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/mir/ ~ Miss alli set
File 154276220256.jpg - (177.13KB , 1500x996 , 154214766723.jpg )
27706 No. 27706
Can help me to find this set of miss alli?
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>> No. 27707

Password: 180chan
>> No. 27708
Thanks for the help, bob
>> No. 27717
Thanks for the fill this will add to my collection in the future because this is 1 of the one's I don't have but thank you.
>> No. 27724
So easy to realize why Rebel Shooter was banging Miss Alli she was one hot tiny fuck toy
>> No. 27797
Dat file name!!
>> No. 27835
File 154300150025.jpg - (18.32KB , 320x240 , Susan Johnston Clinton Mother of Miss Alli in 2007.jpg )
Projecting your fantasies into the real world is inadvisable. It can also prove to be psychologically damaging, as it leads to believing any number of lies fed to you externally.


Donald Raymond Croft was not charged with, nor ever even accused of sexual contact with any of his models.
"Miss Alli's" mother (pictured) was present at all of the photo shoots and even applied the body paint in the "Neon Alli" set.
Stop making shit up.
>> No. 27846
No you get your facts correct cunt it was Miss Alli's mother who bought the charges against him.
>> No. 27918
That's not Alli's mother, that's Miss Nalla's mother.
>> No. 28027
Damn. You're right. Been so long since I read that article that I never noticed I'd mislabeled that pic. Thank you, I stand corrected.
Susan Clinton IS Miss Nahlia's mother and is one of those under indictment.

No, it was not. It was a postal inspector that caught wind of the site, discovered the "slip pics" that were published and found that the FBI was already on the case.
Try reading the article and the court records (which seem to have dried up a year ago without result).
I know, I know, reading makes your head hurt, but you should really try it.
>> No. 28044
Someone made a comment on another board, ages ago, to the effect "Rebel Shooter gets out in 2021". Was Croft indeed convicted and sentenced on the charges?
>> No. 28177
As I said in my first statement it is so easy to understand why Rebel Shooter was banging Miss Alli how could you not if your human. I would have been banging and eating her sweet cunt every chance I got if I was him .
>> No. 28224
none of you were around when this was happening.
There was whole movement against him when things changed.
Finally they brought him to court and one of the sets not published called Tiger Tail showed to much and convinced the judge to book him.

Everyone talks about Tiger Tail like it's a Legend. Never seen, Never Posted.
>> No. 28269

No mention in this court filing of Croft having been accused of sexual contact.
None. Zero. Zilch.
You are lying.
Stop it.
>> No. 28487
well you are the only dude on the globe who survived the debacler or whåt........
don't think so
but we did'nt stuck our noses that deep into it that's all
>> No. 28574

The fact that someone was never charged doesn't mean shit.

You have no idea who this is, of course, given your arrogant attacks on total strangers...

Carlo Gambino, founder of the largest, most successful and most ruthless Mafia family (the once that, btw, John Gotti would destroy).

He was the model for Vito Corleone, the fictional Godfather.

Guess what, homey, he was NEVER CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME. And he died at home, in bed.

Jeff Pierson, of Webe Web fame, was fucking several of his models but none of them would testify against him. It's one reason he spent so much time on house arrest and in prison.

Sometimes they can't prove the crime they want, so they throw the book at you for the crime they've got you for.
>> No. 28575
Holy shit! He used the US MAIL???

Guy was dumber than a box of rocks. Just unbelievable.

You never ever FUCK with the Mail Cops.

Guess Rebel Shooter never saw that episode on WKRP...
>> No. 28591

Paypal was the first to make a complaint as Croft was selling the used clothing (lol) of all the models.
>> No. 28662

Is that even illegal? I can't imagine HOW that's against the law.

is there a Panty Law - "No person shall sell the soiled undies of any person under the age of 18..."

I dunno, there are dumb laws, god knows, but this seems insane! But it's not.

They're using the Obscenity Laws - the same laws they used to bust Max Hardcore and to try to bust Seymour Butts.

>> No. 28663
Croft doesn't seem to have taken even elementary precautions to protect himself. Using the mail to sell cds/dvds in 2012? Why the fuck would he do that?

It's amazing he didn't get caught much sooner than he did.

It's like a Crack dealer renting out a shop at a mall and hanging a sign - FINEST COCAINE!!!

Begging for Federal prison.
>> No. 28683

Max Hardcore was prosecuted in Florida under that state's obscenity laws - the only place in the country where his material could be legally construed as "obscene". He could not have been prosecuted by the federal government nor in any other state because in ALL those jurisdictions his material was completely legal.
>> No. 28693
It's funny, just a little googling would save people from looking foolish.

Max Hardcore went to Federal Prison on Obscenity charges. It's rare, but it happens.

A couple of years ago, a guy got a year in Federal prison for importing some (physical) hentai/lolicon type stuff. He claimed, of course, that it is art.

Seymour Butts was also prosecuted for obscenity.



>> No. 28711
Max Hardcore practically raped a young teen telling her to tell him she is 12years old that why he went to Prison!
>> No. 28753

OK, Mr Mod - there are 3 Exceptions to the First Amendment - Slander/Libel - lying about someone is not protected speech.

Child porn - Snuff Films - Obscenity - all are illegal and all are exempt from the First Amendment's protections.

Now...what constitutes obscenity has obviously changed a lot in the last 100 years. James Joyce and Henry Miller - both of whose books are actually quite mild in their "controversial" content.

In the last 20 or so years, the only people to draw obscenity charges and/or convictions have been those producing really sick stuff - like Max Hardcore. Water sports/scat eating/etc.

the DoJ also, for a while at least, took to prosecuting producers of this stuff in places like rural Tennessee (the internet allows the gov't to pick and choose).



>> No. 28786
File 154385989518.jpg - (58.08KB , 402x600 , Max-Hardcore-Little-Cinderella-(Extreme-Schoolgirl.jpg )
I met Max Hardcore (Paul Little) at the Long Beach Grand Prix, told him I was a big fan. He was nice. Had a couple bimbos with him.

I like his stuff because most of his models are skinny, cute, and young looking. He also shows women for exactly what they are, worthless sluts to be used for men's enjoyment. That's all woman are, they have no other worth. Fuck holes.

On another note, my experience wth courts and judges is that they can do whatever the fuck they want, even if it's blatantly unconstitutional and illegal. The judge just slams his gavel and that's it. Only if you have a ton of money can you get out of it. If you're average or poor, they can walk all over you. They have the power.

Stay safe, my friends, Stay off their radar. It's a nightmare if they go after you.
>> No. 28816

Fairly common tactic, if done in plain view, it gives the impression everything's normal and legal
>> No. 28820
And for the most part, it was. They waited patiently until he barely crossed the line, then dropped the dime
>> No. 28850
They went after Max Hardcore at a time when 2 Girls 1 Cup was still being joked about nonstop on TV and radio. In interviews he said they wanted to seize his home and business all because one of his distributors shipped European versions of DVDs (with a few extra minutes of watersports) within the US. See the People vs Tommy Chong, it's the exact same sting.
Max also said the DA lady in his case later got busted for shoplifting and tried to get out of it by flashing her badge.
>> No. 28855

No it's not the "same thing" as Tommy Chong.

Chong was prosecuted by the SAME US Attorney who prosecuted Webe Web. She also hassled the excellent company Urine Luck - which makes fake piss for drug tests - until they removed the drug shit from their advertising. If you ever need to beat a drug test - Urine Luck is the way to go. I've used it several times.

First - Chong did not own the company in question, his son did. The son was not prosecuted even tho' even offered to plead guilty and go to prison in place of his Dad. The US Atty refused! So Tommy had to do 9 months in prison.

AND...the Chong Bong company was selling something perfectly legal - water pipes. As long as they're dual use, they're legal. Tommy could have fought it - he's rich after all - but losing could have meant years in the joint. So the Feds used their power to intimidate him into a plea.

Max Hardcore is engaging in conduct that's ALWAYS been illegal and, indeed, is STILL illegal under Supreme Court precedent:

Piss play, shit-eating, bestiality - all still illegal.
>> No. 28920
Thanks for the useful information. We need more people to share their experiences and knowledge.
>> No. 29035
In both cases the Feds set up a sting involving US postal service, thus bringing the "crime" in question under their jurisdiction. Meanwhile the FDA continues to approve far more harmful materials than porn and bongs.
Long before that was the story documented in Capturing the Friedmans. In short, a man was essentially given a death penalty for possession of books and magazines and his son was sent to prison and forced to register for life as a sex criminal, all because wild accusations of impossible acts with no physical evidence ever presented. And it all started with the guy receiving a book through the postal service.
They don't care about preventing crime or protecting children. All they want is more money and power to abuse.
>> No. 29041

"Capturing the Friedmans"

It's a chilling documentary. I recommend everyone watch it to see just how wrong justice can go...or did it?

There's one yuuuuuge lesson to draw from the Friedman case: NEVER EVER FUCKING PLEAD GUILTY TO A CRIME YOU DIDN'T COMMIT!

Once you "confess" you're screwed. You can't unring that bell.

So the Friedman son is branded a sex offender for life, can't even go near his own kids' school. And the governor won't give him a pardon because he CONFESSED.

Don't. Ever. Do. That. unless you're guilty, of course.

Oh btw - if you watched the video, you'll know that Friedman the father committed suicide in jail so his son would receive a $250K insurance pay out.

The father was guilty, at the least, of possessing CP. But there's no evidence that he ever touched any of the kids.
>> No. 29191
And like Thin Blue Line it's an example of how hard LE digs their heels in and refuses to admit when they went too far, even when the evidence clearly suggests that they did.
Yes, never confess, and if you're gonna make a deal make sure the DA actually offers you a deal before you change your plea assuming they'll go easy on your son. (Honestly I think this poor guy just wanted to get away from his crazy wife).
One last thing. Has anyone heard of leapfrog? It's where a bunch of naked girls (and maybe boys) form a circle and get down on all fours with their butts up in the air and then a guy leaps from one to the next, anally penetrating them each as he goes. I'm gonna assume this is physically impossible (especially with children) because if it were it'd have its own section on PornHub.
To my knowledge not a single leapfrog porno exists. However, one or two kids claimed it had happened to them, but only after undergoing hypnosis (how convenient), which in turn put two men in prison.
For more outrage see Witch Hunt narrated by Sean Penn. In short, about 30 parents were charged with Satanic Ritual Abuse, sent to prison with ZERO physical evidence, LE were found to have withheld info that would've cleared them of any wrongdoing, it took several years for them to be released, at least one of them died before then, and last I checked the guy in charge of the case was STILL in office!
>> No. 29237

Friedman the father had Child Porn in his house. So, there was evidence that he had pedophilic interests. But,yeah, according to the docu, a lot of the "abuse" bordered on the surreal.

But that wasn't shit compared to the Dale Akiki case in San Diego some years back. The guy was basically retarded, had hydroencephaly (water on the brain). Very nice guy, but weird looking.

He was accused of the craziest fucking shit ever -

That he brought a GIRAFFE and an ELEPHANT into the Daycare Center and KILLED them in order to intimiate his child victims.

The idiot DA actually put the kids on the stand to testify.

Natch, Akiki was swiftly and completely acquitted.

Relatives of mine attended the Church so I heard about a lot of inside stuff.

The thing is: NO ONE believed the case against him. No one. It was considered such bullshit tha the local gang leaders actually protected Akiki inside the jail - as did the guards.

Everyone knew it was false.

Last - if you're old enough you'll remember the McMartin case in the LA area in the 80s. Raymond Bucky spent 8 years in jail for crimes he didn't commit.
>> No. 29387
McMartin preschool? With the tunnels leading to secret chambers that were allegedly filled in with dirt? That's one of many cases that makes me hope QAnon is real, and that there are tapes of what actually goes on at orgies of the elite. Eyes Wide Shut seemed very tame. (Adult women? That's it?) If you were so powerful that laws didn't apply and your money was limitless, something tells me it'd take A LOT more than that to get you off.
Meanwhile back to the real world where we all live, imagine someone you once knew had two 14 year old girlfriends when he was 19 (but still looked and acted 15). They have some naughty fun on camera and post the vids on social media. Somebody sees them, reports them, and now this boy is doing 25 to life as a sexual predator.
Assuming he lives he'll be in his 40s when he gets out, registered as a monster for life, and stuck with a probation officer who only sees him as a dirty old man who raped two children, not a teenager who did what all teens wanna do.
It makes me wanna do a doc about how LE goes way too far in sex related cases. Sandi, Lily, and other Webe models could talk about their photographers honestly. What would Miss Alli have to say about Rebel Shooter? How about the countless girls whose boyfriends are gonna die in prison for no other reason than a few years age difference? They never seem to care about what the "victims" have to say unless it gives the state an excuse to get more power to abuse.
>> No. 29396
Q anon no longer exists there is Q which is Trump and military Intelligence.
What you are describing has been busted wide open!
The Kremlin knows all
jar2 com
>> No. 29425

"If you were so powerful that laws didn't apply and your money was limitless, something tells me it'd take A LOT more than that to get you off."

Partying with underage girls - shitloads of them? There's limits that even great wealth and influence have. Jeffrey Epstein avoided a 30 year bid for underage prostitution, but he still ended up serving a year in county jail and he's a registered sex offender.

So, even for the Rich & Powerful, there are limits to what you can get away with sexually.

Unless, of course, you're R Kelly or Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton...
>> No. 29427

"Sandi, Lily, and other Webe models could talk about their photographers honestly"

Well, in the case of Sandi, dorie, Tori and Brandy, there's good evidence Jeff Pierson - Sandi's Dad - was fucking all of them including her.

That's the reason they dropped the hammer on him. They couldn't prove the stat rape charges.

Or so I've heard.
>> No. 29434
that never happened
>> No. 29447

You really don't know anything about the story, do you? That's cool. Most people don't.

Yeah, did, it actually did. I come from the area that they live in. My cousin's a paralegal and works for Pierson's lawyers. (For obvious rasons, I'm not going to mention the firm's name.)

Yes - he was having sex with his daughter, Sandi, as well as Dorie and Tori and Brandy. There are rumors of other girls.

Anyways, the Feds knew this but couldn't prove it. None of the girls would testify against him. So he got 6 years of home detention and 5 years in Federal prison.
>> No. 29448

I can confirm >>29447.

Those rumors started as soon as Webe Web got busted. So, they've been around a long time.

It makes sense tho' - the Feds went after that dude awfully hard.
>> No. 29463
ams models
>> No. 29482
you guys are such idiots that never happened with Webeweb and there used to be a website that posted the info on model studios. They took Webeweb down because of thong photos and of course the extortion from that model mom.

Can't remember her name anymore. then she went on tv and oh god they made me wear cloths from a porn store et. Bla bla bla

all this happened at the same time the laws were changed they cleaned house around the world.
>> No. 29520

These rumors go back years - right when Webe first got busted.

and, c'mon, like this is impossible or something. Plenty of photographers fuck their adult models - is it really so hard to believe that a photographer fucked his UNDERage models?
>> No. 29652
hard to remember all this drama as it happened early 2000.
If I remember they were after them found Pt Photos that were taken but not by Sandy's Dad.

who was the other guy I forgot hell who can remember!

They were taken when they were on some trip in Mexico for some photo shoot.

But it was that young blonde and her mom that brought it all down. They went on National TV and everything.

no there was no one that had sex with anyone, Sandy's Dad didn't have sex with any models.

I remember when I was on Babble and told them you better get out now the damage is done.

Instead they went and tried to hide by getting rid of the thong pics by covering up more for photos.

The Raid happened on IRC I believe God this is along time ago!
>> No. 29656
saying there were rumors of this is like your in high school.

You see the hot chick you see her flirt with some guys. then you think she must be having sex with such and such.

when you have to no clue who she is what she is doing.

Rumors are BS!
>> No. 29719
I've been wondering about which Webe models were active with their dads and/or photographers since the BabbleClub days. Sandi and Lily possibly but I also asked why Stacy Starlet's site was shut down and her materials removed so suddenly. I asked someone at BC if it was a situation like PJ Crew (where the guy was fooling around with Abby and a few other of his models). The guy said it wasn't the same with Stacy so I assumed her parents found out what a NN site really was and instead of freaking out like Bailey's mom they just asked that it be shut down. Stacy Starlet remains at the top of my Where Are They Now list along with Jessi the Kid and Bunny.
As for whether or not Jeff or anyone Webe was banging the girls, unless they were taking pics or vids during the act and posting them online they'd have been charged in state court. The feds only deal with what crosses state lines, meaning via the internet. All I know is that Sandi, Lily, Tori and Dorie sure seemed to like their old photographer, otherwise they wouldn't have made that YT video supporting him.
>> No. 29789

It was Bailey Model's Mom that turned them in. Supposedly, she demanded cash, like $100K. Obviously, they didn't pay her.
>> No. 29812
I thought with PJ Crew they got busted for setting up a camera when the models changed.

They had Pics that were under law PT of the models that were taken in Mexico, Sandy, Lilly, and someone else.

Other then that...you have to remember that when the laws changed a girl doing the splits with the camera zoomed in on her crotch was called PT.

It was a huge Witch Hunt of Stupidity.
>> No. 29858
courts today are more like a stupid game of illusions then solving a case
the result of a courts job in the mentioned cases were business closed is that how it should be done
new world new methods maybe too harsh for regular joe though it works & actually every time
i know it does if done properly & makes someone a living as well
get the disturbing object gone like a fart in a hurricane and that's it..........
an extended case may cause rumours and the studio can get smoked anyway
end the issues with a permanent solution and it's no case causing rumours
satisfaction garanteed as long as the job is done properly remorse nope none wants to get smoked or;)
>> No. 29902
The story about Bailey's mom is well known. I'm still wondering if she even bothered to check the other Webe sites or talk to active models or their parents BEFORE leaving her daughter alone with an older man. Maybe then she wouldn't have had to lie about him threatening her (with a gun he apparently didn't even own) or to NBC who didn't ask her any of the question we would have.
Anyway, I'm still wondering where Stacy, Jessi, Molli, Kimmy, Bunny and the other Webe girls are. I like to think they or their parents just wanted the modelling thing to end and they did it quietly and respectfully instead of playing victim on the news.
What I read was that Paul Jones raped some of his models (pics and vids of him and Abby are probably still out there). As for the NN and even SC stuff, I'm waiting for the day when LE concentrates entirely on serious crime (murder, rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc) and don't waste their time or our money worrying about images of smiling girls hanging out in well-lit comfortable situations.
>> No. 29910
>I'm waiting for the day when LE concentrates entirely on serious crime (murder, rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc) and don't waste their time or our money worrying about images of smiling girls hanging out in well-lit comfortable situations.

Spot on! Human trafficking is a HUGE issue! It is sad and sickening. It seems that feds do little about it. In some countries, the courts are bought off, and traffickers don't even serve jail time!

Now in the US, a 'tween girl, posing in a bathing suit can land you in prison. Anyone can go to a public beach and see hundreds of 'tween girls prancing around in wet bikini's... no laws broken. But take some photos of these girls, happy and willing to show off their bodies, in beach attire? Well now, it's a federal offense! The 3 letter admins (supposedly representing the people), had a broad overreach in interpreting law!

How about, concentrating efforts to UA prostitution... sex slaves bought and sold, in Canada and the US! That seems like a much bigger issue than DL'ing NN girls.
>> No. 29966
Yes, there are too many travesties to mention in our injustice system. Laura Silsby comes to mind. A bunch of Haitian kids were being smuggled out of the country after a hurricane. She gets busted but returned to the US (allegedly because the husband of a presidential candidate intervened) and now she works for the company that runs Amber Alerts!?! You can't write fiction this crazy.
As for LE I'm sure more than one person has run the numbers and realized that if ALL vice laws were enforced to the letter we'd have MILLIONS of felons essentially given life sentences, mostly for viewing CP. We currently have just over 180,000 federal inmates and our prisons are already at or near full capacity.
They don't have the facilities or manpower to bust everybody, but the money is still flowing which is why they'll continue to lock up a few pervs here and there just to pretend they're making a difference and get their budgets approved year after year. However I'm getting the feeling that many in LE fully understand that they're not even scratching the surface as far as the real problem (systematic rape and abuse of children by those in high positions of power while MSM gives it ZERO coverage). The next step is getting enough of them to admit it and work to correct the situation.
Politicians and other govt workers come and go. Bad laws stay on the books FOREVER unless they're changed or repealed, and they must be.
>> No. 29975
PJ Crew Spied on video taped the models changing that's it.
someone posted website that I viewed that has all the info on child trafficking under news and pizza gate
jar2 com was the website.
>> No. 30191
I hadn't heard about the voyeurism stuff but I'm sure there was. As for the guy from Paul Jones Photography there are photos of him doing things to some of his younger models, which is why he'll likely die in prison.

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