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/mir/ ~ Eva's Sister Sofi
File 154336641270.jpg - (180.59KB , 1100x500 , dupi1con97op.jpg )
28268 No. 28268
Hey i just found out that eva has a little sister. But I can't find anything of her. Could you guys help me out?
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>> No. 28277
File 154338086818.jpg - (307.22KB , 1280x720 , SofiE26.jpg )
I'm not afraid to get the ball rolling
and lets see what happens?

I also have a friend that likes to post
links directing us to more or better sources.


Sofi - #26 - https://dbr.ee/ADYy

>> No. 28278
File 154338105686.jpg - (336.83KB , 1280x777 , SofiE27.jpg )
>> No. 28279
File 154338109384.jpg - (295.84KB , 1241x800 , SofiE28.jpg )
>> No. 28280
File 154338167876.jpg - (300.46KB , 1280x691 , Eva 2.jpg )
I should have married her that first time I saw her.
>> No. 28485
bet she'd married you too......the only bloke on the plaet but even then just maybe;)
>> No. 28562
Hey Thanks my friend. Where have you been? On vacation maybe?

>> No. 28647
can u share set 27 and 28 and the rest?
>> No. 28698
File 154376372279.jpg - (695.76KB , 2000x3000 , Sofi-FD-001.jpg )
What about this one?
>> No. 28777
File 154384994168.jpg - (608.70KB , 2140x1330 , NYC & Milano.jpg )
The good news is that 'Eva R' is single, so you can still ask her to marry you.

This girl has travelled the world (10 countries in the past year) and she stays in the best places. She does her shopping in New York and Milan. For certain she gets plenty of offers from rich guys, so you need to be seriously wealthy to get her attention. If you can't offer a yacht and private jet, I reckon you are probably wasting your time.
>> No. 29040
Can anyone share this set... or tell me where to find it?
>> No. 29050
meaning you have no chance.
>> No. 29119
From what she has shown in her instagram, pretty much the only chance you have is if you have a vagina.
>> No. 29158
fail to understand women
>> No. 29166
File 154420118765.jpg - (287.17KB , 2000x1080 , Miami.jpg )
>>29119 I think she likes guys too (especially rich ones like owners of restaurant chains)
>> No. 29190
of course she does!, she is a hungry hooker!!
she from eastern Europa.
Selling yur ass there is a privilege, not all of them can do it and she is very good at it !
>> No. 29198
she's a beautiful and intelligent women who knows she is beautiful. Meaning she is going to want to surround herself with professionals in business, modeling etc. Meet guys who are confident and can treat her well but also challenge her.
None of you are that guy.
>> No. 29207
What part of not one picture of a boyfriend ever in any social media did you fail to grasp?
What part of date night-love of my life (always a girl) did you not understand?
You fail in basic life skills. Both of you.
>> No. 29234
> None of you are that guy.

HAHAHA!!!! Neither are you! Thanks for posting, Captain Obvious.
>> No. 29247
File 154428840486.jpg - (78.01KB , 1080x1350 , Turkey.jpg )
The guy she is with owns restaurants in Miami, New York and the Middle East. And the pix in her social media show she has been to Miami, NYC and the ME this year....
>> No. 29250
ig of eva r?
>> No. 29257
A 17 year old east European chick wearing a Chanel outfit on vacation at a beach resort... and probably getting banged every night by a rich Russian or middle east dude.
>> No. 29258
no I have no will to travel where she is hook up and have fun etc.
But you you don't even understand women or no how to talk to them.
Your just dumb teen on the net.
>> No. 29261
File 154430281595.jpg - (33.58KB , 300x320 , da.jpg )
Hey Genius,
You should have used "You're" rather than "Your" in your rant. Please shut the hell up, or at least include a humorous image with your posts.
>> No. 29318
She is Russian, and maybe her parents are rich. Every think of that?!?!
>> No. 29322
And her real name is Katya Samoylova
>> No. 29347
I'm not rich and my girlfriend looks way better than that slut?
>> No. 29362
and here we go again geeeeez
how the fuck can you talk for evryones tastes about girls ladies pick whatever
tastes you see ARE a fucking different matter get that into the lump between your shoulders and do asap

and about eva she's a beautiful gal who happens to have a good life
but some can't be anything else the so fucking lame not appreciate her without the bucks she may have or not & it's my opinion which i don't give a fuck about if none else then me got btw

but it's good for you you've got a great looking gal but nothing says anyone else then you think she's really that hot it's those tastes again;)
>> No. 29394
File 15443960495.jpg - (66.30KB , 1173x602 , 0.jpg )
'Eva' refers to several guys in her YT vids. In one vid she talks (in Russian) of going back-stage at a rap convert in Florida where she met a guy who was 2 1/2 meters tall (dude probably wasn't really 2 1/2 meters = 8 ft. tall).
>> No. 29395
Refering to and talking about mean nothing.
Any pictures of guys she has spent any amount of time with?
No. There is not.

Take the fucking hint.
>> No. 29449
File 154445203760.jpg - (942.13KB , 2006x3000 , eva_model_c'estchicpt2_teenmodeling_tv_076(r).jpg )
So a hot white chick gets invited back-stage at a rap concert and no one tries to tap that ass? Yeah, right! I'll bet the rapper's posse ran a train on her.
>> No. 29952
File 154482475421.jpg - (107.05KB , 1080x1080 , 4196.jpg )
Sofi is still the cuter sister
>> No. 29971
File 154483196294.jpg - (169.11KB , 728x800 , Eva MC Combo 2.jpg )

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