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/mir/ ~ Request
File 154675354162.jpg - (59.51KB , 555x657 , mclt0042[1].jpg )
32094 No. 32094
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>> No. 32327
The answer was posted yesterday. Go find it...
>> No. 32366
How d'ya search dis thingy called chan?
>> No. 32373
Using the catalog https://180chan.co/mir/catalog.html
>> No. 32475
Press f3
>> No. 32603
stop being ridiculous
post or link to it please
>> No. 32629
It's an old but not widely circulated set and whoever has the set should just link to it.
>> No. 32653
File 154723930227.jpg - (8.74KB , 205x245 , work2bson.jpg )
Stop being lazy expecting others to put in the work.

Do work Son...
>> No. 32654
What name is this set under?
>> No. 32686
wants a Yakuza theme
>> No. 33393
Not OP, but am interested and couldn't find it. Would any kind soul be so nice as to post the link, please?
>> No. 33417
Generally we wouldn't ask at this chan for a set, but our usual places are down so that's why we're asking here for this set and its name.
>> No. 33419
Ricx Scan?
>> No. 33650
Did anybody find the "answer" that supposedly was posted on 2019/01/07 (according to post #32327)? Because I couldn't find it.
>> No. 33730
Op your source is fake. One picture superimposed upon another.

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