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/mir/ ~ Unknown,
File 153772049840.jpg - (99.39KB , 1280x1106 , choose45.jpg )
23214 No. 23214
Request for unknown...
I don't know the exam name to make you remind who she is but I can type some words.

russian lolitas

Admin, Sorry if it is at wrong place
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>> No. 24143
File 153887164018.jpg - (157.85KB , 1923x1080 , 20181006-180534.jpg )
>> No. 24150
her dancing is horrible
>> No. 24153
Michelle is not so beautiful, but is very sexy. And she is only 6-7 yo. When she will be 9-10yo, she make me crazy!
>> No. 24154
Michelle is not so beautiful, but is very sexy. And she is only 6-7 yo. When she will be 9-10yo, she make me crazy!
>> No. 24155
hello anyone wants to exchange girl pics? mi mail: masamijunkokoro@gmail.com
>> No. 24157
lol she probably was taught by the newstar video guy.
>> No. 24158

people actually fall for that scam?
>> No. 24161
SS produces some of the best every panty videos who cares about the customs. instead of posting his stuff start buying it so he can keep it goiong
>> No. 24163
Bought some Michelle NN. Very prompt service
>> No. 24172
...but now, the site has no updates for 5 days
>> No. 24173
here is another Michelle, older (15yo) but sexy. https://dbr.ee/BEST
>> No. 24178
pay attention you are off subject
>> No. 24190

he does that often, no updates for all most a week, then posts about 6 updates the next 2 or 3 days.
>> No. 24204
never found said password for
i am sure this has been posted here somewhere already
>> No. 24218
You wait for 10y buddy, by the time she become I will suck out all the juice from that beautiful teen body. Ha ha ha...
>> No. 24226

The pass is there... it's that whole line starting "i am sure"
>> No. 24246
File 153902435583.jpg - (85.31KB , 534x800 , butt04.jpg )
Here it is, with no Pass:
Russian Boy&girl: http://dl.free.fr/c065I6hob
Pic not related.
>> No. 24253
Please more fabulous models nudes
>> No. 24255
Could you providea link to her site please.
>> No. 24289
>>24072 More of other girls please...
>> No. 24291
her dancing is terrible but her ass is red hot and she is smoking cute and moves like a real Star
>> No. 24308
Beautiful post . Please more vids and set's . ...nude,..
>> No. 24346
File 153914869914.jpg - (277.20KB , 720x1080 , Michelle-007-01.jpg )
Check the image for the web site address.
>> No. 24351
If I had been her photographer, I fucked her!
>> No. 24417
File 153928727318.jpg - (72.31KB , 853x901 , secretstars-michelle-blue.jpg )
thanks Cayde-6 and Anons for Michelle uploads

is there more of the pic attached?
>> No. 24436
thankssss please other models pleaseeeee
>> No. 24509
It seems to skip every other frame. WTF.
>> No. 24527

Anyone else unable to make this password work? I even re-downloaded all files. Tried combinations with spaces. Nothing works :(
>> No. 24598
Post more nudes models please
>> No. 24736
>It seems to skip every other frame. WTF

no problem here, which video Anon?
>> No. 24757
You may need to update WinRar. I had that problem a while back and an update fixed it.

Thanks to all posters of Michelle btw. Much appreciated. What a cutie.
>> No. 24759
File 153973753335.jpg - (295.66KB , 972x1296 , adri_mw08043.jpg )
Not sure which vid you're referring to, but I had one that skipped too. I just reduced the size. I THINK it said 1088 and I reduced it to 1080.

Hope that helps..
>> No. 24866
it skipped because its in 4K is my guess
>> No. 24907
File 153996749082.jpg - (514.09KB , 1835x1588 , MichelleSS.jpg )

>Thanks to all posters of Michelle... What a cutie.

Er...yeah! You remember the face from MAD magazine? - Meet his sister!
>> No. 24911
File 15399718619.jpg - (27.80KB , 266x355 , neuman.jpg )

Well, you have a point if you zero in on her face! That could be Alfred E. Neuman's little sister. I just enjoy the whole "package". (as in cute little butt, nice body etc. I think she's yummy)
>> No. 24959
wow what a homely kid!
>> No. 24962

Agreed she's cute as a button.
>> No. 25052
l totally agree in fact l'd say she is one ugly fucker .Just because she puts out everyone seems to go mad for her personally l just dont get the attraction in any way ,shape or form
>> No. 25062
>> No. 25307

That must be one homely button.
>> No. 25885
Agreed. Little girls like Michelle are naturally made to enjoy a lot of sex fun with adults!
They need fucking too, and you can train them to make a grown man cum really hard!
>> No. 26218
Any chance that download link can be renewed? Thank you.
>> No. 28142
Please reup Stellarbright2.part3.rar, file deleted :(
>> No. 28218
File 154332558698.jpg - (207.19KB , 800x683 , 6a5ce0a6.jpg )
Can i please get a re up of Michele's Stellarbright 2 part 3? Thank you.
>> No. 28284
>> No. 28596

You know what an indirect sentence is - and you use correct syntax - yet you think you have a problem with English?

You speak it better than most of the motherfuckers born to it!
>> No. 28597

NONE of those "studios" are doing what Star Sessions is doing - topless and barely concealed pussy/asshole closeups.

They're all very chaste in comparions.

People mean that Star Sessions is the last studio like AMS, C&G or LS.

If there's someone else producing HD / 4K Jailbait/CP then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL US ABOUT IT!!!!
>> No. 28747
>> No. 29118
Stellarbright2.part3.rar deleted, please re-up :`(
>> No. 29216
File 154424606378.jpg - (74.95KB , 768x1024 , 0 Kate (7).jpg )
She was the best thing at my machine...

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