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/mir/ ~ Redhead id
File 154722321710.jpg - (695.42KB , 2880x2203 , redhead.jpg )
32637 No. 32637
Anyone know these girls names and sets? i believe it was from studio called little virgins or something.
>> No. 32667
Her name begins with an S.
>> No. 32674
>> No. 32677
Little Angels calls her Rosa. They go by different names depending on the Studio
>> No. 32685
She's a model called Breeze.
>> No. 32695
That is not Breeze-model. This set is of Russian girls like most of this type of set. Breeze and Gwen are American.
>> No. 32763
Katya(left) & Anya in little virgins, think 3 sets together and lots of others.
>> No. 32809
>>32763 Thank you, would you know where i could find their sets or more from the studio? I've searched all over and can't find any.
>> No. 32843
Sure, here are 12 sets
>> No. 33022
>>32843 Thank you

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