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/mir/ ~ Anyone Know Her Name or Vids?
File 154167470487.jpg - (137.20KB , 950x926 , 1.jpg )
26523 No. 26523
Does Anyone Know if there is any other videos besides the music Video one that is out there? Also does she go by Second_sex or something else?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!
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>> No. 26844
Wish I did too! Hopefully there's someone out there that does know it and I pray there is more videos with her floating around. I love this girl! Very cute and Sexy with a body, to well....
>> No. 26905
her handle was @second_sex
there were 18 very short "music video" clips
maybe you have all the short videos as one single video

do not know if there were any others
>> No. 26948
Thanks for the info Bro Appreciate it! Yea I have those little vids put into one video file so its a lot easier to play the all or whatnot. Was hoping for some ore or soe non music type vids
>> No. 27004
>> No. 32289
where can you see her vids? she's a cutie!
>> No. 32290
where can we see her vids? she's a cutie!!!
>> No. 32504
File 154704317152.png - (253.81KB , 480x640 , second_sex spreading.png )
Second_sex famous for being 12 with big titties I guess, some girls develop young!
>> No. 32529
Anyway to get the videos here?
>> No. 32545
Nice image!
In one of her vids she said “I’m 11 years old.”
>> No. 32556
Where are the originals ...
>> No. 32614
Here's one of her in the shower

That's all you're getting from me. Maybe I would reup files but you would need to show you aren't lazy by finding an old thread and prove the link has gone dead.

Lurk moar
>> No. 32782
File 154732754697.jpg - (39.94KB , 480x640 , 7 music_mp4_snapshot_00_01.jpg )
Video #7


pass = second_sex

One more video in the first post of this thread
>> No. 32832
she looks familiar, but there were so many brunette sluts back when periscope was free
>> No. 32917
>>32782 Adjusted to normal speed (Xvid codec)
Thanks to Op


Pass NHancer

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