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/mir/ ~ creampies & facials
File 154131908728.jpg - (216.04KB , 900x1001 , B6s66NrIQAAMaAS.jpg )
25942 No. 25942
i'll like to see a creampies & facials best of thread
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>> No. 26163
File 154145333453.jpg - (231.56KB , 1440x960 , 151982001489.jpg )
Me too...!!!...but...it seems the Rules here does not allow them...
>> No. 26255
File 154153109481.jpg - (303.79KB , 1280x960 , 140180444510.jpg )
>> No. 26256
>> No. 26264
File 154153183840.png - (485.83KB , 987x715 , 154125795745.png )
Definitely on board with facials.
>> No. 26352
Is that Kait ? Can you share some sets or videos of her please.
>> No. 30122
Yes, every girl should receive a natural insemination!
>> No. 31996
I would love to see more creampies and girls with cum on there face
>> No. 32834
more please
>> No. 32844
That Masha Babko, aka Siberian Mouse in the infamous blowjob and facial scene. Her willing participation in her uncle's porn videos cost her a modeling career. Her uncle went to prison.
>> No. 32846

Ok - you're half right.

The story is that Mariya (Masha) had a contract with the Ford Modeling Agency. When the story broke, she lost that deal.

The Russian people had no sympathy for her. She was - quite accurately - depicted as an accomplice and not a "victim". It seems that Sergei paid her thousands of dollars - far more than any of the other girls; after all, she was the star.

Sergei was not her uncle. But he did receive 12 years in a Siberian prison.

Apparently, some Russian mobster (the actual Russian mob not just a generic "criminal"), found out what he was doing and forced him - by threats - to have a "party" with two of the Siberian Mouse girls. Masha wasn't one of them. I'm not sure who they were.

In any event, the girls complained about being raped and Sergei was busted. Since you don't testify against the Russian mob (in Russia anyway; since Putin is their chief!), he got a 12 year bid in a Siberian prison of "strict regime" (which has echoes of the GULAG if you know what that means.)

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