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>> No. 23315
File 153788740224.jpg - (107.65KB , 681x1024 , DSCN_8320.jpg )
Looking for mom/daughter pics... family nude pics all ages....trade @ famexch@gmail.com
/mir/ ~ mom daughter/family
File 153788790539.jpg - (116.63KB , 1200x531 , DSCN_8356.jpg )
23316 No. 23316
looking for mom daughtr pics, family pics, all age famexch@gmail.com
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>> No. 23317
File 153788818437.jpg - (591.03KB , 1362x2048 , DSCN_8364.jpg )
trde fam pics famexch@gmail.com
>> No. 23331
File 153790467381.jpg - (543.92KB , 2048x1536 , 28045482210_70678782a8_k.jpg )
>> No. 23333
File 15379047353.jpg - (559.38KB , 1536x2048 , 28248720141_bbdf879ee7_k.jpg )
>> No. 23410
Gmail? Seriously?
>> No. 23882
trading on gmail ... Best idea ever !!!! :-D :-D :-D
>> No. 36420
File 154979836981.jpg - (154.36KB , 1140x700 , truth-its-a-trap.jpg )
Why trade? I put pics for free, along with 99.99% of users.... Trading makes it far easier to be traced compared to posting to anonymous sharing sites like this. I have seen people asking for paypal. You can only collect once you verify with ID so good luck when you get a bang on your door! Also Gmail? The most government monitored email site in the world? Let me know what life is like to you on the inside hahaha

Nobody can be this stupid? Right? This has trap written all over it o_O
>> No. 36429
File 154981660515.jpg - (80.75KB , 638x960 , 416956_429303280474288_1847104393_n.jpg )
sooo, dumbass here lol (im not OP). just wanna know, what do u guys suggest i use to send a little girl money? other than paypal.

where i live, its less FBI-ish than in the US. and i'm Reaaally into belly dancing, and i would spend 90% of my pay check to get a private belly dance video from a young girl in a tight body-hugging dress...yea my fetish is weird like that lol.

so anyway, fantasizing aside. I've been commenting on videos of young belly dancers telling them to contact me so i can send them money. but as u can guess, none ever replied.

so long story short. whats a safe way to send them money without any danger? while being easy for their little brains to understand too lol.
>> No. 36452
File 154983204869.jpg - (114.10KB , 800x800 , 2015-girls-belly-dance-professional-6colors.jpg )
You need to be smarter than that. If you like little girl belly dancers then set your self as running a belly dance contest. Make it open to all ages but categorilize them like age 5 to 7 8 to 12, 13 to 18, 18 to 30 and so on. That will help hide the fact that you're really looking for only young girls. Post ads, contact belly dance schools. Set yourself up as a legit company. Give away $100 for winners in each category. Take video submissions. If they're close to you, have them come to your studio so you can record them dancing. YOu'll have them sending you belly dancing clips left and right. Get proactive man ! Figure it out.

After that is established, you can then start you own belly dance school. Hire a teacher, build the studio, focus on little girl belly dancers, give them reduced rates or free lessons. Make peep holes in the dressing room. All kinds of shit you can do.

I hear this whiny shit on here all the time/ "Woe is me" Bullshit. Get off your asses and make shit happen
>> No. 36470
File 154983450926.jpg - (59.87KB , 638x960 , 376186_448604768544139_2095964402_n (1).jpg )
thanks man, great ideas for real!

someone have suggested me to make a contest before, and it sounded really appealing.

however still, since paying them in person is not an option, i got to do it online, which is still troublesome if i get caught, maybe not from the law (if i legitimized it) but from my family and the people around me at least.

that's why i need a safe way to transfer money mainly lol
>> No. 36473
Bitcoin or Monero
>> No. 36698
File 154991271037.jpg - (19.08KB , 300x470 , portrait-cute-little-girl-eastern-450w-231145090.jpg )
Re: No. 36470

Safe money transfer is to put cash in an envelope and mail it to her. Make sure you don't leave fingerprints or DNA on the envelope and use random mail boxes.

If you're going to set up a contest, make a real, legitimate company. Get a business license, establish a website and reputation. Make it as legitimate as possible with references.

Over time, establishing your own dance school is an option. Rent a studio, refurbish it, hire a belly dance teacher, advertise for students. Offer free classes for girls in your preferred age range. If the dance school even breaks even, it's a win for you. Not only could you watch them dance all day and change in the dressing room but you can take them on overnight trips to regional dance contests.


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