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/mir/ ~ what no chubbies/sexy fatties?
File 152039685150.jpg - (302.95KB , 1024x2167 , imgsrc_ru_57965690vPo.jpg )
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>> No. 33355
File 154775349092.jpg - (67.84KB , 960x720 , 50326159_2718573234836087_2247516331131797504_n.jpg )
>> No. 33366
Hey Chubby you have your own thread now? >>33241
>> No. 33409
It's the FUGLY thread - Fat & Ugly.

It's all about fat and CUTE, not dead whale rejects.
>> No. 33434
You created the thread and you answered. You are using my "name" to pretend it's me. Do not be a troll and better contribute to the group.
>> No. 33435
File 154783264912.jpg - (130.83KB , 720x960 , 6zQJb0laUwJhFok58mlWgQjQDuvaX.jpg )
>> No. 33438
File 154783693475.jpg - (165.54KB , 970x768 , imgsrc_ru_62700307EcS.jpg )
>> No. 33439
File 154783698324.jpg - (123.19KB , 800x600 , imgsrc_ru_46030804gDH.jpg )
>> No. 33440
File 154783772938.jpg - (121.03KB , 800x533 , imgsrc_ru_46030799QdG.jpg )
>> No. 33483
Dont worry about the troll, keep them chubbie girls coming xq
>> No. 33484

Didn't create the thread. Didn't "answer" anything. Don't know your name.

WHY would I pretend to be a basement dwelling, Cheetos stained loser comme toi?


The real mystery - WHY OH WHY do you love UGLY fat girls???

Lots of us dig Sexy Fat Girls, but you're kinda unique in your lust for the UGGO.

Someone has to pushback against the exloitation of girls too godamned ugly to be sex trafficked!!!
>> No. 33645
The only one who has problems with the fat ones is you.

Many like my contributions, instead you only complain and do not share anything. I do not see the case continue to argue with you. Things are simple that even the weakest mind can understand. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MY CONTRIBUTIONS, DO NOT OBSERVE THEM. Thank you.
>> No. 33651
Love these thick little gals
>> No. 33662
File 154802711243.jpg - (101.06KB , 720x960 , imgsrc_ru_61308585rIt.jpg )
Truly, fat girls are beautiful. What do you think of her? I think it would look even more beautiful if it were fatter.
>> No. 33663
File 154802716870.jpg - (71.01KB , 720x960 , imgsrc_ru_61308584SmN.jpg )
>> No. 33664
Please reup katiahard. The file is missing in dlfree
>> No. 33667
File 154802923180.jpg - (119.84KB , 1280x720 , imgsrc_ru_59636870GhK.jpg )
>> No. 33669
File 154802998279.jpg - (128.92KB , 1280x720 , imgsrc_ru_59636869gEl.jpg )
>> No. 33702
tienes wattsapp?
>> No. 33725
Both links are dead, please re-up.
>> No. 33733
It is the same link, check and are active.
>> No. 33739
File 154809829096.jpg - (83.41KB , 720x960 , IMG-20180501-WA0002.jpg )
>> No. 33767
File 154811307540.jpg - (230.74KB , 546x647 , imgsrc_ru_60958640zPx.jpg )
For those who love chubby girls and their feet

>> No. 33893
tienes wattsapp? se ven buenas tus gorditas
>> No. 33894
tienes wattsapp?
>> No. 33896
Nine or ten years ago, there was a guy from Brazil named Uncle Leo who posted hundreds of pictures of topless young girls in a water park in Sao Paolo. He had them on imgsrc.ru when you could still get good stuff. A lot of these girls were chubbs. Perhaps someone has them?
>> No. 33905
File 154826878077.jpg - (60.67KB , 576x1024 , imgsrc_ru_62809234CfE.jpg )

I'm in love with these girls and their photos. Say that you thought this beauty
>> No. 33906
Check your email, here nobody will put your cell phone number.//Revisa tu correo, aqui nadie pondra su numero celular.
>> No. 33922
We need more chubby, naked little girls.
>> No. 33979
File 154835196510.jpg - (19.78KB , 252x333 , imgsrc_ru_62283302RsN.jpg )
>> No. 34106

What we need are PRETTY, sexy, chubby girls.

Not these Sex Trafficking Rejects.

what the fuck is wrong with you fuckers to be so obsessed with devastatingly ugly little girls?

You got da dain bramage, hunh?
>> No. 34139
File 15484436864.jpg - (55.64KB , 960x540 , 17022485_427260357613795_4538635007034693628_n.jpg )
>> No. 34249
Tastes differ. Chill out.
>> No. 34292
Not into chubbies but I agree. If you don't like a thread just hit the collapse button and move on..
>> No. 34836
File 154878574275.jpg - (66.52KB , 600x800 , 20827038ERF.jpg )
>> No. 35003
i can see fat kids anywhere, either get them naked or get out
>> No. 35092
It ain't the chubby that's weird.

It's the obsession with UGLY fat girls. I mean you guys really, really, REALLY like ugly.

And that's farkin' WEIRD.
>> No. 35156
Lmao look how dumb the 1 guy complaining is, keep the thick 1s coming
>> No. 35218
File 154897921641.jpg - (61.72KB , 1024x576 , Chubby lover (6).jpg )

It's a beautiful chubby makes me so happy.
>> No. 35311
Deshekel plz..dl.free.fr or so
>> No. 35319
>> 35311

nothing illegal in that archive. you can download it. dbree is a pretty good host, except for the javascript thing. they use capchas but usually only one.
>> No. 35348
I dont understand why do you care what other people like?
If I heard half of people here whining about those feet fuckers then I wouldn't say anything, but apparently jerking off to feet is okay but chubby? No
>> No. 35454
>> No. 37045
Do you know how to read? Use common sense This thread "is what you do not chubbies / sexy chubby"

CHUBBY AND FAT, if you have a problem with this. Close the window and use your brain to understand that there are different people, with different tastes, if you can not assimilate this I think you should not be here.
>> No. 37094
more pics
>> No. 40189
More fat lil ones
>> No. 40190
Nice and meaty
>> No. 40241
I agree we need chubby/fat/obese on here or at least a link to a page. everybody has different taste it may sound weird gross but hey lifes too short we need different categories of interest!
>> No. 40322
What an angel. More of her.
>> No. 40458
Bless us with more fat girls
>> No. 40469
All links are dead, please re-up!!!

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