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/mir/ ~ Sabitova
File 15440545666.jpg - (164.49KB , 800x600 , 34798972.jpg )
29022 No. 29022
Hey there. I search some sets for the girl in the pic. I know she worked for Siberian mouse and that she has videos. But I can't find everything of her. Maybe you can help me a bit
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>> No. 29036
File 154407825753.jpg - (195.61KB , 1704x2272 , 01_02 044.jpg )
>> No. 29037
File 154407835250.jpg - (147.52KB , 1704x2272 , 01_01 097.jpg )
>> No. 29114
I love this girl she's fucking hot I'd lick that pussie for hours
>> No. 29125
there's a few pics i saw with her and the other two. two girls and a boy. was there any pic or vid where they had intercourse?
>> No. 29139
Elya Sabitova is his name
>> No. 29199
Does anybody have her sets?
>> No. 30101
what ever happened to her after this pic?
>> No. 30102
i wanna see the part where the boy goes in her.
>> No. 30105
There are two videos where she sucks Sergei's dick.

Honestly - she's not very attractive AND she's not a very good cocksucker.

Not worth the felony to download.

stick with Masha & Tonya.
>> No. 30173

In what vid does Tonya give Sergey a bj? Can you link to download on either of the 3 chan?
>> No. 30223
File 154503648331.jpg - (138.06KB , 1032x546 , 39_mp4.jpg )

Ah, no, you're gonna have to find this yourself, Kemosabe.
>> No. 30224
File 154503670751.jpg - (76.15KB , 741x493 , suprise sib mous jizz.jpg )
This vid is not very good, not very sexy.

When he cums tho', it's pretty funny. He doesn't tell her and she obviously didn't pick up on the signs, so when he shoots his load she's really surprised!

otherwise, like I said, BORING. At least, obviously, it's boring to watch. Sometimes bjs are like that. But in PORN you need to SEE it.
>> No. 30234
Yeah, a blow job can feel awesome and make you cum buckets and maybe she never really moves her head.
But this porn, she needs to perform that shit.
>> No. 30239

Got it. That screencap helped a lot. Thank you!
>> No. 30241
I'd give my right arm to cum in hers and her friends asses x
>> No. 30258
vid links please
>> No. 30282
>> No. 30285
>> No. 30321
File 154512670542.png - (411.74KB , 722x543 , masha sister bj slideshow.png )

Sergei cums in their mouths. He does fuck the one blonde girl, but only with a condom and there's only pics - not video - of it.

He gets 2 blowjobs from this girl (the least attractive imo). One from Tonya. And two more from Masha - a solo one and one with Veronica and Masha tag teaming his dick. But these last two have never been seen in the "wild" - just a slideshow and a couple pics. There've been people over the years claiiming to have the Masha/Veronika vid for sale, but no one's ever actually delivered.
>> No. 30322
File 154512684144.jpg - (58.89KB , 739x345 , masha m32.jpg )
This is M_32 - the Lost Blow Job...lol...
>> No. 30323
File 154512700335.png - (556.46KB , 639x617 , ugly girl van bj.png )
>> No. 30350
more please
>> No. 30445
did you really screenshot a video of a slideshow of image previews of a video?
>> No. 30484

Yes. What of it?
>> No. 30507
« Sergei cums in their mouths. He does fuck the one blonde girl, but only with a condom and there's only pics - not video - of it. »

Do you have this pics ?
I never see that.
>> No. 30700
Please show more I love these girls
>> No. 30713

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