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where the mods reside
File 154242980546.jpg - (341.96KB , 608x608 , IMG_20181116_2.jpg )
2104 No. 2104 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey anon, I need $400 Canadian maybe to go see my special lolita online lover. Pic possibly related. I think I am in love. Pp=adrizey1#gmail.com change # to @
Please even $1 or $3 would be amazing and appreciated I'm just hoping there's a Richard millionaire out there can buy me a plane ticket. But I also need just $15 for another small project thanks

God bless the Triforce!!

Ps She has the trifecta of things that turn me on, two tits a pussy and a pulse (optional), plus She looks to be a grade A+++ lolita probably an amazing fuck buddy.


File 150752766844.jpg - (127.25KB , 900x664 , dreamstudio.jpg )
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I share and download free sets but every few months I also join an agency to reward the producers and keep them going. Let's share info about nn agencies still in production here.

-http://fashion-land.net Apparently Russian. Highest quality on the market but also the highest price. The successor of TMTV, Candydoll, and Silver. Claim the ability to track who leaked their sets to ban them.
-http://dreamstudioportal.com High quality, artistic and reasonably priced Russian productions. I feel sorry for them as their siterips are everywhere.
-http://custom-teens.com / Vladmodels.tv A shadow of the former Russian Vladmodels, now only taking custom orders.
-Newstar / Tinymodel: Czech agency. Copyright trolls. Went as far as banning bitcoin to avoid piracy. Main sites are reasonably priced but milking customers via $20-a-piece clipmonster.net
-TPI / WALS: Very tame but cute Brazilian lolis. Sell sets and vids manually. Copyright trolls.
-teenmodels.club: American agency. Very tame outfits & very cheap pricing.
-Teenmodel.cc: Newest kid on the block. Not much is known about them but their stuff is downloadable via a simple depfile subscription. Apparently the make money from depfile partnership.
-Starsessions.com New agency but do they even exist? No sets have been leaked leading some people to think they're a scam.
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>> No. 2078
They rejected my card too, but when I sent an email to their support, they told my after 2 weeks to send full scan of both sides of my credit card and full scan of my ID.

I sent those and after that, my card has worked.

It was risky, but at that moment I didn't have anything to lose.
>> No. 2081
Sounds weired to me that they require so much personal information before selling access. I have already looked for their email and can't find it, so that's another dead end.

Is the content as good as the previews suggest?
>> No. 2084

would like to see jennifer sets leaked
i the moment she is my ultimate
>> No. 2095
There can be any number of reasons for NNPay to look as if it's playing up:
1) Your browser - I have found that Firefox seems to be the most reliable in establishing a connection, though my version was quite locked down with add-ons such as NoScript. I had to tweak my add-on settings a bit to get NNPay to work
2) The site owners themselves were behind in paying fees due to NNPay - I have had this happen more than once.
3) NNPay's servers themselves were incorrectly configured/broken - again I have experienced this
4) Something else

Ouch, you took quite a big risk doing what you did, you put all your card details (including CVC) out in the open. If a site asked me to email them both sides of a card then it would be a prepaid stored value card, limiting any potential loss to the value on the card.

Not trying to tell you guys off, just be a bit careful with online transaction stuff, especially in this field of interest.

Regards from a happy purchaser of Ekaterina2, if you successfully subscribe you will need a good bit of disk space for the HD vids!
>> No. 2103
Thanks for your input. I do use Firefox and have tried with and without my VPN. I get nowhere at
all using VPN but am also declined when using my real ISP.

Could you kindly elaborate on the tweaks that you made to gain access? It would be much appreciated.

I still can't really work out why nnpay require all the personal info though. Did you end up using all your actual info (address, phone number etc) or could you use some fake
I am more than ready to buy and have the capacity for the HD videos but it's so frustrating not being able to get hold of them.

File 154181802222.jpg - (447.05KB , 768x1024 , e8ed5b_139d85c5e7da43fe92285baada9241b6_mv2.jpg )
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File 154171434564.png - (53.17KB , 1598x647 , 155down?-Screenshot_2018-11-08_21-54-48.png )
2096 No. 2096 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Clicking on the link at the top of the page on 180 or 144 takes me to pic-related. SJW's been busy again? Or should I adopt the default position of "It's Guyver's fault"?


No. 1879 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone know what heppend to loli lust and forbidden fruit can some one drop links to sites if there still up

Pic for attention
>> No. 2092
They are around. The main link page on Tor (below) can get you to them. TL2 REDACTED FOR CENSORING US
(picture probably unrelated)

File 15406753658.jpg - (68.41KB , 564x752 , FB_IMG_1540627768084.jpg )
2075 No. 2075 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Great site what the create did. But he should be more careful with cthe selection of his mods and not take every insane guy as mod
>> No. 2076
File 154067618942.jpg - (42.39KB , 600x400 , 151610205645.jpg )
Select the mods more carefully, they just do what they want. Mods should follow the rules, not break them
>> No. 2088
File 15415473143.jpg - (64.92KB , 926x614 , off12.jpg )

File 153271828525.jpg - (116.29KB , 480x640 , #PASSWORDS.jpg )
1800 No. 1800 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 1812
since a decade or so it's the habit which makes me use passwords
before that passwords a must only specific recievers had access to the files at the time

a bit fun part of the habit of mine is that the more short of time i am the tougher passwords
something i'll discover later and not intended at all at the time the file were made
that's funny cause if really short of time the password seems to be one of the tougher kind

will i stop using encryption?
well no or at least not in the nearest future

btw seen something by you about hosts.....
files by me don't live particulary long
signing up to any host isn't an option imho
passwords also protect even the most curious host when they decide to screen the files as hosts do sometimes
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1821
File 153341556033.jpg - (27.40KB , 480x297 , jdi_Mod Thanks.jpg )
>> No. 1824
Late to this thread, anyway, my password habit stems from the days when http was the norm and https was the exception. I am not a techie but I figured if I was sending slightly doubtful stuff across an unencrypted connection it might be best to encrypt it before I send it. Don't know if it really made a difference...
>> No. 1825
File 153352946894.jpg - (594.65KB , 2340x3508 , Cute-Alina_3070.jpg )
The whole thing is mystery to me?
I like to hear all viewpoints so Thanks.
>> No. 2087
I wouldn't mind the passwords so much if they only contained letters and numbers.

I normally save the password as part of the filename when I save the preview image but weird passwords make that more difficult.

File 153946750231.jpg - (175.59KB , 735x980 , valia.jpg )
2030 No. 2030 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I need some help and I hope I am in the right place. I found 155, and then here. I haven't been around for about 20 years or so, since the "Professor BBS" for any old guys that might remember that. So much has changed. I need to find out what I need for safety. I went searching like the old days and came up empty, until I searched Valia Gladkova in Bing, and it lead me to 155. (I always liked her cute little buns.) Used to just use the BBS and Easynews and the newsgroups. Ranchi was just starting up if it is still around.
Anyway, I need to know if there's a website where I can learn about VPN?, Onion?, Tor, Torent?. I have no clue what any of that is.
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>> No. 2043
Why mod removing TL2 links? HEY mod, stop being a bitch, this man is just looking for loli content and you hiding it from him


>> No. 2044
to the mod, it's your own fault, or admin's, other sites on that place doesn't need CPU drainers on background to stay online

but i don't understand the problem here..

when you use tor browser, it automatically blocks all CPU drainers, and everyone who reaches TL2 is using the tor browser

>> No. 2050
Professor BBS is old? What about undernet & dalnet #100%%%preteengirls and other rooms with all those chat wars, dcc transfers, ftp tradings.... anyway get Whonix and forget about all other options. With Whonix you can even add VPN account so you can get rid of all those captchas.

You could also put some cheap Tor router device between your browsing machine and your network router. That way all your machine traffic will pass through Tor network.
>> No. 2051
yea whonix is better if you want persistency
and that's good for instant updates

also whonix needs more skill to use than tails, and most triforce users are just using VPN or nothing

if you just want a quick and safe environment to browse TOR and clearweb, tails is better and it's idiot proof

tails supports now veracrypt volumes by default, so you can use those to save stuff

>With Whonix you can even add VPN account so you can get rid of all those captchas.
really, all you need nowadays is TOR, if you need more then you're hopeless wanker
I just got rid of freenet, it was good for getting organized model and hussy collections, but you can find those from TOR forums nowadays

I haven't tried whonix, this comparison looks better for whonix though
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2052
Yes, Professor BBS was from 1998 or so. It ended and Ranchi was starting up. I have been away from everything since then, and now trying to be safe now, and learn about all the new stuff. Onion, VPN, Tor,Torent,are all new to me.I will learn, it will just take time, and a little help. Thank you and >>2051 and others for updating and commenting. I am sitting back and paying attention.

File 151000574565.jpg - (29.12KB , 299x199 , steps.jpg )
873 No. 873 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm tired of whiners complaining about excessive shekeleer hops. Here's a guide on what you should do once you fall upon this unforgivable sin.

1. Don't ask Mods to take action
It's impossible for us to know the right balance between user tolerance for ads and desire for downloads. Maybe you see the hops as excessive, but if the uploader wasn't making a shekel from other weaker-willed users he wouldn't have posted in the first place. We leave the balance to be determined by market forces and refuse to set arbitrary rules.

2. Express your concern
Give the shekeleer the finadvice. Tell him to please use less hops and how this makes it difficult for you to download. This creates pressure because the more complaints in a thread the less likely a new user will attempt to download from it.

3. Boycott
If he doesn't listen, punish him by ignoring his posts. Use the Hide Thread function which's only purpose in existence is to, you guessed right, hide threads you don't like. If enough people boycotted a thread it will cease to be profitable and the shekeleer will either mend his ways or be forced to find another career.

4A. Join!
If you can't beat 'em, shekel 'em. If shekeleers are still getting sheeple to click on links with 80 hops despite your activism it'd be a market signal that demand is greater than supply. Perhaps you should quit flipping burgers and shekel away at a merciful 79 hops. Serious shekeleers have been known to make $300-$600/month.

4B. ..or Migrate
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 899
Admin, how much you spend on your server with this board?
>> No. 900
More than what would've enabled me to cover my personal expenses from the small advertisement income.
>> No. 1856
File 153478992837.jpg - (4.15KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
Another awesome post worthy of a WSJ editorial on why we're not "cracking down" on greedy shekeleers https://144chan.pk/cg/res/28921.html#29374
>> No. 2057
kittys forbidden here and on 144chan
>> No. 2083
How do I watch vids

File 15410451034.png - (1.26MB , 640x1136 , IMG_0633.png )
2082 No. 2082 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is there just a video preview thread with working vids? Would like to see girls boys and sex between them.

File 153953640348.jpg - (29.08KB , 500x375 , 1g1h5rpjr0p8.jpg )
2033 No. 2033 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone know where to find (preferably stream, not download) LEGAL amateur NN vids? Like stickam and omegle captures and periscope and stuff like that. Where can I find some that are 100% legal, as in they don't end up getting naked?
>> No. 2034
File 153953922368.jpg - (201.72KB , 538x768 , 17_Brooke-Shields-1975-by-Garry-Gross.jpg )
Naked pictures and videos of people under the age of 18 are not illegal.
>> No. 2074
What country you living? Most countries are allowed NN, and many countries are allowed Naked. Some countries are allowed and some hard stuff. You just need know laws your country.

File 153555170591.png - (8.08KB , 128x128 , Anon.png )
1865 No. 1865 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A lot of links force you to solve a captcha, is there any way to avoid these? I don't mind them but after a while they start to get annoying.

File 151597469092.jpg - (105.79KB , 1188x960 , 5a5a6995.jpg )
1246 No. 1246 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Newbie here and have a stupid question:
mir = mirror where sharing is accommodated; cg = ??? where shekelers psot for profit ? (I assume to get visitors to sign up for [ay file sharing sites?) hebe = sharing for free like mir but I don't discern the distinction and jb = jail bait which is self explanitory but like cg where posters do share freely but do so for profit by, again coercing visitors to join pay file sharing hosts.
Please correct the preceding assumptions which have been made via observation as I could not readily find any official explanation for the various categories on these three boards 144, 155 and 180.
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1328
sweet pic 3661 yummy
>> No. 1455
Really nice photoshop almost perfect.
>> No. 1714
File 152865224817.jpg - (82.98KB , 480x640 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 1817
File 153328756286.jpg - (11.43KB , 300x225 , 151740913661s.jpg )
I love you
>> No. 2071
show more laurab nudes

File 154055815050.jpg - (98.30KB , 800x1200 , e868e1316f7ad84439e6ad63a090e28206f711750a250a5a4f.jpg )
2067 No. 2067 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2069
It isn't fud. I'm a legitimately curious rando.

Also you could have approved the version that didn't accidentally have a username attached...

File 153942241658.jpg - (28.54KB , 1080x286 , 20181013_051952.jpg )
2036 No. 2036 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I cant get any captcha to work is there any way i can fix this all it will do is the little circle loading thing and it wont let me select any of the pics or even bring them up any help is helpful
>> No. 2037
File 15396005373.jpg - (85.15KB , 960x660 , goygle.jpg )
Same thing happening to me using Chromium browser
have to open captcha links in Firefox

what browser are you on?
>> No. 2038
lo mismo me sucede
>> No. 2039
lo mismo me sucede a mi
>> No. 2040
if you find website with captcha or request JS GO OUT no wait change of website

File 154017660212.png - (35.26KB , 227x100 , logo.png )
2056 No. 2056 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Limit for free downloads
>> No. 2060
Beware! I have true information, that administration file.al sending private information about childlovers (posters and downloaders) to Interpol.

File 153945497619.png - (134.99KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181013-111812.png )
2027 No. 2027 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Wow nice VPN or actual IP there art lover? Merciless to worthless Native Indians like Avery? Scam my people? Sounds 100% like GUYVER btw admin

File 153988260565.jpg - (11.12KB , 225x224 , images.jpg )
2049 No. 2049 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How many times a day did you fap?

File 153939986875.jpg - (122.84KB , 1200x1600 , P2130001.jpg )
2026 No. 2026 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
publish in these sites to generate money have some risk?
>> No. 2031
no risk at all, like there's no risk in eating a glass or drinking a bleach

here's the most riskiest things:
1. Start Your Own Business
2. Plumbing and Electrical Work
3. Fix Your Car
4. Build Your Own PC from Scratch
5. Travel Alone
6. Invest in the Stock Market
7. File Your Own Taxes
8. DIY Home Repairs
9. Deep Fry Foods
10. Cut Your Own Hair or Someone Else’s

as you can see your thing is not in the list
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 153656934069.png - (54.27KB , 445x440 , fawkes3.png )
1905 No. 1905 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Users have always complained about the use of link shorteners on /cg/, but our long standing policy was to not disturb the market forces between visitors and shekeleers. However so much content is posted daily on /cg/ now that it's possible to raise the posting standard at the expense of losing a chunk of it.

A quick survey reveals the percent of shortened contributions on the /cg/'s of the 3 chans is 40% at 180chan, 80% at 144chan, and 85% at 155chan.

It's therefore possible to take advantage of the already high percent of direct links on 180's /cg/ and ban shorteners on it for new posts. Existing posts with shorteners will be tolerated, and shekeleers will also be allowed to copy their old posts to 144 or 155 if they wish.

Not wanting to take a hasty decision however without room for debate and shekeleer outrcry, the bill will not be signed by Mod before Monday, Sep 17. If you'd like to propose an idea or an argument please join the discussion here.
32 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1998
File 153881306892.jpg - (4.21KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
How did our no shortener policy affect shekeleers? In the last week has your clicks and shekels increased, decreased, remained the same?
>> No. 2006
>> No. 2023
So I was trying to report a premium-only thread at /cg (https://180chan.co/cg/res/51590.html), but a report only returned "That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion."

Does that mean we are allowed to finally post premium only at /cg? :)
>> No. 2024
Yeah guess What Norbert/Art Lover I am not a JEW. Jews are of tribe of Judah, I am probably just a Komen. Good Luck dude and God bless You.
>> No. 2025
GUYVER is the greatest God bless

File 153927569791.jpg - (75.77KB , 640x640 , qqqww.jpg )
2020 No. 2020 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys i've been on this site for a couple of days now but I was wondering if theres any secure way of downloading files, or some sort of protocol to even being on this site?
>> No. 2022
get usb stick
install Tails to it
boot ur computer from usb stick

or buy a vpn if you're rich bitch

File 153751619098.jpg - (126.90KB , 1084x1400 , 152892008564.jpg )
1970 No. 1970 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
is 144.pk down again



2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2007




"The Spoiler will be coming to EVERY city" from Jeremiah a Prophecy book in the Bible. Hmmmmm 'The Spoiler' I wonder Who that guy might be?
>> No. 2008

>> No. 2013
what's 144chan?

i've heard only 180chan and 4chan
>> No. 2014
>> No. 2015

No. 1717 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
so some websites like lolibay have other websites links that have more links, and if you click enough, gradualy it will lead to some imageboard style pedo content, sure if you click on pictures they lead to other similar websites. What those are and why they are? Might they be some kind of honeypots?
>> No. 1720
Is there a link you can send to the website?
>> No. 1725
ye many site like this

who make it and why?

if u keep click links you go around in circle
>> No. 1742
Purely for money, money and more money
Just like this shithole
>> No. 1991
@1742 Amen!
>> No. 2009
Try 32616chan

File 153880406487.jpg - (35.09KB , 474x711 , th.jpg )
1997 No. 1997 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What links can i trust what do i avoid , most of the downloads are potentily harmful to my phone, how do passwords work ?

>> No. 1999
Browsing a site like this on a phone seems a stupid idea to me anyway.

Take minimum action to protect urself like a vpn with is DNS leak secure.

There are several unpakers for rar or 7z archives u can use. Also for android. If u use an iphone you are fucked anyway.

But as I said. Us a serious fucking device if you browse chans like this.
>> No. 2001
I think all the old Admin was trying to Say is he wanted to Stay true to the original 12chan.org, not that He is Gay. Only a side affect of Reverse-trolling Guyver he came out Gay Sounding. The original 12chan had both male and female boards of all types, except /porn/ which had either gender or both allowed obviously.

Of course the minute you make a /boy/ or /mjb/ - male jailbait you have Probably murderer Baptists complaining from every possible direction. I still have no clue how /girl/ or /jb/ - female jailbait came would be just slightly more okay and less illegal - Somehow??

Oh Well, Hope all the triforce gets banned forever.

Some jerkwad on the internet
>> No. 2002
I am Definitely Not Avery but I wanted to let you all know that I AM A JEW.

Please fucking stop asking if I am a Jew because I probably am a Jew.

What was with the seemingly endless steam train of idiots asking me if I am a Jew just over a year ago? Who the hell wants to know if I am a Jew? Just stop asking me thanks.

>> No. 2003



File 153867844923.jpg - (306.79KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-152-042.jpg )
1988 No. 1988 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So there is this new image hoster website called spee.ch
they claim to store their content on a blockchain which makes it undeletable and uncensorable.

sounds fine to me.
You open channels on the website so i decided to open this channels for you to also upload your content. Pls only legal stuff.

View images:


User: 180chan
>> No. 1992
File 153869062068.jpg - (119.73KB , 1200x1600 , 58776944_p2220041.jpg )
is it magic?
>> No. 1993
Didn't like any of your images.

Any more with younger girls?
>> No. 1994
its not my gallery, everone can upload there whatever he want
>> No. 1995
File 15387229033.jpg - (33.84KB , 650x516 , Elsolopensarenesapersonahacequetepierdasentresusre.jpg )
>> No. 1996
File 153877548640.jpg - (797.01KB , 1536x2048 , Natalia_949574.jpg )
nice gallery.

File 153811889716.jpg - (204.55KB , 896x799 , 153554670369.jpg )
1983 No. 1983 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
(I'm referring strictly to the hardcore crap, not the models or girls in their swimsuits.)

You guys are on the clearnet. Any web-savy user with some time in their hands can easily find you. Having cp on the chans, especially on /cg/, /mir/ doesn't legitimize your site.

Not talking about purging NNs since I don't consider them CP but the hardcore crap should go. It can make this site an easy target for Feds were they ever to find out.

Also don't record ip logs as they make this site an easy target to its users and owners. Try to anonymize everything and delete old threads if they do have any trace of user activity. Also helps keep the chans cleaner and more legit.

I know most users here, myself included, have Tor, Vpn or both but you can never be to sure of things. Just want you guys to survive as long as you can since you're probably one of the best "chans" out their.

-The concerned anon
>> No. 1984
>Having cp on the chans
I think they're deleting CP if it's reported.

I heard they're receiving reports from LEA all the time.

>ip logs
It's software limitation, I also heard they're looking someone who can code PHP.

I'm not admin, so this is not 100% accurate.
>> No. 1987
Who is that girl? need moar.

Can i support this board in any way?
I can code php and also modded this board for a few weeks some time ago.


>> No. 1989
wrote u to ur dismail.
Looks like u dont use ur protonmail anymore?
>> No. 1990
mailed u

File 153795973423.jpg - (546.43KB , 1024x1549 , mini monalisa.jpg )
1981 No. 1981 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'd like to thank JDI for redesigning our long overdue sub banners (control+F5). If any of our resident artists think they could beat him please submit your works here.
>> No. 1982
File 153796607433.jpg - (29.37KB , 646x124 , 180 CHAN COVER 2.jpg )

File 150913638166.png - (10.08KB , 1185x51 , 2017-10-27 16_32_05-DoUploads - Upload Files &.png )
481 No. 481 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How about a thread to share experiences on shitty filehosts?
I think it could help people make the right choice and not lose time and or money, and avoid pissing off other users...
I know that for some, all but Zippy is shit; that's not what I'm talking about.

Lemme start..
Offers up to 21$/1000 downloads for downloads from Canada, Netherlands and Germany... pretty weird since the most payful adresses are US and Uk on most filehosts... So I thought it was great to receive a good payout from those countries.
At first I received complaints about too many pupops and it's hard to download from it. I use adblock with filehosts so I didn't really cared. BUT
Once I requested payment, they decided to delete all my files, shared here and SC, and refused to lend the money. As a result, I lost +- 25$ value from them, and had to reup all that was on this site to another filehost.
My guess is they don't approve files shared on chans, or they are a total scam.
Do not use it!
21 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 840
File 151102668977.jpg - (46.07KB , 401x551 , ё1.jpg )
13 ? Really?
I think she is over 20+ years old
>> No. 841
For your info... Naomi was 12 when her second site came out....... I found some links to these sets and vids on some forum yesterday, and the post was made.... in 2011...
do your maths....
= 6 years.
She was 12, 6 years ago... so now she is???
>> No. 842
18? 2011?

From Naomis site, which was live in 2015, she's presented as a "9yo viatnemese preteen model". © 2015 Naomi
..or "she was really 15y old and posed as a 9y old", according to the logic above.

At Darknet she's posted under the "first hair" category. Her nudes doesn't exactly show the body or a 18 year old, but whatever.

In Duo3 they're 25 and 30 years btw. True story bro.
>> No. 1242
File 151594731575.png - (78.40KB , 1166x538 , 2018-01-14.png )
Anyone have an experience to share with those "new" filehosts? saw them appearing since a few days... and their payout rate looks like a scam....

uplod.cc 210$
premium.kim 50$

Those amounts/1000 downloads looks like they're too good to be true...
>> No. 1245
Rates are for 10,000 downloads, not 1,000.

Uplod.cc are decent, but will probably ban you if you only are posting chan-links (as they have done in the past).

File 153757190769.jpg - (215.44KB , 1360x2048 , 13.jpg )
1973 No. 1973 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Don't suppose any one will see this, but why can't I reply or post?
>> No. 1975
Because, you're weird. Also, hello there.

File 150238629954.jpg - (792.10KB , 1152x1728 , abby-156-001.jpg )
613 No. 613 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Is it just me or is this Douche Bag from NewStar a royal prick , Threatening to shut this site and that site down for posting sets of his models causing him to not get rich off the exploiting of his models, are you kidding me ? He sounds like a little hall monitor gonna tell on everyone if we dont do what he wants . Since when did we need his approval to post anything ? Ill post what ever I want it costs him a lot of money to go through the process of shutting chans down and on top of that he has to put himself out as a common pimp wanting the govt to protect his right to exploit little girls online !?! F him in his A ! I'm going to start dropping sets of Abby and Gabrielle around so be looking for em . I got vids too .
94 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 712
File 150655093020.jpg - (2.44KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
>> No. 713

The hypocrisy in Sergei's post >>8436 was over the top.
>> No. 1772
why cant you ban salefiles hit free download over 20 times and get redirected back to same page and if try enter code the redirects just continue
>> No. 1857
File 153499585659.jpg - (20.57KB , 377x250 , 6536_jealous.jpg )
I love it when grammar and English Nazis post criticizing another and make mistakes themselves:

"""but came across more articulately than Ned ever has in the past"""

More articulately? My 3rd grade English teacher would whack your wrist, you moron.

The rest of your post reeks of jealousy. In fact, you're been obsessed with Ned a long time and constantly critical for no good reason other than jealousy.

Can't say as I blame you, the guy travels the world making a living photographing preteen girls and teen girls. Whatever he's doing, he must be doing it right as he's been in business now for about four years.

It's ok to be jealous, just don't be so obvious. Another thing, when you criticize a poster's use of grammar or English, make sure you don't put your foot in your mouth.
>> No. 1974
File 153766498920.jpg - (341.35KB , 1600x1356 , aaa.jpg )
i saw a pussy once!

File 153676445431.jpg - (315.52KB , 2048x1445 , 1270636_587425181299716_475366926_o.jpg )
1956 No. 1956 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1964
File 153719373455.jpg - (31.50KB , 640x480 , 532229_103830599823977_311173601_n.jpg )
>> No. 1965
If only Der Führer had learned to fap earlier in life: no syphilis, no syphilis-induced brain damage, no unreasonable hatred of his maternal-grandmother's people - the Jews - just because one Jewish gallery owner didn't like his paintings, no Third Reich, no Holocaust, no Second World War to lose so ignominiously, no commie-dominated Eastern Europe for 40+ years, no partially-dismembered remnant of the Fatherland becoming a haven for Turks & Arabs... Wow, what fapping could've saved the German people and the World!
>> No. 1966
>no partially-dismembered remnant of the Fatherland becoming a haven for Turks & Arabs...
Sadly it's not just Deutschland, it's the whole of Europe that's become flooded with ethnic minorities who will soon be majorities. The whole situation was facilitated by liberals so determined to 'prove' Hitler wrong in suggesting there was a biological difference between the races that they allowed and encouraged the flood to happen in the belief that if they are given the benefits of life in Europe they will become Europeans because all humanity is the same. Unfortunately all humanity is NOT the same and Europe is now in deep doo da as a consequence of its folly.
>> No. 1967
It's created by Jews the same one Hitler Kicked out of Germany than they created WW2. Making sure the UK got the USA involved. NY Times said all of Judea declares war on Germany.

The Communist Jews are trying to destroy Europe they hate White Europeans.

It's called Kalegri I believe. It's been in motion since WW2.

Hitler is National Socialism nothing wrong with that. www tomatobubble com has very good factual history on WW2. with out the Esoteric or Mystery Schools.
>> No. 1968
How the fuck is this lame thread not being sent to /spam/?


File 153729816411.png - (219.68KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20180918-200742.png )
1952 No. 1952 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Kik group wait for it to start up

File 153436818488.jpg - (4.15KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
1845 No. 1845 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just letting everybody know we got https://180chan.info back and will always be redirecting it to the current 180chan. Think of it as emergency board #3 besides triforce.forumside.com & lisach.cf/triforce
>> No. 1923
180chan.info seems to have have stopped working for me. Just to let you know.



>> No. 1944
Dead here...

File 153724227499.jpg - (35.08KB , 630x394 , cali skye.jpg )
1945 No. 1945 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
ModFag finally deleted Cali Skye's thread.

WHY OH WHY would you do that??? It's literally the funniest thing ever found on these Chans. BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK!

Watching that deludedfag try to "prove" a 19 year old hooker was 15 when she did her porn pics...

The guy was so absurd. Several people just destroyed his every argument, but he couldn't let it go. Literally shittons of underage nude models, but he's focused on one skinny little whore.

Funniest. Shit. Ever.

You really ought to pay that guy.

File 15372264578.png - (1.10MB , 1602x636 , Screenshot_2018-09-17 purenudisthost i12 pixs ru06.png )
1947 No. 1947 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Little known fact, Avagle has a lot of free to see videos that may interest people here.

Picture unrelated.

File 153640843338.jpg - (13.86KB , 273x185 , blackc.jpg )
1894 No. 1894 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Каждый день выходит такое сообщение при публикации. Меняется только время. Что оно означает?
>> No. 1928
просто измените ip, есть сокет 4 или 5 или ssl

File 15365464844.jpg - (1.06MB , 2592x1936 , 4067AF8D-3566-4934-A15A-D3FFB0B881B8.jpg )
1903 No. 1903 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey I want to join this website
>> No. 1921
I don't. There's better ones like 144chan.
>> No. 1922
I prefer 180 because everything is usually legal and drama free.

File 153061413915.jpg - (9.68KB , 212x237 , Cute Pikachu!.jpg )
1746 No. 1746 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am transgender, meaning I identify as a girl, but I have a penis. I'm 16 and really want to post on here just because of how fun it might be.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1863
You're too young to be transgender or gay or anything else. Your parents should be locked up for child abuse and the doctor should lose his license.

16 and transgendered? Ridiculous. You're too young to make those type of decisions that are life altering.

The majority of trannies are mentally ill and have the highest suicide rates ever recorded in mankind. What you need is therapy.


>> No. 1868
Uhm, I'm a girl and go by she and her, you fuck wit.

As for the "doctor should be locked up" comment, I have yet to have any surgery, and need to be on hormone pills for at least a year before I CAN get surgery so that my Estrogen is higher than my testosterone and my body will not reject said surgeries..
>> No. 1877

Pay no heed to Anon. There are idiots who don't understand younger people and their capabilities to consent to these and more issues even among us.
>> No. 1885
You're not a girl. Every cell in our body has the XY chromosome and there is not a magical way to make yourself female no matter how many operations you have or how much hormones you take. This is an undisputed fact and it's existed ever since the beginning of mankind. You can play pretend all you want but the fact is you are a male and you'll always remain a male. You can't change your gender, your age, your species, etc.

Far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you want, call yourself whatever you want, be gay or straight, get married to whomever you want, I don't care. I will treat you with respect if we ever meet in person. HOWEVER, you do not have the right to tell me what pronoun to use when referring to you and you can't convince that you are a female. You are not.
>> No. 1901

lulll you are gonna trigger this poor mentally ill snowflake.

Hey OP dude. You are a DUDE. You have MAN PARTS. If you are gay, just say you are gay. No one will care. But don't go around saying shit like "You dont know about my reality/truth." It makes you sound like a jackass. There is only one truth. Truth is youre a mentally ill gay with a set of balls and a flimsy, from all the limpwristed babble Ive seen I am assuming white, always flaccid cock.

There is a reason minorities are catching up and it is because beta white boys like this. Yall better do something with him.

File 153570218651.jpg - (12.48KB , 225x225 , Kool-aid man.jpg )
1869 No. 1869 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How do I find the little sluts who reside on periscope and omegle/chatroulette?

I ask because I want some real-time kiddy porn and I want my own personal kiddy pet.
>> No. 1875
Mmh, that would be fun to do. That is, if I knew how to do it.
>> No. 1897
Any help at all, would be really nice.

File 150806549246.jpg - (2.50KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
318 No. 318 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Someone complained that they need to manually refresh the thread to get the latest posts. That's not a problem with the website. You fix that from your browser's cache settings to always look for a new version. I don't know about Chrome but in Firefox set browser.cache.check_doc_frequency to 1 instead of 3.

For reference, valid values for browser.cache.check_doc_frequency are:

0 – Check for a new version of a page once per session (a session starts when the first application window opens and ends when the last application window closes).

1 - Check for a new version every time a page is loaded.

2 – Never check for a new version – always load the page from cache.

3- Check for a new version when the page is out of date. (Default)
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 487
My first post on this subject. I'm happy to enjoy the site & wait months for a resolution.
I just assume it will be sorted eventually.
Yes I can be on page 4 & see page 2 stuff again.
So change my settings. OK
My serious question is, why is this the only site (old one was the same) where I need to adjust Browser (Firefox for me) settings to get current page?
Maybe just keep an open mind that, given time, a tweak at site end will sort it.
>> No. 489
File 150917228327.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
The problem is solved with default browser settings for the board pages however it persists for individual threads. For some reason threads doesn't signal to the browser that the page is out of date in order to invoke an automatic refresh. Any help on how to fix that would be appreciated.
>> No. 496
File 150922092315.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
According to our tests the issue was only replicated when using a Tor browser perhaps due to Tor node caching or any other reason. Although we don't ban Tor nodes we don't officially endorse it and have previously warned that also posting from it jeopardizes your posts in case a spammer uses the same IP.

In case the browser of any non tor users does not automatically show new posts within about a minute of their approval please report here.
>> No. 1867
Thanks that helped me solve the old threads issue.
>> No. 1871
Your cache problem will be fixed when you stop using nginx, as cache system.

When you install vestacp, do not install nginx, just apache, and cache problem will be fixed forever

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 12:49:09 GMT
text/html; charset=UTF-8
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 153410753025.png - (123.86KB , 788x813 , chanz.png )
1837 No. 1837 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Tor (unofficial) gateway for 144 155 180 chans with permanent Tor address:


Chan links are automatically updated when chans change domains (unless all 3 become unavailable at the same time).
>> No. 1838
Non Tor browser users you can also use it by using tor2web urls like:

>> No. 1840
File 153412781936.jpg - (15.86KB , 376x320 , what's up.jpg )
Am I doing something wrong?
The link is not working for me...
>> No. 1843
It come to my attention that some users can't connect to v3 Tor domains (long ones) because they are using too old Tor browser.

Always have updated Tor browser because of security updates which are usually the main reason for Tor browser updates beside some functionality improvements like those new safer v3 domains.
>> No. 1844
v3 domains are safer only for hidden service itself. as for user stand point both v2 and v3 domains are equally safe
>> No. 1889
>>1838 Using tor2web is a major,world-class bad idea for even remotely sensitive content. If you DO use it,don't drop the soap.At the very least,use tor2web AND a VPN.

File 153573021536.jpg - (213.12KB , 600x960 , img0_12 0.jpg )
1872 No. 1872 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know anyway to search these Chans, 180-144-155 ?
>> No. 1873
Clicking "view catalog" is the closes thing to search.
>> No. 1881
try google

i found this chan from google when the old address didn't work anymore

File 153582467888.jpg - (68.87KB , 960x640 , question-mark-2110767_960_720.jpg )
1874 No. 1874 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So I found a site with a lot of JB Omegle/Cam videos which are uploaded only on daofile.com and some are downloadable whereas the other ones are giving errors or require a premium account.
Is it legit to get a premium account to download these files or could this be bait?

File 153442730371.gif - (3.88KB , 120x120 , noavatar_middle.gif )
1847 No. 1847 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Very new. Cannot open rar files. How can I see a video? Thx
>> No. 1859
File 153505533434.jpg - (52.07KB , 331x594 , 8D2DF3603397-1.jpg )
you need 7zip to extract .RAR files first check the file with a antivirus scanner because some but not all sites scan before they upload the file(s).
You can safely aqquire a copy at: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/7_zip.html

File 153505504159.jpg - (49.92KB , 450x496 , 5B864C00B046-1.jpg )
1858 No. 1858 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You need a application called 7zip to extract .RAR files to your computer Always scan with a antivirus profram first as some file sharing sites do not scan the files. Here is where you can download 7zip safely https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/7_zip.html

No. 1851 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So I lost them all :(
Could some kind soul copy paste the URL for "Child Priori" .. or whatever its called.. and that
"CS Clone" site
Thanks you sick fucks
>> No. 1853

File 153412423746.jpg - (17.73KB , 241x300 , EC5A9AA8-3B77-4DDE-B0CE-33F8DA7790A0.jpg )
1839 No. 1839 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I’n the jewel basket section I would click a link below a picture thinking the link is related to the pic and find the link leads to a completely different picture. This is really annoying. Am I doing something wrong?
>> No. 1841
there's dozens of links below each picture so they obviously can't all lead to the same picture. It's just a sample.
>> No. 1842
A lot of times in jb section you will have a pic and none of the links match the photo. It just random links. What’s the point?
>> No. 1852
Why do you need the exact photo again you already got it on the chan lol

File 15344025445.jpg - (6.29KB , 291x173 , download.jpg )
1846 No. 1846 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
is lolifox.org/triforce down?


File 153345690411.jpg - (145.21KB , 720x1223 , IMG_20180805_161142_161.jpg )
1828 No. 1828 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why is this tread locked???
There is nothing copied from other and also
On this tread age other sets of bella

Can the Admin explain why he locked that tread????

Please unlock it there is nothing copied
>> No. 1829
File 153346364350.jpg - (4.14KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
I locked because someone already posted 40 Bella sets in one link, and because we don't allow double content within 3 months it's better that you start another topic.
>> No. 1830
File 153350983060.jpg - (8.34KB , 251x257 , IMG_20180806_065600_874.jpg )
Then lock it please at the first post and don't wait almost one week and few posts until you decide to look it.
I didn't know there is already a Bella tread cos I didn't research all treads if there is already similar tread.

Anyway, good Boards and good work. My thanks to the creater, administrators and all stuff members.

Go on with this great board and work of your.

Thanks to all


>> No. 1831
Yeah, my fault, I didn't check.
Thanks anyway.
Have a nice day

File 153348114365.jpg - (58.79KB , 453x604 , B0A84BEC-E5B6-469D-A0B8-4E4A5D32060B.jpg )
1823 No. 1823 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why can I only see the initial pic? I’ve tried everything someone help me I’d like to be able to see the rest of the pics but when I click on the link it says file was not found
>> No. 1827
I found the new registration page for Leakedchat

Just go here and you request an account. There were some weird people who have been banned now so it is safer.


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