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/mir/ ~ Lost Sets
File 154663754190.jpg - (19.55KB , 399x450 , beggar.jpg )
31982 No. 31982
Friends, one of my drives, which foolishly was not backed up, fried a few months back that contained some of my oldest and favorite nn sets. What is particularly painful is that some were paid for and others were laboriously gathered picture by picture through usenet before they were available in zip form. I have shared some of these over the years on this and other sites. I have replaced many thanks to the Triforce community, but have a long way to go. Below are the ones I miss the most. I hate making such a big request, but if anyone could share or point me in the right direction (other than one of those pay and they steal your credit card nn sites), I would greatly appreciate it.

From Webeweb:
Bunny (all sets, including from Sandi & Friends)

Sandi (all sets)

Lilamber- blond one (all sets)

Gigi (all sets)

Phoebe (all sets)

Farah (all sets)

Sabrina (all available sets)

Valerie (all sets)

From Candydolls:

Elona (all sets and vids)

Piona (all sets and vids)

From Vladmodels:
Yulya y068 (all sets)

Anna y076 (all sets)

Lena y041 (all 4 sets)

Zhenya y114 (all sets)

From Silver Stars:
Jess (all sets except as an adult)

Rikki(all sets)

Rebecca (all nn sets)

Thank you for your time.
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>> No. 32000
my sympathies Anon.
if the hd is still viable have you tried recovery software, don't trust anyone to recover it for you though!
>> No. 32004
File 154667141496.jpg - (248.27KB , 592x695 , Lena-y041-indx.jpg )
Here's Lena-y041. Note that she actually only did 3 sets. The supposed fourth set came about due to some Anon separating out the denim miniskirt shots from set 2 into another folder.

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32005
File 154667258118.jpg - (780.27KB , 1200x1800 , PionaP05_075.jpg )
PionaP photosets 1 to 5

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32006
File 154667324591.jpg - (528.89KB , 1200x1800 , PionaP10_050.jpg )
PionaP photosets 6 to 10

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32007
File 154667473080.jpg - (772.98KB , 1800x1200 , PionaP13_100.jpg )
PionaP photosets 11 to 13

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32008
File 154667532197.jpg - (803.66KB , 1200x1800 , PionaP15_150.jpg )
PionaP photosets 14 to 16

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32009
File 154667586292.jpg - (900.04KB , 1800x1200 , PionaP20_050.jpg )
PionaP photosets 17 to 20

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
That's the last I have of her photosets - TBH never really followed the studio avidly so don't know if she did any more. What I have came from the uber-torrent about 4 years ago.
>> No. 32038
Thank you brother for the Lena and Pia sets. Lena is tied with Yulya as my favorite Vlad model. She actually does have a fourth set in a bikini. It's a shame she did so few.
>> No. 32039
It was a large caliber thumb drive. Well-known brand. Totally dead. Lesson learned is to back everything up on a second drive. Collecting is a lot of fun the first time around. Second time, not so much. More like work.
>> No. 32042
>It was a large caliber thumb drive. Well-known brand. Totally dead.

understood, most thumb drives I've had that went bad have become corrupted or have turned read-only!
>> No. 32053
File 154671224623.jpg - (383.32KB , 1200x1600 , P3240102.jpg )
You're welcome, I'd been leeching a lot lately without putting anything back but wasn't seeing any requests I could help towards; so many Anons seeking more from some random social media amateur. Can't do much with Webe (maybe Farah, will check) or Silver though.

Re backups: I'm an oldfag who remembers floppy disks the same size as vinyl music 45rpm singles, so I still use spinning rust, figuring that the failure modes are well-understood and recovery tools widely available whilst solid state recovery is a dark art. I know of someone (not connected to this hobby) who tried running a 3rd-party Windows defragging tool on his SSD and turned it into very expensive landfill.

Anyway, here's sets 1 to 5 of Yulya-y068 -

Pass: 180chFritzedHD

These sets are labelled as 'HQ', not by me. They are the versions without the studio mark and with the photography data attached to the images. Pretty sure I got these from the long-running and mighty useful Vladmodels thread that was on Sh*r*ch*n a few years ago, so credit goes to that OP, wherever he is these days.
>> No. 32107
File 154676959170.jpg - (233.52KB , 1200x1600 , p4300071.jpg )
More Yulya-y068, sets 6 to 10. Sets 7, 8 & 9 are in 'HQ'/no logo style.

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32108
File 154677010076.jpg - (402.72KB , 1200x1600 , P5260087.jpg )
Sets 11 to 15, all in 'HQ' style

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32109
File 154677064115.jpg - (390.99KB , 1600x1200 , PA070078.jpg )
Sets 16 to 20, set 17 is a bog-standard trade-marked set , the others are 'HQ'/no logo.

Pass: 180chFritzedHD

Most of the rest of my sets are standard-style. They are much lighter in MB terms so I'll be stuffing more sets into each archive to speed things along.
>> No. 32120
File 154677168482.jpg - (269.85KB , 1200x1600 , p7160087.jpg )
Sets 21 to 29. Sets 21, 22, 23 are no logo style

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32122
File 154677221897.jpg - (182.12KB , 1200x1600 , p9270101.jpg )
Sets 30 to 39, some are no logo style

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32123
File 15467731907.jpg - (161.18KB , 1600x1200 , pb120103.jpg )
Sets 40 to 49. Sets 40 to 46 are no logo style

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32124
File 154677350276.jpg - (185.29KB , 1200x1600 , p3250101.jpg )
Sets 50 to 59

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32126
File 154677461660.jpg - (166.52KB , 1600x1200 , p4010078.jpg )
Sets 60 to 72, set 62 has non-standard file numbering

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32128
File 154677512693.jpg - (126.88KB , 1200x1600 , p6230099.jpg )
Sets 73 to 85

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32130
File 154677552917.jpg - (163.05KB , 1200x1600 , p8150082.jpg )
Sets 86 to 99

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32131
File 154677573358.jpg - (149.69KB , 1200x1600 , pc011070.jpg )
Final batch, sets 100 to 109

Pass: 180chFritzedHD
>> No. 32135
File 154677877714.jpg - (306.68KB , 1296x864 , PionaP_CDCL-005.jpg )
Found I had this -
PionaP: CDCL-005.mp4

Pass: 180chFritzedHD

Sorry for crappy contact sheet, my usual app has borked itself so had to ponce about with ffmpeg.
>> No. 32136
File 154677912247.png - (447.64KB , 520x670 , Thanks.png )

Thank You Very Much!!! Now I go have sexy times!

You sir, Are A GOD!!!
>> No. 32415
Her sour face utterly destroys any joy in looking at her great body for me. Seems like someone must have forced her into modeling at spearpoint.
>> No. 32456
Agreed! Piona is the polar opposite of the Supreme Goddess Bella K!

This is my all time favorite Bella vid. She is certainly not being "forced" She loves it:


You can even see that when she gets 'serious' she poses perfectly for the shot, then resumes playing. I never get tired of this video, it's fun as hell to watch.
>> No. 32461
File 154699012853.png - (933.43KB , 1440x900 , Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 05_52_41.png )

I Agree! Piona doesn't seem to enjoy her photo sessions at all. But that my just be her hook. Unlike the Supreme Goddess Bella, who has a blast at photo shoots:


Bella is the polar opposite of Piona! This is my all time favorite Bella video. It's the "my name is Bella" vid. If you haven't seen it, it is worth the DL! She is having a blast, she is cute, funny, playful and sexy. The video basically shows what goes on behind the scenes from

<<<< this photo shoot.
>> No. 32474
File 15470006125.gif - (475.28KB , 500x377 , d happy.gif )
NICE and EASY DLs,, thz
>> No. 32500
Do any of you guys have rikki sets as well? My dumbass accidentally deleted all rikki files i ever had that i collected over the months and ive been feeling down alot lately if any of you fine lads had any thatd be amazing
>> No. 32551
I remember that Sharechan thread well. That guy was a veritable Vladmodels encyclopedia.
>> No. 32555
File 154708699229.png - (258.78KB , 540x400 , interpol.png )
you must use the SEARCH button on this site
>> No. 32605
Hmmm. But those lips!
>> No. 32613
File 154717852593.jpg - (86.93KB , 864x480 , pbk5.jpg )
get some

>> No. 32644
File 154723246130.jpg - (551.45KB , 1600x1200 , Anna-y076-013cstm-shop1.jpg )
Lena/Piona/Yulya poster here, just wondering how you're getting on with re-establishing your collection? I've checked my Webe Farrah collection and it's pretty incomplete so I'm reluctant to put it into circulation, unless you want a base to work from. I have a good collection of Vlad Anna-y076 that I can post if you haven't been successful there. Regarding Zhenya-y114 there seems to be a couple of active threads running on Triforce chans to keep an eye on.

(Pic is not from a genuine Anna set, just something I mucked about with.)
>> No. 32657
144chan is DOWN right now!!!


>> No. 32668
File 154724324558.jpg - (99.68KB , 948x1098 , ban-bernanke.jpg )
Why are you posting about your problems with 144 in this thread? All the Triforce chans have a /spam/ board to post about connectivity issues.
>> No. 33474
Thanks for your help. Found most of the rest on loserplastico (successor to sharechan).

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