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/mir/ ~ OMG Models JJ
File 154144957770.jpg - (1.13MB , 5616x3744 , 58faf550e7565.jpg )
26155 No. 26155
Search Videos from OMG Model with JJ (Jasmine Jade)
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>> No. 31992
File 154664884747.png - (79.75KB , 434x129 , d557a1a5-7e32-4d7c-a7da-e25233d16bfc.png )
Anyone have Adain's/Andrew's model named Kira?
>> No. 31993
File 154664960061.png - (115.54KB , 641x130 , 5534243e-7443-4a78-8bd7-8b0bf5f55d6c.png )
Or Breanne.
>> No. 32018
File 154668322842.jpg - (142.10KB , 867x1300 , Nadia - with Sylvia - Xmas - Gallery 19 - (66).jpg )

So some of the ALA sets - Sylvia supermodel/Laney and her sister Nadia were shot in this studio but not by the same guy who did these OMG sets.

Hmmm. I didn't know jailbait photographers networked.
>> No. 32019
File 154668362957.jpg - (124.12KB , 867x1300 , laney - sylvia supermodel 10 - (26).jpg )
>> No. 32020
File 154668364982.jpg - (138.16KB , 867x1300 , laney - sylvia supermodel 10 - (47).jpg )
>> No. 32051
>> Anyone that knows Andrew S. aka Adain At knows he was a paranoid fuck. Look at some of high school reviews of a few of his students saying he acted shady as fuck.

Where am I going with this? That it was he that did the photography of Nadia and her sister.
>> No. 32074
TAC edition number 19 - January 2019
Released here first!
>> No. 32089
File 154674557778.jpg - (48.41KB , 480x852 , 49161947_2223297787940509_4671008467496992768_n.jpg )
>> No. 32074

TAC, her name is Jasmine Jade TooKayoot Hednrick.
>> No. 32090
File 154674567067.jpg - (76.24KB , 716x960 , 48991625_2223613241242297_4829246504474509312_n.jpg )
Correction: Jasmine-Jade TooKayoot Hedrick
>> No. 32097
File 154675504959.jpg - (368.91KB , 1280x1920 , 107_IMG_6999b.jpg )
JJ Set 107

>TAC edition number 19 - January 2019
>Released here first!

Holy crap! TACDude honors us!

The additions document is a GREAT idea. Thanks!
>> No. 32098
File 154675512673.jpg - (320.11KB , 1280x1920 , 108_IMG_7496b.jpg )
JJ Set 108

>Hmmm. I didn't know jailbait photographers networked.

They totally do. This guy Aryx (https://www.modelmayhem.com/aryx) was a hobbyist who shot several of Adain's models. Seemed like a nice guy and, did good work without coming across as a sleaze like Adain. Poor guy passed away.
>> No. 32099
What is the value in doxxing her?
>> No. 32102
NM - I left you a message over at that vola. Hopefully we can help each other out
>> No. 32133
thanks TAC dude, nice host.
& the OMG dudes of course.
>> No. 32146
TAC the best way to get substancial info i simply love those editions:)
thanks a million got latest in another thread

thanks NM for jj 107 & 108 and whatever showing up ahead in here.........

no point of giving hints about the most basic safety standards to a club of schoolmates
bye boys have fun as long it'll last.......
>> No. 32192
>> No. 32099

So that TAC can update his list. I've done this a few times for him back in 2008 on AnonIB.
>> No. 32791
File 154734011371.jpg - (346.35KB , 1920x1280 , 109_IMG_7738b.jpg )
JJ Set 109
>> No. 32793
File 154734106685.jpg - (421.09KB , 1280x1920 , 110_IMG_7844b.jpg )
JJ Set 110
>> No. 32794
File 154734116683.jpg - (433.20KB , 1280x1920 , 111_IMG_8164b.jpg )
JJ Set 111
>> No. 33465
No. 32791

Beautiful ass and titties. I hope he got to play with her kitty or kiss her at least.
>> No. 33476
>Beautiful ass and titties

how can you tell? She doesn't show anything.
>> No. 33527

I thought when anon died a thread would surface again somewhere, but after a while I really started to wonder. Glad to see NM and folks still trying to keep this alive.

Looking forward to the Step & Trix sets and vids, other than the missing Aly set from box 5, those have been my grail.
>> No. 33673
I hope someone will share some rare stuff that isn't readily available on nonuderama (aside from what's been posted here).

Jenn and her older sister Kim. There are apparently sets of Kim out there. Jenn vids are hard to find other than a few from NNR.
According to TAC about Kim's stuff:
"Non-Nude, Partial Breast Exposure & Covered Topless & Semi-See-Thru Top & Areola+Nipple Exposure Between Hole Pattern in Hoodie & Semi-See-Thru Panties & Partial+Full Bottomless & Mildly Spread Legs in Kim's solo photo box released 14 September 2010"
Archived link in case that gets deleted:
>> No. 33741
Someone posted this picture of Trixie on 155chan on the Kasumi thread in /sw/. There is a video of her from when this picture is taken but the set isn't anywhere online it seems.
>> No. 33984
File 154835811022.jpg - (757.12KB , 3456x5184 , 608_IMG_8089.jpg )
It was 7 years ago late today (or early tomorrow) that the OMG sites died for the final time.

Hard to believe it has been that long.

Let us have a moment of silence ...
>> No. 34063
File 154837824624.jpg - (758.80KB , 5616x3744 , 1575_IMG_7928.jpg )
Annie and Nacy, sisters (both on TAC)
>> No. 34068
File 15483814956.jpg - (173.38KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-24-18h54m46s788.jpg )
Annie and Nancy again. There is a set to go with this video but the pictures that went along with this part of the video must have gone to a special buyer for a high price.
>> No. 34069
File 154838153946.jpg - (213.19KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-07-17h12m44s206.jpg )
A screen shot of a video with Abigail of a brief second where it wasn't censored.
>> No. 34073
File 154838324839.jpg - (96.79KB , 500x750 , CKrb9S.jpg )
NNR guy, I know you are watching this thread. A couple things:
It would be great if you could differentiate between OMG girls and OMG18 girls. Obviously not all the girls on your site under the OMG Models were actually on that site.

Also, the girl in the picture, you just uploaded her. You got her name wrong. Her name is Jenn (as found in TAC).

Otherwise you are doing good work by collecting the sets. I feel sorry for those who can't buy premium mountfile. If I had the bandwidth, I would upload for all.
>> No. 34253
Which girls did Andrew fuck on video?
>> No. 34260
Over 18 ones
>> No. 34262
File 154856048940.jpg - (202.64KB , 1000x1500 , 135237_3.jpg )
The guy at the NNR site erroneously posted a zip of misc photos of Jenn's sister Kim under the wrong name. Fix your error to prevent it from confusing people in the future.

Here is "Jazmien Kaay" who is on TAC.
I have not seen her sets before.
>> No. 34268
File 154856627128.jpg - (905.57KB , 1302x2545 , 1B930ED0-38F3-4F06-AE49-2E7C67C277CB.jpg )
Do you have this set of Aimee? If so can you please upload it?
>> No. 34353
File 154863966888.jpg - (216.88KB , 765x990 , trixie-nude.jpg )
Someone asked for Trixie nude in g1309. Here it is.
pw: kasumi

I am not planning on posting all of my Trixie sets, because as you know the sets are fucking huge and take a long time to upload. But if there are 1 or 2 that you really want, I could do that sometime in the future.
Pic is all the nude Trixie sets I have. I don't know whether this is all of them.
She is completely nude and barefoot in all of them, though she doesn't show the same amount in all of them.
In g1306 and g1311, she doesn't show much pussy at all.
In g1308 and g1310, she is full frontal nude and with legs spread wide but shot from above, so we don't see much detail of her pussy.
In g1316, she is nude beside fully clothed Stephanie, and we see her pussy mostly when she is sitting with her feet up on the cushion.
But she is in full fucktoy mode in g1307, g1309, g1312 and g1315, spreading her legs pretty wide and leaning back to show her pussy. She never spreads her pussy, in fact I think Aidan never got them to do that <18.
TAC lists her as 14 earlier in the year, and I think she's 14 here too because there is that vid of her and Stephanie in the tub where she says she's 14. That vid was probably shot that day.
>> No. 34376
>> No. 34377
BTW where did you find them? I've looked all over for months.
>> No. 34388
can you please upload Trixie g1315?
>> No. 34412
I second the request for more nude trixie. At least the other "fucktoy" sets?
>> No. 34522

Hear! Hear! for the sex toys sets.

Thanks for posting the other one but half a gig for black & white pics? I can't fap to that!

Also, maybe consider compressing the pics? They're big enough that a 50% reduction shouldn't damage the quality and it will make up/dling a lot quicker....
>> No. 34893
She does in her videos
>> No. 35095
dude, you are weird! Can't fap to b/w? Then don't comment! Also you seem to have a serious problem with reading: guy was talking of "fucktoy" as in >>34353, not "sex toys".
>> No. 35349
>> No. 34262

More of her! wow
>> No. 36127
>> No. 36200
>> No. 31992

Post Kira!
>> No. 36359
File 154975557067.jpg - (305.01KB , 1498x2246 , 1315_IMG_3002.jpg )
Trixie g1315 on the bed:
pw: kasumi
I got some of them from anonib. I think they were posted by NM. I don't remember where I got all of them from.
I don't want to pollute the upload space by posting lower-quality pics. Most fans want to be able to zoom in for all the details.
Exactly. Trixie herself is the fucktoy!
>> No. 36410
34262 girl is fantastic! Please someone has more, set?
>> No. 36423
thanks kasumi.......
we share similar thoughts about polluting as well
i'd rather dl something on the larger side as it's what the photog intended for starters
btw this set is appreciated as usual:)
>> No. 36528
Our Friend Adain At is a asset artist on the Unity Engine.

>> No. 36747
NM or others: does anyone have the Anais Box 6 sets that aren't just the cropped/zoomed-in pics of her face? I downloaded them off anonib years ago and apparently whoever shared those had censored versions that cropped out the nudity.
>> No. 36815

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