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/mir/ ~ Elena Reuqest
File 154170655988.jpg - (170.63KB , 533x800 , Elena-012-01.jpg )
26594 No. 26594
I am looking for any sets of this wonderful model.
If you can give any help, I am very thankful.
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>> No. 26602
File 154170972196.jpg - (470.28KB , 1800x1200 , Elena-024-120.jpg )
Elena Set 024

password: E24



>> No. 26607
>> No. 26610
What is a NED post?
>> No. 26640
Ned Flander's post ofcourse
>> No. 26696
Nedward "Ned" Flanders Jr., usually referred to as Flanders, is a recurring fictional character in the pathetic animated US television series The Simpsons.
>> No. 26736
File 154181295740.jpg - (240.49KB , 976x1336 , NED.jpg )
In other words it means the content is very tame
>> No. 26808
Many thanks :)
>> No. 26913
File 15419734448.jpg - (603.52KB , 1295x832 , Elena 19__.jpg )
Just seem this... can you post plse
>> No. 27050
Well, we like what we like.

Might change my name to NedMous!
>> No. 27095
Hi ded mous JDI's post has Elena posts

https://180chan.co/mir/res/22560+50.html :)
>> No. 27097
SHAME. Just a repeat of SS Elena posts already available on Triforce. Stolen from other people's endeavours!
>> No. 27119
stop posting my recent material and putting me out of business then. Ned
>> No. 27180
I thought I would put them all together with good links
for my friends. I think I have some new stuff but if you
can find it elsewhere and I'm a thief then I will stop
posting them?

>> No. 27188
File 154235533682.jpg - (115.58KB , 800x534 , MichelleSS-006-00051.jpg )
>> No. 27194
they are leaking regardless of where they are posted.
Don't worry about it.
>> No. 27209
File 154238478667.jpg - (53.79KB , 640x807 , Barney Fife.jpg )
Of course you're a thief, jdi. You did not buy these sets nor did you produce them. You are posting them without permission from the owners.


>> No. 27210
Does Andy know you posted that pic?
>> No. 27395
File 154246266045.jpg - (37.24KB , 756x525 , 57b7383035ae0182767d7e10ff4757aa40fc943035201a1312.jpg )
>> No. 27467

That image of Barney Fife you posted is also copyrighted. Posting that without permission of the original photographer is also illegal. It's damn near impossible not to break laws.
>> No. 27473

Nope. That's a publicity still taken by the studio in the 1950s. It's almost certainly in the public domain by now.

Plus, even if it's not, using in an illustrative way, say in a newsstory, would be "fair use."
>> No. 27482
Mr. Copyright Complainer can always turn to the relevant judicial authorities with his problem, why doesn't he do it? 😆
>> No. 27550
File 154266305862.jpg - (26.52KB , 584x329 , m7hw6.jpg )
Nope. That's a publicity still taken by the studio in the 1950s. It's almost certainly in the public domain by now.

Plus, even if it's not, using in an illustrative way, say in a newsstory, would be "fair use."



Looks like jdi was rode hard and put away wet! What an ass reaming
>> No. 27555
my poor boy you have been hurt my lad
we all wish you the best and your life will turn around just hang in there young padiwan
>> No. 27557
File 154266707287.jpg - (376.88KB , 2220x1480 , Elena-025-123.jpg )
I found set 25 for you here: http://loserplastico.tv/elena-star-sessions-set-25/ if you want that set thats all I found I was going to download them for you but my image downloder for sites like that crapped out.Damn why do some people here have to be so mean come on someone is just requesting for a set!
>> No. 27558
File 154266754867.jpg - (414.37KB , 1480x2220 , Elena-025-142.jpg )
Sorry the link is for loserplastico.
>> No. 27596
File 15426853837.jpg - (427.51KB , 1480x2220 , Elena-025-132.jpg )
Thank you cutekids I already found set 25 at another chan; what I really want is the vid25 please
>> No. 27635
In your post >>27557 (Set 25 availible here) you made the comment, "I was going to download them for you but my image downloder for sites like that crapped out."

So that is going to be my question because lately I've also been having issues with the downloaders I use. Pity too because they are so handy when it comes to ripping images for an instant folder full of goodies when one comes across something like a thread for "post your favorite beauties".

Can you, or anyone else here, recommend a good one.. or tell me which ones you think seem to work the best? I've used ImagehostGrabber and DownloadthemAll with success in the past but lately they don't work so well. They work here because all of these thumbnail images are linked directly to the fullsize image and the URL for that image even ends in .jpg. However, the thumbnails at places like Imagebam are no longer directly linked to an image with the URL ending in .jpg, but instead to an image in a page that is html. Or even a page that says "click to continue". So then the two bulk downloaders I mentioned don't know what to do because there is no image directly linked to the clickable thumbnail image. At best I get a folder full of just the thumbnails or just a bunch of html files.
I would be appreciative of any insight you may have to offer on this subject. And thank you for all the images of pretty girls you have already posted here.
>> No. 27636
File 154269938940.jpg - (107.34KB , 1200x1600 , 0_402.jpg )
The only one I have found that still works is the viperripper for vipergirls the others have seemed to crap out on me or my anti-virus claims there is a fishing attempt and blocks me from using it!
>> No. 27637
File 154270086326.jpg - (235.57KB , 1500x1000 , 040 (2).jpg )
This is what I found https://.com/Download-All-Images-on-a-Web-Page-at-Once the top is wiki how if this gets messed up I will be pissed because the mod told me before that if it is for informational purposes it would be allowed (Yeah right) anyways I am going to try this next time and see how it goes.


>> No. 27639
sad to say Elena Removed from the SS site cant even buy old sets
>> No. 27644
File 154271112574.jpg - (104.66KB , 1300x954 , little-children-in-the-bath-tub-A16Y0W.jpg )
I bet in time they will release it remember they have partners in this they might still release the content just to pay for fee's theyhave had to put up! Like I wish they would release casey model.
>> No. 27668
Thank you for the set. I had the videos to this so am uploading here



Of course, any other sets would be appreciated
>> No. 27678

look here if u have nothing with this cute
>> No. 27709
>> No. 27715
https://155chan.gr/mir/res/39000.html is the working link!

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