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/mir/ ~ Kiddles Previews
File 153572622188.jpg - (127.67KB , 865x544 , Kiddles Preview Images.jpg )
21751 No. 21751
Kiddles Previews-to make requests.
Review formats listed to find interest,(55 preview images),then request.
Expand all images
>> No. 21760
Distraction please
>> No. 21802
Bring it on home plz
>> No. 21863
LS Yes

Thank you, this is going to be great to see all of them eventually posted
>> No. 21867
Been some glitches on uploads.There will be several days before available.Sorry about that. On Distraction, it is available in wmv or mp4, please choose format, mp4 is about double in size- however has higher quality.
Check other chans as some ARE already uploaded!
>> No. 21875
Really after footjob vid
>> No. 21939
Oh good, Distraction was one of my choices too, thank you! is there to be a link to the DL?

How about the LauraB that looks interesting
>> No. 21984
I d/led some of these, made a short vid using VLC. They appeared as ASF file, when I later tried to delete them, was unable.So I'm thinking possible malware. So beware.
>> No. 22021
#1 Please
- Not malware - VLC often makes wmv into asf. If you altered it-it would have altered any malware so likely you have a vlc issue.
>> No. 22029
TY for Polite request;
Bring it on Home - Kiddles - Medium quality vid - good quality audio .
128mb mpg
>> No. 22032
Here are the links I found for some of these Kiddles on the Chan pages, there are bound to be more;
Kiddles Movie 5
The Internet is for porn
Beautiful Fantasy
CandyDoll Tribute
>> No. 22050
"#1 Please
- Not malware - VLC often makes wmv into asf. If you altered it-it would have altered any malware so likely you have a vlc issue." Thanks for the intel man. Appreciate it.
>> No. 22100
TY 4 nice Request! At Last Here is Distraction.MP4 670mb. Hope that is good format 4 U.

Distraction has strangest music mix yet of all Kiddles, don't let the start throw you off...Enjoy.
>> No. 22123
File 153607446579.jpg - (290.98KB , 854x696 , The Kiddles Movie.jpg )
Thanks for polite request & info;
The Kiddles Movie (#1)
This was the first Kiddles Movie that created the format of joined Kiddles Music Videos to form a Movie. Almost 2 hours long! An older video-so not much new- but an interesting compilation collection.
Need both parts , 1.2 Gigs;
>> No. 22124
File 153607512970.png - (756.16KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2018-09-04-17h29m03s197.png )
Is it a Fake ?

Any nude pics of her ?

Thanks for all.
>> No. 22126
Is it possible to post just the footjob vids please
>> No. 22128
Yeah,Ha! From what I understand there were nudes of LauraB for every Set and Video she made!
Sure enough , under her clothes she was actually completely naked!!!
Mounds Supreme
>> No. 22131
I'll add a video w music I made later with the tag "Kiddles"! Hope it makes it in their next movie. But I support the Kiddles movement no matter what. The more videos we can get with the Tag Kiddles the more Google will get hit on their "safe Image" site called Kiddles!!! They hit us and we hit back, the internet is a level playing field and I'm playin!
>> No. 22134
" Anonymous 18/09/04(Tue)17:02 No. 22126

Is it possible to post just the footjob vids please"
That's in the Distraction video, near the end.
>> No. 22141
File 153609552078.jpg - (807.03KB , 1800x1200 , LauraB06_023.jpg )
>>22124 Head of Lera Bugorskaya aka Laura B, who never did any nudes, the body belong to someone else. The fakest fake i've ever seen.
>> No. 22149
These are amazing so far, thank you posters!

Lets face it, the original content isnt always that great but creatively edited and put to music, they can instantly become epic.
>> No. 22711
I always appreciate people sharing their collections, but do you realize that this pic cannot be viewed? All the pics are so small, that even when saved and enlarged they just become blurs.
>> No. 23246
File 153780222467.jpg - (211.02KB , 658x499 , Legal in Panshea (98).jpg )
aunty non, not sure what you are talking about??? The only really small pic I can find is in the original (1st post) and that was just a link to the real previews that were larger. All the rest are to the vids themselves and they are very big, so to speak. Most vid previews are always of low quality, but that is just the nature of preview creating programs. Try downloading the vids
>> No. 23261
Need vids. Oral-shine. And. Kiddlesex. Thanku so much
>> No. 23264
File 153783281474.png - (426.97KB , 735x482 , gggggg.png )
has anyone got the full vid of her please? thank most much
>> No. 23349

Who is she? Can you post her videos?
>> No. 23628
File 153816183319.jpg - (121.42KB , 798x768 , video_2017-12-06_14-54-36_preview-censored.jpg )

One of the hottest videos ever on the triForce

PW 180channn
>> No. 23630
Any footjob please
>> No. 23741
Looks amazing. Password? Tried 180channn
sdgff.zip, and different combos of that but not working. Thanks for putting this up.
>> No. 23743
Bumpitty bump for dat password please.
>> No. 23762
BUMP Password Please
>> No. 23763
They are speaking Brazilian Portuguese. This is what they said:

00:13 [inaudible]

00:36 What is this? [she's talking about his testicles]
00:38 Coconut.
00:42 What?
00:43 Coconut.
00:47 Poop? [poop and coconut sound similar in Portuguese, I think she didn't understand what he said]
00:50 [inaudible]
00:01:02 Suck it first.

01:05 This is for you, Sérgio. [Sérgio is probably the person he sent the video to originally]

01:38 Suck it.

01:46 It's all wet.

02:02 [inaudible]

02:27 Put it here. [she's asking him to point the camera to that position]

02:46 Do you want me to put milk in here like in the video?
02:50 From here.
02:51 Do you want milk in here?
02:56 Come here.

03:17 Lie down that I will put the milk out.
03:19 Lie down...
03:21 ...That I will throw the milk there.
03:27 Lie down, it's better.

03:40 Wait [inaudible]

03:47 The milk is going to fall off, do you want to see?

04:29 It's good. [the audio is muted, but it's easy to read her lips]
>> No. 23777
Ooops my bad. 180channn worked fine. Type it in, no cut n paste. Thanks again
>> No. 23787
more useless wrong password posts
>> No. 23796
Its 180channn With no space at the front.the first time I copied it gave me a space so I did the combination thing finally I made sure there was no space then it worked
>> No. 23806
took me 3 goes too,maybe people should try different combos before complaining.Thanks for vids,i for one appreciate your posts
>> No. 23944
Please any feet vids
>> No. 24038
requesting Dark Side of Japan
>> No. 24983
Footjob please
>> No. 25821
Feet please
>> No. 25868
Could you post the Kgirl/Kelly video?
>> No. 26516
Just my opinion here.
First, I love good cp in whatever condition, so I always take whatever I can get.

But, sorry. I want cp to FAP to! Not to admire the “creative editing (i.e., jerky cuts and half second flashes of super hot stuff followed by a super zoomed in closeup of the area between a girl’s navel and her pussy, while you barely see the head of some limp dick trying to rub himself hard, for about 10 minutes of a 21 minute vid) or the “editors” fantastic selection of crappy music (especially annoying when you know the original has hot audio of the girl moaning or gasping or saying how good it feels).

Sorry, if you want to do a compilation, then fine. But please stop fucking up hot cp with “creative editing”.

It isn’t a fucking art club. It’s hot sweet young pussy being teased and pleased by hard man meat. Why the hell would you “edit” that?
>> No. 26886
It's 'cause monkeys like to show off when they learn new tricks. Some idiot spends a day learning to use some piece of video editing software and thinks he can be an "artist", when in reality all he's doing is butchering clips and polluting the ecosystem we all live in. These clowns should be hung, using the intestines of Photoshop-monkey fake-makers for ropes!
>> No. 27067

I agree. This shit is stupid. "Pollute ecosystem" is right.

Take the Daddy's Girl vids. For a long time the only one that could be found was some compilation edited together and someone added the worst R&B song in history to it.

Just stop fucking around. Post the original vids.
>> No. 27120
File 154228889631.jpg - (107.77KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I'm not here for art. Does this look like an art museum? Hell no.

I'm here to jack off. I jack off at least two hours a day.

So start posting so I can start jackin' !
>> No. 28673
>> No. 37305
"Not here for Art?" Ha yes you are, you just don't understand it yet. Art is based on qualities of beauty. Chief amongst beauty standards in Art is the beauty of youth, all creatures are appreciated for beauty in youth. Think about it, even of cats & dogs the cutest are puppies and kittens. The beauty of children has always been shown in and of youth; Cherubs, cupids, little girls n boys are the very origen of beauty in art. Only now are children being called obscene in nudity. the beauty of children is talked of in every religion on earth and yet now we have lawmakers placing their views above God. If God made us adore youth then good luck changing that- officer!
>> No. 37327
Well spoken and I agree 100%
>> No. 38187
Is OP still taking request?
>> No. 38244
I was watching the Candydoll Tribute Kiddles video and there was a girl at 1 minute 42 seconds I didn't recognize. Could someone kindly identify her for me?
>> No. 38806
JESUS!!!! TWO jumbo sodas....no wonder you're a wheezing tub of blocked arteries!!!!

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