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/mir/ ~ Shower princess
File 153572618220.jpg - (605.13KB , 1024x838 , nudeshower.jpg )
21750 No. 21750
pass: all we need is love
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>> No. 21885
File 153583330674.jpg - (332.27KB , 992x1400 , 007.jpg )
Thank you!
>> No. 21947
File 153589394162.jpg - (0.99MB , 1644x2156 , [Happy-Models] Yvonne & Lea.jpg )
She's a Happy-Models/Naturistin model Lea.

Here she is with another popular model Yvonne :)

Happymodels "Yvonne & Lea"

All 3 parts needed.
Part 1: http://dl.free.fr/rU86vwoQG
Part 2: http://dl.free.fr/o4YLTsoZ3
Part 3: http://dl.free.fr/jmyo9IvvB

Pass: H-@-p-p-y-W-@-n-k-e-r
>> No. 21980
File 153592303313.png - (345.59KB , 740x444 , Screenshot7202007.png )
Anyone have this video? Unfortunately, I'm sadly lacking in Naturistin videos, meaning I have none.
>> No. 22087
I would also like this video please...........
>> No. 22150

Look similar to the second part of
"Lea and Yvonne A day at the river"
>> No. 22161
Yes. Its the same models but a completely different video. Been looking for this for a long time. Help please.
>> No. 22170
File 153614283122.jpg - (1.07MB , 1500x1195 , Schlammspiele 7m49s_avi_thumbs.jpg )
>>22150 Here is the second part of Lea and Yvonne A Day at the River. Credit to the OP at FF. Getting the full length version now.

>> No. 22321
Isn't that the video at the end of Naturistin's Am Rummelplatz?
>> No. 22344
>>22321 Which post are you referring to?
>> No. 22358
I'm referring to the first video in the thread labeled Shower Princess. I remember that video well, because I'm a big Lea fan; always have been since I saw here accomodate the camaraman in the "Lea and Hanna" vid. Well, plus she's just absolutely gorgeous! A big haughty, though; like hot girls usually are.

I found the video on TOR but the links are down. I've asked for a reup. But, FF and GaP are up and down a lot lately.
>> No. 22362
Still waiting for this video. Its not the 2 thats already been posted. It a different one entirely.
>> No. 22406
File 153646952094.jpg - (628.76KB , 2116x1317 , Lea.jpg )
>>22358 I believe you're right about the videos. The left side of this img is OP's thumbs, the right side is Rummelplatz thumbs. FF has been working fine for me this evening, both the original and v3 links. GaP still down, though.

>>22362 I'm still waiting, too, but actively looking as well. Maybe H-@-p-p-y-W-@-n-k-e-r could help, if he knows the name of the video?
>> No. 22429
GaP was busted you idiots as all sites are lea Fish in a Barrel Duh
>> No. 22447
Who wouldnt go tong deep into either of their pussies?
>> No. 22557
Anything of Lea would be awesome, thanks.
>> No. 22698
File 153682644865.jpg - (101.25KB , 925x555 , xxxxxx.jpg )
Still waiting for a link to this video. Please.
See image attached........
>> No. 24043
>> No. 24694
I want this video as well. Please someone.........
>> No. 24763

... for all my fellow perverted fapping friends.

I've blown more huge loads from my hard cock wacking off over Lea's perfect ass more than any others combined.

I'm absolutely infatuated with young girls bare bums, and hers is perfect.

pass: nudiebody
>> No. 24796
What's the pass for dude.
>> No. 24821

What's the pass for? You seriously asked me that question?
>> No. 24833
Never mind the pass ....... I need to know the link first ........ LINK PLEASE.
>> No. 24882

Well, I included the link when I posted. I can't help it if it didn't show up after i copied and pasted it. If I could see my actual post right away, I could have verified it. Oh well.
>> No. 24886
The site is crap.
>> No. 24889
Lebowski, obviously... ;)
>> No. 24901
With respect - Its not there now as you can see.
Can you please re-up the link please ? ? ? ? ?
Thank you.
>> No. 24953

Since you asked so very nicely.

>> No. 24969
Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated.
>> No. 24981
Thank you so much. Lea is awesome.
>> No. 24994
what the pw please
>> No. 25016
pw= nudiebody
>> No. 25031
I have more of these videos featuring Lea's beautiful ass that I will post at some point.

Stay tuned fellow fappers.
>> No. 25213
Thanks for vid
>> No. 25264
have you holiday inn 1 ?please
>> No. 31436
pls more from Naturistin / Happy Models
>> No. 31615
Yes Please >> I know these are < old stuff > but they were so sweet and innocent yet sexy as hell I am still searching for vid fills !! Thanks to any one!!

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