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/mir/ ~ Bobbie-Model lost sets
File 154760479618.jpg - (114.78KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-034.jpg )
33106 No. 33106
This elusive orange bikini set is for real....but sadly only a handful of pics from this set are available.
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>> No. 33109
File 154760530321.jpg - (123.20KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-050.jpg )
She did have some unpublished sets. I found a few after long searches....but this one would be the HOLY GRAIL if it could be found. ;-D
>> No. 33110
File 154760547120.jpg - (85.49KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-110.jpg )
I love her smile. She has big teeth. ....such a hot webe girl.
>> No. 33112
File 154760563965.jpg - (122.89KB , 800x1200 , m144-s064-062_800_1200.jpg )
Bobbie-Model was the best webeweb model imho
>> No. 33114
File 154760600668.jpg - (255.86KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s063-113_1600_1066.jpg )
I wish someone would post this full set. There are only 5 pics available from the orange bikini set, as far as I can tell.
>> No. 33116
File 154760665672.jpg - (123.84KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-079.jpg )
This is another one of her hard 2 find sets. There r a few similar sets but this one is different.....and difficult 2 find. I have only been able 2 find 5 pics from this black top green/skirt set.
>> No. 33117
File 154760676671.jpg - (210.02KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-047.jpg )
Here is another from that green skirt set.
>> No. 33118
File 154760689466.jpg - (131.72KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-034.jpg )
Bobbie and green skirt
>> No. 33119
File 154760713734.jpg - (327.80KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-020.jpg )
In the last pic I think she actually removed the green skirt.... maybe she finished the rest of this video and pic set in her unders? I don't know.
>> No. 33122
Bobbie had at least 84 pic sets and 8 vids. If someone will share the missing 2 sets (orange bikini and green skirt) I will return the favor with any requests for any of her other material. I will share..... many times over. I pray every night before I go to bed, for the orange bikini set. ;-| .... been praying 4 years and god has not answered yet.
>> No. 33123
File 154760835189.jpg - (203.33KB , 1280x951 , 2555442041.jpg )
she had some good sets that were realy hard to find.
>> No. 33129
File 154761392979.jpg - (102.63KB , 853x1280 , m141-s098-105r.jpg )
>> No. 33131
File 154761469155.jpg - (182.10KB , 853x1280 , m144-s065-175.jpg )
not sure the meaning of unpublished.
when webe went a few years later bobbi was on a new site chastity and friends , felicity or some site like that.sorry i forget the name,im sure someone else will knows the site title which would be a better title to search for.at thje site where they had some new/old sets, unlogo that is and a few extra sets you noted.the others were just same sets,same thing with the other model at those sites mostly re-sets with a few new.i think there were like 6 or so new bobbi total but it may have been only the two. ill search around.
>> No. 33133
File 15476158064.jpg - (175.12KB , 853x1280 , m144-s11-001.jpg )
bobbi had 1 video.the 1 video is a v o b opposed to the wmv avi edits you refer.approximately 2gb total file size just over one hour run time.
>> No. 33134
File 154761846039.jpg - (182.48KB , 1499x1200 , Image_012_1499_1200.jpg )
She had actually about 9 videos....I will have to check on that. However, I am well aware of the 1 hour vid u are referring to. .....and the other videos are not part of that 1 hour vid. .....I wish she had moar
>> No. 33135
File 15476189959.jpg - (240.52KB , 1499x1200 , Image_001_1499_1200.jpg )
This is a screen shot from the 1 hr long vid. She was filmed during many different sets. However there are several other vids that were not on the 1 hr vid. I may be able to post here but I had problem last time I tried posting vids, and it failed. If anyone is interested ask me and I will try again.


>> No. 33151
File 15476231045.jpg - (50.15KB , 498x343 , ugly_apron.jpg )
>> No. 33152
File 154762335188.jpg - (247.33KB , 1576x1050 , 3 (1).jpg )
It seams vid files are too large 2 post here. I tried again and it failed again. Who can advise me the best way to share vid files here?
>> No. 33153
File 154762362441.jpg - (263.20KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s29-075_1576_1050.jpg )
...looks like some troll is posting hideous creatures in my thread....so here is another hot girl pic to settle your stomach. lol ;-D
>> No. 33154
File 154762416329.jpg - (133.65KB , 853x1280 , m144-s29-035.jpg )
......and to the troll who prefers fat old ugly slobs....don't do that! Get with the program brother and join the team. I will share with u also, troll. Either join this share thread the right way or go back under your bridge and await the 3 billy goats gruff. lol. I hope u will join.
>> No. 33157
File 15476247281.jpg - (115.99KB , 853x1280 , m144-s068-018.jpg )
This is a pic from one of Bobbies rare hard 2 find sets. She actually has several full nip slips in the full set. She does a cart-wheel and while upside down they r both completely exposed.
>> No. 33158
File 154762502817.jpg - (161.34KB , 853x1280 , m144-s060-87.jpg )
This is another rare hard to find set. .....the things does and way she interacts with that hasoc... Wow!
>> No. 33159
File 154762536255.jpg - (201.28KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s060-32_1600_1066.jpg )
If anyone is interested I can share some full Bobbie sets. Anyone interested? And if so, which sets do u need?
>> No. 33162
File 154762547578.jpg - (228.76KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s12-56_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 33166
File 154762563685.jpg - (221.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s065-144_1600_1066.jpg )
Bobbie model
>> No. 33167
File 154762584169.jpg - (304.75KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s062-090_1576_1050.jpg )
I love Bobbie-Model
>> No. 33168
File 154762594632.jpg - (298.69KB , 853x1280 , m144-s062-046.jpg )
Bobbie is so hot!
>> No. 33169
File 154762616229.jpg - (248.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-051_1600_1066.jpg )
She also did a girl-girl set with this ugly chick. I don't know why but she seemed to enjoy her time in the sets with the ugly gal.
>> No. 33170
You can use any host here https://180chan.co/mir/res/3049.html and for one popular example (dl.free.fr) read the instructions here https://180chan.co/mir/res/3049.html#18997
>> No. 33171
File 154762635562.jpg - (251.42KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s36-50_1576_1050.jpg )
This was another good set.
>> No. 33172
File 154762643417.jpg - (262.63KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s36-57_1576_1050.jpg )
We love Bobbie.
>> No. 33173
File 154762676297.jpg - (321.45KB , 1600x1067 , m144-s067-061 (web)_1600_1067.jpg )
....another episode with the ugly chic.....She did 2 sets with her....why?
>> No. 33174
File 154762723514.jpg - (269.20KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s071-103_1576_1050.jpg )
Thank u to the mod who just advised me some info to read.... I will go there now and maybe learn so tomorrow post actual vids. .....enjoy my shares, friends of similar interests.
>> No. 33176
File 15476278846.jpg - (301.03KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s06-33_1576_1050_1600_1066.jpg )
one more for the road
>> No. 33177
File 154762844616.jpg - (153.57KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-067_1576_1050.jpg )
and bonus 4 the road.....hope 2 b back tomorrow brothers. Tell me what Bobbie sets u need and I may share. She has at least 84 sets. She did 2 sets in an orange bikini. One of those, as told at the top of this thread I still seek.
>> No. 33178
File 154762920271.jpg - (193.46KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s055-54_1600_1066.jpg )
Bobbie ....hot school age girl with wonderful modeling talent. God bless her.
>> No. 33179
File 154762940011.jpg - (115.16KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-43c.jpg )
She does have large front teeth for a 16 year old girl....yet I find that somehow attractive.
>> No. 33180
File 154762966750.jpg - (121.99KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-39c.jpg )
Young model and big sexy teeth....mmmm!
>> No. 33181
File 154763073096.jpg - (269.23KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s15-056_1576_1050.jpg )
She needs to be kissed. She is so hot.
>> No. 33182
File 154763143680.jpg - (234.60KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-150_1576_1050.jpg )
I wish she had a full nude set. Wow. Heads would spin if she did.
>> No. 33183
there not hard to find there from her modeling site hence the left hand of the picture.
>> No. 33185
File 154763763375.jpg - (236.65KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-135_1576_1050.jpg )
I can share from 82 sets. Anyone interested?
>> No. 33186
File 154763782740.jpg - (230.26KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-138_1576_1050.jpg )
I will share if anyone is interested?
>> No. 33188
File 154763873967.jpg - (262.35KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-93_1576_1050.jpg )
The Bobbie-model web site does not have the ORANGE BIKINI set. It is a missing set.... and I think it's because the natzi fbi agents raided her photographers home and closed the web site. They dragged that poor guy off and locked him in jail as if he was a sex offender criminal. Such a shame that something like that would happen in the US.
>> No. 33190
Put as much as you can up

>> No. 33199
File 154764706556.jpg - (99.13KB , 853x1280 , 001 (1).jpg )
TIA thanks in advance....which sets do u want? ......some are already easily available. If u request a certain set your having trouble finding or downloading I am here 2 help.
>> No. 33200
File 154764750278.jpg - (177.75KB , 853x1280 , 001 (2).jpg )
I can't sit here hours and hours uploading 1 pic at a time stuff that most people already have or can easily grab on a quick eazy share site. However, I will UL any pic sets peoples are having hard time getting from other places.
>> No. 33201
File 154764760578.jpg - (232.48KB , 1600x1066 , 001 (3).jpg )
Bobbie and her gf
>> No. 33202
File 15476476809.jpg - (216.50KB , 1600x1066 , 001 (4).jpg )
They get huggie
>> No. 33203
File 154764772616.jpg - (225.58KB , 1600x1066 , 001 (5).jpg )
close girl friends
>> No. 33204
File 154764779465.jpg - (212.91KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (7).jpg )
They get sittie
>> No. 33205
File 154764791213.jpg - (115.01KB , 853x1280 , 001 (8).jpg )
They r friends
>> No. 33206
File 154764795147.jpg - (231.90KB , 853x1280 , 001 (9).jpg )
close friends
>> No. 33207
File 154764810119.jpg - (115.26KB , 853x1280 , 001 (10).jpg )
This set has over 100 pics I don't have time 2 post them all right at the moment but if I get any requests I can get back to it this afternoon.
>> No. 33208
File 154764819038.jpg - (205.32KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (11).jpg )
I think this is # 11 in this set. I will give 1 more until I get back here later.
>> No. 33209
File 154764827967.jpg - (126.38KB , 853x1280 , 001 (12).jpg )
Bobbie and her gf get into it hot and heavy in this pic set. I wish there was a vid.
>> No. 33228
isn't that her sister?
>> No. 33229
Here is a link to the green and yellow balloon vid.
>> No. 33230
I remember back in the day on Alt Satin and all her pics were posted that includes all of them. tons of slips most just her tits though.

Don't think they are that rare maybe do a search on wayback machine
>> No. 33231
this I think is rare but that's it.
>> No. 33254
File 154768878364.jpg - (243.10KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (13).jpg )
>> No. 33255
File 154768882380.jpg - (258.38KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (14).jpg )
>> No. 33256
File 154768886172.jpg - (198.20KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (15).jpg )
>> No. 33257
File 154768888856.jpg - (190.56KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (16).jpg )
>> No. 33258
File 154768892397.jpg - (216.43KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (17).jpg )
>> No. 33259
File 154768895011.jpg - (109.41KB , 853x1280 , 001 (18).jpg )
>> No. 33260
File 15476889833.jpg - (114.34KB , 853x1280 , 001 (19).jpg )
>> No. 33261
File 154768906183.jpg - (225.86KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (20).jpg )
>> No. 33262
File 154768907628.jpg - (116.48KB , 853x1280 , 001 (21).jpg )
>> No. 33263
File 154768909350.jpg - (246.81KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (22).jpg )
>> No. 33264
File 154768911770.jpg - (122.58KB , 853x1280 , 001 (23).jpg )
>> No. 33281
File 154770374460.jpg - (226.79KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-140_1576_1050.jpg )
Video break.
I hope this link works.... first time I am using it.
>> No. 33283
best about her was in cindy-slut-model website with 10 years old .
>> No. 33284
cindy-slut-model? who was that? I never heard of her. Was she webeweb?
>> No. 33285
BTW i tested the vid link i just posted and it does appear to be working. No pw
>> No. 33292
File 154770669144.jpg - (119.21KB , 853x1280 , 001 (24).jpg )
I believe Bobbie had 7 vids that were separate from the 1 hour vid she did. If anyone asks I may post some for you.
>> No. 33293
File 154770671136.jpg - (115.58KB , 853x1280 , 001 (25).jpg )
>> No. 33294
File 154770673367.jpg - (200.77KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (26).jpg )
>> No. 33295
File 154770683926.jpg - (122.16KB , 853x1280 , 001 (27).jpg )
Anyone enjoying this set so far? ....i'm just looking for a few "thank yous".
>> No. 33296
File 154770686212.jpg - (125.19KB , 853x1280 , 001 (28).jpg )
>> No. 33297
File 15477068965.jpg - (133.62KB , 853x1280 , 001 (29).jpg )
>> No. 33298
File 154770691739.jpg - (141.50KB , 853x1280 , 001 (30).jpg )
>> No. 33299
File 154770694228.jpg - (111.68KB , 853x1280 , 001 (31).jpg )
>> No. 33300
File 15477069684.jpg - (111.02KB , 853x1280 , 001 (32).jpg )
>> No. 33301
File 154770699553.jpg - (205.29KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (33).jpg )
>> No. 33302
File 154770702443.jpg - (193.03KB , 1600x1066 , 001 (34).jpg )
>> No. 33303
I am wondering if there is a way to post a whole set in one shot instead of going 1 pic at a time?
>> No. 33304
File 154770756112.jpg - (178.18KB , 1600x1066 , Bobbie and nice friend (66)b.jpg )
This is a link I just made for this whole set. I hope it works.
>> No. 33305
File 154770803911.jpg - (182.05KB , 853x1280 , Bobbie and nice friend (67).jpg )
My link failed. Here is another attempt. cross your fingers and I think I got it this time.
>> No. 33308
It failed again. All those links seem to lead to a bitcoin span site, instead of the pics. I will try something else.
>> No. 33309
Let me try this....
>> No. 33310
File 154771197952.jpg - (112.90KB , 853x1280 , 5 (26).jpg )
I try again
>> No. 33311
File 154771215514.jpg - (190.35KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (35).jpg )
failed again..... lets try 1 more time for now.
>> No. 33312
File 154771252320.jpg - (110.57KB , 853x1280 , d1f5bkv7btkd.jpg )
OK! Finally! I think the last link I posted works.... it is the whole set on one file using mediafire. Please someone....confirm it is working, thank you.
>> No. 33313
I think the last link works. Can someone confirm?
>> No. 33328
set 45 & 64
>> No. 33377
why the fuck would you upload individual pics? have you never heard of a zip file?
>> No. 33398
Dr. Who is a fucking girl!!!
>> No. 33400
thanks for the sets and gold vid
i love Bobbie so much
>> No. 33452
I am still ever searching for that orange bikini set from the beginning of this thread.
>> No. 33466
someone requested set 45. Since file names get changed sometimes I need to see a sample pic of the set u were asking for. Maybe u ment this one? But by the name of the individual files I don't think it the right set. Enjoy this one anyway. Blue bikini and swing set. Was supposed to all be in one folder but it may have done each pic separately. If it did I'll have to try a different dl technique in the future.
>> No. 33467
This is a test. It should be the whole pic set of Bobbie blue bikini swing set but I don't know if it worked.
>> No. 33468
another attempt
>> No. 33469
I tried to share a full pic set here and it didn't show up. Wonder what I did wrong?
>> No. 33473
Bobbie yellow bikini vid
>> No. 33515
>> No. 33590
File 154796362999.jpg - (400.35KB , 1512x785 , bobbie chastity.jpg )
Here's the file names for that set.
Looks like Curt Newbury Studios 2009 january from how I titled it.
There were a few other small sites that I never quite got figured out.
There was some "re-badging".
>> No. 33591
p.s. Putting a vid (or whole set) in a rar or zip archive is less problematic than what you are doing.
Anyone downloading (what you already did) should be able to retrieve the vid from your temp folder if you had it set to 'play' rather than to 'save'.
& thanks for those s063 & s064 pics. I'd only had one from each.
I'm sure those sets will show up in full sometime.
>> No. 33593
p.s. there is a comment on https://180chan.co/mir/res/32501.html
that i'm unable to repeat, site reasons.
>> No. 34085
File 154839249877.jpg - (206.71KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s055-63_1600_1066.jpg )
Bobbie doesn't show much skin in this set but she is just so hot. This is one of those rare hard to find sets. It needs to be shared. imho this set is a keeper.
>> No. 34087
The "orange bikini" set and at least 6 other sets are not found on "left hand side". It seams they were not published on ...net or ...org :-( There were a few leaks and those full sets have been a challenge to find. I been trying to find for years, and thought I never would, but all of a sudden the rest I sought began to show up in full splender. I believe she had at least 86 pic sets. There are only 2 missing now that I seek. "orange Bikini" and "green skirt" sample pics are already posted in this thread
>> No. 34089
File 154839646469.jpg - (117.65KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-38c.jpg )
If anyone has requests for Bobbie pic set or vid let me know. If u post a pic sample or give a description of the set or vid u want I will try to share it here
>> No. 34091
File 15483979824.jpg - (134.03KB , 853x1280 , m144-s065-001.jpg )
Thanks for the advice. I am struggling how to do it right, but I think I got it....learning how to send to compressed zip files and upload on zippy
This is Bobbie-model wearing "hello kitty" shorts. Hot set! one of my favorites.
>> No. 34097
File 154840446551.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Another magnificent thread inscribed forever into our master directory.
>> No. 34107
File 154841154610.jpg - (252.96KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s15-067_1576_1050.jpg )
please, please, please....if someone shares the orange bikini set here I will zippy all my Bobbie-model content here (pics and vids) light this place up like the 4th of July and New Years Eve!
(zippy file here may not be the same as the pic file....it was a file I forgot to send few hours ago) but I know its good and zippy downloads fast.
>> No. 34110
File 15484168546.jpg - (112.77KB , 533x800 , bobbie.jpg )
>> No. 34127
>> No. 34136
File 154844290881.jpg - (99.49KB , 828x374 , 153295332861.jpg )
I had some difficulties posting to becuase I am old enough to be most guys dad here but here is what I did.
First I read ANONs post:

But, before going to DL Free after a few failed posts I learned how to at least make a rar file with a PW.
Im still tryning to learn how to compress and make faster DLs but I can at least make some small compressed files with PWs on DL Free.
>> No. 34150
To compress files you RIGHT click on the file or FOLDER (if u want the whole set all at once). A drop down menu appears and u must click on SEND TO and in that menu is the option to compress it to a zip folder. It will compress and appear with your other files.
If u want to share it Simply drag and drop on the ZIPPYSHARE website (google it) and select upload files. Easy once u do it a few times.
>> No. 34271
File 15485693481.jpg - (261.15KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s11-091_1576_1050.jpg )
I just love her smile in this set. She only pulls off this look 3 or 4 times in a handfull of her sets
>> No. 34272
File 154857094783.jpg - (171.04KB , 853x1280 , m144-s070-008.jpg )
I also like her rear end and the way that bikini fits her. The soles of her feet are so sexy that I could kiss them. Also her bare back is so hot and smooth and if she were to ask me for a massage I would rub her down for hours. I also love her legs. She also has big front teeth and her eyebrows are thick...so nice.
>> No. 34273
File 154857234719.jpg - (110.48KB , 800x1200 , m144-s064- not sure_800x1200.jpg )
I found this unknown orange bikini pic on another trichan site. Now there r 6 of her wonderful pics posing in this hot outfit! If I ever get lucky enough to see the whole set I will probably have a heart attack and die...but it would be worth it. mmmmm
>> No. 34341
We have 6 of these orange bikini pics now! Now if we only had the complete set
>> No. 34395
File 15486797137.jpg - (276.94KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s12-12_1576_1050.jpg )
This was one of her best sets.
>> No. 34514
Surprised no one has found moar of that set to share. I like Bobbie. The orange bikini set did have a video. It was increadible but haven't seen it here or anywhere in years. The webeweb site closed and we lost so much. Most of that material is certianly lost forever. sad.
>> No. 34515
File 154873979454.jpg - (154.75KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-068_1576_1050.jpg )
and if we notice there are some pix sets where it was cut off and yu can not see the hole thing. I wish they didmt do that.
>> No. 34887
File 154882130228.jpg - (282.35KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s01-61_1600_1066.jpg )
I have learned that zippy is the best way here....in this set maybe she has no panties? Hard 2 tell and the vid moves so fast It is hard 2 guess. But probably not the case, unfortunately
here ya go...
>> No. 34897
File 154884709443.jpg - (406.77KB , 800x1200 , Bobbie-model fake nude.jpg )
Probably a fake....but it would be an imoral sin not to share this. Fake or real, either way I wish there were more. OMG!
>> No. 34996
fake by joe aka Xray Magic
>> No. 35002
Is fake from >>33112 m144-s064-062
>> No. 35018
Yup. I thought so. The pose did look familiar. However, it is a very realistic fake and someone did a great job creating it. I would like to see a good fake with frontal nudity....small titties and bush.
>> No. 35086
fakes are ok if they are done right. I love this pic. It alows one to imagine this is probably what "teenage Bobbie" would have realy looked like in the nude. OMG! so hot!
We all know the nude isn't real and it only feeds the fantacy, but I would give my soul for someone to post the orange bikini set.
>> No. 35087
File 154892071347.jpg - (306.75KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s06-30_1576_1050_1600_1066.jpg )
I am not skilled with editing but I would love to see a photoshop of this one or similar.
>> No. 35089
File 154892105547.jpg - (164.12KB , 853x1280 , m144-s06-88.jpg )
bobbie is a queen in that chair set, and she even seems to get off on her throne. See this snap-shot. Wish we had vid of it. It would be mind blowing.
>> No. 35090
File 15489213081.jpg - (162.21KB , 853x1280 , m144-s06-49.jpg )
This is a common set and easy to find, but I can post the whole set here if anyone requests it.
>> No. 35101
File 154892862324.jpg - (272.53KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s061-67_1576_1050.jpg )
She doesn't show much skin in this one but the song is good and she shows some talant dancing to it.
>> No. 35102
File 154892878677.jpg - (246.16KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s061-49x270265_1600_1066.jpg )
I almost forgot to post the link.
Here it is.
>> No. 35610
>> No. 35613
OH MY FREAKIN GOD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, BOB! THANK YOU! I thought this set was lost for ever. U R a saint. Thank you so much. Do u hapen to have the video from this set? (probably not, as the set is rare to find anyway). Since you were so kind to share this one I thought I would ask. Also, there is only one more pic set that I need to complete the 86 Bobbie-Model sets that I know of. She wears a black shirt and a green skirt. I appreciate your share today. ...again, thank you 4 the orange bikini! ;-D
>> No. 35614
I am experimenting with software programs to create some super special-effects. It is a creative idea and Bobbie-Model will be the star when my project is complete. I will share it here, if it is alowed. I think it will be fine, and it will be hot.(it is a work in progress).
>> No. 35650
Maybe the secret hoarder has Sevinas Witches-set too?
>> No. 35979
>> No. 36057
Thanks so much for Bobbie in the orange kini. That was a new set to me. I read somewhere she actualy has about 86 sets or more, and even some videos. There is about 55 sets that one can find with ease but this one is a long lost missing one.
>> No. 36285
Is there a video of this "orange kini set"? If u ken do it would be a happy share.
>> No. 36298
21,57,60 68 do these sets exist?
>> No. 36300
File 154972318634.jpg - (394.98KB , 2250x1500 , 15488146813.jpg )
Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics
>> No. 36323
There is alao another slow site rip of this girls sets being updated daily on 155 chan. He claims there are 85 or 86 sets to come (allthough not fully complete; so is that realy a true site-rip?).
>> No. 36337
yes thats her original site , i was a member , the 2 i spoke about above have never been released and are much more erotic
>> No. 36360
they will leak
>> No. 36361
not wearing bottoms here like Larua
>> No. 36389
Yeah it's my horniest time of the day when checking that thread.
>> No. 36411
I want to see her not wearing bottoms.
>> No. 36412
she has big ugly yellow teeth. Nobody wants this whore! stop bumping up on this thread so we can see the real hot little angels. she is old grany like 15 or more nobody here wants this ugly old hag
>> No. 36415
File 154979470442.jpg - (118.61KB , 972x778 , Image_010.jpg )
Thanks regularguy. Bobbie has been a blessing to this forum. like the other posters said she is an american girl, not French but not Florida. She is from north carolina
>> No. 36419
You are mistaken by thinking Bobbie not being hot. I think you are wrong. I know you are wrong. and her teeth are not yellow.....u need to fix your color settings or something.
>> No. 36484
>>36415 Please explain how EVERY photo shoot for Bobbie was filmed in the photographers home in outskirts of Paris. The photographer did also almost 100 9f these models many can be seen in French Nudist Contest in south France. He also photographed 35+ nude models that went to Most Erotic Teens aka Met Art. All of them listed as born France. Nudust Contestants that the mouse images went to Webe Web were M104 Budding Beauties Model Webe M105 Laurie (Webe & her sister Anouk nude went to Met Art) Both in French Nudist Contest 8 in 2000, M108 Alyssa (Webe) French Nudist Contest 13 2003.
There were others m142, m154, m156 JoJo, m157 Lolo, m160 BluJeanne. I will be posting picture proof of this. You claim Bobbie from NC. Proove it.
>> No. 36496
File 154983908987.jpg - (59.04KB , 525x790 , 2005-May-13 Aline & Noelle - French Story.jpg )
>>36415 and my post >>36484
Here is French Models Aline & Noelle in "French Story by Peter Dominic in his home.
Below is list of photo shoots for m144 Bobbie with furniture & Tulip Painting in back ground.
s# after is Shoot Location (not set #)
Location 1
Series 029 m144-s037
Series 052 m144-s038
Series 008 m144-s039
Series 002 m144-s040
Location 2
Series 015 m144-s050
Series 057 m144-s051
Series 033 m144-s052
Series 005 m144-s053
Series 046 m144-s054
Series 069 m144-s056
Series 064 m144-s057
Location 3
Series 039 m144-s071
Series 027 m144-s072
Series 038 m144-s074

Series number is actually (set)Gallery number for EVERY model @ Webe Web except Two.
First is Jessi The Kid (1) and Bobbie.
Bobbies was only list consuctive number IE: series.
>> No. 36497
never seen this before
>> No. 36498
He's wrong there is no way she traveled back and forth to that French Mansion then traveled back the US for her site.
>> No. 36501
Thank you for the education. I can see from the evidence you show that Bobbie was probably a French girl. The same studio as Met-Art. Wow. Please tell of any more information about her if you can. Much appreciated, CD. ;-)
>> No. 36503
>>36498 correction there, NOT from same studio but by SAME photographer. I will be posting more info relevant to Bobbie. Here is some.
1st site
Bobbie-Model.com 71 Series(sets) by Peter Dominic. Also had preview for next update on 24 Nov 06 put webe crashed 20-22 Nov 06. Site opened 12 Apr 05 with 12 Series.
2nd Site
Bobbie-Model.com (yes same) Series 72 thru 99.
Same photographer. Yes that makes 99 (sets) this site I think was only for previous members. Opened 13 Oct 07 closed early 2008.
3rd Site
Bobbie-Model.net opened in 2011 all (sets) were Re-Issues from sites 1 & 2.
I will check this but I think I now have 14 Videos from 14 different Series(sets)
>> No. 36504
>>36503 should reference post >>36501 not 36498.
I wrote down wrong one.
>> No. 36506
File 154984946245.png - (53.34KB , 480x792 , Capture+_2019-02-10-19-38-32.png )
Here is proof of Bobbie-Model.com
Opened 1st Apr 2005 closed Nov 2006
Re-opened Oct 2007 closed early 2009
I think I typed 2008 in previous post.
I hate doing this on cell phone.....
>> No. 36508
Thank you. I look forward to any Bobbie-Model info you can share. I also hope you are abe to share sets and vids from her second site that opened (with 14 vids and up to 99 sets). Is this for real? If so, WOW! I would be very impresed to find more material that I never knew existed. Thank u for anything special u can share.
>> No. 36509
I would just die for Bobbie-Model.com Series 72 thru 99. Is this realy real?
>> No. 36517
All the sets that have been uncovered beyond the known 78, (79 up to 86) seem to have come from unusual sorces (Ie: Bobbie as a "guest model" on a few diferent, other webe models sites).
>> No. 36519
File 154985819945.jpg - (343.96KB , 1572x500 , m144-s085-016.jpg )
99 sets? If there are realy that many I would be surprised. I never seen any clues of there being more than 86. However, it has happened in the past with other files that a hoarder suddenly releases some unseen sets many years after known postings had all been acounted for. (example would be Casey from Paradise Birds/Polar Lights). So if Bobbie has more material that has never been shared it would be a wonderous day to see any of it come to light.
>> No. 36556
need more Bobbie risk photos
>> No. 36568
File 154988301024.jpg - (315.82KB , 2250x1500 , 154881540546.jpg )
Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics
>> No. 36569
File 154988307485.jpg - (301.71KB , 2250x1500 , 154881515420.jpg )
Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics
>> No. 36577
>> No. 36578
>> No. 36580
>> No. 36581

That's why people need to upload archives with passwords and with fake names.

It makes it harder for people to get shit taken down if the filehost can't access it.

IF it's got a name like 13yearoldmodelBobbie.rar, that's kind of a clue.

If you call it Bobbie Monaghan - my years in baseball.rar...
>> No. 36582

Jesus Christ, bud, do you have the Dain Bramage?

You should do ANY of this shit on ANY Android device - whether a phone or a tablet.

An no iOS ain't any safer!


Remember the Webe Web guys went to prison for these sets.
>> No. 36585
This pic is one I actualy never saw before from thar set! WOW! I love it! Hope there are more such finds still to be found....
>> No. 36587
This prooves there are still rare unseen pics out there. (I had actualy nearly completely given up any hope of ever finding any such pics) I guess there still is a ray of hope.
>> No. 36702
If it has been posted can someone please point me to the orange bikini set? I have wanted that for a long time. Bobbie is the reason I got into this "hobby" she just perfect in every way to me.
>> No. 36708
File 154991813348.jpg - (88.96KB , 1280x853 , m144-s064-099.jpg )
It is posted in this very thread. No. 35610
It is labeled as ORANGE KINI
>> No. 36713
you have more so post more.
>> No. 36731
File 15499410537.jpg - (835.19KB , 2900x1812 , hurrcn381_Bobbie_Model_in_all_purple_wallpaper (1).jpg )
Regular guy (me) is posting semi-full site rip on 155 chan. (85 pic sets and at least 10 vids). It can't be concidered as a "true site rip" becuse he has recently learned that there are some missing archives that even he was not aware of.
>> No. 36732
If anyone has any Bobbie sets, vids, or links outside the main known files.... please share. There is evidence that there maybe as many as 99 sets (not prooven or confirmed).
>> No. 36733
Thanks man I finally found it.
>> No. 36742
Of corse that site is not operational anymore, but it's one I never even heard of, even after following Bobbie-model for so many years. Probably some dirt-bag dl free shared sets, reports the shares to get them removed(so no one else can get the free shares), then opens up a pay-site with the files. Bad karma in that act.
>> No. 36743
It is so nice when we all help each other find and share.
>> No. 36744
File 154994686558.jpg - (137.20KB , 853x1280 , m144-s29-049.jpg )
hot body....great set here but misssing many picture files from it. only 63 of a possible 129... less than half. Would anyone have moar?
>> No. 36746
File 154994872884.png - (207.46KB , 792x480 , m144 Series 099.png )
Image here shows that on 03 Nov 2007 there existed series 099.jpg
As I said in earlier post I think site re opened for old members only. Due to robots text @ Way Back images are not viewable. However due to existance of URL with file name proves (sets) series went up to 99.
>> No. 36765
File 154996793231.jpg - (260.38KB , 1500x2250 , 154881509659.jpg )


to bad there has been no response from op , but that board qwner is a dick , i only got the previews , the pics are much higher quality and naughty , look at this pussy lip will ta
>> No. 36767
File 154996940384.jpg - (241.14KB , 853x1280 , m144-s06-46_1x721125.jpg )
Thanks for your help but the "way back machine" realy shows very few results when I go there. All the Bobbie-model sets colected over the years, and thought I was close to full complete site-rip content, but I see now that there are many missing pics from the sets I am sharing. I need to find more of her. Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie.
>> No. 36770
I seek all of her files. If I ever completed a full archive of Bobbie I would never seek anything else, and I would be happy.
>> No. 36771
File 154997193580.jpg - (171.73KB , 853x1280 , m144-s23-21.jpg )
What is the definition of the word OBSESSION? I can't help it. Bobbie, Bobbie, and even in my dreams....Bobbie is there, always loving me.
>> No. 36773
I am crazy about Bobbie. She is often even in my dreams at night, but unfortunatly she is not in my arms when the morning dew covers the grasses, as the sun rises apon the earth. It is only fantasy....that never comes true. In the night, in my dreams I'm in love with you. You talk to me like lovers do. But when the morning comes I'm still aone....The Real McCoy and Robbin S!
>> No. 36775
Can anyone post this set?
>> No. 36776
File 154997506378.jpg - (202.84KB , 2250x1500 , 15488150547.jpg )
i wonder if the guy will ever upload these again

or they got deleted for being to naughty , both her tits are about to pop out here
>> No. 36777
YUP....give me a few min....U can get it
>> No. 36778
What do you want me to post? What do you seek? Regular guy may be able to help. I already uploaded that set.... is it not working?
>> No. 36779
my set is not totaly complete, but I can share about 60 pics from this set....what is your preferd dl forum? Is Zippyshare ok?
>> No. 36780
please only use zippyshare it allows me to continue dropped dowloads and my wifi is shit , i can only use zippy
>> No. 36781
I regret that I do not have that set...I have some similar but this is actualy a new one for me too....I will ru a full file scan in archives
>> No. 36782
p have not seen one bobbie-archive.info

set uploaded yet , please share bobbie-archive.info

thank you
>> No. 36783
wait a min....will zippy it
>> No. 36784
File 154997773582.jpg - (360.06KB , 1641x1050 , m144-s085-093_1641_1050.jpg )
Used mirror and zippy is on it. Enjoy. What other Bobbie files do you seek?
>> No. 36797


>> No. 36799
post the site
>> No. 36825
If they did pop out I hope the photographer took some good shots.
>> No. 36826
It's comming soon on a channel near you (155 chan). Look there for the Bobbie thread. I been adding a set each day and am hopping someone will add to any sets that are missing pics (and there seams to be quite a few of them). Some sets number up to over 100 yet there are only 60 or 70 pics.
>> No. 36843
it's better you post things here not 155chan
155chan and 144chan are full retards.
>> No. 36847
Why do you say that? I may take your advice if you convince me. (It does seem that my posts appear here a lot quicker, often only seconds after, but I often have to wait hours or over night on the other chans).
>> No. 36849
WOW! Her camel toe is even partly visable! When I enlarged the focus I almolst had a stroke! I would probably die if I seen her expose anymore skin. Bobbie is so hot!
>> No. 36851
File 155002593088.jpg - (114.42KB , 1280x853 , m144-s14-051.jpg )
are you looking for this set? I can share what I can but it is not a full set. I wish someone would post the missing files.
>> No. 36852
File 155002748231.jpg - (181.06KB , 853x1280 , m144-s34-38.jpg )
I just read on another board that there were pics from www.bobbie-archive.info where it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties in some photos exposing her hips from the side but in the same set she would have them on again in the next frame with the shots of her legs spread. Is there any truth to this or is it people just making tall tales? I found this sample from the guy but it was probably from www.bobbie-model.net and if you enlarge the pic it looks like there is a panty strap; so this maybe just a myth. I don't know if the info is credible
>> No. 36853
Hot wish se were nude and sucking cock and fucking it as well.
>> No. 36858
File 155003572115.jpg - (154.35KB , 1280x853 , m144-s064-094.jpg )
I would die to watch Bobbie perform any act in the nude. She was a teen age goddess moddel. What a hot young super-star!
>> No. 36860
File 155003994281.jpg - (233.97KB , 1500x2250 , 154881560760.jpg )

The post above are mine , I see one of you found the site i talked about , i dont think the guy that posted those hot brand new archive sets is coming back sadly , you can clearly see the pictures are much higher quality
>> No. 36864
These are nice images for sure. They look so good on a 62 inch high def modern color tv display. Life size and so hot, right in my bedroom. ;-D
>> No. 36865
All 3 of these pics were missing from the collection I have access to....Thanks man! Any more would be super appreciated. Any sets or vids?
>> No. 36866
File 155004225985.jpg - (303.23KB , 1500x2250 , 154881420847.jpg )
guys i have shitty life and shit free wifi , i will post all previews i found soon ok , but may take 2 days , sorry guys
>> No. 36867
File 155004263932.jpg - (255.47KB , 853x1280 , 15488170229.jpg )
do any of you use Freenet , i used to years ago , maybe the new sets are there , he posted site rips with video from both Bobbie Archive , and Bobbie-Model.net
>> No. 36871
Oh my GOD...this is another hot pic missing. Why do the tame pictures get shared easily but the hotest ones are always hard to find?
>> No. 36872
I would sacrafice my left nut to find a collection of these pics. Do you know what you have? Pics like this have been hoarded away and not been shared for a decade. Bobbie fan club; u could be the hero the prophets foretold. ;-D Please share more....I am a fan.
>> No. 36873
I can be paitent. Sorry about your slow wi-fi and shitty life. Many of us Bobbie-model fans have a shitty life also. However, sharing her beauty brings good karma to all of us. I would help any Bobbie-Model fan, anyway possible if you share more Bobbie. Thank you so much.
>> No. 36875
File 15500493595.jpg - (239.87KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s13-75_1576_1051.jpg )
I was using freenet for a while. SUPER GREAT site. I love freenet, but it sort of crashed and trying to reinstall it has not been successful. I need it back again and everyone should use freenet.
Enjoy this good pic of Bobbie, cause she was the best!
BTW nip slip alert in this pic ...mmmm!
>> No. 36876
Thanks RegGuy
>> No. 36877
File 155005203262.jpg - (214.29KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s055-65_1600_1066.jpg )
happy to share. What other Bobbie material do u seek? I will always share what I can. Do u have any of her files to post? I am seeking missing pics from a lot of sets;
Here is a pic to keep this board decorated ;-)
>> No. 36878
you are correct and it is Laura who has the set that isn't wearing them.
>> No. 36879
File 155005240352.jpg - (105.32KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-39.jpg )
This set probably has over 50 missing pics. Please if someone could help.
>> No. 36880
She was probably hot too. Can you share a set, or at least a sample pic of Laura, please? I need to refresh my memory.
>> No. 36881
File 155005321026.jpg - (317.14KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s06-12_1576_1050_1600_1066.jpg )
The teen queen...Bobbie!
>> No. 36884

Thanks Regular.
I'm new so I don't have much
any sets that have her in super tight camel toe hugging shorts do it for me
>> No. 36898
On 155 chan there is a thread with over 17 sets and a few vids posted on a thread for Bobbie-model. I will share more here later.
>> No. 36945
need more unpublished pics
>> No. 36952
Peter Dominic aka Don Marcus Models

BBM = Budding Beauties Model
BBM#= Budding Beauties Model #
BBM+= After BB Model had own site
UN = Unknown name
NV = Nudist Video
SO = Site opened (not listing all)

Danei-2 only model NOT assigned m100#
M101 Quinn aka Lisa SO 01Dec02 (sister M110), M102 Danei-1, M103 Karen-1 07Nov02, M104 UN BBM NV, M105 Laurie aka Samantha NV, M106 UN BBM, M107 UN BBM005, M108 Alyssa SO 06Feb03 NV, M109 Whitney SO 17Aug03, M110 UN BBM(sister M101), M111 Bambi SO 05Apr03, M112 Sonny BBM021, M114 Daisy SO 19Dec03, M115 Alice BBM001, M116 Jessie aka Leahann BBM025, M117 UN BBM024, M118 Phoebe BBM+ SO 30May04 (sister to M119 & M120), M119 Sevina BBM+ SO 29Dec04(sister M118 & M120), M120 Tettie BBM008(sister M118 & M119), M121 Julliet aka Niki-1 BBM, M122 UN BBM02, M123 Elfie BBM+ TMTV(sister M124), M124 UN BBM009 (sister M123), M126 Addiie BBM006+ TMTV (sister M151), M127 Alexis aka Riana BBM029+ SO 17Nov04, M128 Farrah BBM020+ SO 21May05, M129 UN BBM016, M132 UN BBM028, M135 UN, M137 Leslie SO 06Oct04, M139 Deana SO 29Mar05, M140 Tabitha aka Carolina SO 07Sep95, m141 Chastity aka Felicity SO 17Aug04, M142 UN BBM017, M143 Juliete-1 aka Geraldine SO 07Oct04, M144 Bobbie SO 12Apr05 (sister M149), M145 UN BBM, M146 Natasha aka Tasha BBM007+ TMTV, M147 UN BBM, M148 Juliet-2 BBM030, M149 Barbie BBM010(sister M144), M150 Gigi SO 08Dec06, M151 Aubrey SO 27Jan05 (sister M126), M152 Tawny BBM, M153 Satine aka Jolene, M154 Mina-1 BBM NV, M155 Lane BBM+, M156-1 UN BBM(not JoJo), M156-2 JoJo NV (sister M157 & 1st cousin M160), M157 Lolo NV (sister M156-2 & 1st cousin M160), M158 Mina-2 TMTV, M160 BluJeanne NV (1st cousin M156-2 & M157), M160 Reeka, M163 Lena P aka Celeste, M165 Sundae aka Shelia, M167 MaryAnne aka Sara, M168 Naomi, M170 Niki-2, M177 Teetoo, M178 Phillie, M189 Selina aka Ninve, M198 Leenia, M202 Nini aka Nino, M205 Justie.

Others that are possibly some of the missing m100 #'s in list above. Almost all @ TMTV, have some of following in common with above: same photographer, same shoot locations and back drops, guest with other models.

Alexa, Alizee, Anthea, BouBou aka Elaine, D'Arcie aka Darce, Gale, Isa, Izzie, Karen-2 aka (Romy), Lucie, Lola, Lylou, Mary P, Rezzie, Sophie, Terry, Victoria, Ysia.

Most Erotic Teens aka Met-Art by Dominic
Lots filmed same locations as Webe above.
Alessia, Allison, Anika, Anne, Azure, Beatrice, Caroline, Catherine,Chloe A, Claire, Dominique,
Eve,Jasmine, Josephine, Joan, Lucia, Luna, Petra, Sophia, Violene, Yvonne
Most photo shoots 2001 thru 2006 like webe web 2002 thru 2006, then CNS 2007 thru 2010
>> No. 36955
File 155010394711.jpg - (956.70KB , 1498x2326 , Issues-ReIssues5.jpg )
Lots people talk about missing images. Here is why, ($) We all know the problems with images missing from series(sets), which thus photographer had BIG habit if doing.
Image here will explain what he did and why.

For Bobbie model check out following.
I will give you 2 sets numbers after series number and s(shoot location #).
IE: Series024 m144-s004 x094-102
94 is the total number of images in that series with the 102 being the highest numbered image in that series. If SAME series issued on another date that's a ReIssue

Series024 m144-s004 x094-102 was ReIssued ( shown at modelsblog wit image count of 162

Series045 m144-s076 x084-083 I know more images than highest number, its because count starts at image 000. Was ReIssued @ Bobbie-Model.net image count there was 102 an additiinal 19 images.

Series057 m144-s051 x074-073 again count start 000. Was ReIssued @ Bobbie-Model.com with image count of 084 another 11 images.

So just because you have consecutive numbering dis not mean a COMPLETE Series(set)
>> No. 36956
he had a plethora of outtakes from pics from all models. There has to be a lot more risk pictures of Bobby Model. The only reason they weren't included is because at the time Webe Web was watching the closing of model sites for Models wearing Thongs!

I remember this I was there when it was going down it's the reason the later sets of Webe Web start to look like a Fashion Catalog.

Then you have Bobbie Model's own site after the Webe Web site. She must have had a lot of risk pics at that time.

Anyone have darknet I am sure you can find more there.
>> No. 36957
Bobbie-model.com 1st site opened at Webe Web on 22Apr05 had series 001 thru 071.

Bobbie-Model.com ReOpened 13Oct07 host unknown had series 072 thru 099.

Bobbie-model.net opened 21Feb10 at
creativodigital nothing new only ReIssues from 1st two sites
>> No. 36960
This has been very eye-opening. Smart move for the site owner, but frustraiting for collectors, indeed.
>> No. 36963
File 155011266053.jpg - (254.56KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-61_1576_1050.jpg )
This is a 1 piece bathing suit....The 2 piece sets are always better. However, Bobbie is so hot she could model wearing a full asbestos removal hazmat suit, and still look sexy. ;-)
>> No. 36964
>> No. 36965
File 155011286219.jpg - (243.04KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-71_1576_1050.jpg )
This is the link
>> No. 36976
File 15501238209.jpg - (44.53KB , 436x600 , 2581929516.jpg )
This pic makes a man just want to rub her entire lower body down with baby oil, and massage her from the soles of her feet and work all the way up. I would love to be the guy that make her feel good.
(Pic not related to my comment...just added to keep board decorated with beauty).
>> No. 36977
File 155013068330.jpg - (281.85KB , 1600x1066 , 3 (3).jpg )
155 chan was too slow for uploading and 180 chan is more friendly
"Bobbie-model" fans get ready. I will rip from the archives available to me....semi complete sets 85 and vids 14 of them.
Feel free to share any pics from my incomplete sets. Thank you
>> No. 36980
File 155013219744.jpg - (157.39KB , 1920x1080 , Rub ME with Baby Oil!.jpg )
I think that in the Ukraine, they call it "oil of babies." Whatever, it's good to rub a naked little girl with a lot of it!
>> No. 36999
File 15501411209.jpg - (124.64KB , 972x778 , Image_011.jpg )
This thread is intented for Bobbie-model relateted pics, vids, and discussion topics only. (not random cha-cha girlies who want baby oil massages). Thank you
>> No. 37001
File 15501426618.jpg - (379.65KB , 1500x2250 , 154881481031.jpg )
Charlie you jerk , no one wants that gremlin here


OMFG Bobbie move your Hand PLEASE , LOL
no seriously move it dammit...
File size: 154 MB

Not sure but this set seems like it should be much smaller in MB , some idiots bloat sets , not saying you did it but as I remember original sets should be about 60mb ??

Check out the bobbie-archive pic i posted , another nice lip slip
>> No. 37002
File 155014342691.jpg - (164.34KB , 853x1280 , 154881593435.jpg )
MetArt photographer Peter Domonic aka Don Marcus

LAURIE obvious she wasn't wearing panties
>> No. 37026
NICE! ....and so hot! Thanks so much. More if you can tia.
>> No. 37027
Thank you Bobbie Fan Club for the archive pics!

And thx reg guy for the fills.
>> No. 37044
Can anyone say or hint at what site the archive sets were posted on? Perhaps there's still hope for obtaining them
>> No. 37046
File 155016975595.png - (192.59KB , 792x480 , Capture+_2019-02-14-12-36-32.png )
archive.Bobbie-model.com per Wayback
Previews series 001-038 are the only thing viewable. Snapshot here
>> No. 37050
Great model, set etc.
But why so bad resolution?
>> No. 37052

No, I mean the bobbie-archive sets that >>36300
referred to. Some of the previews have been posted here, the high res ones that have never been seen before. Here's a wayback link to the bobbie archive btw:

It's amazing that these have started surfacing again, we have to track them down. The bobbie-archive sets were sourced direct from Dominic, as far as I know. But there are also many more that were never even released on that site (Dominic and the admin had a falling out)
>> No. 37054
File 155017515644.png - (488.31KB , 480x792 , Bobbie-Archive_info.png )
>>37052 Oh you mean that image >>36300
I guess you might try looking at bottom right corner... Here I enlarged it for you.
>> No. 37055
been hunting the archives, not much luck.

would luv to find the Quinn model archive sets too.

Quinn set 6 has an upskirt w/o panties that the tog covered up with photoshop. You can sort or make out lips.
>> No. 37087
File 155018532299.jpg - (185.97KB , 853x1280 , m144-s080-114.jpg )
Glad to see so many Bobbie enthusiasts searching and sharing lately. I hope it keeps up so maybe some more of her missing files will come to light.
Anyone found the set where she is dressed in black shirt and green skirt? It is the last one that I know of that I have never except handfull of pics.
Anyway, here is another set to enjoy....
>> No. 37088
This has been an impossible set to find also. If anyone can post it I would be forever greatfull. Sample located No. 33117
>> No. 37093
I can only assume that darknet has the more risk pictures.
>> No. 37097
They say regular internet for the public only covers 4% of what is available online. 96% of the internet is dark; thus the dark net. It is not places for the public to surf because it is all private and personal info between banks, corporations, schools, etc. Not sure I understand the concept of the "dark net". I think just because they call it "dark" there is a misconception of mystery about that.
>> No. 37098
File 155019676421.jpg - (292.53KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-81_1576_1050.jpg )
...anyway, here is a Bobbie vid
>> No. 37102
File 155020005441.jpg - (291.00KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s09-16_1576_1050.jpg )
Here is another video of the hottest teen to ever walk across my video screen (IMHO). ;-)
>> No. 37103
File 155020208143.jpg - (264.97KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s09-68_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 37106
>> No. 37109
File 155021329242.jpg - (225.94KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s23-60_1600_1066.jpg )
I pray for some more long lost Bobbie files to appear, but my hopes are only dreams. Anyway, I share what I can with all Bobbie fans. Please share if you can.
>> No. 37110
File 155021335577.jpg - (218.52KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s23-29_1600_1066.jpg )
>> No. 37111
File 155021587525.jpg - (119.55KB , 1280x853 , m144-s03-73 nip slip.jpg )

It may be my imagination going over board cuz I am obsessed with Bobbie.... but is anyone else noticing a double nip-slip here, or have I been drinking too much beer today? lol
>> No. 37117
I think it counts as a nip-slip....anyone else agree?
>> No. 37127
>>37097 deepwebsiteslinks.com/how-to-access-the-deep-web/#howtoaccessthedeepweb
>> No. 37165
File 155023877647.jpg - (274.39KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s32-82_1576_1050.jpg )
Will we realy find models like Bobbie on the deep web? Realy?...I do not belive. Webeweb girls are out here on the regular web (but some files hard to find). Keep this bord going and here is a Bobbie pic for decor on the thread.
>> No. 37167
where is the video link? I realy want this one and please post it thank you
>> No. 37182

Are you joking?? Obviously the original source of those pics is the long dead bobbie-archive site, I even linked it in my post. People in this thread have been talking about those sets being posted on some board or site recently, hence the source of the "leaked" images you see in this thread. The question is: what board were they leaked on? If we find out, we can perhaps contact the OP. I searched the common onion sites with no luck
>> No. 37186
File 155025642277.jpg - (164.10KB , 853x1280 , m144-s09-25.jpg )
I forgot to include the link so I did post it a minute later but it never showed on the thread..... let me retry.
>> No. 37195
File 155026437485.jpg - (151.32KB , 853x1280 , m144-s09-11.jpg )
The video in the red tube dress is posted twice. The first time I posted it didn't show and several hours later someone asked about it so I reuploaded the vid and got a new link. Now it seems both links are posted for the same vid. I just wanted to let everyone know so you don't waste time downloading the same vid.
>> No. 37215
File 155026990040.jpg - (228.66KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s26-083_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 37216
File 155027050774.jpg - (71.61KB , 450x600 , blog.jpg )
I wish wayback machine worked better. I've tried just about every search engine and forum boards over the years tring to find more Bobbie-model. I am am trying to think of a supper search engine that I never tried before. Even finding one new picture of her now and then is a super find to me.
>> No. 37220
File 155027251099.jpg - (249.05KB , 853x1280 , NIP SLIP m144-s054-14.jpg )
The reason I like Bobbie so much is because she looks IDENTICAL to a girl I dated back in high school over 20 years ago. Her exact likeness is remarkable. Even Bobbie's facial expressions are so perfectly just like Crystal's were. In her videos she even carries heself the same. The ONLY diference I have ever noticed is that Bobbies eyes are always brown. My highschool sweety's eyes were hazel (which means they change colors throughout the day due to her mood). Crystals eyes were usualy green or bluish-green but there were times when they were blue, grey and even brown.
Every time I look at Bobbie's modeling material it brings me back two decades to thoes special years of young love.
This is the reason for my infatuation with Bobbie.
>> No. 37223
File 155027324782.jpg - (225.28KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s13-57_1576_1050.jpg )
I would just die to have her press the soles of her sexy feet against my face. I would kiss her toes and caress her hot legs. Then I would make love to her for hours. Bobbie is so hot.
>> No. 37224
I see it. I like it and wish both were showing.
>> No. 37230
that is so nice we need more like this
>> No. 37236
File 15502808819.jpg - (175.63KB , 1499x1200 , Image_013_1499_1200.jpg )
Please let me know if you appreciate my shares. It means a lot to me. I'd like to know when others are liking what I give. ;-)
>> No. 37258
File 155030387867.jpg - (172.70KB , 853x1280 , m144-s065-172.jpg )
A hot girl never had such sexy teeth. Oral would be so much fun with her. :-D
>> No. 37259
File 155030456364.jpg - (174.21KB , 1499x1200 , Image_011_1499_1200 (2).jpg )
I see your vids. I see you are also sharing some of the same ones as me. Did you get them from the same place I did? Plese share all you have. I will do the same.
here is a nice shot of her.
>> No. 37260
File 155030460235.jpg - (195.58KB , 1499x1200 , Image_007_1499_1200 (2).jpg )
I see your vids. I see you are also sharing some of the same ones as me. Did you get them from the same place I did? Plese share all you have. I will do the same.
here is a nice shot of her.
>> No. 37262
File 15503052764.jpg - (133.65KB , 853x1280 , m144-s39-75.jpg )
I like her big sexy front teeth too! I want to french-kiss her and roll my tongue deep inside her hot mouth.
>> No. 37276
back when Bobbie was modeling we posted on gmodels news group.
>> No. 37285
Yes I used to use newsgroups also, back in the day

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