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/mir/ ~ Showstars
File 150921576122.jpg - (86.72KB , 1088x871 , Clipboard01.jpg )
3072 No. 3072
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>> No. 3073
File 150921602539.jpg - (167.49KB , 1032x754 , SS-Hana-02_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3074
File 150921604533.jpg - (154.59KB , 1032x654 , SS-Hana-04-Mummy-Edit_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3075
File 150921607593.jpg - (179.45KB , 1032x754 , SS-Hana-t01b.jpg )
>> No. 3076
File 150921610043.jpg - (213.33KB , 1032x754 , SS-Hana-Topless-Custom-03_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3077
File 150921613054.jpg - (197.11KB , 1032x754 , SS-Oxi-and-Hana-strip_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3078
Thanks for these there were a few I had never seen . Here is another SS model Jenny wearing a similar outfit.. maybe you can use it
>> No. 3079
Does anyone have the Arina vids? she would be my favourite and Aya of Cause
>> No. 3080

Arina did at least one special set. That's the one I want.
>> No. 3081
File 150926901159.jpg - (182.14KB , 1200x1600 , Arina_t03-0026.jpg )
Arina 2 custom sets
>> No. 3082
File 150926964695.jpg - (226.67KB , 1032x754 , SS-Arina-t01_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3083
File 150927018741.jpg - (215.72KB , 1032x786 , SS-Arina-t03-long-version.jpg )
>> No. 3084
File 150927061421.jpg - (183.37KB , 1032x754 , SS-Arina-Topless-Yellow_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3085
File 15092718603.jpg - (215.42KB , 1032x678 , SS-Hana-&-Aya- T03.jpg )
Showstars Hana and Aya 2 vids
>> No. 3086
File 150927217589.jpg - (316.06KB , 1024x1298 , SS-Aya-&-Niana -t.jpg )
Showstars Aya pics and vids
>> No. 3087
File 150927229654.jpg - (200.63KB , 1024x889 , SS Alia-t01.jpg )
>> No. 3088
Please back up at least 3-4 of each mc's direct links in case they go down.
>> No. 3089
File 150929363441.jpg - (95.21KB , 720x720 , 138806940729.jpg )
Anyone has Hana and Aya smoking video?
>> No. 3090
File 150930283412.jpg - (273.84KB , 1032x951 , SS-Ariadna-01-lolipop.jpg )
>> No. 3091
File 150930329173.jpg - (180.45KB , 1200x1600 , Poly_t01-0001.jpg )
Showstars Poly custom
>> No. 3092
File 150930422218.jpg - (283.50KB , 1875x2500 , 106.jpg )
Showstars Oksana
>> No. 3093
wow great update thank you
Any more Arina
She is still a dream
>> No. 3094
File 150931013949.jpg - (207.66KB , 1032x754 , SS-Arina-Mummy-Edit_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3095
File 150931062240.jpg - (119.75KB , 1000x750 , 0014.jpg )
Arina sets 1-17
>> No. 3096
would like to see some mari videos
>> No. 3097

I concur. A Mari film sounds splendid. Might one of you gents be so kind as to oblige said request? I'm sure there are many who would be pleased as punch if one were to be so kind as to share such a delight.
>> No. 3098
File 150935883867.jpg - (694.72KB , 2048x1708 , thumbs.jpg )
password SS
>> No. 3099
somebody have the Karina and Lee oiling video, pls?
>> No. 3101
Hana & Arina links already down. Please repost?
>> No. 3102
Anyone keep the links? ... :)
>> No. 3103
Any Mari-t ???
>> No. 3104
All my mirrorcreator links are down :)
If anyone who already download it would like to help and reup? If you do I will post something new
>> No. 3105
File 150940021693.jpg - (622.12KB , 2048x1708 , thumbs.jpg )
I'm really angry at mirror creator. Here's Mary-t and if they delete it I'll only be pasting their direct links and they won't be making a penny off us.


Pass SS
>> No. 3106
File 150940279389.jpg - (61.87KB , 640x480 , Liana T 00.jpg )
Someone has vids, especially this one, and sets of Liana?
>> No. 3107
File 150940842147.jpg - (223.63KB , 1032x786 , SS-Karina-And-Lee-Custom.jpg )
this one?
>> No. 3108
thank a lot for mari t vid.
>> No. 3109
Wow thanks. A long time waiting for that.
>> No. 3110
>> No. 3111
File 150945635925.jpg - (678.07KB , 2048x1606 , thumbs.jpg )
Usually not an avid sharer but because they've been taking down our links https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0YMX64TB/Liana-t01.7z_links
pass SS
>> No. 3112
Any more Mari T?
>> No. 3113
File 150948382143.jpg - (662.58KB , 2048x1708 , thumbs.jpg )
Can't ignore a poster's request :)
>> No. 3114
Sorry forgot the password. It's also SS
>> No. 3115
>> No. 3116
THANKS for the Karina & Lee video, that was the one i wanted!
>> No. 3117
File 150953770744.jpg - (186.99KB , 1024x889 , t02_thumbs.jpg )
Neither can I!

I also have a video named Mari t03, but it does not show her topless. So, I guess the naming is wrong?

Showstars t means topless, right?

>> No. 3118
File 150957431163.jpg - (286.58KB , 1875x2500 , 064.jpg )
>> No. 3119
Showstars Hana t04 vid reup https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/09VHE0ZW/SS_Hana_t04.rar_links or http://www80.zippyshare.com/v/4wB2OgW1/file.html
or http://www.solidfiles.com/d/6Pz746aB2M63X
>> No. 3120
File 150965785027.jpg - (15.27KB , 300x300 , thank you.jpg )
>> No. 3121
reup https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/I2S42NNQ/SS_Hana_02.rar_links or http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/MnfweZQf/file.html
or http://www.solidfiles.com/d/za3xZ66X25KM3
>> No. 3122
one set, divide in two & call them sets 1,2 3. simple
>> No. 3123
>>2487 is a corrupt download on zip & solid = 1m21s
>> No. 3124
Hanna t4 is fine, thanks.
Hanna t2 downloads fine 98.2mb & opens as a broken vid of a minute not 15. fyi
>> No. 3125
I downloaded it myself from zippy and checked it. File is not full (probably dameged, but it lasts till 11 min 14 sec). I checked orginal file on my drive and it's exacly the same, so no point in reuplad
>> No. 3126
>> No. 3127
>> No. 3128
>> No. 3129
>> No. 3130
>> No. 3131
>> No. 3132
>> No. 3133
>> No. 3134
>> No. 3135
>> No. 3136
>>2507 thanks for checking.
>> No. 3137
>> No. 3140
File 150983408560.jpg - (95.77KB , 1011x759 , Clipboard01.jpg )
Showstars Liana
https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/CWDVVAOI/SS-Liana.rar_links or http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/MRlZtChS/file.html or http://www.solidfiles.com/d/za3pVRPDmpPyZ
>> No. 3141
By the way Liana on >>2395 is still up.
>> No. 3142
File 15098351006.jpg - (212.14KB , 1024x838 , C01 thumbs.jpg )
This is the file I had named t03, I renamed it to Mari C01 (custom 01). Sorry if it's wrong. Enjoy:


Pass: SS Mari
>> No. 3143
I remembered that I have seen it somewere recently and now I underand it must have been here :) anyway I will leave my post as backup links. Mirrorcrator can't be trusted these days
>> No. 3144
File 150983630441.jpg - (515.59KB , 1852x838 , C02 thumbs.jpg )
Mari C02 and C03:


Pass: SS Mari
>> No. 3145
Thanks for the recent Mari uploads. Has anyone got the other Mar-T videos? I believe they go all the way up to Mari-T07.
>> No. 3146
OMG I'm now hooked to smoking lolis.
>> No. 3147
These lolis are smoking without the need for tobacco! I've definitely seen the screenshots for Marie t03 but never seen the vid, so if anyone has it please share....
>> No. 3148
File 151026463918.jpg - (67.74KB , 494x628 , tnMari.jpg )
Mari banana set - 188 files (much healthier than cigarettes!)

>> No. 3149
i would like to see more mari sets
>> No. 3150
Fucking idiots wanting to see little girls smoke. They look like sick old bitches when they do that. No one who smokes will ever be an athlete. You and all of your suck!
>> No. 3151
Agreed! I can see any excitement in it.
>> No. 3152
>>2732 Thangks for the image count.
Saved so much pissarsing around.
>> No. 3153
lol after 10 years of gettin to next to no smoking (a pack a year, max) I didnt download any smokin vids so I would not be seein it. Smokin is just another way the rich get richer & you don't.
Alcohol at least gives me a buzz.
>> No. 3154
You wanna know why I like loli smoking vids? They usually wear pantyhose in them for some reason. I get off on that!
>> No. 3156
File 151052152497.jpg - (102.91KB , 900x1200 , Hana t03 081 (web).jpg )
>> No. 3157
File 151052203643.jpg - (100.97KB , 900x1200 , Hana_t01-0049 (web).jpg )
>> No. 3158
File 151052224261.jpg - (212.17KB , 900x1200 , Hana C 004 155 (web).jpg )
>> No. 3159
File 151052491964.jpg - (174.42KB , 1032x654 , SS-Karina-&-Oxi-Kissing-Mummy-Edit_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3160
File 151052580817.jpg - (212.84KB , 1032x754 , SS-Karina-See-Through_avi.jpg )
>> No. 3161
>>2892 thanks
>>2890 71mb cap shown becomes 390mb, think that triple guy did better than usual. skipped
>> No. 3162
File 151059301277.jpg - (203.21KB , 1600x1200 , 0122.jpg )
please reup
>> No. 3163
File 151061544457.jpg - (277.47KB , 1200x1600 , Hana_t01-0001.jpg )
>> No. 3164
>>2939 wow this one hasn't been webed by that pic destroyer. thnx
>> No. 3165
they delete the uploaded files faster than they could be re-uploaded. all gone! all links dead in this thread.
>> No. 3166
NOT TRUE. All filedropper links OK. Multifilemirror posts in all - some links are still OK. Just check them all. Dont give up so quickly
>> No. 3167
reup again
>> No. 3168
>> No. 3169
>> No. 3170
>>2920 SS-Hana-Topless-Custom-03
is the 75% dimensions (web) reduced set
in >>2886
Seen your image as Hana Tied?
Might be t02 or the (web)75% set is wrong name?
>> No. 3171
File 151076645759.jpg - (139.39KB , 900x1200 , Hannah Tied 001 (web).jpg )
this is NOT pic from SS-Hana-Topless-Custom-03

here is this set (it is NN)
>> No. 3172
File 151077785421.jpg - (477.56KB , 1875x2500 , 051.jpg )
>> No. 3173
File 151077811047.jpg - (483.67KB , 1875x2500 , 0125.jpg )
>> No. 3174
Any other sets from Tonia? She had a cute bathroom set if you have any of it.thanks fpr the post
>> No. 3175
>> No. 3176
Reup please?
>> No. 3298
>> No. 3394
seen anyone Mari diaper video? saw screenshot of it before
>> No. 3401
anyone got the 71mb version?
"as advertised" no disrespect to the elwebbs posted version poster.
>> No. 3440
Nope, never seen it, though I did see a screenshot for an Ariadna diaper vid, so perhaps there are more out there.
>> No. 3489
could someone re-up the Hana T04 vid
>> No. 3531
>> No. 3573
File 151129480558.jpg - (37.17KB , 753x424 , ar.jpg )
big thanks for that upload
Arina also did a video wearing the same outfit but I have never been able to find it
Would be great if someone could post it
>> No. 3608
File 151136320242.jpg - (210.41KB , 1024x838 , ShowStars - Arina 11yo (Outdoors Smoking & Dri.jpg )
Arina smoking & drinking outdoors
>> No. 3611
All reups same pass




>> No. 3622
ty for arina!
>> No. 3625
File 151137724971.jpg - (160.04KB , 1024x838 , ShowStars - Mari 02-seethrough - 1.jpg )
https://www.bigfile.to/file/Fdv7C75bSdke/ss mari 02.zip
https://anonfiles.cc didn't accept zip
>> No. 3812
reup mari c01 pls
>> No. 4017
I remember seeing a screenshot of Mari wearing a white top. Never seen the video though.
>> No. 4030
File 151182709081.jpg - (122.04KB , 1024x736 , Mari-t03.jpg )
Maybe you think of this, never seen it posted though.
>> No. 4064
>> No. 4100
Definitely! Thought I'd seen all her vids but not this one! Awesome if someone could post it!
>> No. 4103
File does not exist on this server
>> No. 4139
a shortened edited version of this video is posted to the All Models Forum (AMF) under the 'Showstars Mari' thread
>> No. 4149
The 't' designation Mari vids are hard to obtain. There are at least 7 of them but they rarely get posted. Not sure why as from what I've seen they are pretty soft.
>> No. 4171
Isnt that board[AMF] all premium user only?
>> No. 4193
It is but that's the least of your worries. They only put up censored videos of mari-T. What are they censoring? Well it's her topless that appears to be the problem. But, can tell you that there are many clothed vids and pics that are more likely to be illegal.
>> No. 4211
File 151207982317.jpg - (70.24KB , 1079x575 , Lee-A_11yo erotic dancer.jpg )
Showstars Studio super dancing girl


pass 180
>> No. 4230
Ya JackCrap, not interested in edited vids. And how the Hell can a clothed vid be illegal? Makes no sense. Anyways,sites that require alot of hoop jumping I usually avoid. Life is too short
>> No. 4236
File 151212186744.jpg - (38.06KB , 400x259 , SS_ad.jpg )

Well, not exactly correct and most of the links are posted on Mirrorcreator but usually they are visible for registered members only.


No, the videos of clothed girls are not banned but the topless are. That's why people post edited videos so others can have at least the clothed part. Neither the too cthru clothing isn't allowed there :-(

It's quite astonishing that Showstars even had ads in local paper! Pic related.
>> No. 5025
thanks guys , great thread
>> No. 5026
I have decided, nude is NOT pornographic. Therefore the content you refuse to post is hereby suitable forever and ever.
>> No. 5079

really? Is this ads true or is it montage?

Well, LS Studios had too ads on TV. That's why I love the "east" media! And what's new! Look Oxi on the front banner, Yay! Even the owner in the studio was charmed by the eternal Slav nymph of "smooth eyes." Glory To SS! The real SS!
>> No. 5090
is it possible to get a reup of the hana vids?
>> No. 5125
File 151370997274.jpg - (256.48KB , 998x1400 , Show-Stars-unseens.jpg )
Great thread for newbies, but when will these unseens ever get posted? And when will some of you learn that Oksana, Tania, Tonia etc are SM, not SS, no proven connection whatever.
>> No. 5139
please re up pt 2 of
>> No. 5140
disregard above request
>> No. 5141
works fine for me
>> No. 5142
I think all is still there (reuped on filedropper - from post 3126)
>> No. 5154
Some idiot shekeleer reupped this on 155 /cg/ without captchas or redirects https://155chan.top/cg/res/6727.html#7109
>> No. 5166
>And when will some of you learn that Oksana, Tania, Tonia etc are SM, not SS, no proven connection whatever.

Sorry Anon but you are wrong, they WERE Showstars before they changed the site's name. In their Showstars existence the girls had different names, for example Masha was called Sveta and Kris was called Aleka etc. The girls were younger then though.
>> No. 5171
File 15138048029.jpg - (135.66KB , 1200x900 , mari01a.jpg )
>>5166 The Show-Stars.biz pages from 2007 to 2009 (when it becomes 1st Studio) are still available on the web archive. If you can show me where Sveta or Aleka appears I will believe you.
More relevantly, where are the ordinary pic sets for Mari or Lora?
>> No. 5181
The real Show Stars was .net based in Vladivostok.
It evolved in Oct 2006 from mmmodels.com.
There were 40 girls over their 18-month run, Feb 2006-Aug 2007.
Topless stuff was sold from a separate secret website.
Fake SS .biz sold old picture sets and videos beginning shortly after .net was shut down.
SS .biz was based in Novosibirsk and had no access to the Vladivostok girls for any new material.
The people who ran .biz eventually got 30 new girls and became 1st Studio with none of the old SS.
Later they became Siberian Mouse with Oksana etc.
>> No. 5186
Would be grateful for an archive of the individual previews, samples and caps that index was compiled from.
>> No. 5212
File 151393358629.jpg - (392.39KB , 2048x1750 , mari collage.jpg )
Mari 4 videos
>> No. 5218
>>5181 extreme thanks for your recollections.
Many parts help solve the puzzle.
>> No. 5220
Why did they close though? I'm always curious why profitable studios shut down.
>> No. 5223
Did I miss the password?
>> No. 5226
pass elgallo sorry
>> No. 5253
Many thanks for the Mari vids Anonymous! Now if only someone could locate the ever elusive Mari 3 vid that would be the best Christmas present ever! O well...we can dream at least..
>> No. 5254
Video I saw basically said that a lot of the SS models were homeless children living on the streets, some as prostitutes and he gave them the choice of a lesser evil for money. Government shut them down and the girls went back onto the streets.
>> No. 5275

As a member of modern psychiatry, I can say that you are a retard who sees reality according to your personal interest. This is one of the first symptoms of psychopathy, do you know? Listen, it is not because something excites you or contains nudity / almost-nudity that the reality involved in this situation has to be depreciated, okay? Your mind is an example of how much media as hollywood can damage the mind of human. Instead of seeing life by "electronic gadgets", you should leave the house and walk the streets, you will see the true reality and not of your mind disturbed.

The reality is this: All studios with nudity or were not simple studios, common and were closed only because of the laws. The models went there, took a picture and nothing more.

You know, hearing bullshit on a media site, religious or blogglers makes even sense since these people do not know the truth and are ashamed of the fact. But to see something like that in Chan makes me doubt if you are not a bastard of an agent trying to associate lies with truths only to prevail his unjust laws. If it is, you will fuck yourself and go and get yourself a real job.
>> No. 5292
I didn't give any opinion at all, just stated the facts from the video I saw, specifically about Hana. If you want my opinion I think in this case the government did more harm by shutting down the studio, forcing them back onto the streets.

I also hope by "member of modern psychiatry" you meant that you are currently receiving help for mental health because you definitely have some issues.
>> No. 5294
more showstars here:

>> No. 5297

My Dear (or Darling) That's what you want to believe. There are no facts in those who turn reality into their desire. You are not aware of any of the involved or of the models. If you have any "parallel" information, it will only be from people who either you or the media pie intensifies lies to overturn the fame and power of these studios throughout your time.

Do yourself a favor, do not follow "Jim Jones".
>> No. 5361
please, more with Poly Jenny and Lee
>> No. 5542
Re upload pls
>> No. 5560
this link still works
>> No. 6049
File 151679361275.jpg - (850.98KB , 2880x2388 , ss-hana-topless-custom-03_s.jpg )
if somebody have this video, pls?
>> No. 6763
or http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/Y0EJ6QJT
>> No. 6764
File 151681782241.jpg - (211.92KB , 1015x899 , 1234as.jpg )
or http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/VQXQNPgX
>> No. 6783
File 151687348789.jpg - (879.49KB , 2880x2388 , ss-hana-t05-topless-yellow-see-through-9m55s-to-wh.jpg )

Thanks a lot that was fast,Thank you!

do you have this one?
>> No. 6785
Need the pass to open the files, thanks
>> No. 6786
>>6785 pass here >>5226
>> No. 6789
>> No. 6791
Any working Mari video links?
>> No. 6803
>> No. 6967
File 151713123387.jpg - (400.31KB , 2560x2004 , ss-angelina-video-t03_s.jpg )
do you have any Angelina vds
>> No. 6969
Vid name is t03 but this is NN
>> No. 7009

Many Thanks!
>> No. 7120
File 151749200099.jpg - (726.27KB , 2880x2388 , ss-angelina-video-01_s.jpg )

do you have this one?
>> No. 7138
I sure wish somebody would post Mari.
>> No. 7140
>> No. 7184
File 151765463836.jpg - (226.72KB , 1200x1600 , Jen_t01-0121.jpg )
>> No. 7195
>> No. 7198
no password
>> No. 7201
My bad. It's 4 sets & 4 vids.
>> No. 7202
The usual half a gigabyte, your guess is as good as mine. THANKYOU.
>> No. 7214
>> No. 7327
File 151780697368.jpg - (327.18KB , 959x785 , MyGirlFriends.jpg )
>> No. 7340
File 151782566872.jpg - (1.88MB , 5872x2384 , ss-casey-2009_ss-ariadna-karina-t02-brown-black-se.jpg )

do you know if Casey model for Showstars(the video caps in the left),and if you have the vid of Ariadna & Karina in the right that would be great.
Thanks again for all the videos that you share!
>> No. 7409
Could one of you re-up oksana please
>> No. 7440
already reuped here
>> No. 7441
sorry here
>> No. 7493
This Has GOT to be the Best thread in the history of the internet! Thanks to everyone for sharing showstars, they are such beautiful girls, and have the right 'attitude.' Arina looks like she's having a blast!
>> No. 8145
File 151887578094.jpg - (254.33KB , 1024x889 , Gala0011av_2692317_28911145.jpg )
Some vids for a little known SS model.







Pass: gala
>> No. 8317
Gala is 1st Studio, not SS
>> No. 8349
Same fucking thing
>> No. 8783
The SS Mari thread on 144chan was locked, so I could not tell the Mod that most of the links here do not work. Will someone re-up her TL vids on a non spam host? TIA


>> No. 8807
someone have the video from this photo?
>> No. 8831
>> No. 8851
thank you very much!
>> No. 12385
pls reup this,link removed thx
>> No. 12401
pls reup Hanna t4. Need the Original Clip. Not the Mummy Edid. Thanx a lot
>> No. 12406
File 15236600567.jpg - (50.15KB , 1088x871 , Clipboard01.jpg )
>> No. 12411
File 152366257075.jpg - (235.07KB , 1200x1600 , Jen_t01-0109.jpg )
>> No. 12467
File 152370213382.jpg - (28.04KB , 720x576 , 0180414122.jpg )
Which Hana Video is this photo from? normal Video, or a (t)Video?
>> No. 12497
File 152373458031.jpg - (347.04KB , 1517x1050 , Hana 11.jpg )
Your vidcap is from Hana 11, a NN video.
>> No. 12516
Thank you. If possible pls share this Video.
>> No. 12517
i missing the Video Hana nn 01
>> No. 12527
do hana have grown works like oxi?
>> No. 12530
please reup!!
>> No. 12533
Please re-up! Thanks!
>> No. 13656
Please could someone re-up Mari C03?
>> No. 15923
File 152756218643.jpg - (1.22MB , 1080x1873 , tmp_11364-20180529_0414527837517529599123549.jpg )
53 photo of sexy ukrainan girl sexy feet and lingerie

Password- heifhr837273bddocibmcmxlx

>> No. 17961
File 153146818039.jpg - (192.14KB , 1540x2309 , IMG_7323.jpg )
#7184, looks like a great set. Could you please re-up? TY!!

pic not related
>> No. 17981
we want more jenny from showstars!
>> No. 18040
File 153166644399.jpg - (1.17MB , 3026x3714 , William_Adolphe_Bouguereau_-_Little_Girl_-_Google_.jpg )
Could some kind hearted fellow reupload >>3117 >>3142 >>3144
Her smoking vids have been the best vids I have seen my entire LIFE! You guys are awesome for sharing new Mari vids! much <3333
>> No. 18068
File 153171090093.jpg - (668.56KB , 1894x1908 , Ariadna-T06.jpg )
Someone has this video???
>> No. 18124
File 153179014375.png - (264.63KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2018-07-17-03h15m22s687.png )
Showstars hot missing
1. ”Ariadna_butterfly” short are released in ”Showstars - Happy Mondays.mp4” (3.47 min) Dance hot and striptease in jeans, thong, underwear slip with butterfly on back thong. Any have full?
2. ”Lee yellow” short few sekonds are released hot yellow string and top, but full?
3. Showstar Jenny 05 seems to be never see?
4. ”Mari T03” white lace top, yellow thong are not realeased full only short, any have full?
>> No. 19216
Reup Hana and Aya Cucumber vid. Links are all down.
>> No. 19402
>> No. 19431
File 153334251951.jpg - (199.20KB , 803x667 , SS-Hana-&-Aya- T03.jpg )
>> No. 19461
File 153336088756.jpg - (234.12KB , 1024x889 , Showstars - Just An Illusion_avi_thumbs.jpg )
Just a short clip, but worth it
pass: imagination
>> No. 19465
File 153336768866.jpg - (176.15KB , 1024x889 , ShowStars - Jenny 03_avi_thumbs.jpg )
Jenny at her seductive best, I think she is kind of experienced?
pass: illusion
>> No. 19466
I think i posted the wrong pass for Jenny 03 guys sorry its

Pass: imagination
>> No. 19482
>> No. 19674
File 153354627383.jpg - (457.43KB , 1445x1468 , ss.jpg )
Someone got this vid?
>> No. 19803
This mess of a thread is a fail. Could the OP or some other kind souls please reup Showstars using a better host like dl.free? I'd likes shot at these videos, particularly Arina.
>> No. 19846
working links of Arina starts here
>> No. 19916
File 153375308660.jpg - (177.29KB , 1200x900 , Hana C 004 086 (web).jpg )
Please video to this set anyone other have it all the. ?
>> No. 19917
File 153375315525.jpg - (170.50KB , 1200x900 , Hana C 004 099 (web).jpg )
Video to this picture plz
>> No. 19948
File 153379636166.jpg - (182.91KB , 900x1200 , Hana C 004 151 (web).jpg )
Those images are from her t04 schoolgirl photo set, and none of the topless videos I've seen match this set. I'd love to be wrong though, one can never have enough of Hana.
>> No. 20011
File 153384255885.jpg - (200.35KB , 900x1200 , Hana C 004 074 (web).jpg )
There is a video off her in those panties unfortunately I don't have it will try find a screen capture I am sure I have but as far as I am aware it's never really been posted
>> No. 20020
File 153384861334.jpg - (264.87KB , 1517x1050 , Hana t04.jpg )
I've rechecked all my Hana vids and while she is wearing those panties in one of them it's not that schoolgirl set.

I noticed that this video (t04) has been posted/re-upped already in this thread so I'm not bothering to upload it.
>> No. 21189
File 15351150702.jpg - (552.59KB , 2048x1708 , hanna-t03.jpg )
Hanna custom t03
>> No. 21935
File 15358866189.jpg - (421.84KB , 2048x2035 , 1503517102_oxi-ariadna1.jpg )
Anyone have this one?
>> No. 27016
OXI please :)
>> No. 27108
Here's that video
pw 188chan
>> No. 27110
typo in the PW
The real PW is 180chan
Thanks for the upload
>> No. 27116
File 154228155488.jpg - (221.76KB , 1024x838 , 8796900914.jpg )

pass = smoking hot
>> No. 27762
File 15428824499.jpg - (68.98KB , 720x576 , Ox01.jpg )
SSOx01 15m15s
pass Oxioxi
>> No. 27779
Her real name is Anna Zharavina.
>> No. 27788
what's the number of hana in blue metallic top and skirt golden background
she's solo around 3 mins in vid she goes tpls later about 6 and a half mins in vid she put on yellow seethrue panties and a top in same yellow

can't add a preview and that's on my end btw
that's why i've described the vid
well anyone here who knows which T of the vids it could be???
thanks in advance + info gave me cerrections for some mislabeled stuff
>> No. 27799

You are talking about Hana t04 Video. I have the original Videopreview Picture, but never saw that this Original Video was shared elsewhere. Every Time, when i saw that Video was shared, it was the ( Mummy ) Edition, not the Original Clip. And also i saw, that the Original numbers of her Videos, are Changed every time again and again. So today, Posters are posting the wrong Clip t04 with Hana, as Clip t04. And her other Clips are too, with wrong Numbers. I do not know, wy this happend. Here the original Picture from Hana t04.
>> No. 27800
File 154292919527.jpg - (273.28KB , 1200x890 , Hana tp 04_avi.jpg )
uubs , here the picture, sry
>> No. 27811
I have this video, what differentiates the mummy version from the original?
>> No. 27816
>>27788 mine

seems i've got more then one other vid with hana named as wrong as this one:/
thanks appreciate the info

if this vid >>20020 is named t04 is it wrong as the one above got the sme name so confusing......

mummy edits got slomotion added and the music may be different from the oridinal vids
mostly shorter then the original
can't say i'm a fan of those mummy edits well as long as nothing else is available then maybe.......
>> No. 27817
as a small thanks for more info i've ever found 2 vids hope some of you'd like
none posted here or i've missed it somehow.....
if the 2nd is wrongly named well those names so much confusion;)

t4H4n4.rar & t5h4n4.rar

Hana t04 w prev in file

and the 2nd & i'm quite certain it's related to >>20011

Hana t05 w preview in file & named as i've found it

pass: H4n4Ts

vid 1. https://mir.cr/1JL0OR6F

vid 2. https://mir.cr/0ULMUX4A
>> No. 27818
Man that lil bitch Oxi has made me spill so much jizz over the years.
>> No. 27822
first : thank you so much, that you has shared the original Hana 04 (t04) Clip,i have searched so long Time.
>>27799 >>27800 my posts from Yesturdy.
With your Help, i have now all 6 Clips (t-Clips) with Hana complete. And all her others, she has made. thank you
>> No. 27838
File 154301300244.png - (590.23KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2018-11-24-11h33m04s489.png )
Been looking for this Arina video for a long time! can anyone help

>> No. 27969
>>27817 mine

you're welcome
>>20020 now this one is a mystery to me what's the right name for this one????

i've never been able to actual get the vid just a similar prev as yours
short don't have the vid & i'd like to see it too......
>> No. 27991
the preview picture ( the Number) 04 is wrong. This clip is Video t06. As far, as i know this was her last Video, she has made. Never saw an Clip with her, where she is older. The Title to this Clip (in Original from SS) was White Angel later White Rose ( but i think, this was the name, given, by an Poster(user).
>> No. 28007
What do you mean by 6 Hanna t-clips? I have 5, including a vid called t01b (also posted in this thread). I assume you have t01a then???
>> No. 28009
Do you happen to have the Hana 11 video? Please upload >>12497
>> No. 28020
hmmm...?!? never have sean, that ss_Agency has presenting Videos, or sets with names like vdo a, b, c or something???? i can ngt find this post in this thread. Can you share him again? you tell that you have this mystery b-Video. I'm sure, that i have all videos with Hana after more than 14 years searching for
If i can see this Clip, i think , i'm in a possition, to tell you what he is.
sorry abaut my bad english, hope you understand, what i tell here.
>> No. 28025
>>28020--my post

i have found the preview at the beginning ao this thread. puuuh..Now i think tat the poster who has made this prev-picture has named it 01-b because it is the next clip with hana after she has made clip 01, i think. this t01b clip, is in my collection regular first t clip-t01 of 6 she has made(solo).so i du not beleve that there is an t01a clip with her.
>> No. 28030
>>27991 my posts
Ok, after so often i told that i think, that i have all Hana Videos, i tell you, what i have (all in all 23 Videos).
Hana solo (nn) 1-12 Hana solo(t) 1-6
Hana solo (nn) smoking , Hana+Aya (nn), Hana+Aya (t) Oil ,
Hana+Aya (t) with Teddy Bear , Hana+Oxy (t - for Adolfo)
So, maybe my Collection are not complete. If it is not complete, tell it ,or bether share my missing Hana Videos. Thank you very much.

Video 11 are on the way >>28009
in my next post
>> No. 28036
File 15431987802.jpg - (65.49KB , 925x442 , 135465.jpg )
These are all the solo Hana t-vids I have. I'm still curious, which t-video you own, that I do not. :)

Thanks in advance for video number 11!
>> No. 28039
File 154320120272.jpg - (36.49KB , 582x218 , 6872360.jpg )
You seem to have pretty much everything. But which smoking video are you missing? I'd gladly upload it for you (in exchange of vid 11). :)
>> No. 28043
There's an Ariadna video I have only seen clips of. Ariadna starts off in jeans and a sweater. End wearing a thong with a butterfly on the back. I saw this clips in a compilation music video with a different Oxi video.

anybody know what I speak of? Anybody have original Ariadna video?
>> No. 28068
File 15432250241.jpg - (202.85KB , 995x1235 , Hana t Videos.jpg )
I missing the Video Hana smoking 2 from your preview.

Because of i have no Picture-Previews, i have changed on my Picture all correct Names of her Videos( see my Picture including 4 snapshots from her t02 Video.

And finaly, here the Link to Hana (nn) 11, no pass. enjoy

>> No. 28070
>>27969 mine

thanks had it saved as mentioned white+angel+topless

you got me curious i'd love to see at least a preview of all hana vids in your collection
much easier to know what you maybe are missing and not.....

i know i have hana 1-12 and hana t 1-6 at least now
smoking vids never appealed to me so most certainly i don't have any of those

you who actually can post previews which i can't
easier for me to see what i have and what i miss

i'm not exactly sure but the description seems familiar somehow
i'm def not sure well i better take a look.....
>> No. 28072
File 154322938788.jpg - (152.92KB , 800x868 , Hana Video nn 01 - 12.jpg )
I need a little bit Time, because i told that i have no previews. My picture shows the nn VDO beginning left side up to right side down video 1 too 12. Hope this help you. I starting with snaps with my other videos Hana i have too. in my next post.
>> No. 28075
File 154323044313.jpg - (75.56KB , 1231x474 , Hana smoking 01 + Hana&Aya nn.jpg )
Hana smoking 01 + Hana & Aya nn
>> No. 28076
File 154323250828.jpg - (118.33KB , 900x718 , Hana t Videos with Girls.jpg )
At last the 3 Videos i have Hana with other Girl
thats all i have with Hana
>> No. 28082
missing this one too Hana + Aya smoking
>> No. 28083
Want to ask, how many Videos has SS-Model Poly made ? Only the knowing t Clip ? I never saw/found other Vids with her
>> No. 28121
File 154325549037.jpg - (14.71KB , 268x212 , 154322938788.jpg )
Thanks for lightening up the darkness in that matter and of course for video 11!

I had her video in the gold dress mislabelled as Hana 02 (now I see that it is actually t02) Thanks a bunch, mate! But now I'm aware, that I do not have your regular number 02 (see picture).
>> No. 28122
File 154325564570.jpg - (144.53KB , 1024x838 , Hana Smoking 2.jpg )
Here's the smoking vid you are missing:


pass - Hana
>> No. 28124
File 154325677528.jpg - (213.89KB , 1024x889 , Hana & Naina.jpg )
Oh, and apparently you do not have the Hana vid with Naina.


pass - Hana
>> No. 28126
File 154326049372.jpg - (174.38KB , 1024x889 , Naina 07.jpg )
Speaking of Naina, I'm in uploading mood right now! This number 07 is the only other Naina vid I have. I don't know if there are more. It seems to be pretty rare, so I think anons will only profit from this post.


pass - Naina
>> No. 28128
i do have all as in >>28072 & 28075 & 28076
also have hana naina (pairs 05)
btw the copy i have of aya hana nn is named tango instead of nn
6 t's and my copy of the gold i've got 2 copys of one 99,9 mb the 2nd 77,9 mb
that's it of the hana vids & she's my absolute fav all times always been

i'm very grateful for all of you here posting prevs
thanks a million guys & cheers to every single one of you

almost forgot >>28126 all i've found of her is a few clips 1,18-4,15 mb
anyone interested in any of those it's 5 clips well it's naina;)
>> No. 28129
it's so fast to get these to host so i'd thought i'd post it
5 small clips naina and i like her to btw enjoy

pass: 5n41n45

>> No. 28163
You bouth are welcome and thank you too for new informations and my 2 missing Hana Videos. Also thanks , Information about Hana Aya ( Tango) name of Video.
At the beginning od this thread a poster asking for an Video Aya and Hana smoking??? I missing this Video too. If exist, pls share him too. thank you
>> No. 28165
in a bit of a hurry had time only for naina & her short clips
well fix the rest now with her sets and these are the only i've found of her
not easy find something with her enjoy

naina set 1-5

pass: 5n41n45

>> No. 28168
Here your missing Hana 02 Video
Pass Hana
>> No. 28230
Can some kind soul reup this picture set please?
>> No. 28236
File 154333903667.png - (239.18KB , 800x214 , hana456.png )

I also <3 Hana, could you possibly upload these 3 by chance? It would complete my collection
>> No. 28237
Thanks :) Aehm, the user asking for the Hana and Aya smoking video was ME, the anon who upped your missing Hana vids. I'm not kidding!

Last year I came across this teaser picture. The video itself seems to be hoarded by traders. But u know, asking will cost you nothing. ;)
>> No. 28241
File 154334056175.jpg - (737.47KB , 1821x2420 , Hana cstm.jpg )
4 Hana custom sets, named as found:

topless SG
Hana tied


pass - Hana
>> No. 28244
Hana vids 4-6
Sorry, no preview this time
pass - Hana
>> No. 28253
ok. i see. Yes i think too, that some Videos and sets with Hana she has made, are exist. Sometimes the Agencies has presenting Vids & Sets tu good Members and Sonsors in the time when SS was online.That wy sometimes at the beginning, the Models say thank you to the users( like in Hana+Oxy for Adolfo). or in Videos from Vlad_Agency..for Tom, to Anton and so on.
>> No. 28254
>>28072 its mee, with all this corect numbers with the Videos.
The next trobble are the sets with Hana. Until today, i`m not in a possition to sort Hana`s Sets in correct possition 1 2 3...aso. And most of the sets i found has got missing pictures or/and not the original number. Or sometimes destroyed pictures. chaos without ending...smil
>> No. 28267
Showstars video index

pass= showstars
>> No. 28285
Bump for this one. Been looking forever
>> No. 28330
File 15434344699.jpg - (421.01KB , 1324x2229 , 1.jpg )
I hope this will help you sorting your sets. They are complete and in the right order. At least I think so. I downloaded them in one go from another kind anon.
>> No. 28331
Oh and if you need entire sets, just ask!
>> No. 28333
Oops, by inspecting them more carefully now, I see that there is no Set 27, and 32 + 33 are duplicates. Sorry bro!
>> No. 28335
thanks something i've never seen for showstars previously:)

>>28330 got exactly same order as you 32 & 33 same set
an i thought i actual had all 41 sets;)
>> No. 28343
that is i was talking about in my post >>28254
I think , wegot that (41) sets from the same page.Set27 is missing , 32 & 33 the same, but with some diferent pictures. Picture missing in set 32 are in set 33 or missing in 33 the are in set 32. And most of the sets are 49 pictures, others have 56 or more then 100. This can never be the correct numbers of this sets. One of this sets has got only 44 Pictures ..and so on.And i never saw one post from other useres with bether sets from Hana.
>> No. 28367
Yeah, I get it. I have noticed these varying pic numbers too. My guess is that this is actually all that's available atm, sadly. Heck, I know that incomplete sets are the case also in my Vlad collection etc. But there is not much we can change about it. :(
>> No. 28393
>>28335 mine

>>28343 & >>28367
i've got a set named as 27 in the sets i've found but if it's actually the dorrect number well don't know at all
1. would you like the set 27 & only that set i'd like to know if it's correct numbered

2. i could post all the sets i've got even if 32 & 33 is the same

i'll leave it up to you to decide
no real hurry but in a day a couple tops i've got to go.......
>> No. 28396
Sure, bro! If you have a set with the number 027 I'd like to have it. I will see if it is a duplicate or something. If it is not, it's likely we found the actual set 027.

So, feel free to upload it! We will grab all we can.
>> No. 28410
File 154356235494.jpg - (134.66KB , 750x1000 , hana-27-0016.jpg )
Here's the set I have as Hana 27, and I can't help with the 32/33 dupes.

no password
>> No. 28416
yes please, post all your sets with Hana. And thank you to Set 27 >>28410
think that is is the real set 27, but i ask myself what set is 32 and 33?? One set can be the real set number , but what set is then the other on???
>> No. 28424
>>28393 mine

hana set 1-41 and have to tell i've got another stash of the same but that 1 missing set 27
set 27 is the same as >>28410 but 32 & 33 still the same

pass: H4n4Ts

>> No. 28426
looking for this set
Hana 04 i think?
>> No. 28427
this is one of her tpl-sets she has made not a nn-set04
>> No. 28429
>>28424 mine

i've got 2 sets of zayka & wonder if anyone here ever found more then this
it's set 1 & set + a 1 minute clip i'd really see some more of her if there is........

going thrue the stuff sometimes is really needed as i've completely forgot about this;)
some time ago a real nice bloke shared this & it's a lot of info about 1st & showstars
site prevs and clips & add this >>28267 you've got most if not all info needed.......

pass: 15t5S

>> No. 28456
Awesome! What a great contribution. Thanks man! The lost set has officially been found.
>> No. 28457
Wow, nice. I now have 2 additional pics for Zayka set 2 and a clip I have never seen before. Thanks a ton!
>> No. 28458
File 154359453436.jpg - (122.05KB , 1000x750 , 0002.jpg )
pass - Hana
>> No. 28598
Very nice Infos, but there are so many Models-prevs, i never ever saw that her vids are shared elsewhere in full version. Like Dana, Naina, Nora aso.
>> No. 28685
>>28429 & guy with prev issues......

you're right it's so many that i'll never seen other then as these previews

nice those helped you out well can tell they've did the same for me too;)

my wish for the future would be tha sets with hana could have the mystery with set 32 & 33 solved
well maybe some day
>> No. 28690
I have made with this 2 sets (32&33) one complete set, and have it named as set 32. I have found an nn-set called Hana-tied(or bondage).this set has got no set number(only this title).so i have named it as set 33. Now my 41 setzs with Hana complete.BTW in this nn set i was talking, Hana has got the same Bikini as in set 38 or 39 ?? in on other set from this 41 sets. you can have a look, in your own sets( if you have this 41 sets, we have told so often right here.
>> No. 28692
One more bump for Jenny 05! This has to be out there somewhere!!!
>> No. 28704
have to admit i've never even thought of doing like you have
seems not bad at all i think i'll do as you:)
thanks for the hint
>> No. 28705
none of the 41 sets i have she wears the same bikini in any of the other sets
my set 38 she waer a reg shiny bikini outdoors by some cliffs
in set 39 it's a pink with 1 yellow an 1 blue flower plus yellow strings to tie it and she als have a jeans skirt
it's a pity i'm not able to add prevs.......
>> No. 28706
well it should be wears & red shiny nothing else:)
>> No. 28707
i've seen requests for jenny 05 but never the actual vid.....
i don't have it but promosed some time ago to have it well never happened
i've been looking for it for years and i hope i don't seem too negative but i've almost let any hopes of seeing it go away by now
>> No. 28727
File 154379120169.jpg - (199.89KB , 1124x750 , preview.jpg )
>>28690 my post
>>28706 i´m sorry, my bad. now i have look into my Hana sets, it is the set 35 in my collection, an she has got this ( i call it Tiger-Bikini) the same, she has got in the tied, bondage set. my picture shows bouth pictures. left is from set 35, right from the bondage set. hope that helping you.
>> No. 28731
File 15437942374.jpg - (146.12KB , 743x543 , Hana Sets.jpg )
ok hard work but here my 41 Sets with Hana in one Picture hope that this will help you
>> No. 28736
File 15437986125.jpg - (165.83KB , 1024x900 , Jenny04.jpg )
I have vids 1-3 and 6 but no 5, sorry! Does anyone have the Jenny video 4?
>> No. 28740
missing this one too. can you post previews from her videos 1-3 and 6 ?
>> No. 28744
File 154380236415.jpg - (134.39KB , 685x885 , 21646846.jpg )
All the Jenny vids I have
>> No. 28745
thank you.I missing 4 and 5 too
>> No. 28746
File 154380643440.jpg - (121.60KB , 1024x900 , Aya01.jpg )
Aya solo video 01
pass - Aya
>> No. 28774

Does anyone have this set to share?
>> No. 28790
It has been reupped here:
>> No. 28804
File 154387386566.jpg - (168.12KB , 1024x900 , Oxi-t02.jpg )
Has this video been posted please ?
>> No. 28858
File 154391282060.jpg - (52.36KB , 720x576 , Oxi t02_00_24_853.jpg )
Only the intro version has been shared so far (3:45 Min):
Pass - Oxi
>> No. 28866
nice preview, thank you for this.Hope that the full Video are shared to in future.
I want to ask, what is the name of the Song into this Clip? Oe the Group (Singer) name? thanks for infos about that.
>> No. 28875
File 154392704817.jpg - (30.75KB , 720x576 , Poly Snap.jpg )
A short Preview Clip with Poly tpl. She is not a part of the big Info-Post, i ask myself, wy ???

no pass
>> No. 28896
File 154393207169.jpg - (238.16KB , 1024x889 , Poly t01.jpg )
Thanks, here's the full clip ;):
Pass - Poly
>> No. 28902
thank you. hope for an aswer to my asking in >>28866
what is the song name in oxi clip ? >>28858
>> No. 28905
Via-Gra - Stop Stop Stop (russian):

You'll notice how compressed the audio in the Oxi clip must be. Even the Youtube version sounds much clearer.
>> No. 28909
thank you verry much, i have searched so long for this song
>> No. 28915
>>28905 you

>>28909 my post
It look like that this Group has also made the Sound of some Clips from Vlad-Models too

>> No. 28930
i like the girls with the pierced tongues!
>> No. 28984
Never give up hope. It's out there somewhere. I throw a request out about twice a year just to see what happens
>> No. 28998
>>28707 mine

;) do similar but yet have absolutely nothing happened
well new requests now and then but no vid

i'm not saying it's the truth but.......
poly never had tha same appeal to most peeps as arina oxi and hana
excuse me if i forgot anyone of the other gals
but i've not personaly seen as much info about sets or vids posted anywhere
or the sets or vids for that matter.......

i don't have all and everything of showstars
don't want it all either
but some items would be nicer then other;)
have comps yeah a couple of those needs some care so i'll say have a great holiday and a really nice new year all of you here
it's just in case something goes wrong as you'll never know;)
>> No. 29005
File 154404006075.jpg - (85.59KB , 1024x490 , Jenny05.jpg )
It must be Christmas folks


>> No. 29014
When i have ask myself what happens with Poly, i mean, i have sean one this one video and one set with her, in the last 14 years. I think that poly has stopped with making tpl or bether with making pix and vids, after this 2 shoots. so we can find nothing more about her.
>> No. 29018
thank you Jenny 05 Video
>> No. 29046
the best gift with no doubts:)
million thanks

you're probably right poly never made more then what have showed up
thrue all those years i've seen at least a few hints about they had more
well never more then hints we'll have to be happy about what's found
>> No. 29063
Christmas indeed, THANK YOU
Holy smokes, man!
>> No. 29071
I like Oxi's performance much more than the original music video. This girl was incredibly photogenic and easy to record for her age.
>> No. 29076
File 154411125065.jpg - (222.57KB , 1024x889 , Xara t01_thumbs.jpg )
Right. Unfortunately, not everyone could be as mass appealing as Oxi, Hana, Arina, Jenny, Lee and Lora. ;) But it's not the girl's fault.

Another underestimated one is Xara. She may not be the prettiest on photo previews but I find enough satisfying sexiness in her videos (nice budding titties and feet). Another hair style would have helped her a lot.

Pass - Xara
>> No. 29078
File 154411167579.jpg - (261.09KB , 1024x889 , Xara t02_thumbs.jpg )
Pass - Xara
>> No. 29085
File 154411447796.jpg - (173.54KB , 1024x889 , Lora 01_thumbs.jpg )
A quite underestimated fave of mine is Lora! Probably due to the sparse content she has. I have never seen any sets or additional videos and I have no clue why. She had so much potential! She could have really been an Oxi 2.0.

Pass - Lora
>> No. 29086
File 154411489088.jpg - (172.75KB , 1024x889 , Lora 02_thumbs.jpg )
Pass - Lora
>> No. 29087
File 15441155833.jpg - (155.49KB , 1024x900 , Lora-t01.jpg )
Pass - Lora
>> No. 29105
hmmmm nice this showstars is very sexy studio
>> No. 29254
What are all the videos where can you see the tongue rings of the girls?
So far I know:
hana 12
Aya and Hana with the cucumber
jenny 6

What else?
>> No. 29255
Anybody in possession of Jenny t05?
>> No. 29256
And what about:
Hana and Naina (t01)
>> No. 29277
Jenny t04 ?
Do you have a preview ?
>> No. 29281
im looking for a video with 7yo showstar with blue dress and gold dress, she have a tatoo on shoulder, black hair, skinny body,anyone have her two videos?
>> No. 29312
File 154432771783.jpg - (70.24KB , 720x576 , Ox02.jpg )
SSOx02 15m12s
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 29313
thank you, oxi video 02
>> No. 29317
File 154433122290.jpg - (526.83KB , 356x2618 , ShowStars-models.jpg )
Here's the original site list for any who might be interested.
>> No. 29411
File 154440894811.png - (73.16KB , 480x269 , nora.png )
please post Nora 10yo, she have 2 videos, one in gold metallic dress and the other in blue metallic dress. im searching for this nora videos since 2006!!!
>> No. 29626
File 154464440356.jpg - (78.64KB , 720x576 , ox.jpg )
pass Oxioxi
>> No. 29693
thank you, Oxi Video 03
>> No. 29855
please post Nora
>> No. 30042
thanks the copy i have of this isn't a viewable so i'm gratful for your addition:)

info and prevs of nora plus many other of showstars gals don't tell if something is available or not
i've never seen a set or a vid starring nora posted anywhere
and i've been around a really long time maybe too long time well some tells me it is the fact sometimes.....
but i do agree it would be really nice to actually see something of nora plus other missing stuff to be found some day
>> No. 30089
You're right about her vids, I only know of the 18s sample showing the gold & turquoise dresses, BUT sets are a different matter. Its not hard to find NN sets of Nora
>> No. 30135
must have slipped thrue cause i've never seen any of nora nn sets well no sets at all actually:)
the 18s clip yeah and that's the only one stuff i've ever seen
add some of the others and you'll know what i'd like to see coming well that's my holy grail and have been for some time;)

as time of the year and such plus too much other interfering for me & don't got that much not seen here already well........
a big thanks for both jenny 05 vid and a lot of info i'll have to vanish for a while
merry christmas and a really happy new year to all and everyone here:)
>> No. 30236
File 154506207350.jpg - (76.49KB , 634x484 , uglychildren.jpg )
With a site filled with pictures of nude little kids, you definitely wouldn't want to have a link to a site with illegal content mods.

The mods are funny as fuck here. Inconsistent moderation, arbitrary file deletions, they'll keep hardcore pictures of a dead kids corpse being fucked, but remove a picture of a kid with cum all over her face. If I didn't know better I'd think they were were of an age in which most of us would like to fuck them.
>> No. 30357
The mods don't have to delete illegal content they don't know is there, but they do have to delete it as soon as someone reports it.
>> No. 30502
if so i'd really like to know in what way it may be related to showstars.....
most posts i see in here even some by me got no problems showing up so i still don't know if your post is relevant to the subject here or not

have to say mods here do a great job
try it some time and you may get it's no vacation with all posts with everything you can imagine to sort the bad form the good ones......
i know cause i've runned a tiny place swallowed by a larger later on
be a mod isn't easy so i've got the fullest respect for their job and some can be done a bit fast sometimes
with that and if it's an unwanted ranting i'm ok with that;)
have a nice holiday and yes directed to mods here........and everyone else who cares about the upcoming holiday:)


>> No. 30774
Links Unavailable.
>> No. 30798
for the love of god, someone post nora, i dont wanna died without seen them.
>> No. 31024
File 154564391084.jpg - (6.95KB , 150x200 , 0001.jpg )
Bonus set leopard 42mb
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 31084
File 154570719269.jpg - (78.28KB , 754x560 , SS Nora 1-8.jpg )
>>30798 >>29411 >>29855 >>30135

OK,OK,OK, here's 4 Nora sets (all NN) also her 19 second preview vid. I don't know how to crop so these sets are the 4 on the left side.




I was also wondering WTF this>>30236 had to do with Showstars but was too lazy to post at the time.
>> No. 31201
>>30502 by me

may not seem like it well something stole christmas until today......

plus this one also by me >>30135 so i'm grateful

the first ever i've seen of nora so you can guess it's more then just nice........
thanks a million feels like christmas returned somehow:)
cheers happy new year to all & everyone no exceptions;)
>> No. 31276
Does anyone here have Vika's sets? There was at least one topless set of her I think but I lost them a while back.
>> No. 31296
If you can wait I'm pretty sure I have a couple of Vika topless sets on a back up drive somewhere (backups are are a good idea, especially if they are regularly checked for restoration coherence)
>> No. 31440
you have nora videos?
>> No. 31458
post nora videos plese
>> No. 31573
i've heard of vika tpls stuff but only seen prevs liks stamps in size at least her showstars stuff
time can run ll it'd like patience the key & it's no hurry at all
it's just really nice to see this thread keeps going never thought i'd find some items i did'nt have previously well that's me........

have to reapeat myself well nora is one of the best of showstars this year at least to me thanks again:)
>> No. 31607
File 154630407054.jpg - (280.46KB , 1500x2000 , 0174.jpg )
>> No. 31702
Does anyone have Oxit03 where she is in the red thong? That one is so fucking hot. I lost it in a hard drive crash and haven't been able to find it.
>> No. 31731
>>31573 by me

t001 got a stampsized prev from that one as it seems it's pic 49......
really nice to actually have both sets i'm very grateful for your addition
vid topless 01 have a 10 sec clip previously the 2nd i have but in her vlad stuff of some odd reason i don't know:)
million thanks
>> No. 31855
File 154653911693.jpg - (171.32KB , 1024x900 , Oxi-t03.jpg )
Sure, man. I've been there too. Treat this vid like gold in the future, it deserves it!


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 31863
Not the requester but TVYM for this vid, new to me. It might just be me but I find Oxi/Anya to be one of the sexiest models of all time.
>> No. 31867
I'm the uploader. Congrats for not knowing the video up to this point! I remember downloading it for the first time and being swept away by its sexiness.
>> No. 31903
You sound like a serious collector. Been looking for a custom of Oxi/Anya where she is topless, going in circles on all fours, asking "do you like me, Steve?" anyone? anyone? tyia
>> No. 31916
no password

>> No. 31925
File 154661437414.jpg - (118.09KB , 1024x900 , Oxi_richl.jpg )
Here you go mate:

Pass - I need my Oxigene

Why does your version only have 7:24 minutes? You better crab my video (15:01 min), that's the original.
>> No. 31945
>>31855 thank you sharing Oxi. She´s sexy
>> No. 31959
File 154662840615.jpg - (159.51KB , 1024x900 , Oxi-t01.jpg )
I'm going to post the rest of Oxi's topless vids. Here's t01, another 15 minutes of hot little Oxi showing us her sweet budding titties:


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 31960
File 154662906869.jpg - (104.28KB , 1024x900 , Oxi - custom topless.jpg )
I wish she had made much more topless stuff. She clearly enjoyed stripping for the cam.

Oxi custom topless:


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 31975
>>31945 me

>>31959 >>31960 thank you again, for share her clips

>>31960 i have started with colecting oxi, first time when i find this thread. In the past time i have only colect Videos & Sets from Hanna, she was my big Love. So i missing a lot from the other Girls from SS, but it is ok. Now i colect all i can find from Oxi. If my informations right, Oxi has later made some Videos under VladModels. But with diferent Name, Anya i think ???. i dont know. Vlad Agency has made only with Teens 17 to 18 Yo Models, Topless or Nude things. With Kids not. So Vlad has got no Topless things from Oxi???. I dont know, oll this are Infos, i have found in threads in the past.
>> No. 31976
File 154663209655.jpg - (151.95KB , 1200x1600 , P6130061.jpg )
Yes, Vlad later gave her the name Anya y148. I love Vladmodels for more than one reason but I'll be eternally thankful for giving us more Oxi/Anya.
>> No. 31978
>>31975 me
She has got a so niche vace,she can look like a little Bambi. Absolutely perfect
>> No. 31987
More Videos with Oxi pls
>> No. 32002
Some other Showstars models also worked for Vlad. The ones I can think of are;
Arina - Alina-y149
Lee - Kristina-y158
Karina - Marina-y161
Vika - Vika-m064. Her early Vlad sets seem to pre-date her SS work.
>> No. 32049
Thanks a ton man. Hard drive crashes suck and I had lost all of my oxi/anya. I always thought this one was the best though. Thanks again.
>> No. 32072
not sure but could be someone else......
can't be her but poly reminds me of a gal at vlad and if i'm out in the blue blame it on my memory these days;)
oxi/anya and vika zayka & add a few others have always been favs of mine

btw i've seen a quite short vid some time ago named depa kinis loose or similar & don't have a clue whit could be
it's a bit similar to dc/dark & a mix of 1st just similarities but what i thought of seeing it
and i'm the bloke who can't add previews so i hope someone got an idea about the vid depa.......
>> No. 32218
File 154682895068.jpg - (169.80KB , 1024x900 , Oxi04.jpg )
Since no. 3 was the last regular video posted here, I'll continue with Oxi 4. Have fun!


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 32219
File 154682920875.jpg - (152.33KB , 1024x900 , Oxi05.jpg )
Oxi video 05


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 32220
File 154682942861.jpg - (195.18KB , 1024x900 , Oxi06.jpg )
Oxi video 06


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 32222
File 154682971237.jpg - (134.61KB , 1024x900 , Oxi07.jpg )
Oxi video 07


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 32223
>>32219 thank you again

>>28727 some of my posts
>> No. 32224
File 154683024047.jpg - (123.52KB , 1024x900 , Oxi08.jpg )
Oxi video 08
If anyone wonders who the music is from, it is 80s porno pop star Samantha Fox from England. Quite fitting for black rubber and leather ;)


Pass - I need my Oxigene
>> No. 32225
thank you for this videos
>>32223 my post

i want ask you, can you give me 3 pictures wich videos from oxi video 1 2 3 is ? Pictures so that i can check out if my colection with her clips are ok. thank you
>> No. 32226
ok video 2, 3 i see is ok, but what is her video no 01 ?
>> No. 32227
File 154683158233.jpg - (136.65KB , 1024x849 , Oxi Smoke Banana.jpg )
I can confirm that the videos 1-3 are the correct ones.

Fruity Oxi eatin' a banana:


Pass - I need my Smoking Oxigene
>> No. 32228
ok, thanks. in my oxi video colection i have one video (nn) she has an golden shining dress on. the clip is non topless, is this her clip oxi 01 ?
>> No. 32229
>>32228 Yes, the one in the gold dress is video number 01.
Just like it was posted here >>27762
>> No. 32231
ok, i see. thank you very much for help & the oxi videos, you shared.
>> No. 32232
File 154683384190.jpg - (107.82KB , 750x1000 , Oxi_007_006.jpg )
All 34 Oxi sets


Pass - I need the rest of my Oxigene
>> No. 32233
File 15468349045.jpg - (83.90KB , 768x1024 , 0006.jpg )

Pass - Oxi & Arina
>> No. 32234
Thank you for the share.... Oxi will always be one of my favs.
>> No. 32235
Thank you, good sir for helping me with videos I did not have!
>> No. 32241
File 154683844589.jpg - (142.23KB , 1024x900 , Karina and Oxi (kox).jpg )
No prob, man. I like it - I have been helped a lot too in the past! That's why I love boards like this one.

Checking previous Oxi video posts in this thread, I've seen that this one is the shorter mummy edit. Whoever grabbed it has an edited version now.

So I've upped the original 30 minute version, just for completeness' sake:


Pass - Oxi & Karina
>> No. 32243
me again. >>32223

i have a single picture oxi with jenny on sofa with naked feed and they lik the feets too. is it part of an set, or promo-preview
>> No. 32246
File 154683998764.jpg - (167.61KB , 1500x1203 , showstars-Jenny-Oxi-01-00.jpg )
It is part of a very small set consisting of 6 photos. I bet the original has many more pictures. I don't know if it was ever released and if so, how many people might have the full set.

Here's the mini set:

no Pass
>> No. 32252
ok, hmmm mybe someone has the full set. with your help,now i have 6 pictures from this set
>> No. 32258
>>32252 me
there are 2 videos oxi and jenny
pairs non topless on bed 15:04 min
and topless on stage with oil 16:11 min. they talkin to each other
>> No. 32259
and 2 videos oxi and arina
>> No. 32265
I know the Oxi & Jenny oil vid. But do you have previews of the other videos? Makes uploading easier.
>> No. 32273
bump for Jenny video 4
>> No. 32274
sory i dont have preview images, and only the oil clip. thje other clip i found on a pay-page premium only
>> No. 32342
Anyone have the full Mari T3 vid?
>> No. 32354
File 154693317422.jpg - (134.90KB , 1024x900 , Oxi and Ariadna - topless.jpg )
Oxi & Ariadna


Pass - Oxi & Ariadna
>> No. 32355
File 154693345563.jpg - (176.67KB , 1024x900 , Jenny and Oxi (jook).jpg )
Oxi & Jenny oil video


Pass - Oxi & Jenny
>> No. 32356
File 154693388266.jpg - (192.99KB , 1024x900 , Oxi and Mari - topless.jpg )
Oxi & Mari topless video


Pass - Oxi & Mari
>> No. 32357
File 154693419487.jpg - (145.37KB , 1024x900 , Hana and Oxi (h-o-ok).jpg )
Oxi & Hana topless video


Pass - Oxi & Hana
>> No. 32359
File 154693471397.jpg - (148.28KB , 1024x849 , Arina & Oxi Smoke.jpg )
My post from last year! The link to this video is still active. But you can have it here as well:

Oxi & Arina Smoking


Pass - smoking hot
>> No. 32360
File 154693536829.jpg - (168.08KB , 1024x900 , Arina and Oxi t01.jpg )
Oxi & Arina t01


Pass - Oxi & Arina
>> No. 32361
File 154693607191.jpg - (141.25KB , 1024x900 , Arina and Oxi t02.jpg )
Oxi & Arina t02


Pass - Oxi & Arina
>> No. 32362
File 154693641688.jpg - (193.85KB , 1024x900 , Oxi and Arina t03.jpg )
Oxi & Arina t03


Pass - Oxi & Arina
>> No. 32372
File 154694460326.jpg - (255.77KB , 933x1399 , 5808a93f6d273.jpg )
Her real name is Anna Zharavina. She is 24 now, her Birthday is September 17, 1994.
>> No. 32374
File 154694811111.jpg - (33.20KB , 720x576 , Oxi & Jenny Pairs Video.jpg )
Here a snapshot Oxi & Jenny non Topless Video Pairs 15:04 duration
>> No. 32377
Nice. I wish I had this (I upped the Oxi vids). Another holy grail vid to look for. It seems it's out there somewhere.
>> No. 32391
Bump for that.... a rare video for sure!
>> No. 32414

So many of these jailbait models lose their looks when they mature. Not that they become "ugly" or anything, they just no longer look like they did.

Oxi turned into a truly beautiful woman. Hopefully she'll do some adult porn for us!
>> No. 32425
That one's not rare, I've definitely seen it posted in the past, maybe at onlyhot (which I haven't visited for a very long time); so plenty of folks will have it, or know how to get it.
>> No. 32443
have this but viewable well not the final minute as it stops
the worst is the bad copy were def not the mummy edit & made me happy as i'm no fan of mummy edits
i'm really grateful million thanks man:D
>> No. 32457
is there a long version lee topless dancer?
>> No. 32458
File 154698777893.jpg - (28.03KB , 720x576 , Lee Topless.jpg )
please full video Lee Toples from picture

and if possible, Jenny Topless 1 full

thank you
>> No. 32550
File 154708293890.jpg - (112.03KB , 1024x900 , Jenny-t01.jpg )
Sorry, I only have the short version of this Lee vid. Let's hope for a surprise from someone else!

Jenny t01


Pass - SS Jenny
>> No. 32604
How about Jenny 5? Been a while since I asked for this one. I know it's out there somewhere. Been looking for yearsssss
>> No. 32625
>>32604 What? Don't tell me you missed tooker's generous christmas present:

>> No. 32680
Well shit I guess I did? Thanks to you and Tooker, but what am I going to bitch about now? Oh I'll find something.
Thanks again
>> No. 32997
File 154754221171.jpg - (5.92KB , 200x160 , 04.jpg )
password: Oxioxi
>> No. 33273
File 154769910366.jpg - (5.06KB , 200x160 , SSOxi-05.jpg )
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 33944
File 154832349361.jpg - (6.22KB , 200x160 , SSOxi-06.jpg )
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 34189
File 154848996320.jpg - (5.08KB , 200x160 , Oxi07.jpg )
pw Oxioxi
>> No. 35260
File 154901624820.jpg - (4.82KB , 200x160 , oxi08.jpg )
pw Oxioxi

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