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/mir/ ~ Unknown,
File 153772049840.jpg - (99.39KB , 1280x1106 , choose45.jpg )
23214 No. 23214
Request for unknown...
I don't know the exam name to make you remind who she is but I can type some words.

russian lolitas

Admin, Sorry if it is at wrong place
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>> No. 23217
It's obvious who that is rar the pic somewhere with out the black crap!
>> No. 23230
check hurt meh forum
>> No. 23370
>> No. 23409
The black crap is respect to rules.

Link please...
>> No. 23420
if you wanted to actually share the pic you upload it somewhere.
>> No. 23553
File 153806010241.jpg - (78.65KB , 900x1258 , 806028288_78958.jpg )
Ummnnn... What?

This might be same lil flower. (Not sure)
>> No. 23554
Hey man, I'm sorry. I'm not a English guy so it take time to understand indirect sentences.
Not sure but I think you want the real pic.
If yes, so here we go...

If NOT, then u gonna have to type it in direct sentence.
>> No. 23559
Thanks, zippyshare doesn't works.
>> No. 23564
this one
>> No. 23565
>> No. 23582
File 15380906366.jpg - (58.00KB , 768x1024 , 1537870335694.jpg )
Zippy works fine for me. Great pics.
>> No. 23586
Hey, my man. Can you respect the rules and upload it somewhere else.
Got deleted every time.
>> No. 23587
Works find in my machine.
using Winrar 5.40
>> No. 23591
Cayde-6 you seem like a nice guy and your English is good.

so here is some information , first the models name is Michelle , these are special nude sets , that got leaked , she is None nude model. Because of the leaks the model site will close. She is much to young foe me , Lisa is my favorite. Admin will not allow me to direct link , so you need to google Tor Browser , easy program browser that lets you share in relative safety google Topic Links 2.0 good luck and stay safe brother
>> No. 23598
Ladies and gentlemen she is not from
>russian lolitas

her name is Michelle
here she is...
>> No. 23614
Oh my goodnes!This girl is amazing.I cum like a horse while watching her 2 pics.PLS upload the full set.
>> No. 23620
Thanks a lot.

Get in line for full set buddy...
because We all are... ha ha ha
>> No. 23647
File 15381916267.jpg - (66.20KB , 1280x853 , max.jpg )
Oh my freaking GOD! I found another one...

Oh..., Some wants the real pic so I'm uploading it to... LINK REDACTED FOR POSSIBLE ILLEGAL CONTENT

over n out...
>> No. 23649
Michelle, Lisa...
I don't know where to look for this two...

>>She is much to young for me , Lisa is my favorite
HA HA... I read somewhere here that "Good things comes in small package"
And I'm totally agree with it. Michelle is in perfect age at this pics for me.
>> No. 23662
>Michelle is in perfect age at this pics for me.

I agree Cayde-6.

The complete MichelleSS-009 set has been posted on a darknet forum, so it won't be long before someone spreads it to the clearnet.

I won't be posting it here though as the mods don't want sets from active producers posted here, a position I have no issues with.
>> No. 23682
Pass doesn't work.
>> No. 23694
Agree with above - pass not working
>> No. 23699
>> No. 23701
>> No. 23705
>her name is Michelle
>here she is...

wow Cayde-6 what a beautiful little girl!
she's gorgeous.
>> No. 23725
File 15382763437.jpg - (318.66KB , 720x1080 , Michelle-001-04.jpg )
My explanation...
#1. Look admin buddy, the file has just one pic. So it looks small in size.
#2. dl.free can gv good download speed. Sure for one pic file no need for high speed but u know, better is better. ha ha ha... (Sorry, couldn't fine words to explain)
BUT If image itself is "ILLEGAL CONTENT" then I don't have nothing to say.
So can I post the link again?

Password is "Cayde-6" (without quotes)

I found this pic again...
>> No. 23726
I'll upload more if it came to my contact.
>> No. 23775
File 153837209027.jpg - (300.20KB , 720x1080 , Michelle-002-02.jpg )
>> No. 23780
Michelle-007 fotos / pics

Star sessions Michelle-007 VID
no password
Star sessions MichelleSS-009 212 photos
>> No. 23789
"set has been posted on a darknet forum"

WHICH FORUM? all forums have banned this studio, please name names!
>> No. 23805
forbidden fruit & girls a priori have banned posting of StarSessions.
>> No. 23820
File 153842086547.jpg - (46.89KB , 452x425 , Image2.jpg )
No need to name the forum now, the link you're after has been posted above. I hope you got it.
>> No. 23828
>forbidden fruit & girls a priori have banned posting of StarSessions.

.. there's more hotpocketry on the much-vaunted Tor sites than on Triforce?
>> No. 23832
please more more sets & vids
>> No. 23864
It's my understanding that the StarSessions producer has said that if his content is leaked, then he'll be forced to shut down due to loss of profits. I may be wrong, but I think this is the last working studio. If it closes, there's no telling when another will open
>> No. 23871
File 153848042853.jpg - (637.31KB , 1067x1600 , Michelle-005-04.jpg )
Are you send by a GOD?
Looks like it.

Millions of thanks buddy.
>> No. 23879
For main Pic go here...

Download all or just "MichelleSS-009" one...

Credit goes to "Anonymous, 23780"
>> No. 23913
thanksssss please more sets & vids pleaseeeee
>> No. 23924
Requesting divide the "007" vdo to multiple peaces. Download failing...
Star sessions Michelle-007 VID
>> No. 23932

>I may be wrong, but I think this is the last working studio

Well, you're totally wrong. The People Image, Newstar, Fashion Land, and Ned's baby TMC are still going very strong - and probably doing much better than Starsessions.
>> No. 23937
very hot set! As good as any Polly sets I've seen, thanks for the upload, and the vid's hot too, I was hoping for quick peek, she's a sexy little thing!
>> No. 23938
>> No. 23939
why would you delete the last two picts, two threads down on this page is Dasha's pussy and ass right in the camera, there's no difference...
>> No. 23943
How does she know all the moves at this age?

I'm not an expert on kids, but isn't 7yo too young to attain such level of sexuality?
She completely seduces me with that spreading, humping, grinding and making these slutty faces.
>> No. 23951
>She completely seduces me with that spreading, humping, grinding and making these slutty faces.

Me also, I bought all of her sets/videos before I got any of the other girls. I wish her sets were released weekly so I can have more of them.
>> No. 23954
Maybe 2yo is too young, but 7yo definitely not. But we're talking about girl in OP pic, yes? You should know she cannot be older than 5 years.
>> No. 23955
>>I may be wrong, but I think this is the last working studio

>Well, you're totally wrong. The People Image, Newstar, Fashion Land, and Ned's baby TMC
>are still going very strong - and probably doing much better than Starsessions.

thank you Anonymous, there is much beauty in little girls and I would hate to see that beauty shuttered by closing those studios!
>> No. 23968
friend from where you took this pic, you can publish that set please.
>> No. 24003
>> No. 24004
The video says she's 7yo.
>> No. 24008
File 15386621965.jpg - (65.19KB , 525x796 , Angelina.jpg )
She is 7yo. But Angelina she is smaller. I don't know her age, but she look like smaller. And her sexuality in the videos is so hotter...
>> No. 24009
File 15386622797.jpg - (11.03KB , 268x180 , 153865823551.jpg )
>> No. 24014
More of this cutie pls
>> No. 24020
Angelina is 8 years old. Michelle was 6 years old in sets 1 to 6, from set 7 up she is 7.
>> No. 24024
Angelina is soo sexy!
>> No. 24025
More Angelina!
>> No. 24068
She is Michelle too https://180chan.co/cg/res/26037.html
Enjoy friends...

Request 007 vdo to 100 MB RARs. Download is failing everythime.
>> No. 24072
i am sure this has been posted here somewhere already

Star Sessions MichelleSS-006 No nude part 1 (91 pics)


Nude part 2 (83 pics)


Nude part 3 (73 pics)

Password: *ù:!Gr@y83@rD4Hm$^*ùà)

PW: Jeewe for lolilust
>> No. 24087
I have bought some sets, and seems he has gotten cold feet and don't sell the custom stuff anymore. Just hoping all of it gets shared eventually. I wouldn't have shared if he was still selling, but as he isn't there is no other way to get it anymore.
>> No. 24092
You are super-duper awesome.
Millions of thanks.

Ummmnnn... about that password...
HA HA HA... very funny.
>> No. 24102
You are god...!!! Thank you very much buddy, more please...!!!
>> No. 24126
Many tanks for posting Michelle-007 pics and vid, she is such a sexy little thing! I would love to see more NN sets and vids if anyone is able to upload them
>> No. 24135
I will fuck her tight kiddy cunt so hard and cum so deep in that tiny pussy. When she spread her legs i can cum without even touch my self.
>> No. 24142
File 153887105023.jpg - (149.30KB , 1923x1080 , 20181006-180612.jpg )
>> No. 24143
File 153887164018.jpg - (157.85KB , 1923x1080 , 20181006-180534.jpg )
>> No. 24150
her dancing is horrible
>> No. 24153
Michelle is not so beautiful, but is very sexy. And she is only 6-7 yo. When she will be 9-10yo, she make me crazy!
>> No. 24154
Michelle is not so beautiful, but is very sexy. And she is only 6-7 yo. When she will be 9-10yo, she make me crazy!
>> No. 24155
hello anyone wants to exchange girl pics? mi mail: masamijunkokoro@gmail.com
>> No. 24157
lol she probably was taught by the newstar video guy.
>> No. 24158

people actually fall for that scam?
>> No. 24161
SS produces some of the best every panty videos who cares about the customs. instead of posting his stuff start buying it so he can keep it goiong
>> No. 24163
Bought some Michelle NN. Very prompt service
>> No. 24172
...but now, the site has no updates for 5 days
>> No. 24173
here is another Michelle, older (15yo) but sexy. https://dbr.ee/BEST
>> No. 24178
pay attention you are off subject
>> No. 24190

he does that often, no updates for all most a week, then posts about 6 updates the next 2 or 3 days.
>> No. 24204
never found said password for
i am sure this has been posted here somewhere already
>> No. 24218
You wait for 10y buddy, by the time she become I will suck out all the juice from that beautiful teen body. Ha ha ha...
>> No. 24226

The pass is there... it's that whole line starting "i am sure"
>> No. 24246
File 153902435583.jpg - (85.31KB , 534x800 , butt04.jpg )
Here it is, with no Pass:
Russian Boy&girl: http://dl.free.fr/c065I6hob
Pic not related.
>> No. 24253
Please more fabulous models nudes
>> No. 24255
Could you providea link to her site please.
>> No. 24289
>>24072 More of other girls please...
>> No. 24291
her dancing is terrible but her ass is red hot and she is smoking cute and moves like a real Star
>> No. 24308
Beautiful post . Please more vids and set's . ...nude,..
>> No. 24346
File 153914869914.jpg - (277.20KB , 720x1080 , Michelle-007-01.jpg )
Check the image for the web site address.
>> No. 24351
If I had been her photographer, I fucked her!
>> No. 24417
File 153928727318.jpg - (72.31KB , 853x901 , secretstars-michelle-blue.jpg )
thanks Cayde-6 and Anons for Michelle uploads

is there more of the pic attached?
>> No. 24436
thankssss please other models pleaseeeee
>> No. 24509
It seems to skip every other frame. WTF.
>> No. 24527

Anyone else unable to make this password work? I even re-downloaded all files. Tried combinations with spaces. Nothing works :(
>> No. 24598
Post more nudes models please
>> No. 24736
>It seems to skip every other frame. WTF

no problem here, which video Anon?
>> No. 24757
You may need to update WinRar. I had that problem a while back and an update fixed it.

Thanks to all posters of Michelle btw. Much appreciated. What a cutie.
>> No. 24759
File 153973753335.jpg - (295.66KB , 972x1296 , adri_mw08043.jpg )
Not sure which vid you're referring to, but I had one that skipped too. I just reduced the size. I THINK it said 1088 and I reduced it to 1080.

Hope that helps..
>> No. 24866
it skipped because its in 4K is my guess
>> No. 24907
File 153996749082.jpg - (514.09KB , 1835x1588 , MichelleSS.jpg )

>Thanks to all posters of Michelle... What a cutie.

Er...yeah! You remember the face from MAD magazine? - Meet his sister!
>> No. 24911
File 15399718619.jpg - (27.80KB , 266x355 , neuman.jpg )

Well, you have a point if you zero in on her face! That could be Alfred E. Neuman's little sister. I just enjoy the whole "package". (as in cute little butt, nice body etc. I think she's yummy)
>> No. 24959
wow what a homely kid!
>> No. 24962

Agreed she's cute as a button.
>> No. 25052
l totally agree in fact l'd say she is one ugly fucker .Just because she puts out everyone seems to go mad for her personally l just dont get the attraction in any way ,shape or form
>> No. 25062
>> No. 25307

That must be one homely button.
>> No. 25885
Agreed. Little girls like Michelle are naturally made to enjoy a lot of sex fun with adults!
They need fucking too, and you can train them to make a grown man cum really hard!
>> No. 26218
Any chance that download link can be renewed? Thank you.
>> No. 28142
Please reup Stellarbright2.part3.rar, file deleted :(
>> No. 28218
File 154332558698.jpg - (207.19KB , 800x683 , 6a5ce0a6.jpg )
Can i please get a re up of Michele's Stellarbright 2 part 3? Thank you.
>> No. 28284
>> No. 28596

You know what an indirect sentence is - and you use correct syntax - yet you think you have a problem with English?

You speak it better than most of the motherfuckers born to it!
>> No. 28597

NONE of those "studios" are doing what Star Sessions is doing - topless and barely concealed pussy/asshole closeups.

They're all very chaste in comparions.

People mean that Star Sessions is the last studio like AMS, C&G or LS.

If there's someone else producing HD / 4K Jailbait/CP then FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL US ABOUT IT!!!!
>> No. 28747
>> No. 29118
Stellarbright2.part3.rar deleted, please re-up :`(
>> No. 29216
File 154424606378.jpg - (74.95KB , 768x1024 , 0 Kate (7).jpg )
She was the best thing at my machine...
>> No. 30310
please reup Nude part2, rar part 3 please?
>> No. 30401
File 154519329978.jpg - (604.59KB , 1320x1980 , Multi-003-167.jpg )
>> No. 31025
Anyone happen to have the full set to the thumbnail?
>> No. 31123
Pass please ???
>> No. 31546
File 154622456380.png - (306.91KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2018-12-31-03-44-59.png )

Stella bright part 2 part 3 not works more.Error 404. Please reup . Thanks
>> No. 31581
yes pls reup this link, he´s gone. thx
>> No. 32642
>> No. 32656
File 154724053963.jpg - (928.73KB , 1600x970 , Michelle [Star Sessions] Naked Video Preview (Uplo.jpg )
Could someone please upload or link to her video from Set 10? It'ld be great to have it.
>> No. 32684
I'm a huge Michelle fan. I wish I can find 010 video.
>> No. 32706
Stellarbright3.part3.rar crashed archive :((
>> No. 32816
This pic set please...
>> No. 32916
please, can you reup ''Stellarbright2.part3.rar'' ??
it's gone
thanks in advance
>> No. 32950
set please (m005)

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