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/mir/ ~ Showstars
File 150921576122.jpg - (86.72KB , 1088x871 , Clipboard01.jpg )
3072 No. 3072
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>> No. 28705
none of the 41 sets i have she wears the same bikini in any of the other sets
my set 38 she waer a reg shiny bikini outdoors by some cliffs
in set 39 it's a pink with 1 yellow an 1 blue flower plus yellow strings to tie it and she als have a jeans skirt
it's a pity i'm not able to add prevs.......
>> No. 28706
well it should be wears & red shiny nothing else:)
>> No. 28707
i've seen requests for jenny 05 but never the actual vid.....
i don't have it but promosed some time ago to have it well never happened
i've been looking for it for years and i hope i don't seem too negative but i've almost let any hopes of seeing it go away by now
>> No. 28727
File 154379120169.jpg - (199.89KB , 1124x750 , preview.jpg )
>>28690 my post
>>28706 i´m sorry, my bad. now i have look into my Hana sets, it is the set 35 in my collection, an she has got this ( i call it Tiger-Bikini) the same, she has got in the tied, bondage set. my picture shows bouth pictures. left is from set 35, right from the bondage set. hope that helping you.
>> No. 28731
File 15437942374.jpg - (146.12KB , 743x543 , Hana Sets.jpg )
ok hard work but here my 41 Sets with Hana in one Picture hope that this will help you
>> No. 28736
File 15437986125.jpg - (165.83KB , 1024x900 , Jenny04.jpg )
I have vids 1-3 and 6 but no 5, sorry! Does anyone have the Jenny video 4?
>> No. 28740
missing this one too. can you post previews from her videos 1-3 and 6 ?
>> No. 28744
File 154380236415.jpg - (134.39KB , 685x885 , 21646846.jpg )
All the Jenny vids I have
>> No. 28745
thank you.I missing 4 and 5 too
>> No. 28746
File 154380643440.jpg - (121.60KB , 1024x900 , Aya01.jpg )
Aya solo video 01
pass - Aya
>> No. 28774

Does anyone have this set to share?
>> No. 28790
It has been reupped here:
>> No. 28804
File 154387386566.jpg - (168.12KB , 1024x900 , Oxi-t02.jpg )
Has this video been posted please ?
>> No. 28858
File 154391282060.jpg - (52.36KB , 720x576 , Oxi t02_00_24_853.jpg )
Only the intro version has been shared so far (3:45 Min):
Pass - Oxi
>> No. 28866
nice preview, thank you for this.Hope that the full Video are shared to in future.
I want to ask, what is the name of the Song into this Clip? Oe the Group (Singer) name? thanks for infos about that.
>> No. 28875
File 154392704817.jpg - (30.75KB , 720x576 , Poly Snap.jpg )
A short Preview Clip with Poly tpl. She is not a part of the big Info-Post, i ask myself, wy ???

no pass
>> No. 28896
File 154393207169.jpg - (238.16KB , 1024x889 , Poly t01.jpg )
Thanks, here's the full clip ;):
Pass - Poly
>> No. 28902
thank you. hope for an aswer to my asking in >>28866
what is the song name in oxi clip ? >>28858
>> No. 28905
Via-Gra - Stop Stop Stop (russian):

You'll notice how compressed the audio in the Oxi clip must be. Even the Youtube version sounds much clearer.
>> No. 28909
thank you verry much, i have searched so long for this song
>> No. 28915
>>28905 you

>>28909 my post
It look like that this Group has also made the Sound of some Clips from Vlad-Models too

>> No. 28930
i like the girls with the pierced tongues!
>> No. 28984
Never give up hope. It's out there somewhere. I throw a request out about twice a year just to see what happens
>> No. 28998
>>28707 mine

;) do similar but yet have absolutely nothing happened
well new requests now and then but no vid

i'm not saying it's the truth but.......
poly never had tha same appeal to most peeps as arina oxi and hana
excuse me if i forgot anyone of the other gals
but i've not personaly seen as much info about sets or vids posted anywhere
or the sets or vids for that matter.......

i don't have all and everything of showstars
don't want it all either
but some items would be nicer then other;)
have comps yeah a couple of those needs some care so i'll say have a great holiday and a really nice new year all of you here
it's just in case something goes wrong as you'll never know;)
>> No. 29005
File 154404006075.jpg - (85.59KB , 1024x490 , Jenny05.jpg )
It must be Christmas folks


>> No. 29014
When i have ask myself what happens with Poly, i mean, i have sean one this one video and one set with her, in the last 14 years. I think that poly has stopped with making tpl or bether with making pix and vids, after this 2 shoots. so we can find nothing more about her.
>> No. 29018
thank you Jenny 05 Video
>> No. 29046
the best gift with no doubts:)
million thanks

you're probably right poly never made more then what have showed up
thrue all those years i've seen at least a few hints about they had more
well never more then hints we'll have to be happy about what's found
>> No. 29063
Christmas indeed, THANK YOU
Holy smokes, man!
>> No. 29071
I like Oxi's performance much more than the original music video. This girl was incredibly photogenic and easy to record for her age.
>> No. 29076
File 154411125065.jpg - (222.57KB , 1024x889 , Xara t01_thumbs.jpg )
Right. Unfortunately, not everyone could be as mass appealing as Oxi, Hana, Arina, Jenny, Lee and Lora. ;) But it's not the girl's fault.

Another underestimated one is Xara. She may not be the prettiest on photo previews but I find enough satisfying sexiness in her videos (nice budding titties and feet). Another hair style would have helped her a lot.

Pass - Xara
>> No. 29078
File 154411167579.jpg - (261.09KB , 1024x889 , Xara t02_thumbs.jpg )
Pass - Xara
>> No. 29085
File 154411447796.jpg - (173.54KB , 1024x889 , Lora 01_thumbs.jpg )
A quite underestimated fave of mine is Lora! Probably due to the sparse content she has. I have never seen any sets or additional videos and I have no clue why. She had so much potential! She could have really been an Oxi 2.0.

Pass - Lora
>> No. 29086
File 154411489088.jpg - (172.75KB , 1024x889 , Lora 02_thumbs.jpg )
Pass - Lora
>> No. 29087
File 15441155833.jpg - (155.49KB , 1024x900 , Lora-t01.jpg )
Pass - Lora
>> No. 29105
hmmmm nice this showstars is very sexy studio
>> No. 29254
What are all the videos where can you see the tongue rings of the girls?
So far I know:
hana 12
Aya and Hana with the cucumber
jenny 6

What else?
>> No. 29255
Anybody in possession of Jenny t05?
>> No. 29256
And what about:
Hana and Naina (t01)
>> No. 29277
Jenny t04 ?
Do you have a preview ?
>> No. 29281
im looking for a video with 7yo showstar with blue dress and gold dress, she have a tatoo on shoulder, black hair, skinny body,anyone have her two videos?
>> No. 29312
File 154432771783.jpg - (70.24KB , 720x576 , Ox02.jpg )
SSOx02 15m12s
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 29313
thank you, oxi video 02
>> No. 29317
File 154433122290.jpg - (526.83KB , 356x2618 , ShowStars-models.jpg )
Here's the original site list for any who might be interested.
>> No. 29411
File 154440894811.png - (73.16KB , 480x269 , nora.png )
please post Nora 10yo, she have 2 videos, one in gold metallic dress and the other in blue metallic dress. im searching for this nora videos since 2006!!!
>> No. 29626
File 154464440356.jpg - (78.64KB , 720x576 , ox.jpg )
pass Oxioxi
>> No. 29693
thank you, Oxi Video 03
>> No. 29855
please post Nora
>> No. 30042
thanks the copy i have of this isn't a viewable so i'm gratful for your addition:)

info and prevs of nora plus many other of showstars gals don't tell if something is available or not
i've never seen a set or a vid starring nora posted anywhere
and i've been around a really long time maybe too long time well some tells me it is the fact sometimes.....
but i do agree it would be really nice to actually see something of nora plus other missing stuff to be found some day
>> No. 30089
You're right about her vids, I only know of the 18s sample showing the gold & turquoise dresses, BUT sets are a different matter. Its not hard to find NN sets of Nora

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