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where the mods reside
File 155304331749.jpg - (67.23KB , 720x1280 , Snapchat-1437820985.jpg )
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Ok so let me start this off by saying we all need help I need the good good I lost my links to ff and pap

File 155296717475.jpg - (21.51KB , 400x400 , hacker.jpg )
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File 155285596852.jpg - (211.95KB , 850x1202 , sample-e4cbeca4affce4df9d25e9aa0b3890bd.jpg )
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I wondered if someone could help me find a pic I saw in a thread here on 180 around two months ago on /jb/. It was an Asian girl, bending over and her perfect ass, pussy and asshole were all in clear view. She was probably around 12 or so, not sure, and there was also another kid with her. Also, it looked like they were standing on a rooftop with a lot of laundry drying around them. Here's the link that I had saved but the thread is presumably deleted (?) Any help is appreciated :)

File 15528197634.jpg - (552.68KB , 1080x2220 , Screenshot_٢٠١٩٠٣١١-٠٠٥١٠٠_Instagram.jpg )
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File 155276815212.png - (14.32KB , 727x627 , 02.png )
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Is there any other forums like bv4.0 for pedomom and son??

File 154655216024.png - (285.62KB , 550x309 , Untitled.png )
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looking for a working Forbiddenfruit page link pls. thanks :)

(pic unrelated)
>> No. 2282
FF has been down for over a month. No point in a link right now.
>> No. 2283
Yeah, it's been a while. I'm guessing it's gone. Either busted or whoever's in charge decided to pack it in before they got busted.

These sites never last very long.
>> No. 2284
was on it last week....but ok makes sense
>> No. 2433
Have been on it for the last couple of weeks but it went AWOL today.

File 155254336951.jpg - (136.38KB , 640x449 , tmp-cam-199536562.jpg )
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Comments wel-cum! Such a cute Lil fucktoy...hit me on Telegram, t.me/xxxbaddaddy for further.
>> No. 2432
Hello Officer!

Can you just come arrest me at home? Or do I have to meet you at the Cop Shop?

File 15433484648.jpg - (273.51KB , 550x732 , 1543346959363.jpg )
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Take advantage of the moment of adopting
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>> No. 2234
its central America.
>> No. 2353
Central America is a region at the southern tip of the North American continent. It is also called a subcontinent of North America. The North American continent consists of 23 countries and 23 territories of north, central, and Caribbean Islands. Study well. Test on Monday. ;)
>> No. 2359
I'd imagine adopting is a hassle for us pedos so I personally never looked into it
Single moms best I imagine girls with shitty father yearn for that older male protection
>> No. 2399
File 155040949174.jpg - (493.21KB , 817x1653 , ghg10150981693_94a06cf100_o.jpg )
adopting is too much trouble. A single man can not adopt, unless you pretend to be a gay couple. Even then the only kids available are retards or behavior problems or nigglets. And you'll spend 20 k on legal fees.

Best way is to find a single poor mother with two or three kids and work out a deal with her. Rent a condo for them in exchange for you visiting a few times a year and fucking the kids. Do this in Vietnam, Philippines, etc.
>> No. 2430
Become a heroin dealer to stripper moms!!!!!!

File 155008696848.jpg - (29.66KB , 720x495 , image001.jpg )
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How come Hillary wore blackface and the media is silent?
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>> No. 2421
That is most certainly not Bill and definitely not Hillary. Maybe you should stop spewing falsehoods
>> No. 2424
Libtards- humor gene is non-existent

>> No. 2425
File 155180670620.jpg - (43.59KB , 615x462 , whoopi-ted-roast-2-615x431@2x.jpg )
Ok how about Ted Danson roasting his then girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg? No problem right. So why is Whoopi now all upset about others in blackface?

Liberals = hypocrisy
>> No. 2427
File 155189559496.jpg - (56.47KB , 636x382 , blackface.jpg )
Liberal hypocrisy:
>> No. 2429
Every politician hypocrates no exceptions
Forbid politics not useful to mankind

File 154934371299.jpg - (75.45KB , 620x722 , 3It_06ebe7_1697526 - Copy.jpg )
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Any quick guide on how to view this site safely? I'm on TOR but cannot view the cg section since it requires me to fill out javascript captchas to download files

File 155187467674.jpg - (11.51KB , 474x266 , pcs.jpg )
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Visit => e6myli4xbxfqtulv.onion/

File 153656934069.png - (54.27KB , 445x440 , fawkes3.png )
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Users have always complained about the use of link shorteners on /cg/, but our long standing policy was to not disturb the market forces between visitors and shekeleers. However so much content is posted daily on /cg/ now that it's possible to raise the posting standard at the expense of losing a chunk of it.

A quick survey reveals the percent of shortened contributions on the /cg/'s of the 3 chans is 40% at 180chan, 80% at 144chan, and 85% at 155chan.

It's therefore possible to take advantage of the already high percent of direct links on 180's /cg/ and ban shorteners on it for new posts. Existing posts with shorteners will be tolerated, and shekeleers will also be allowed to copy their old posts to 144 or 155 if they wish.

Not wanting to take a hasty decision however without room for debate and shekeleer outrcry, the bill will not be signed by Mod before Monday, Sep 17. If you'd like to propose an idea or an argument please join the discussion here.
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>> No. 2023
So I was trying to report a premium-only thread at /cg (https://180chan.co/cg/res/51590.html), but a report only returned "That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion."

Does that mean we are allowed to finally post premium only at /cg? :)
>> No. 2024
Yeah guess What Norbert/Art Lover I am not a JEW. Jews are of tribe of Judah, I am probably just a Komen. Good Luck dude and God bless You.
>> No. 2025
GUYVER is the greatest God bless
>> No. 2319
File 154832592852.png - (34.69KB , 512x512 , link protection.png )
Can you Approve these link protection services?


one click redirect http://sflk.in/6mlQqA1
folder mode http://safelinking.net/lttnLB8

one click redirect https://tolink.to/l/vo
folder mode https://tolink.to/f/fo5c499111e10a6

one click redirect https://bit.ly/2sExbhs


>> No. 2423
Do I need a duck stamp to harvest that image? TFB, I stole it.lol>>1939

File 150752766844.jpg - (127.25KB , 900x664 , dreamstudio.jpg )
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I share and download free sets but every few months I also join an agency to reward the producers and keep them going. Let's share info about nn agencies still in production here.

-http://fashion-land.net Apparently Russian. Highest quality on the market but also the highest price. The successor of TMTV, Candydoll, and Silver. Claim the ability to track who leaked their sets to ban them.
-http://dreamstudioportal.com High quality, artistic and reasonably priced Russian productions. I feel sorry for them as their siterips are everywhere.
-http://custom-teens.com / Vladmodels.tv A shadow of the former Russian Vladmodels, now only taking custom orders.
-Newstar / Tinymodel: Czech agency. Copyright trolls. Went as far as banning bitcoin to avoid piracy. Main sites are reasonably priced but milking customers via $20-a-piece clipmonster.net
-TPI / WALS: Very tame but cute Brazilian lolis. Sell sets and vids manually. Copyright trolls.
-teenmodels.club: American agency. Very tame outfits & very cheap pricing.
-Teenmodel.cc: Newest kid on the block. Not much is known about them but their stuff is downloadable via a simple depfile subscription. Apparently the make money from depfile partnership.
-Starsessions.com New agency but do they even exist? No sets have been leaked leading some people to think they're a scam.
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>> No. 2355
dude make sure your using the new links page , e mail them they are very nice , been buying for years from Von silver-sales.info
>> No. 2362
Also Dolce http://mm.dolccemods.ru
>> No. 2376
what about teenmodels.club?
>> No. 2419
File 155111650064.jpg - (13.85KB , 150x228 , ba3.jpg )
>> No. 2422
lol no thanks Ned gtfo

File 155099247281.jpg - (340.44KB , 1242x2208 , DA214F0D-0EE4-4808-9AFA-C19974138ED1.jpg )
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i want to talk to older men i have for a while im 17 btw if anyone wants to talk n teach me about stuff add my snap (sasha8282) also might sell pics n vids
>> No. 2417
How do we know you're real? Post a pic holding a paper with "180chan" written on it.
>> No. 2418
que linda putinha
>> No. 2420
Its just a honey pot, dont add

File 153953640348.jpg - (29.08KB , 500x375 , 1g1h5rpjr0p8.jpg )
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Anyone know where to find (preferably stream, not download) LEGAL amateur NN vids? Like stickam and omegle captures and periscope and stuff like that. Where can I find some that are 100% legal, as in they don't end up getting naked?
>> No. 2034
File 153953922368.jpg - (201.72KB , 538x768 , 17_Brooke-Shields-1975-by-Garry-Gross.jpg )
Naked pictures and videos of people under the age of 18 are not illegal.
>> No. 2074
What country you living? Most countries are allowed NN, and many countries are allowed Naked. Some countries are allowed and some hard stuff. You just need know laws your country.
>> No. 2414
The underage girl on the right is Brooke Shields in .. ''Pretty Baby'' she was only 8 or 9 yrs. old.. and remember those underwater nude scenes with Chris Atkins? That was Brookes' body double, Kathy Troutt.

File 15509086844.png - (11.66KB , 461x136 , Screenshot from 2019-02-22 23:55:38.png )
2412 No. 2412 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can't open most of the archives posted here.
I used to have a program that was awesome but I can't remember the name. It was free and it opened everything here. I'm running Mint.

File 154819295429.png - (5.23KB , 279x58 , tm-logo.png )
2403 No. 2403 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know a page where I can get the videos from them without having to use a credit card?
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>> No. 2407
try nonuderama.net, no vip account needed
>> No. 2408
No V.I.P. needed, my ass. They use mountfile for their downloads and unless you buy an account with mountfile you'll get 30kbps speeds, long waits between downloads, and 90% of files over 100MB will time-out fail.
>> No. 2409
garbage is the name, i've seen 1 poster use mountfile, probably the owner
>> No. 2410
Nonuderama is becoming a bullshit site in itself. Most everything needs a premium account. That said, there is a marvelcharm set I'd love to get buy can't find anywhere.
>> No. 2411
So no another sites with more recent vids?

File 154181802222.jpg - (447.05KB , 768x1024 , e8ed5b_139d85c5e7da43fe92285baada9241b6_mv2.jpg )
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>> No. 2402
Me gustaría que mi hija me espere así en la cama

File 154866104053.jpg - (29.64KB , 849x768 , 0dde6328-d102-49c3-88f4-85d503084352.jpg )
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there are many beautiful girls https://t.me/kidstalents
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>> No. 2337
File 154866140975.jpg - (462.03KB , 1080x1264 , 7793cc21-610a-4487-baf7-f2eb29084f3f.jpg )
>> No. 2338
File 154866144093.jpg - (49.30KB , 1080x1350 , 49e1afe2-98b3-414b-8ccc-162b9a23212b.jpg )
>> No. 2339
File 154866145164.jpg - (75.33KB , 1080x1351 , 12f60a2b-6385-49d6-9e41-1ed1841c45c6.jpg )
>> No. 2340
File 154866148129.jpg - (126.45KB , 1080x1349 , 0b99d660-957b-4a33-a77f-4145740dcba2.jpg )
>> No. 2400
please please please post this complete set. who is she? name please 2339

File 155024495863.jpg - (511.56KB , 2102x2954 , oceane-dreams-set4-13.jpg )
2397 No. 2397 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just messing around today and went to toplist. I hadn't checking in a long time. So happy to see the Oceane banner I made for you way back when is still there for 180chan. Just wanted to say thanks and it's crazy that you have been around so long when so many others have been shut down. Thanks for all your hard work.


File 155016050445.jpg - (8.81KB , 263x191 , premi.jpg )
2394 No. 2394 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Admin, rules of this chan allow to post links to files available only for premium downloads?
>> No. 2395
Read this https://144chan.pk/cg/res/13474.html#48425
>> No. 2396
Ok, readed. But don`t understand, I can create premium thread in any 180 room or only 144/155?


File 155015972316.png - (47.04KB , 770x435 , Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9_50_11 AM.png )
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When did fileflares start only allowing only 1 connection at a time? And everyone and his brotha us this host here. This will not stand!

File 15059170061.jpg - (34.78KB , 177x200 , lock.jpg )
261 No. 261 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do you do full disk encryption or volume encryption? What programs you guys recommend for securing your PC and phone?
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1728
Bitlocker is fine as long as you are not trageted by the NSA... They don't give a fuck about CP btw. :)
>> No. 2267

what makes you say that? Just curious.
>> No. 2269
Best variant - live in country, where our stuff is allowed. Just know worldwide laws and emigrate in country, where FBI not have authorities. I got it, and now live in country, where never no extradition to other countries and our stuff now is absolutly legal. You never not feel himself in safe, if FBI can take you, can you use anonymous technologie or not. I say: go to the free countries!

I see nightmare, where landing FBI chopper in front of my bungallo, but I know, that it will destroyed by ANTI AIR SHIELD this country.
>> No. 2366
i just view this site without vpn. nothing will happen in my country
>> No. 2391

this is correct

there is no need for encryption or for vpn. especially on this site.

some people just like to spend lots on overkill stuff. if this site was bad u wouldnt be able to access it = the owners are in the usa and quite a fw mods!!!

File 155001727631.jpg - (89.42KB , 567x800 , IMG_0546.jpg )
2388 No. 2388 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm confused about the sites 144chan, 155chan, and 180chan. What's the difference between these sites and what's the difference between the boards within each site. What kind of pictures and videos are supposed to go with which site and which board? If someone could clarify this for me, I'd really appreciate it.
>> No. 2389
See Rules

File 154721736333.jpg - (15.04KB , 151x170 , Capture.jpg )
2295 No. 2295 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why not allow an onionlink thread or bread, if an open link is with it.

Why not a thread just for onion links.

Doesn't everyone come here with Tor and if not then...
>> No. 2297
Tor Network absolutely controlled by FBI and other US authority. This network was created especially for spread democracy in totalitarian countries, and also for lying hopes for sell drug, weapon, pedofreedom and slavedillers.

Direct link to your site, as and your downloads history, if it landed in free country is a many big garanted, that you will be don`t arrested and don`t extradition by US orders. Just know worldwide`s laws and laws your country. And just immigrate to free country, if laws your country don`t allowed that.

Be Free!
>> No. 2380
is canada a "safe" and free country?
>> No. 2383
Canada is free country for our stuff in now time? You really stupid?! If you living in North America, I recommend you get look in some Central America and Caribbean islands countries to migrate. Just know laws of countries for your migrations, ok?


File 154983853084.jpg - (20.66KB , 474x361 , Torproject.jpg )
2378 No. 2378 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
180/144/155 chans have outlived nearly every "dark web" site out there. Girlsapriori, Hurtmeh, & Lolilust will go down before this site does. Lol like whats the point of the dark nets when you can just post on the clear net.

Literally surprised you guys are still around. How do you guys do it? How do you evade LEA, FBI, & the UN all at once lol.
>> No. 2379
File 154983871111.jpg - (4.89KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
To the best of our knowledge we're not being pursued by any of these Jewish organizations. We're operating a simple and fun site, preemptively removing almost all illegal files without waiting for reports and also immediately responding to LEA takedown requests.

File 154971549632.jpg - (4.89KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
2377 No. 2377 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Alright boys we've got a new emergency page: https://trichan.de.

Bookmark it now, and you should generally be checking our homepage periodically for the latest 3 emergency links.

File 154877813786.jpg - (61.30KB , 258x315 , Alert.jpg )
2345 No. 2345 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
when i download RAR files, i always got alert from my antivirus. (like picture). what sholud i do?
>> No. 2361
File 154902475881.jpg - (656.29KB , 972x1296 , yas_tru04002.jpg )
temporarily disabile your anti virus.

Unrar the file.

re-enable your anti virus
>> No. 2372
i got a virus when i disabled my virus

then i switched to linux and virus couldn't operate

File 154936589476.jpg - (167.90KB , 720x960 , 153102676662.jpg )
2369 No. 2369 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why the mods of this two links treads lock it ???

Fucking idiots


What's wrong with my links

Select non insane guys for mods

Fucking idiots covered as mods lock treads
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2370
After several times throughout mdes decide it's partial??
Only me , the other not ?

Very good , protect your stupid mods and insult users

That's the way how to create enemies

Fucking assholes

File 154881340713.jpg - (232.16KB , 655x467 , 0004993621.jpg )
2363 No. 2363 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
add me on telegram to share girls and vids
>> No. 2364
Sure officer. But why don't we just meet at my place? XD
>> No. 2365
I'll give my address! You can mail me some DVDs!

1234 Go Fuck Yourself Ave
Stupid Cop Falls, anytown USA

This is the kinda cop who is always losing his gun.

File 154789889691.jpg - (351.44KB , 2024x1350 , ULTRA-MODEL-gggggflipped.jpg )
2304 No. 2304 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Am I the only one experiencing 155chan.gr down?


2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2312
Thanks to the people in the background for their tireless effort in bringing 155 back up and running again. Your work is greatly appreciated.


>> No. 2314
Thank you mods.
>> No. 2318
IT SEEMS THAT 180chan.info is currently down. Which is unusual........



>> No. 2325
Cost savings measure?
Rotating down times for each board in the TriForce?


>> No. 2360
180.chan.info is still down as of 1st February 2019. Just so you know.............



File 154891434548.jpg - (119.50KB , 800x533 , isa-011-029.jpg )
2354 No. 2354 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Wich chan allows mp4 format for girls
>> No. 2357
Mp4 girls go in 155 hebe's section
>> No. 2358

File 154884989987.jpg - (179.11KB , 733x761 , s-l1601.jpg )
2351 No. 2351 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 154878500697.jpg - (48.24KB , 600x424 , sort.jpg )
2346 No. 2346 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You better sort out whats going on at the moment or Im going elsewhere. People are posting using my name and hijacking threads....and it appears that you are powerless to prevent it. This chan, as well as the entire TriForce is becoming a shambles.
Sort it out!
>> No. 2347
File 154878578384.jpg - (17.63KB , 417x468 , T1.jpg )
This is another poser post

Not me my friends...jdi


>> No. 2348
File 154878790895.jpg - (154.82KB , 436x1296 , #Isabela.jpg )
This whole thing is a simple matter of
a very bitter unfortunate Troll that
cannot download Dbree.

He wants badly something he just can't figure
out how to get it. And I feel sorry for him.

He needs to Improve himself not prove himself?

jdi out

>> No. 2349
File 154879175597.jpg - (158.46KB , 832x609 , FULLFORCE.jpg )
Not in shambles

Triforce is in FULLFORCE

>> No. 2350
General population - 5% sociopaths.

Triforce population - 15% sociopaths?

This is not surprising.

File 154877989988.jpg - (371.92KB , 1365x2048 , Sorena-special_002_054.jpg )
2344 No. 2344 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Testing to see if posts go through, can't currently post anywhere on 144chan, not getting a banned message or anything. Trying to post a Sorena set link on the pantyhose thread over there.

File 154875227246.jpg - (0.99MB , 3650x2434 , 1ee28d1098590724.jpg )
2343 No. 2343 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
whhy not ban salefiles crap wont download then tells you to wait two hours before next download even though had nothing another version of katfile

File 154872775250.jpg - (49.30KB , 720x299 , 1548119323322.jpg )
2342 No. 2342 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Love kiddies lots i hear telegram has lots once in great wile I was in group had lots but saddly gone hmu if know any
on tg @LoliGramCpt

File 154860645793.jpg - (902.83KB , 1920x1080 , 149878006396.jpg )
2341 No. 2341 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi Triforce,
I can´t repost my Mirror and Zippy Links here. They are in days down.
I don´t know which good Host I can use here.
I use 99% Zippyshare and Mirrorcreator. And the recomend for this Hosts is.
zippyshare.com - no https & immediately deletes legal files on a single complaint
mirrorcreator.com - took down a shitton of 200% legal sets and vids effectively forcing us to rebuild /mir/ from scratch
Your WLC



File 154854249561.jpg - (35.57KB , 500x500 , thread posting status.jpg )
2326 No. 2326 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How does the visitor to any of the triforce chans know if a thread is open for posting?
There is a thread header that declares its posting status.
However triforce admin and mods do not know how to change posting status.
For example: the Set & Video Multi Doll-007 thread
is closed and it's continuation is the open thread

Post your other examples on this thread and see what happens.


File 154605402816.jpg - (886.29KB , 3744x5616 , 1540_IMG_2994.jpg )
2260 No. 2260 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm creating this so that some anons and I can discuss content and what to post without crapping up a most excellent thread in /mir/ :


Preview pic: "Crystal", who later did teh pr0n under the name "Jazlyn Dimez".
>> No. 2268
Hi NM,
Loved your thread.. This crystal looks hottie. Post her albums
>> No. 2273
hi there nm just thoughts for now nothing rude or offending even if i may seem a bit harsh sometimes
blame it on language & such;)
i'm the bloke with the jj vid post.......thanks for great threads much appreciated

btw most of jj & the vids i've added to this thread i've found not at anonib well a couple......
the sets arrived in another bunch by a nice bloke some time earlier
except the sets 101 and forward cause those are new to me
where i've found many of the vids lets say my posts or complete threads disappeared without notice
threads where i've added some or just said thanks.......

this was just a thought well no business of mine really but could'nt resist as it worked for me
since decades shared traded not necessarily the same content at the place i happened to be atm
see the below as it is a friendly way of keeping some discussions in control or something like that nothing else promise..........
>btw it's an easier way for you nm & mn to communicate without crapping up the thread......
>> No. 2287
NM - Sorry for my recent absence. Head back over to that vola so that we can try to help each other out.
>> No. 2315
hope we got more OMG and 18OMG models
>> No. 2317
Wots happend all other sites n pages blank mods

File 154836553178.jpg - (96.03KB , 1065x1600 , IMG_7506.jpg )
2321 No. 2321 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This place has gone completely crackers!
>> No. 2322
Thanks Mods for remedying the situation. Delete this thread if you desire.
>> No. 2323
Dont worry.....theres more to come. This is nothing.


File 15483552199.jpg - (7.34KB , 225x225 , images m mask.jpg )
2320 No. 2320 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm trying to find the Warehouse Sugar video of a large man in a Mexican wrestling mask with a young Hispanic girl who starts out in a white leotard. The video goes for over 15 mins, can anyone help?

File 154818959330.png - (456.57KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20181106-000004.png )
2316 No. 2316 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Links to hurtmeh, forbiden or something like that?
Girl on pic https://www.instagram.com/bardxra/

File 154242980546.jpg - (341.96KB , 608x608 , IMG_20181116_2.jpg )
2104 No. 2104 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey anon, I need $400 Canadian maybe to go see my special lolita online lover. Pic possibly related. I think I am in love. Pp=adrizey1#gmail.com change # to @
Please even $1 or $3 would be amazing and appreciated I'm just hoping there's a Richard millionaire out there can buy me a plane ticket. But I also need just $15 for another small project thanks

God bless the Triforce!!

Ps She has the trifecta of things that turn me on, two tits a pussy and a pulse (optional), plus She looks to be a grade A+++ lolita probably an amazing fuck buddy.

3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2130
File 154276827318.png - (438.53KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181117-180550.png )
>> No. 2131
File 154276836562.png - (399.99KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181119-175302.png )
PayPal adrizey1#gmail.com

1 Dolla 2 Dolla? How am I supposed to support my crack and Thai boy habit on welfare wages???!
>> No. 2161
You gotta work for that money ! Share more to make it worth our money :)
>> No. 2292
Video mobile
>> No. 2313
LOL! You actually expect people to donate to you when you are being a prick to them? A pic with the face hidden. Screen shots showing nothing. Try posting the goods, copper. Your pics are straight out of an LEA handbook. If posting pics, clothed and face hidden. Any image of full girl, blurred.

File 154700761495.jpg - (107.43KB , 864x1152 , lfix120_036.jpg )
2293 No. 2293 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone know what the status of httP fruitibyizhfb5w3.onion/ is? I miss it. :(
>> No. 2298
is down, you can test other sites here: https://www.website-down.com/http%253A%252F%252Ffruitibyizhfb5w3.onion
>> No. 2307
anyone knows other good sites ? or if u find a new link post pls^^

File 15477172232.png - (71.46KB , 625x146 , Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 04_26_24.png )
2303 No. 2303 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why is there no link to /Story? Can we get that added? Please

Thanks Mods!


File 154414600411.jpg - (29.11KB , 400x500 , kks.jpg )
2160 No. 2160 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I need some good suggestions to navigate safely through these sites.
>> No. 2290
1. Install Tor Browser
2. Click the black onion at top left corner -> Security Settings -> move slider to safest
3. Type about:config on the address bar, click the button that shows up
4. Type on the search bar at the top of this new page: javascript.enabled
5. Change javascript.enabled's value to false

If you want to hide it from your ISP: during installation, when asked "Connect or Configure" click Configure, select that your country blocks Tor and pick a bridge (obfs4 is good). If you already have it installed, you can do the same by clicking the black onion -> Tor Network Settings
>> No. 2291
File 154675525265.png - (16.71KB , 470x278 , tips.png )
I just made a post but it didn't show up, so I'm posting it as image instead
>> No. 2300
You don't, it's safer to rape a child.
>> No. 2302
While you're in about:config,set "send referer" to "0" (do not send).

File 152693449636.jpg - (33.52KB , 500x526 , Das boese.jpg )
1638 No. 1638 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Do you happen to know what happened to the page Forbidden Fruit?
it would be net if one would post the desert and the new address, here the old addy http://fruitibyizhfb5w3.onion/index.php

Thanks in advance
>> No. 1643
every forum before that was down like that came back run by the Feds of some country , Australi8a ran one for over a year compiling info on users , be extra careful Bruh!
>> No. 1774
They say they want to kill all ceepee in the world...by offering ceepee.
>> No. 2272
new link?
>> No. 2280
Girls a priori does not work either
>> No. 2294
Does anyone know what happened? I am hoping it comes available again.

File 154673074233.jpg - (9.50KB , 200x200 , images.jpg )
2289 No. 2289 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
<H1> PUSSY </H1>
<H2> PUSSY </H2>
<B> PUSSY </B>
<I> PUSSY </I>
<font color="red"> PUSSY </font>

File 154669495447.png - (416.51KB , 1600x1415 , 1_3SkikH4xC8g7cesnX_1-pQ.png )
2285 No. 2285 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I created a group on the Telegram today. If you want to come in, call me. Everyone has to upload videos, let's make a great and good group.

>> No. 2288
Yes, mr FBI Agent, we do it now!

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