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File 154384197243.jpg - (550.33KB , 1440x960 , 152443251216.jpg )
28764 No. 28764

i'm starting a softcore collection of beauties and i've been told about LS Magazine. I searched for their collection but it's very huge.
Is there an index (girl index) of their work ?
This pic shows one a the goddess I'm chasing ^^
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>> No. 28776
Goes under LS-Girl 306. This is Touch-009a.
>> No. 28846

pass: 180chan
>> No. 28854
Freenet contains full collections LS and BD studies. Just connect and download it)
>> No. 28924

The most complete collection of LS Mag and BD Co, I've ever seen can be found here:


I realize that it's on the schelklers site BUT, all links are on clicknupload... I had ZERO problems downloading anything! Fast & Reliable. I was quite surprised and pleased. BTW, I am not in anyway associated with the poster, I'm just telling you what I found.

Also, as a Newbie, You might want to take a look at Candydolls, Newstars, etc... for some excellent NN stuff. JMO.
>> No. 28975
File 154400123999.jpg - (514.58KB , 1360x2048 , lfs-022-004.jpg )
https://155chan.gr/mir/res/7086.html #7117

>> No. 29074
File 15441099158.jpg - (349.23KB , 1440x956 , lfs-022-014.jpg )

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