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/mir/ ~ what no chubbies/sexy fatties?
File 152039685150.jpg - (302.95KB , 1024x2167 , imgsrc_ru_57965690vPo.jpg )
9047 No. 9047
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>> No. 26841
JDI, more of her . . . . . PLEASE!
>> No. 26842
Which JDI are you looking for?
The smart one or the good looking one?

>> No. 26845
File 154191193748.jpg - (399.73KB , 1526x799 , TRU_140_Danielle Cover.jpg )
Danielle - 2 Sets

139 Pics - (1296x1944)


>> No. 26851
Put it in a link, so it doesn' get removed.
>> No. 26915
Did anyone ever post any more of Miss Nahla (Nahla Model)? Thanks in advance.
>> No. 27144
File 154230853071.jpg - (18.25KB , 655x480 , 43337314EKi.jpg )
Let's play
>> No. 27145
File 154230868575.jpg - (115.14KB , 720x489 , e45f94064784.jpg )
Another one of my girlfriend
>> No. 27588
Noone likes or cares for fat bitches that have hit he wall before puberty even got a chance to start
>> No. 27589
>>18625 the only post worth a damn
>> No. 27590
Completely incorrect. You mean YOU don't care for them. Whatever. Other people like things that you don't like. Learn to deal with it, like a grown up.
>> No. 28235
File 154333861848.jpg - (97.17KB , 960x720 , 1484254_349454091862198_1430452131_n.jpg )
>> No. 29092
File 154412004093.jpg - (91.05KB , 526x769 , 6zbF8o8nookXgKzkLXM0l0ME2b37J.jpg )
Chubby sex
>> No. 29227
what is the pw for the P.rar file? or is there one?
>> No. 30176
Between them thick cheeks, my meat with fill my pudgy pig
>> No. 32091
more of your gf?
>> No. 32397
File 154696526536.jpg - (125.14KB , 720x960 , 47685205_2650328698327208_8576960840123547648_n.jpg )
>> No. 32411

No. That would be FUGLY sex. She's not chubby. She's fat and ugly.

Weird you don't know the difference.
>> No. 32412

You realize the reason these little bitches are still in their shithole villages is because they're too fuckin gross to sex traffic.
>> No. 32495

you need to get out of your cave more often. there's a fetish for everything. not saying that she does anything for me (she doesn't), but there's always going to be at last a handful of people who'll go nuts over her. but if shitting all over someone's preferences makes you feel more like a big man, more power to you.

ps - if you were a big man you'd be dating someone instead of trolling around here.
>> No. 32510
Im personally down 4 any type of chubby/fat girl. This is the spot 4 it right? If u dont like move on but we need more post.
>> No. 32527
File 154706237272.jpg - (649.80KB , 2000x1333 , Sugar 167 - (49).jpg )

The question is - why does your tiny pecker get so hard looking at gross, ugly fat girls???

there are plenty of pretty fat girls but you fucks are posting the fugliest ones you can find!

WTF is wrong with you people?
>> No. 33023
If you do not like these girls you can press Alt + F4 and close your window and not come back here.
>> No. 33025
File 154758080567.jpg - (101.15KB , 960x959 , 47287336_1153584084809062_6387808763742519296_n.jpg )
>> No. 33156
File 154762449138.jpg - (13.07KB , 338x516 , 1-skinny-girl_25105818.jpg )
Do you have this set?
>> No. 33161
File 154762539513.jpg - (37.35KB , 326x457 , zaw.jpg )
>> No. 33164
File 15476256213.jpg - (13.42KB , 300x250 , frh.jpg )
>> No. 33184
File 154763490587.jpg - (49.12KB , 600x800 , aat.jpg )
>> No. 33197
I feel sorry for any of you fucks who can get off on something like this... fake or real, some poor girl got into this condition, may you all roast for making it sexual! I don't claim any moral grand stand (I love young girls), but surely we don't want any of them to suffer this sort of shit just 'cause we enjoy underage flesh. It's scum like you who make me truly ashamed to be attracted to the young, beautiful ladies I frequent these sites for... sorry, I feel sick
>> No. 33345
File 154774398683.jpg - (194.51KB , 768x1024 , tm-08-08.jpg )
This is what is known as arguing in the extremes or straw man arguments. Someone likes chubby girls so to argue about it, someone posts anorexic girls. It's silly because most people like girls who are in the middle. Slim healthy girls like this one.

The same is true for people who post over 15 year old girls on here. Clearly too old for this forum so people post pictures of old ladies to make their point. Then other people post pictures of new born babies.

This forum is for normal sized girls between 8 and 13.

If you have a fetish for fat girls, anorexic girls, toddlers or babies, teen girls, nigger girls, etc. You should post in another forum.
>> No. 33347
You're stupid? Bulimia and anorexia are very serious diseases. You are a very annoying troll, you who do not respect the groups' themes should not be here commenting and ruining the threads.
>> No. 33349

This thread was created with the name what no chubbies/sexy fatties?... I think that there are
repressed people here who do not know how to respect the tastes of everyone. In this forum there are threads of fat girls, feet, Asian girls, etc
>> No. 33354
File 154775335216.jpg - (57.66KB , 507x681 , imgsrc_ru_62283301vBy.jpg )
>> No. 33355
File 154775349092.jpg - (67.84KB , 960x720 , 50326159_2718573234836087_2247516331131797504_n.jpg )
>> No. 33366
Hey Chubby you have your own thread now? >>33241
>> No. 33409
It's the FUGLY thread - Fat & Ugly.

It's all about fat and CUTE, not dead whale rejects.
>> No. 33434
You created the thread and you answered. You are using my "name" to pretend it's me. Do not be a troll and better contribute to the group.
>> No. 33435
File 154783264912.jpg - (130.83KB , 720x960 , 6zQJb0laUwJhFok58mlWgQjQDuvaX.jpg )
>> No. 33438
File 154783693475.jpg - (165.54KB , 970x768 , imgsrc_ru_62700307EcS.jpg )
>> No. 33439
File 154783698324.jpg - (123.19KB , 800x600 , imgsrc_ru_46030804gDH.jpg )
>> No. 33440
File 154783772938.jpg - (121.03KB , 800x533 , imgsrc_ru_46030799QdG.jpg )
>> No. 33483
Dont worry about the troll, keep them chubbie girls coming xq
>> No. 33484

Didn't create the thread. Didn't "answer" anything. Don't know your name.

WHY would I pretend to be a basement dwelling, Cheetos stained loser comme toi?


The real mystery - WHY OH WHY do you love UGLY fat girls???

Lots of us dig Sexy Fat Girls, but you're kinda unique in your lust for the UGGO.

Someone has to pushback against the exloitation of girls too godamned ugly to be sex trafficked!!!
>> No. 33645
The only one who has problems with the fat ones is you.

Many like my contributions, instead you only complain and do not share anything. I do not see the case continue to argue with you. Things are simple that even the weakest mind can understand. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MY CONTRIBUTIONS, DO NOT OBSERVE THEM. Thank you.
>> No. 33651
Love these thick little gals
>> No. 33662
File 154802711243.jpg - (101.06KB , 720x960 , imgsrc_ru_61308585rIt.jpg )
Truly, fat girls are beautiful. What do you think of her? I think it would look even more beautiful if it were fatter.
>> No. 33663
File 154802716870.jpg - (71.01KB , 720x960 , imgsrc_ru_61308584SmN.jpg )
>> No. 33664
Please reup katiahard. The file is missing in dlfree
>> No. 33667
File 154802923180.jpg - (119.84KB , 1280x720 , imgsrc_ru_59636870GhK.jpg )
>> No. 33669
File 154802998279.jpg - (128.92KB , 1280x720 , imgsrc_ru_59636869gEl.jpg )
>> No. 33702
tienes wattsapp?

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