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/mir/ ~ Hailey / Starkid Sara
File 154463529194.jpg - (140.61KB , 845x1280 , Hailey-Model_Set27_056.jpg )
29619 No. 29619
has anyone topless or sexy pics of her?
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>> No. 31612
I have (I think) all she ever did so I am happy >>> but I just enjoy honesty and facts !! Would love to see what she looks like today Too !!!
>> No. 31743
contract yeah what's so fucking hard to get about that back then it was nothing regular that part came later dude........
met her yeah & most of who she had as friends at the time
you may have though i were around to babysit her or any of her friends def not but how tough is it to get peeps moves around at these events even those who are there to perform quite easy to meet someone then or is that a mystery too
know what today is like at any events with teams in any sports???
leave the basement and visit any sportsevent take a looksie maybe you'll get what's around more then the teams.......geez cells cells gone so fucking gone these days:/

btw try enter the wrong door at a sportsevent try it & you may get what the contract is about......maybe & i hope so & why it says i've got to keep my mouth shut about it for another decade

still in the same bloody business and some diff additions to it
just for you and any other curious dude around
air and the female of this thread that's a hint for you & it's not singning......
keep memory of her as the best to you as long as you wish don't believe me it's up to you not able to get what's unyold
peace cause i'm off have added her stuff enjoy that cause it's all there is
>> No. 31775
File 154646025042.jpg - (150.76KB , 742x950 , da6394ecde7e95d106201ae37e57676d.jpg )
>> No. 31836
I have no clue what you said But that tells me you are Austrian >>> My Austrian friends speak the same as you . Do not mean to make you mad and wish We could discuss Hailey ( AKA Star Sara )In more detail because she was one of my all time favorites >>> Was she as sweet and fun as she appeared to be ???
>> No. 31848
File 154653027255.jpg - (66.72KB , 487x324 , 1.jpg )
what number of set is this pic
>> No. 31854
File 154653910485.jpg - (94.23KB , 768x851 , 48818901UTx.jpg )
we simply need more pics of this beautiful girl
>> No. 31872
File 154654401848.jpg - (956.89KB , 1869x2804 , 551170102.jpg )
look how wet she got by fooling around with her friend
>> No. 31876
>>31743 by me

now we're getting somewhere & away from the other path lol
well lang harsh sometimes for me meaning english as you've noticed it's like this by nature and temper which gets worse by every year btw

hailey/sara could be a lady that not listened ie. wanted to do stuff in her own way
like chose her own paths
quite shy when not among her friends but opposite with those
liked but sometimes a bit bossy
she had an accent i had some problems to understand her english were better then mine.....

first time i met her it wasn't her alone & rarely were at any time
i met someone presented to me as a relative to hailey documents later told the bloke was a relative but not close
if she had been young today well someone would have said she got a diagnose as sets & vids tells she were active but it's def not a bad thing
hope you get my bad lang this time lets say my eng is bad & i'm nice even about myself;)

i'm not mad not at all it's frustrating not being able to tell in an easy way that's the main problems mine of course.......
can add hailey was a nice person even if quite stubborn sometimes well it's a must in sports at least;)
>> No. 31899
Exactly as I thought . She was kind of hard headed and stubborn. Then again she could be sweet and fun to be around. She seemed to be very intelligent too (?) .Are you saying her photographer was a relative . Can I ask if she is married ?? children ?? Type of employment ??
>> No. 31901
So you are German maybe ??? Oh and can you say if she is still in Austria??
>> No. 31963
File 154663011434.jpg - (45.67KB , 750x500 , 01.jpg )
>> No. 31965
File 154663049084.jpg - (40.97KB , 750x500 , 02.jpg )
>> No. 31966
File 154663050736.jpg - (72.26KB , 750x500 , 03.jpg )
>> No. 31968
File 154663056784.jpg - (83.63KB , 751x500 , 04.jpg )
>> No. 31969
File 154663058372.jpg - (31.66KB , 750x500 , 05.jpg )
>> No. 31970
File 154663059575.jpg - (56.05KB , 750x500 , 06.jpg )
>> No. 31971
File 154663061314.jpg - (88.46KB , 750x500 , 07.jpg )
>> No. 31972
File 154663062416.jpg - (63.62KB , 750x500 , 08.jpg )
>> No. 31973
File 154663063626.jpg - (72.69KB , 750x500 , 09.jpg )
>> No. 31974
File 154663064844.jpg - (73.97KB , 751x500 , 10.jpg )
>> No. 32059
please more of this set or other topess sets where she is older
>> No. 32079
>>31876 by me

>>31899 & >>31901

you're right fun but could be to follow what i had to like leave some areas well mostly when a couple of her friends were with her.....
i remember one thing she said when i asked just & i think it was the final time i seen her for a long time
older then maybe 13 she was'nt focused her competition did'nt go as she wanted at all
i asked cause she seemed needing to relax some
maybe you rather be far away from this for some time just that
i were told & had to ask what she said bad lang mine caused it
would like to be the best but nothing works anymore maybe i'll quit
saw her at one event later but on distance only which were the final time back then

don't know if she quit sports but i may have seen her more then 6 maybe 7 years later but not in any of the former events of sports
career well i don't think she actually got into the "air business" up in the air so to speak
airport desk & i'm sure it was her fixing my boarding that day
remembered me well i'm sure cause one comment just very fast made me smile now i'm far away or
more beauty then leggy thin cute:)
don't know where she is today or even after i've boarded on a flight & in same business but a little different

well her relative as i heard it she used the term "uncle" and what i've heard when i discovered she were hailey/sara
it's the "uncle" who took most of the photos & in some sets you can see the house he built
and "uncle" usually had cameras around
something hailey and her friends chattered about but excuse me for not knowing exactly what they're talked about:/
bad language again mine of course.......
so many years have passed she can be everywhere but maybe stayed nearby the capitol city as far as i know
think she may have been tired of going here and there as much as sports & photos demanded much of those sets and vids are related to some sports events.......quite many of those with fun at funfairs hmm amusementparks i don't know the exact term
the lady in this thread is a chapter of my job only but a quite nice one as a smile and a happy hello is nice every time
nicer when i knew she had a site well actually 2 official sites and a fan site sort of
but i've never told her nor her relative would have got me far off that job and that's a fact
conversations well more like hello bye see you you must have the most boring job ever why do your friends have the dogs no pets assure you.........
all said could fit a paper of a4 in size easily:) most was when she seemd so frustrated after a bad competition

i do wish her the best of life wherever she is and a great health i think she'd be a great mother
no i don't follow her just a coincidence i've ever found her hailey/sara sites.......still one of the nicer times

germany & me i've been in most parts of europe & scandinavia central america but none of those parts i can honestly say is my home or place of origin nor i've lived in any of those regions any longer times
you'll have to go east quite far about the origin of me north far north later and the rest is as they say history;)
europe sometimes jobs only restless could be my middle name when about location not the profession.......
languages hard for me but i do my very best whereever i am atm even in typing i'm afraid
now my friend i have to wish you a the rest of this year may be as great as you would like it
those feets of mine again well another job

чао имам страхотен ден наздраве it's as close it'll get sort of an old grumpy bloke gotta keep something you know;)
>> No. 32104
One of my favorite girls! Can anyone post pics from one of her later sets when she is at a water park pool, sitting in a little alcove or water pipe off the side of the main pool with legs open and cameltoe?

Hope someone recognises that description. It's tricky with there being so many sets, I know.
>> No. 32143
>>32079 by me & few other posts.....

busy for some time ahead but as you seem as a seriuosly interested guy when it's about the cute lady in this particular thread........
plus fact i may need time to achieve a little better english;) i really am aware it's bit of a hell to get what i write

would you like if i make a textfile for you & you know about who & what
if so i'll use some spare time to make it and post it when i get the time and it's done
you may have to be patient meaning wait for a while busy times not much time of my own

on the other hand if you're not interested just tell me i do understand if you have doubts the test would readable;)
it's not much but maybe just slightly better with some tohether then split into my messes of writing here.......
times run bye.......for now
>> No. 32177
File 154679868636.jpg - (221.89KB , 871x1292 , 201.jpg )
>> No. 32178
File 154679869831.jpg - (205.50KB , 837x1279 , 202.jpg )
>> No. 32179
File 154679871481.jpg - (202.47KB , 868x1292 , 203.jpg )
>> No. 32180
File 154679872833.jpg - (195.92KB , 1289x862 , 204.jpg )
>> No. 32181
File 15467987414.jpg - (279.35KB , 865x1298 , 205.jpg )
>> No. 32182
File 154679875321.jpg - (119.89KB , 841x1280 , 300.jpg )
>> No. 32183
File 154679876538.jpg - (121.63KB , 841x1280 , 301.jpg )
>> No. 32185
File 154679878958.jpg - (100.99KB , 841x1280 , 303.jpg )
>> No. 32186
File 154679881769.jpg - (108.65KB , 841x1280 , 302.jpg )
>> No. 32187
File 154679882977.jpg - (118.70KB , 841x1280 , 304.jpg )
>> No. 32188
File 154679884589.jpg - (120.77KB , 841x1280 , 305.jpg )
>> No. 32250
Awesome shots. Let's keep them coming please, particularly her older sets
>> No. 32266
Yes I Do enjoy our conversations >> Cheers to you too !! >> so you are Ukrainian?? And I guess maybe you do some interpreting ?? So you say she worked in the airline industry for a while ?? Well I still am just curious as to her life now >> I wonder if she stayed in shape >>had kids >> I know everything about Sandra and her husband (Denis) and her mom But nothing about Hailey I like to know they end up happy !!~ I sure stayed happy stareing at them all these years LAMO !!!
>> No. 32272
>>32143 by me

have patience & what i suggested will show up.......
let me see you're one of those peeps who like the "full" story or as much as possible;)
nothing wrong with that imo
hang in here and don't let my abcense for a while make you think i'm gone.......
a promise and so on........bye for now
>> No. 32348
She is now a Flight Attendant on a very famous european Low Cost Carrier. No Kids, not married, no nothing, and remain beautiful and lovely and elegant as always in the past. Real name starts with "J" and ends with "a" ;)
>> No. 32349
Yes I would like to know as much as possible and waiting is no problem. Every time I post I loose 180chan for the next two days. so I have to wait to see any response from anyone >>> I don't even get to see the rest of what is on this board cause it blocks and says server error >>> wish we could have a beer and talk but I will try and stick here and discuss every couple of days when I can get back on 180chan.I have to wipe my entire computer clean of cookies and sources in order to get back here and even then I might and might not be able to return. Any one else have that problem ??? 155 seems to be half ass stable. OK here goes see you in a couple of days !!!


>> No. 32351
Makes me worry if she is not with someone makes me think she still might be head strong >>> J and A that could a world of possibilities >>> But That's Kool >>> could you get a pic sometime maybe???
>> No. 32365
Punctuation please! Sheeeeesh,.. This chan.crap is difficult to search, navigate and post. Use some caps at the beginning of your sentences, some commas, or I'm likely to develope a negative opinion of you. (Pardon my rant.)
>> No. 32378
>>>32348 how old she is today ?
>> No. 32445
have to thank the kt bloke as you told something i'll go behind bars for lets say i owe you one a beer or such some day:D

and it's a hell of a great idea red capital dude:D it's mod but what the heck.......

hang in here bob or fix a discussion tread in spam & maybe kt can give you more of the stuff i can't deliver

reeeelaaaax deep breathe see grammar at chans isn't a big deal dude;)
this have lost it charms about a day or so and you'll hate every post until then
peace & promise i'm done soon.......
>> No. 32468
done & not much
just the way it is or wait another decade;)

pass S0M34808

>> No. 32615
to you and KT for the info >>> seems they don't like
conversation on here , or poor punctuation >>> Lots of
intellectuals ,I guess .
Fuck them and thanks again to you guys !!!
>> No. 32616
to you and KT for the info >>> seems they don't like
conversation on here , or poor punctuation >>> Lots of
intellectuals ,I guess .
Fuck them and thanks again to you guys !!!
>> No. 32617
I block all cookies Third party so every time I come to 180 they kick back and block me so that is why my response is so slow
>> No. 32633
>>>32468 thanks for the info
what sports was she in ?
>> No. 32696
Swim competition

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