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/mir/ ~ hi
File 15520848302.jpg - (113.92KB , 1280x960 , photo_2019-02-28_19-18-13.jpg )
39716 No. 39716
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>> No. 39727
hi..... :) You need wickr...

>> No. 39729
OMG Masha get,s more beautiful as she get,s older one off the prettiest girls on the planet stunning
>> No. 39735
File 155210292869.jpg - (702.88KB , 1220x1023 , itsme.jpg )
Hi guys how are you
>> No. 39817
If you're referring to OP's pic, that's not Masha numbnuts
>> No. 39832
File 155216048625.jpg - (61.81KB , 750x600 , 122819869544.jpg )

Pass= !"£$%&/()=
>> No. 40049
Jessie need you in some hardcore
>> No. 40050
OP is Masha, aka Maria Babko
>> No. 40062
Need video of this hottie, anyone have a recent pic or know her current age?
>> No. 40121
If you think that's Masha Babko.
1: I've never seen Masha's hair that short
2: Masha NEVER paints her nails or wears fake ones
3: Complexion not same
4: Chins are different
They look alike but your facial recognition skills need polishing. You're really trying to say this is the same girl?
>> No. 40136
it's the same girl. Google a "Маша бабко интервью мдк" and you'll se her now
>> No. 40143
File 155233143186.jpg - (153.15KB , 1280x960 , 155132856240.jpg )
Oh, how you are so willfully ignorant while typing that ironically incorrect information. OP pic is from when she had some green dye in her hair and did some modelling. She was around 19-20 at the time. Secondly she's had short hair both when she was young and when she got older. Third, her complexion IS the same, are you familiar with the difference between indoor/outdoor lighting? How about professional grade cameras on a Photo shoot versus a shit webcam in a well lit room?

If you're not legally blind, you're legally retarded. That's here, her are some pics from the same timeframe with the green dye in her hair.
>> No. 40144
File 155233147252.jpg - (934.01KB , 1775x2160 , 155137632538.jpg )
>> No. 40145
File 155233154479.jpg - (96.06KB , 604x604 , 4MdduFOFojk.jpg )
Notice theyre the same hair length? Also here's a picture of her with short hair while she was young, as you claim it was never that short.
>> No. 40146
File 155233179610.png - (525.91KB , 480x854 , snles.png )
Here's another example of different lighting that makes her complexion appear different.
>> No. 40157
what fuck is your point your another stalker!
>> No. 40158
My point is that >>40121 is fucking retarded and blind. Suck my uncut 7 inch dick you wanker. Off you go!
>> No. 40159
To much hate in this thread for such a beautiful girl...


>> No. 40162
File 155233916753.png - (623.77KB , 664x684 , Мария Бабко.png )
I think we can all agree - Мария Бабко is perfect.
>> No. 40216
File 155239914942.jpg - (253.64KB , 1920x1080 , huesoska.jpg )
>> No. 40217
File 155239916269.jpg - (311.46KB , 1920x1080 , masha and friends.jpg )
>> No. 40218
File 155239917418.jpg - (266.39KB , 1920x1029 , masha i sperma.jpg )
>> No. 40222
I'm really happy that Masha has been able to continue a normal and healthy life, without falling in drugs, diseases, prostitution or suicide. She's not a full-time-full-life pedo whore just for our entertainment, and we don't have the right to confuse her past with her present.
The same goes for the rest of models who's nowadays family's pics has been leaked (Anya or Dasha, some other LS models, Vladmodels and any other one).
It is not fair to tie them for what they were. Enjoy the stuff they did while they were preteens (I'm enjoying that as well), and let them have a normal life.
>> No. 40235
Disagree. They are Pedo Whores forever. We should expose their true identities and leak everything we can find.
>> No. 40236
Shes already fully doxxed and doesn't give a fuck anymore. Hence why she continues taking photos and using social media. People have showed up at her house looking for sex and she gets messages from pedos regularly - pretty sure she's a better person than any of her thirsty stalkers.
>> No. 40252
your pictures show that you are not an adult yet.
>> No. 40297
File 155249142659.jpg - (276.17KB , 1920x1080 , masha4.jpg )
>> No. 40298
File 155249144389.jpg - (248.65KB , 1920x724 , masha3.jpg )
>> No. 40309

Are you trying to prove something with this shit?
>> No. 40316
She takes it like a real Pedo Whore. If it is true that people showed up her house and asked for a fuck I am sure she agreed and took the money. Can we post her address here?
>> No. 40317

tks for her private pictures. bump for more
>> No. 40389
I guess you don't know the difference between an adult and a child mind.
>> No. 40425
LoL Mr. Adult. You are not in the position to play the moralizer. When adults abuse minors it is okay and you enjoy the products. When they grow up and get doxxed it is not? Why not? Because you say so? Stupidity is with you.
>> No. 40430
do you ever shut up! There is no excuse for any abuse! What did you grow up in the Gutter?

Your stupid Teen now just lurk.
>> No. 40482
You don't enjoy the pictures here but visit the site on a daily basis? Then you must be a LEA asshole. Go fuck yourself.
>> No. 40609
Your both immature little girls. Get over it, shut the fuck up and post a god damn video or 3 of Masha.
>> No. 40661
you need to grow the fuck up! LEA because some one doesn't like the abuse of women?
WTF is wrong you are you Arab?
>> No. 40829
File 155290421345.jpg - (90.60KB , 1920x1080 , capture_037_01072017_020458.jpg )
women can take care of themselves. they don't need or want you defending them, and we don't need or want your virtue signaling.
>> No. 40835
Hmmm another of one of those threads again nothing else then lowlifes & among those some gents appreciating a beauty like Masha
Too bad none here will see abything with Masha though I've got most what's ever produced by 1st and Masha in particular
Well there will be other threads & hopefully with none of the DOXX and whore namers illiterate bunch
Your loss not mine but do your homework just one more time about a DOXX for any of the 1st models if health yours is something you value;)
>> No. 40870
jar2 com
there coming for you

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