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/mir/ ~ Sophie Despineux
File 15458308718.jpg - (23.88KB , 255x377 , IMG_0693.jpg )
31162 No. 31162
Can anyone upload webcam series of Sophie?
>> No. 31350
the series are from the 70ies, long before video technology.
>> No. 31392
Gimme a sec.
I'll hop in the TARDIS and see what I can do.
If I'm not back in ten minutes...
wait another ten minutes.
>> No. 31887
>> No. 32001
ha ha, thanks for the laugh!
>> No. 32017
Dude - video tape was invented in the 1940s! It's been around way longer than you have!
>> No. 32498

i'm sure that >>31350 just made a mistake. i understood what he was trying to convey regardless of that mistake. whether or not video technology was available in the 1940s, i seriously doubt that many girls had omegle or periscope accounts to cam-whore at that time... (ps - there wasn't public broadband internet back then either)
>> No. 32806
Lol at "video tape was invented in the 1940s". A little Google and Wikipedia would save you from becoming laughing stock.
Home Video (including cameras) became popular in the end of the 1970s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videotape#VCRs
Lol at Internet morons. And these people VOTE. No wonder the US and the world are a big piece of putrid crap now.
>> No. 32853
I think the first videocams were introduced into the marked in the mid 80s.
>> No. 33628
Video CASSETTES and their associated player & cameras came out in the 1970s but VIDEO TAPE has been around since the 1950s, or did you not read the Wikipedia article you linked? Soap operas were videotaped in the '60s, as was much of the BBC's content (How apropos the "TARDIS" comment) including "Doctor Who". (Most of the lost episodes of Doctor Who came to be lost because the videotape was recorded over due to the medium's high cost.)
>> No. 33644
You are some dense mother-fuckers.
OP asked for WEBCAM series of a 1970's photo set, not a video tape of it.
Your arguments are invalid and idiotic.

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