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/mir/ ~ Anyone into menstruation?
File 154021378647.jpg - (189.55KB , 1365x1024 , menstruation.jpg )
25124 No. 25124
Look long enough in the right places at the right times to find almost anything. Seen a number of women menstruating at length, but I've always wondered what photos and videos are out there in regard to a girl's first menstrual period or at least her early experiences with menstruation.

(Pic related)
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>> No. 25152
How old is the girl in the pic and is there more
>> No. 25172
File 15402742869.jpg - (16.68KB , 550x550 , flat white.jpg )
You must be joking!
This really makes me see red!
>> No. 25206
OP here. I would not ask about pictures or videos if I already found them. I doubt the person in my original post is under eighteen and I have no idea if there are more pictures of her. The pic I posted is related in that it shows menstrual flow. Had I posted in sw I would have started the thread by sharing something from my collection of content featuring women menstruating.
>> No. 25268
if I wanted to see blood, especially that much, I'd cut myself (again)!! I know it is a natural thing that girls/women have to endure, but, I definitely DO NOT get turned on by it!!
>> No. 25320
read your post, judging by the question posed this isn't really a fetish thing. Its more of a curiosity thing I think, so I'll respond in that vein.
I am NOT a woman, BUT I have spent a lot of time around girls who were at that age and was actually present at several girls first experience with this.
Typical experience depends on how the parents prepped the girl.
When girls are not told this is coming the typical response is along the lines of "HOLY SHIT, WHY IS THERE BLOOD?! I'M GOING TO DIE!"
If they've been prepared there is some minor alarm (since its not like it turns up on a schedule) and a lot of annoyance (clothes ruined, cramps etc).
As far as actual bleeding a girls first menstruation is less blood than you could cover with your thumb.
Hope that I have answered this post correctly.
>> No. 25407
I once had sex with a teen girl on her period and it was gross once I realised why everything seemed different that night.
>> No. 25423
so sexy and yummy
>> No. 25435
File 154061247494.gif - (186.34KB , 317x251 , WeakConventionalIrukandjijellyfish-size_restricted.gif )
>> No. 25508
Snakehead I am not joking.

25320 Thank you for the reply. While I am curious about the onset of menstruation in girls and their experiences with their menstrual cycles in the few years afterwards, I do believe my level of curiosity goes farther than most people. If possible I'd happily listen to and watch dozens of hours detailing as explicitly as possible exactly what a girl experiences and does throughout menstruation or an entire menstrual cycle. I've done this with women before during their periods and was fascinated even by just watching how menstrual flow travels through the vagina. Granted I also have watched women masturbate during menstruation which was as sexy as when they were not menstruating.
>> No. 25597
25320 again
I think this will be the last time I post on this cause I don't think I'll be able to offer any further insight (if I'm even doing that at this point).
I must be upfront, sexual interest in this is gross to me, so I can't offer anything in that vein. I'm not judging either, just remember this is a PEDO board which means that for the most part the user base is interested specifically in girls who DO NOT menstruate.
As with how it travels, I can answer that from a medical perspective, large blood clots gradually draining through the vaginal canal along with gravity. As for experiencing the cycle this shouldn't come as news to you is you find it so interesting but there isn't really a consistant experience except the ones pretty much everyone has heard : bloating, cramps, nausea, etc.
For the first few cycles its typically all over the place coming at fairly random times for varied periods (seewhatIdidthere?), and severity. It took over 6 months for a girl I knew (who got it at about 11) for it to follow any predictable schedule, on some she didn't even know she had it until the end of the day when she discovered some ruined panties, and on others she felt like she was dying the whole time.
>> No. 25831
>> No. 25871
File 154119142116.jpg - (35.84KB , 398x496 , puke_jpg~original.jpg )
>> No. 25880

>> No. 40635
I am love tasting young blood any more please paste. I see Rick is into it to it is hard to find. Everyone should try it just once if not to lick it fuck it my sometimes b/f enjoys fucking a bleeding young pussy
>> No. 40705
File 155279022191.jpg - (17.59KB , 512x384 , Tampon.jpg )
Here is something related to this topic. Hope you enjoy. There is no blood but, well.


pass is same file name.
>> No. 40729
Why can't we have ads like these on tv anymore :(
>> No. 40763
pass - Tampon
>> No. 40798
oh my gosh, thank you for posting this! ♥

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