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/mir/ ~ Sophie Despineux
File 15458308718.jpg - (23.88KB , 255x377 , IMG_0693.jpg )
31162 No. 31162
Can anyone upload webcam series of Sophie?
>> No. 31350
the series are from the 70ies, long before video technology.
>> No. 31392
Gimme a sec.
I'll hop in the TARDIS and see what I can do.
If I'm not back in ten minutes...
wait another ten minutes.
>> No. 31887
>> No. 32001
ha ha, thanks for the laugh!
>> No. 32017
Dude - video tape was invented in the 1940s! It's been around way longer than you have!
>> No. 32498

i'm sure that >>31350 just made a mistake. i understood what he was trying to convey regardless of that mistake. whether or not video technology was available in the 1940s, i seriously doubt that many girls had omegle or periscope accounts to cam-whore at that time... (ps - there wasn't public broadband internet back then either)
>> No. 32806
Lol at "video tape was invented in the 1940s". A little Google and Wikipedia would save you from becoming laughing stock.
Home Video (including cameras) became popular in the end of the 1970s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videotape#VCRs
Lol at Internet morons. And these people VOTE. No wonder the US and the world are a big piece of putrid crap now.
>> No. 32853
I think the first videocams were introduced into the marked in the mid 80s.

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