid!! I’ll give u my number
>> No. 32480
he really fucks her good a must see vid hate there is no money shot at the end though
>> No. 32489
Anyone else fapped to this, came really hard then was like ewwww gross?
>> No. 32578
love the way he moans as he empties his balls up her ass, I bet even the neighbours heard him cum hard
>> No. 32589
if your into many layers of shit both literal and meteorically.. this is your go to video.
>> No. 32612
really nasty vid anymore like it out there man oooh man does he ever fuck her good
>> No. 32646
Can someone please re up I want to cum to this so bed!
>> No. 32700
She takes in her ass like a champ and likes daddy's cock she says
>> No. 32801
((Does anyone know her & and her vids))

daddy caught her showing off in panties and nakid for the camera
posting her self to others on live me

to teach her a lesson he gave the viewers
a real show and fucked her on camera in the ass

one the best shows she was not in pain
so that leads me to believe it was not the first time daddy fucked her

he was caught a month after the vid was posted
on live me
>> No. 32803
File 154735211665.jpg - (105.77KB , 368x640 , video_2018-02-21_18-39-36_mp4_snapshot_05_56.jpg )
yes there was some leaking of shit but expected
as she gets wet and im sure he used lube
the moaning alone she made is the best she is in pleasure for sure

i love to adopt her :)

run time 6 min 01 sec
she is 10yo
real name(unknown)-only one known vid

i wish/hope there was more wow she is adorable and takes it like a champ
but unlikely as he was busted


>> No. 32815
now daddy is taking in ass from bubba and his big ol black momba in prison, wonder if he enjoys it as much as his little 10 year old daughter
>> No. 32969
its only a shame we couldnt see every time that cutie's butthole was reamed and pumped full of cum
>> No. 32973
I cant translate the lage, and idk how to dowload this stuff, im new, so could somebody send me the video on a different platform?
>> No. 32976
this is a good vid no matter wha the haters say he fucked her good and she takes it like a champ
only seen this vid once 2 months ago on one of the other chans SOMEBODY PLEASE repost it soon or even better more vids from this girl
>> No. 32977
dont do it man once yo start this stuff it worse than crack! the search for new and better meterial is never ending
>> No. 33265
I wish it was me shoving my thick shaft up her well used sounding little shit pipe then she could feel my cum!
>> No. 33871

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