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/mir/ ~ Request - Full Set
File 154059156087.jpg - (170.17KB , 1440x2157 , wdawdawd.jpg )
25415 No. 25415
Request this girl full set
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>> No. 25416
ooooh! me too!
>> No. 25440
>> No. 25463
yum love to see more
>> No. 25531
yes please por favor!!!
>> No. 25842
Cute lil cock rider.
>> No. 25845
where can i buy this set
>> No. 25850
Name: Stella from brimamodels
>> No. 25855
Would have her keep those knee highs and heels on while I fucked her.
>> No. 25881
I'm not sure, but check out girl's shoes in this vid:

Maybe she's one of theirs.
>> No. 25907
Yes I agree very similar.
>> No. 26084
>> No. 28010
I'm also interested.
>> No. 32288
would love all the brima sets! has anyone seen them?
>> No. 32317
yes please post brima sets
lot of beautiful models!
>> No. 32368
Yes definitely.
>> No. 32381
Searched the Web... nothing found.
>> No. 32478
Could you please post Stella set #43 plse :)
>> No. 32546
Brima is a studio from Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky in Ukraine...same studio and same people who sis TokyoDolls and |CandyDolls
>> No. 32576
File 15471318116.jpg - (34.43KB , 640x960 , brima14445099_1774151319503137_7412509782978315910.jpg )
Brima has nothing to do with Candydolls and TokyoDolls you stupid idiot. It's just a studio in Vinnitsa, Ukraine started by a dress maker and clothing designer named Elena. It has close ties to teenmodels.club
>> No. 32631
well THANK God they know proper lighting unlike teenmodels.club
>> No. 32658
Ned and Zecy are one of the same, you f'ckng idiot
>> No. 35524
Yes, I have all of Stella's sets from BrimaD. However as I've spent good money on them, and I'd like them to continue to produce sets, I dont want to give them away and cut their income.

>> No. 35526
File 154922175315.jpg - (892.35KB , 2800x4194 , Stella-wolfords.jpg )
Here's another set of Stella's
>> No. 35589
File 154923296154.jpg - (494.49KB , 2449x3687 , mackenzie-005-097 copy.jpg )
well then someone PLEASE buy Ned some fucking lightbulbs
>> No. 35881

Even if someone bought him some more light, he'd still need a real photographer to snap the pictures. ^_^
>> No. 36028
File 154957427248.jpg - (579.80KB , 2928x4386 , Stella-480-sample.jpg )
There's probably over 1000 sets now. My last order was a few months ago and they were up into the 800s.


Dont know where you got that its set 43. that's set 480
>> No. 36734
File 154994253928.jpg - (46.41KB , 533x800 , _DSC2271_533x800.jpg )
Full Set of this brima-Girl?
>> No. 36736
File 154994262823.jpg - (71.04KB , 1200x800 , 87_1200x800.jpg )
anyone please post full set
>> No. 36755

No one that is buying these sets is going to share them and be cut off from being able to buy new sets as BrimaD releases them.
Buy the sets if you're desperate for them. Until the studio closes, people are not going to spend their money to make you happy.
If/When the studio closes these sets will flood out, but until then... get used to waiting.

Someone who has bought sets from them explained it here:
>> No. 36756

Studio is still active and producing images. Buy them yourself.
>> No. 36757
File 154995682813.png - (166.46KB , 706x551 , hina-set.png )

$7 too much money for you?
>> No. 36766
Hi folks,
Found the brimamodels.com site, but can't find the options for buying sets..?
>> No. 36806
Email the address you find on the site (id recommened setting up a proton mail account)
they will send you a personal password to signon with.
Then you can get to the store page.
Its a basic shopping cart system. You can put in bogus information for your address. they deliver to your email account. You can also pay with btc if you want
>> No. 36821
No one is ever going to be cut off from being able to buy, no amount of watermarking is going to change that.

I'll let you in on a secret: Collectors buy these sets in groups and then share the sets to each other so they can have them all and invest the minimal amount. Eventually down the line the well dries up and then the sets are unhoarded. Since these don't contain nudes such as SS, the spill is going to be soon.

If you fear being cut off supply due to posting material then you're probably surfing the interwebs with your real identity or you don't know how to setup a VISA gift card or transfer funds anonymously or what "carding" a website means. In this case please stay away from ALL of us because you're doomed! When these producers get flipped (which they all do at some time) your name will make it top of the list for any LEA and s"it will hit the fan hard.

Just my 2 cents. Share, lurk or leech but don't say it's impossible to share 7 buck sets when back in the day when Vladmodel sets cost 100+ people where happily sharing them on usenet without any shekeling whatsoever.
>> No. 36850

Or it could be that some people want to support studios while they are active so that they produce MORE content. Why rob them of potential income? The more support they get... the more sets they will be encouraged to produce... the more content we eventually get.

Support producers until they stop producing. Sharing while a studio is open will only cause a studio to stop producing content sooner.

Play the long game, not the short game.
>> No. 37081

Yes! Is great. I buy many weeks ago. I cum to this set many time.
>> No. 38180
Hi all,
I have some some sets and videos from brimamodels .
If someone has also m we could exchange ,
Write on my personal e-mail THIS IS NOT A FUCKING TRADE CLUB
>> No. 38286

1.) No, markets don't work like that. Contrary to all the bullshit put out by record companies and video game developers, piracy does NOT cost producers income.

People who are going to buy your stuff...buy your stuff. People who aren't going to buy it...don't.

It's really that simple. Someone who goes to the trouble of pirating your stuff is highly unlikley to go buy it if they can't get it for free.

In other words, "copy protection" or, in this case, "boycotting" by refusing to post stuff from "active" producers, does NOTHING to increase sales or income for said producers. NOTHING.

2.) These boneheads always, always, always get caught. Every single time. No exceptions. All the old studios are gone now. The ones that are left - TeenModeling club (whatever the fuck NedFag calls his bullshit) or WALS/TPI are all producing stuff that is perfectly legal - basically Sears Catalog type stuff (sorry millennials, you'll have to google that).

Star Sessions, AMS, Webe Web, who are clearly crosing the line - always disappear.

SOOOO...let's share and post their shit as fast as it's produced. Never know when it's going to disappear for ever.
>> No. 38287
The two guys who were producing quality stuff that appealed to Jailbait lovers, TrueTeenBabes and Dave Hardman (ModelingDVDs, etc) are also gone. Jimmy Grady of TTB was smart enough to get the fuck out of the business whlie the getting was good.

Hardman was a moron - who not only apparently never did nude sets of Heather - but also just couldn't help himself and got himself fucked by a local vigilante group who'd been pursuing him for years.
>> No. 38334

BS. The only reason I bought sets from them is because I wanted them and no one was sharing them.
>> No. 38381
So bad news from twitter, apparently Stella's mom pulled her away from modeling contract. :(.

Such a shame, some of the outfits they posted on twitter are so tantalizing, see-through dresses and skimpy bikinis. Shame we won't see Stella in them.
>> No. 38471

>Markets dont work like that.

It's called Supply and Demand you dingleberry.
Markets work exactly like that. If you want something and its not available for free you buy it. Do you own a car, do you own a phone, do you own a computer? Did you get them for free or did you buy them because you wanted them.

From your post its clear you're just a entitled jerk.
>> No. 38482
File 155111800412.jpg - (103.05KB , 1200x1600 , p4010006.jpg )
It's hilarious how you all give advice and opinions on the subject of teen modeling agencies and websites when you have absolutely no experience in and rely on second-hand knowledge to base your opinions on. Just hilarious.

Here's some advice from an older wise man to you all: If you don't know what you're talking about, shut the fuck up.
>> No. 38593
that sucks. she was my fav.
>> No. 38769
File 155134422156.jpg - (467.43KB , 1800x2696 , DSC_4178c.jpg )
So none will share some pics of Jennifer in pantyhose?

Look at those pantyhosed feet...
>> No. 38792
File 155136837536.jpg - (961.01KB , 4000x6000 , Jenny-787-sample.jpg )

she's cute, but i havent gotten all of her sets. I bought one and i wasnt very happy with the range of her facial expressions. Most she had the same bored 'meh' face
>> No. 38814
File 155139732487.jpg - (258.35KB , 1011x1011 , jennifer_lucido.jpg )
Oh wow... she is marvelous to me! Thanx for sharing the pic.

However, I was thinking that her ultrashiny pantyhose set (named: Jennifer in black top photoset) should be first to be bought from her portfolio. She is wearing CDR Lucido pantyhose there. Picture related.

But if her facial expressions are not your thing, than that's another thing :)
>> No. 38869
>> Jennifer has a nice figure, but she rarely smiles. A little girls face lights up when they smile. I prefer girls who have no problem smiling throughout the set. they dont have to smile in every picture, but i do like some smiles. I like them showing enjoyment. like in this picture
>> No. 39056
My opinion is If you want US to BUY the SETS, please post a few good photo's from some better SETS, that might entice us to want to go to the http://brimamodels.com site and go through the the long process of buying, especially if they are as cheap as you say. This I would greatly appreciate... I prefer Jennifer, and Stella
>> No. 39094
>> No. 39095
Guys, how to search for brima in usenet? What words to search pool?
>> No. 39333
>> No. 39334
please post this cute set
>> No. 39493
Ive never seen a set above $16, but that was when it was brand new. After a few months it'll go down to $10, and then down from there. I've gotten some older sets for $3.
It's not a complicated process either. Email them for a login to the store.
Login, add sets to cart, purchase. I've purchased with BTC, and Ive never had a delay more than 8 hours.
the obivous ones. I looked around on Usenet and couldnt find any. I searched for months and couldnt find anything, that's why i bit the bullet and bought the sets i wanted.
>> No. 39523
They do not take credit cards at the present time. Maybe in the future.

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