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/mir/ ~ Telegram And Omegle
File 154171687052.jpg - (66.97KB , 720x960 , 1429375366142-5.jpg )
26613 No. 26613
i wanted to know if anyone knows of a telegram group with cp and how to find cp traders on omegle now
>> No. 27047
Wish i knew. Im running dry on new stuff
>> No. 27136
I wish I have hate keep back-up my Telegram shit...
My Dog Rocky chew up the phone. He knows my stuff and doesn't chew up normally but that day I buy and put a new body cover at phone. He didn't my smell at it and consider it as outsider shit. My 64 GB Samsung class 10 MC card didn't even get mercy. Everything gone over my one super stupid decision.
Now my evey-day new pic and video is fucked up.
>> No. 31146
Littlegurl on telegram is a start

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