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/mir/ ~ OMG Models JJ
File 154144957770.jpg - (1.13MB , 5616x3744 , 58faf550e7565.jpg )
26155 No. 26155
Search Videos from OMG Model with JJ (Jasmine Jade)
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>> No. 29997
She's beautiful. Did nude stuff too! Can anybody share sets or links
>> No. 30103
File 154494644326.jpg - (760.22KB , 2592x3888 , 88_IMG_1534.jpg )
JJ Set 88
pass: OMG
>> No. 30104
File 154494796040.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
That granny will be banished to /sw/ soon.
>> No. 30110

Jehovah's Witnesses and Anti-Semites - never met one who wasn't a moron. NO exceptions.


>> No. 30138
and that may also be the only kind of stuff you'll find in your christmassock this year;)
as you're obviously too young to even be here if she's a granny
no offence meant but all here is so obcessed with planks ara all here carpenters or what
natures design can't fail you know or it's been boards planks and nothing else lol
thanks mods you're doing a great job even if we visitors may have our doubts sometimes
merry christmas ad a happy new year to you and the others making this a place we like a lot:)
>> No. 30193
more revealing pics to post of her?
>> No. 30202
File 154501226332.jpg - (762.98KB , 2592x3888 , 89_IMG_1740.jpg )
JJ Set 89
pass: OMG

>more revealing pics to post of her?

I'm posting what I have. She's only got a few really decent sets, and those only have a few really decent photos in them. Even the best stuff has nothing explicit. Her content is from before Adain really threw caution into the wind. Plus she seemed to be a little on the timid side.
>> No. 30204
can someonepost her vids, i had like 5 vids back in the day but i lost them.
>> No. 30206
please post videos
>> No. 30222
These are boring. And that's a shame! The photographer has no imagination and doesn't understand how to get the best pics of this girl.

She's cute AND flirty - you can see it in her eyes. A good Lenseman or woman would have been able to coax her out of her shell.

As it is...snooooze.
>> No. 30278
File 154509091848.jpg - (890.36KB , 2592x3888 , 90_IMG_1906.jpg )
JJ Set 90
pass: OMG

Yes, she is kind of boring. For those of you familiar with the site, this is older content (when he was tamer) and this is one of his youngest models. This is probably mostly of interest to collectors.

Vids are coming. I'm posting what I have in chronological order, as best as I can determine it. I have like 3 shoots and vids for 2 shoots.
>> No. 30293
I hope you have the vids that have some slips in them, thanks in advance.
>> No. 30294
youre awesome my friend ty
>> No. 30704
File 154536497214.jpg - (819.22KB , 2592x3888 , 91_IMG_1944.jpg )
JJ Set 91
pass: OMG
>> No. 30795
File 154544171637.jpg - (646.40KB , 2592x3888 , 92_IMG_2132.jpg )
JJ Set 92
Pass: OMG
>> No. 30858
do she show her bush?
>> No. 30869

she doesn't show anything
>> No. 30874
File 15455113625.jpg - (881.65KB , 2592x3888 , 93_IMG_2267.jpg )
JJ Set 93

>do she show her bush?

No. Doesn't blatantly show anything. Has some slips here and there. Her later stuff is more interesting, but still not explicit. As I said previously, this content is probably mostly of interest to collectors and/or people who have a thing for her.
>> No. 31021
File 154563251984.jpg - (940.24KB , 2592x3888 , 94_IMG_2637.jpg )
JJ Set 94
pass: OMG

This one is the most "interesting" so far. Pic is relevant. But also about as good as it gets.
>> No. 31063
File 154567948684.jpg - (959.44KB , 2592x3888 , 95_IMG_2802.jpg )
JJ Set 95
pass: OMG
>> No. 31108
How old was she?
>> No. 31111
File 154576355367.jpg - (442.68KB , 1280x1920 , 96_IMG_3113b.jpg )
JJ Set 96
pass: OMG

>How old was she?

The TAC document says she was born September 1997. It says her 1st shoot was October 2009 and her 3rd shoot was October 2010.

I was never able to independently confirm her age, but the TAC is fairly reliable. And it's easy to believe by looking at the pics.
>> No. 31114
So happy to see you here NM. By any chance do you have Trixies earlier sets/videos? I have only seen her last box videos and sets lately
>> No. 31119
File 154579264911.jpg - (925.69KB , 1872x2808 , Trixie 18OMG Shoot 01 1309_IMG_1203c.jpg )
>So happy to see you here NM.

Hello, old AnonIB anon. You have any idea where people went after AnonIB died?

>By any chance do you have Trixies earlier sets/videos?

I have pics from her 1st OMGModels shoot, a lone vid from her 2nd shoot, pics and vids from her 1st 18OMG shoot (which was really nice), and some pics and vids from the 2-girl shoot she did with Stephanie.

Sample pic is from the 4th gallery of her 1st (and only?) 18OMG Shoot.
>> No. 31124
I have seen some of the anonib threads in the three forums here in the Sw section. Nonuderama is also reposting many of the 18omg and omg material

You have already posted the first 18omg shot (pics and vids) and is where the photo came from... The 2 girls shot that was made with stephanie has the 2 vids from bathtub and 2 in the bed? there is more material?
Can you post the video from her second shot? I really want it! is a shame nobody have more videos from the frist and second shot.

I will post what I have from her earlier sets
>> No. 31125
File 154580121089.jpg - (371.60KB , 936x1404 , 1615_0006.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31126
File 154580127538.jpg - (393.93KB , 936x1404 , 1616_0225.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31127
File 154580129582.jpg - (914.61KB , 1872x2808 , 1617_0360.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31128
File 15458013106.jpg - (388.69KB , 936x1404 , 1618_0706.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31129
File 154580133974.jpg - (407.59KB , 936x1404 , 1619_0913.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31130
File 154580135582.jpg - (324.91KB , 936x1404 , 1620_1193.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31131
File 154580138037.jpg - (442.57KB , 1404x936 , 1621_IMG_0084.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31132
File 154580139820.jpg - (444.43KB , 936x1404 , 1622_IMG_0235.jpg )
pass: OMG
>> No. 31143
File 154580703438.jpg - (104.76KB , 720x406 , vlc-trix2_1-8K_avi 00_00_01 -00001.jpg )
>Can you post the video from her second shot? I really want it!

Here's the video I have. Its name indicates it comes from a 2nd shoot, but I do not know whether it is her 2nd OMG or 2nd 18OMG. It's also apparently been resized. This is how I found it.
pass: OMG

>The 2 girls shot that was made with stephanie has the 2 vids from bathtub and 2 in the bed?
>there is more material?

I have the same 4 vids you do. I also have 3 sets of photos that correspond with 3 of the vids. I am aware of no other material.

> I will post what I have from her earlier sets

I see you posted sets 1615 thru 1622. I also have a 1623. Do you need it?
>> No. 31147

Try this link: https://mountfile.net/d/CKx8Yg
>> No. 31148
Some nice posts here, but this is being done in the wrong way.


Also, never use Zip. It's shitty software and it's a bust - the encryption is complete garbage. Use winrar, or, if you must, 7zip.
>> No. 31149
OH yeah - use better passwords on the "controversial" stuff.

OM+G^7373()_@ is a much more secure pw than just OMG.

>> No. 31150
"Sample pic is from the 4th gallery of her 1st (and only?) 18OMG Shoot."

So there's a full set of her fully nude?

Well, sir, please post that one! The NN stuff is really tame.
>> No. 31155
cmon Mountfile?
Thats the lamest Host ever, could you choose another please?
>> No. 31164
File 154583313363.jpg - (509.87KB , 936x1404 , 1623_IMG_0586.jpg )
thanks of the advice regarding the passwords
Is a shame there is not more from trixie

I have the 1623 but with another name in the hdd, found and posted

PASS: OM+G^7373()_@
>> No. 31215
>> No. 31111

That's amazing info. It makes her pics that much more enjoyable to look at, knowing her age then.

Where is the TAC document stored? I remember seeing it a few years ago.
>> No. 31221
File 154587971273.jpg - (652.31KB , 2592x3888 , 97_IMG_3489.jpg )
JJ Set 97

>Where is the TAC document stored? I remember seeing it a few years ago.

TACDude posts links to it. He's active on this chan and/or related chans (144, 155). You could check some of his threads for a link.

The most recent version I have the 18th edition, and it is almost 3 years old. It was published 29/12/2015.
>> No. 31222
File 154587997253.jpg - (858.52KB , 2592x3888 , 98_IMG_3565.jpg )
JJ Set 98
>> No. 31223
Aidan used to run sfbaymodels. https://web.archive.org/web/20100107030958/http://www.sfbaymodels.com:80/

Anyone know what happened to him?
>> No. 31224
File 154588217652.jpg - (976.24KB , 2592x3888 , 99_IMG_3939.jpg )
JJ Set 99
>> No. 31225
>Aidan used to run sfbaymodels. Anyone know what happened to him?

He opened OMGModels which had a lot of these <18 models. The site closed with only a couple of days notice on 03 April 2011.

He opened 18OMG a few weeks later. It was ostensibly an 18+ site, but he operated a hidden <18 site within it. The hidden site was basically the old OMGModels, though it was watermarked 18OMG.

Over the next several months his content got bolder and bolder, showing things that would have been blurred or edited out entirely a couple of years prior.

Late on 24 Jan 2012 the 18OMG site closed without warning. It was clear something big had happened. And it had happened suddenly, because the pics for Abi's 3rd 18OMG shoot had been uploaded shortly before the site closed.

Adain had already been operating LotsOfModels on the side for some time. That was a site he set up for other photographers to run their own "stores". He set up an OMG store that sold old OMG content, but as far as I could tell it was all 18+.

He also operated a store named "Madison Park Photography" where he photographed new models. AFAIK never publicly acknowledged it was him doing the photography, but it was obvious to anyone who was a fan of his work.

That site soldiered on for another 4 years, but closed sometime in the Spring of 2016.

A few months later an anon who claimed to have been in contact with him said Adain had lost all his computer equipment and stored files in a DHS/ICE raid shortly after he closed 18OMG. The raid was apparently related to a false sexual assault allegation from a model he had accused of stealing from him. AFAIK, no charges were ever filed against him. But he lost all his stuff.

No idea what he has been up to since closing LoM.

BTW, for those of you who don't know, before he started photographing nude high schools he was a high school teacher. That is apparently where he developed his loli-whispering skills.
>> No. 31226
any chance of jj's videos?
>> No. 31227
NM - How can i get in contact with you? I'm another fan and we've traded sets on omg for years now. There aren't many of us left.
>> No. 31228
I think we can help each other out. What's the best way to discreetly contact you?
>> No. 31232
Amazing thread. I never thought I would see Trixie's other photo sets. I always assumed there was only one (the first one she did which is not "controversial" at all). Thank you for posting them. Stephanie was another one who I wished had more. And Lauran too. All of her stuff that I've seen is NN except for the videos with Ariana.
>> No. 31233
The gaps in the numbering of Trixie's pic sets is peculiar. I wonder if they ended up as some kind of "VIP only" bonus set or he just didn't take the time to renumber the sequence.
>> No. 31248

"But he lost all his stuff."

After Jimmy Grady of TrueTeenBabes was acquitted of 8000 CP charges in his Colorado trial, he'd spent a year in jail because no one would bail him out.

Anyway, when he was released and they returned his camera equipment and lights to him they were all broken, none of it worked. Cops had deliberately destroyed his stuff.

After all, what was he going to do, sue?

Still he managed to recover, buy new stuff, move to Florida and relaunch TTB in an entirely legal way.
>> No. 31250
So is there a nude set of Trixie? Or is it just that one pic? She's got a gorgeous little pussy. And the fact she's Asian, makes her pretty rare as far as JB porn is concerned.
>> No. 31255
hope my post won't mess up any of op's future posts.....
maybe someone from anonib posted these originaly if so CTOP

jj vids

all 9 parts a must extract from part 1 only

pass: 0m6%J4rM1N3

>> No. 31295
He seriously blurred out the nip slips in his videos? What a fucking asshole.
>> No. 31299
omg dude your the best. thank you for the videos.
>> No. 31300
i think i had one where she was wearing purple top and leather pants, decent one but nothing out of this world.
i someone has more of this agency where they wear leather pants, hope you can share.
>> No. 31301
i guess its been awhile since i first saw the vids. i coulda sworn the slips werent blurred.
>> No. 31304
early sets were blurred, later sets were not
>> No. 31317
He likes having his models blow him. anon-v.com/videos/1249/adrien-sfbaymodels-com-4971dc2fd02acbbc
>> No. 31369
File 154604132082.jpg - (540.37KB , 1296x1944 , 100_IMG_4231b.jpg )
JJ Set 100
>> No. 31370
File 15460418032.jpg - (518.81KB , 1296x1944 , 101_IMG_4558b.jpg )
Aaaaand this is the last set from her 1st shoot!

JJ Set 101

>> No. 31371
Wow! Looks like we have ourselves a legit OMG thread. "If you post it, they will come."

>NM - How can i get in contact with you?
>What's the best way to discreetly contact you?

It's been several years since I did any communicating without anyone outside of boards like this. I suppose we would experiment with trading PGP-encrypted messages if you really wanted to. We could just include them with the content we post.

>All of her stuff that I've seen is NN except for the videos with Ariana.

Adain actually talked her into full frontal nudity a few months prior to that, in her first 18OMG shoot. And he talked her into brief toplessness the prior year in her 5th OMGModels shoot. That 5th shoot was interesting because she seemed to be resisting nudity for the entire shoot, looking angry a couple of times and even arguing with him at one point.

>The gaps in the numbering of Trixie's pic sets is peculiar.
>I wonder if they ended up as some kind of "VIP only" bonus set
>or he just didn't take the time to renumber the sequence.

He didn't take the time to renumber. Usually it was a bad photo here or there. But occassionally there would be ranges of dozens of photos missing, and people theorized that he got stuff that was "too good" to be released. This was sometimes confirmed by comparing the pics to the vids. He eventually saw people discussing this on teh intarwebs and started renumbering the sets.

>He likes having his models blow him.

AFAIK he never did teh sex with the <18 models. But he photographed these girls for several years and he was an epic sleaze, so it almost defies belief that it never, ever happened.

He did, however, wrap the <18 models in ribbon and chains. And we see from a few vids of the adult models that he basically used this as an opportunity to grope them. And my controversial "bad lip reading" of the videos indicates some of them were talking to Adain about where his fingers had been during that process.
>> No. 31395
NM, sorry - there's at least two of us that you responded to.
I'm the one that has been posting with you on anon for some time now. I asked you to post the Canadian Jenn stuff awhile ago and was putting up the Sammie and Jen stuff. I'll start using MN so that it's different.
I was also a member of the site from 2010-close.
There's so few of us around that it's exciting to find another omg fan now. I'm not sure how to do the PGP encryption but can figure it out if needed.
I have so many requests but don't want to be a leecher - that's the contact you part so that I can give back.
Do you have the Jennikah sets? I only have 2 from her last box. Anymore?
>> No. 31403
File 154605539698.jpg - (886.29KB , 3744x5616 , 1540_IMG_2994.jpg )

See if you can create a new thread somewhere where we can talk without crapping up this thread.

Pic is "Crystal" who later did teh pron as an adult under the name "Jazlyn Dimez".
>> No. 31407
File 154605807689.jpg - (401.62KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2018-12-23-00h17m33s930.jpg )
Does this work?


Although I like Layla I bought more of Alazai and had a thing for her instead
>> No. 31409
NM you're awesome thanks for all the sets.
any chance you might have those nude sets?
>> No. 31410
Thanks for the rare uploads gents. You guys have done good work and it is appreciated.

Speaking of videos, some of his videos with Steph and Trixie show him taking pictures where their legs are definitely opened. These must have been pictures that got exlcluded from the sets or just saved for members who paid "extra" for them.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to more rare goods if you guys could be so kind to post them.
>> No. 31417
File 154607103693.jpg - (925.53KB , 3744x5616 , 1540_IMG_2991.jpg )
>Does this work?

Looks good. I posted a file there for you. See if you can download it and read it. I did rich text format because that seemed pretty safe, but I can do plain text if you prefer.

>NM you're awesome thanks for all the sets.
>any chance you might have those nude sets?

Which nude sets? I'm having overlapping conversations about multiple models with multiple people. Help a brother out with some detail. If you're talking about Lauran, I have the stuff I mentioned in my prior reply.

>> 31410
>some of his videos with Steph and Trixie show him taking pictures where their legs are definitely opened.
>These must have been pictures that got exlcluded from the sets or just saved for members who paid "extra" for them.

Nope. The pics were published. I even posted one the Trixie pics you are referring to in a reply above. That Trixie shoot is from the last 6 months of the site, when he really threw caution into the wind.

(pic attached: moar Crystal)
>> No. 31428
>>31255 by me

>>31369 & >>31370
never seen these sets b4 now i also know what # 1 cropped preview actually have
someone had a preview with logo cropped out never told it's jj set 100 though......
thanks NM much appreciated:)
>> No. 31429
>>31255 & >>31428 by me

to anyone who might know.......
i've seen a preview of a girl named garnet & yes omg or sfbaymodels
where i've found a couple of the vids here >>31255 the garnet prev where added
never got any info just her name not the particular studio except it was related the omg sfbay........

btw it's an easier way for you nm & mn to communicate without crapping up the thread.......
image commenter use every encryption for your msgs and add the photos inside any file you'd like
none execpt you can get the msg well the critical point is when to chose encryption;)
works excellent and no separate threads needed
plus it's nice for someone like me who have added a bit here and there to read true fans info
but i've never communicated with any other anon well not visibly anyway........
>> No. 31439
File 154610496025.jpg - (653.51KB , 1872x2808 , 1355_0177b.jpg )
>i've seen a preview of a girl named garnet
Garnet did a shoot on OMGModels. I have several vids and one pic set that were posted on AnonIB. I can post the picset now, but the vids will have to wait for another day.

Garnet Set 1355
pass: OMG

In 2014, an anon who claimed to know her IRL posted a chat log of a conversation he had with her. The chat appears to be from 03/23/2012, based on the info shown and the fact that she said, "Just that a few months ago his website went offline". I included the chat in the file I posted. (note: "ME" in the chat is the original anon.) It gives a little insight into his methods. Assuming it is legit, of course.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the chat:
>"It was sleazy"

>"I wouldn't even know what the images you're talking about look like ... because he never sent me any of those"

"I didn't quite realize what it was until much later, too late"

>"wasn't aware any nude shots were taken ... that was not what I signed up for"

>"... we didn't really discuss the shoot ahead of time ... and I would say I was coaxed into doing implied ... it wasn't what I expected, however"

> "he offered more money ... and he gave me more than what he said he'd pay"

And this corraborates what other people have said:
>"Homeland Security called my mother"
>> No. 31441
File 154610556828.jpg - (0.97MB , 1872x2808 , Aimee_1015_IMG_1377b.jpg )
>Does this work?

Hey, last night I tried creating a discussion thread in /spam/ and it did not show up. So I asked you to see if you could create a discussion thread somewhere.

I checked /spam/ today and my thread is there. So we can try using that thread, if you want. Vola can be a little funky. One of my Tor IPs was banned there. But we can keep Vola in our back pockets as an option for when we both happen to be on at the same time and want to chat in real time.

Here's the thread:

(preview pic is Aimee)
>> No. 31456
I wonder what he is telling Jasmine in the video. Love how he reaches out to spread her legs. Super sexy.
>> No. 31457
sorry my friend. the ones of jj.
>> No. 31514
>> No. 31439 I love how Garnet is playing the victim and blames everything on her age. Some girls use the same defense when someone convinces them taking topless pics at 17 is really bad, where it's fine in Germany and other countries.

I also wonder what Jasmine Jade looks like now. I assume she is 21 or 22 now. I couldn't find her on Model Mayhem, but see that Adaim AT is on there, but unable to send him a private message.
>> No. 31537
Here is the link to TAC Dude's model information.

Pass: BeejerIsBack@CAP
>> No. 31593

How many sets did crystal do? And have they been shared? She's a cutie
>> No. 31599
File 154629133455.jpg - (320.87KB , 1920x1930 , OMG-JJ-1251.jpg )
We need this set. =]
>> No. 31613
File 154631414879.jpg - (430.63KB , 1280x1920 , 102_IMG_5850b.jpg )
JJ Set 102

>How many sets did crystal do?

She did only 1 OMG shoot that I am aware of. She was doing adult teh pr0n within 6 months.

>We need this set.

Patience. It's one of her last. And best.
>> No. 31614
File 154631418750.jpg - (393.28KB , 1280x1920 , 103_IMG_5921b.jpg )
JJ Set 103
>> No. 31617
I really want to see what jJ looks like today. Unfortunately JJ or Jasmine Jade isn't a real name, or I would have easily found her.
>> No. 31644
TAC #19 is still in development. Thanks for your interest. I am trying to complete it soon to my satisfaction.
>> No. 31646
Under which name she did teh pr0n?
>> No. 31654
>>No. 31644

Update Jasmine's real name like you did with some of the other OMGModels.
>> No. 31655

You're the author of TAC? I find it hard to believe you would suddenly show up on a random chan thread... Very odd!

But IF you are that guy, thanks a lot. You've done a shit ton of amazing research.

You've helped us establish which little jailbait model was actually jailbait...
>> No. 31662
>TAC #19 is still in development. Thanks for your interest. I am trying to complete it soon to my satisfaction.

TACDude! Good to see you again.

>You're the author of TAC?
>I find it hard to believe you would suddenly show up on a random chan thread

It seems odd to you that he would be watching threads related to the very topic he has written an epic document about? LOL.

He's been in several threads on 180,150,144, and used to show up on AnonIB back in the day. He's everywhere. This is what he does.
>> No. 31666
>> No. 31662

I actually contributed some of his content back in the AnonIB/12Chan days.
>> No. 31707
>>31429 by me and some other yes......

thanks never seen any sets of garnet previously
no hurry with vids i'm really grateful to see this set:)
million thanks for garnet made this day so much nicer.........

i may add some in the discussionthread......info well maybe not as much maybe some other thoughts though
>> No. 31721

Of course there's now way to know, or for you to prove, you're the author. to compile the editions of TAC you had to violate the entire fucking penal code.

Seriously, I could claim to be Joan of Arc, how would you know otherwise?

I've been around this scene for a good while now and I've never heard anyone claim to the TAC guy before.

Damned shame about AnonIB - grabbed some good stuff from there.
>> No. 31732
Looking at her legs, she looks like she's been shooting heroin and abused. This looks like a trafficked girl. Hard for me to look past that.
>> No. 31779
As NM told you, of course I follow the latest news and chatter. T. Dixon, C. Masterson, V. Olegovna, K. Mospanyuk, K. Lengard, C. Mac Farland... Who are they? You will find out.
>> No. 31801
File 154647304487.jpg - (373.48KB , 1320x1980 , 104_IMG_6302b.jpg )
JJ Set 104

Interestingly, the associated vid for this ends well before the buttnekkidity. (And, yes, I intend to eventually post the vid.)

And I neglected to point out that starting with Set 102 this is her 2nd shoot.
>> No. 31808
>> No. 31801

Makes you hate Adain for not sharing the rest of her during this shoot. I bet you he go to see a lot of that body, and maybe even played with it.
>> No. 31823
you're a legend mate,ty.
>> No. 31884
File 154656820449.jpg - (456.44KB , 1280x1920 , 105_IMG_6455b.jpg )
JJ Set 105
>> No. 31885
File 154656838555.jpg - (395.90KB , 1280x1920 , 106_IMG_6870b.jpg )
JJ Set 106
>> No. 31895
Adain also was the photographer for Nadia and sold his sets to A Little Agency.

>> No. 31897
Some of the Nadia and Laney sets were certainly shot in Adain's studio. In my conversation with Adain he agreed on that point but said he wasn't their photographer. He sometimes had other photogs pay him for use of its space and equipment.
>> No. 31898
And Nadia also did sets for Adain's other website. https://web.archive.org/web/20050527093455/http://www.sfteenmodels.com:80/
>> No. 31902
>> No. 31897
Adain AT wasn't his real name. It's Andrew S.
>> No. 31992
File 154664884747.png - (79.75KB , 434x129 , d557a1a5-7e32-4d7c-a7da-e25233d16bfc.png )
Anyone have Adain's/Andrew's model named Kira?
>> No. 31993
File 154664960061.png - (115.54KB , 641x130 , 5534243e-7443-4a78-8bd7-8b0bf5f55d6c.png )
Or Breanne.
>> No. 32018
File 154668322842.jpg - (142.10KB , 867x1300 , Nadia - with Sylvia - Xmas - Gallery 19 - (66).jpg )

So some of the ALA sets - Sylvia supermodel/Laney and her sister Nadia were shot in this studio but not by the same guy who did these OMG sets.

Hmmm. I didn't know jailbait photographers networked.
>> No. 32019
File 154668362957.jpg - (124.12KB , 867x1300 , laney - sylvia supermodel 10 - (26).jpg )
>> No. 32020
File 154668364982.jpg - (138.16KB , 867x1300 , laney - sylvia supermodel 10 - (47).jpg )
>> No. 32051
>> Anyone that knows Andrew S. aka Adain At knows he was a paranoid fuck. Look at some of high school reviews of a few of his students saying he acted shady as fuck.

Where am I going with this? That it was he that did the photography of Nadia and her sister.
>> No. 32074
TAC edition number 19 - January 2019
Released here first!
>> No. 32089
File 154674557778.jpg - (48.41KB , 480x852 , 49161947_2223297787940509_4671008467496992768_n.jpg )
>> No. 32074

TAC, her name is Jasmine Jade TooKayoot Hednrick.
>> No. 32090
File 154674567067.jpg - (76.24KB , 716x960 , 48991625_2223613241242297_4829246504474509312_n.jpg )
Correction: Jasmine-Jade TooKayoot Hedrick
>> No. 32097
File 154675504959.jpg - (368.91KB , 1280x1920 , 107_IMG_6999b.jpg )
JJ Set 107

>TAC edition number 19 - January 2019
>Released here first!

Holy crap! TACDude honors us!

The additions document is a GREAT idea. Thanks!
>> No. 32098
File 154675512673.jpg - (320.11KB , 1280x1920 , 108_IMG_7496b.jpg )
JJ Set 108

>Hmmm. I didn't know jailbait photographers networked.

They totally do. This guy Aryx (https://www.modelmayhem.com/aryx) was a hobbyist who shot several of Adain's models. Seemed like a nice guy and, did good work without coming across as a sleaze like Adain. Poor guy passed away.
>> No. 32099
What is the value in doxxing her?
>> No. 32102
NM - I left you a message over at that vola. Hopefully we can help each other out
>> No. 32133
thanks TAC dude, nice host.
& the OMG dudes of course.
>> No. 32146
TAC the best way to get substancial info i simply love those editions:)
thanks a million got latest in another thread

thanks NM for jj 107 & 108 and whatever showing up ahead in here.........

no point of giving hints about the most basic safety standards to a club of schoolmates
bye boys have fun as long it'll last.......
>> No. 32192
>> No. 32099

So that TAC can update his list. I've done this a few times for him back in 2008 on AnonIB.
>> No. 32791
File 154734011371.jpg - (346.35KB , 1920x1280 , 109_IMG_7738b.jpg )
JJ Set 109
>> No. 32793
File 154734106685.jpg - (421.09KB , 1280x1920 , 110_IMG_7844b.jpg )
JJ Set 110
>> No. 32794
File 154734116683.jpg - (433.20KB , 1280x1920 , 111_IMG_8164b.jpg )
JJ Set 111
>> No. 33465
No. 32791

Beautiful ass and titties. I hope he got to play with her kitty or kiss her at least.
>> No. 33476
>Beautiful ass and titties

how can you tell? She doesn't show anything.
>> No. 33527

I thought when anon died a thread would surface again somewhere, but after a while I really started to wonder. Glad to see NM and folks still trying to keep this alive.

Looking forward to the Step & Trix sets and vids, other than the missing Aly set from box 5, those have been my grail.
>> No. 33673
I hope someone will share some rare stuff that isn't readily available on nonuderama (aside from what's been posted here).

Jenn and her older sister Kim. There are apparently sets of Kim out there. Jenn vids are hard to find other than a few from NNR.
According to TAC about Kim's stuff:
"Non-Nude, Partial Breast Exposure & Covered Topless & Semi-See-Thru Top & Areola+Nipple Exposure Between Hole Pattern in Hoodie & Semi-See-Thru Panties & Partial+Full Bottomless & Mildly Spread Legs in Kim's solo photo box released 14 September 2010"
Archived link in case that gets deleted:
>> No. 33741
Someone posted this picture of Trixie on 155chan on the Kasumi thread in /sw/. There is a video of her from when this picture is taken but the set isn't anywhere online it seems.
>> No. 33984
File 154835811022.jpg - (757.12KB , 3456x5184 , 608_IMG_8089.jpg )
It was 7 years ago late today (or early tomorrow) that the OMG sites died for the final time.

Hard to believe it has been that long.

Let us have a moment of silence ...
>> No. 34063
File 154837824624.jpg - (758.80KB , 5616x3744 , 1575_IMG_7928.jpg )
Annie and Nacy, sisters (both on TAC)
>> No. 34068
File 15483814956.jpg - (173.38KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-24-18h54m46s788.jpg )
Annie and Nancy again. There is a set to go with this video but the pictures that went along with this part of the video must have gone to a special buyer for a high price.
>> No. 34069
File 154838153946.jpg - (213.19KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-07-17h12m44s206.jpg )
A screen shot of a video with Abigail of a brief second where it wasn't censored.
>> No. 34073
File 154838324839.jpg - (96.79KB , 500x750 , CKrb9S.jpg )
NNR guy, I know you are watching this thread. A couple things:
It would be great if you could differentiate between OMG girls and OMG18 girls. Obviously not all the girls on your site under the OMG Models were actually on that site.

Also, the girl in the picture, you just uploaded her. You got her name wrong. Her name is Jenn (as found in TAC).

Otherwise you are doing good work by collecting the sets. I feel sorry for those who can't buy premium mountfile. If I had the bandwidth, I would upload for all.
>> No. 34253
Which girls did Andrew fuck on video?
>> No. 34260
Over 18 ones
>> No. 34262
File 154856048940.jpg - (202.64KB , 1000x1500 , 135237_3.jpg )
The guy at the NNR site erroneously posted a zip of misc photos of Jenn's sister Kim under the wrong name. Fix your error to prevent it from confusing people in the future.

Here is "Jazmien Kaay" who is on TAC.
I have not seen her sets before.
>> No. 34268
File 154856627128.jpg - (905.57KB , 1302x2545 , 1B930ED0-38F3-4F06-AE49-2E7C67C277CB.jpg )
Do you have this set of Aimee? If so can you please upload it?
>> No. 34353
File 154863966888.jpg - (216.88KB , 765x990 , trixie-nude.jpg )
Someone asked for Trixie nude in g1309. Here it is.
pw: kasumi

I am not planning on posting all of my Trixie sets, because as you know the sets are fucking huge and take a long time to upload. But if there are 1 or 2 that you really want, I could do that sometime in the future.
Pic is all the nude Trixie sets I have. I don't know whether this is all of them.
She is completely nude and barefoot in all of them, though she doesn't show the same amount in all of them.
In g1306 and g1311, she doesn't show much pussy at all.
In g1308 and g1310, she is full frontal nude and with legs spread wide but shot from above, so we don't see much detail of her pussy.
In g1316, she is nude beside fully clothed Stephanie, and we see her pussy mostly when she is sitting with her feet up on the cushion.
But she is in full fucktoy mode in g1307, g1309, g1312 and g1315, spreading her legs pretty wide and leaning back to show her pussy. She never spreads her pussy, in fact I think Aidan never got them to do that <18.
TAC lists her as 14 earlier in the year, and I think she's 14 here too because there is that vid of her and Stephanie in the tub where she says she's 14. That vid was probably shot that day.
>> No. 34376
>> No. 34377
BTW where did you find them? I've looked all over for months.
>> No. 34388
can you please upload Trixie g1315?
>> No. 34412
I second the request for more nude trixie. At least the other "fucktoy" sets?
>> No. 34522

Hear! Hear! for the sex toys sets.

Thanks for posting the other one but half a gig for black & white pics? I can't fap to that!

Also, maybe consider compressing the pics? They're big enough that a 50% reduction shouldn't damage the quality and it will make up/dling a lot quicker....
>> No. 34893
She does in her videos
>> No. 35095
dude, you are weird! Can't fap to b/w? Then don't comment! Also you seem to have a serious problem with reading: guy was talking of "fucktoy" as in >>34353, not "sex toys".
>> No. 35349
>> No. 34262

More of her! wow
>> No. 36127
>> No. 36200
>> No. 31992

Post Kira!
>> No. 36359
File 154975557067.jpg - (305.01KB , 1498x2246 , 1315_IMG_3002.jpg )
Trixie g1315 on the bed:
pw: kasumi
I got some of them from anonib. I think they were posted by NM. I don't remember where I got all of them from.
I don't want to pollute the upload space by posting lower-quality pics. Most fans want to be able to zoom in for all the details.
Exactly. Trixie herself is the fucktoy!
>> No. 36410
34262 girl is fantastic! Please someone has more, set?
>> No. 36423
thanks kasumi.......
we share similar thoughts about polluting as well
i'd rather dl something on the larger side as it's what the photog intended for starters
btw this set is appreciated as usual:)
>> No. 36528
Our Friend Adain At is a asset artist on the Unity Engine.

>> No. 36747
NM or others: does anyone have the Anais Box 6 sets that aren't just the cropped/zoomed-in pics of her face? I downloaded them off anonib years ago and apparently whoever shared those had censored versions that cropped out the nudity.
>> No. 36815

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