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where the mods reside
File 15094914373.jpg - (16.38KB , 310x350 , 830872434214018.jpg )
518 No. 518 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just lost over 300 links with that last Deletion. Now I don't know for sure but my gut feeling is Nedphotog is behind this. And he somehow had the entire section affected to cover the real target, Me. Just a gut feeling? As soon as I posted that new 180 dedication thread with new posts, KABOOM!.

Regardless whoever is responsible I ask you please!

Just do me one favor when 155 reopens please delete that thread for me,
no explanation needed.

Thanks justdoit
>> No. 526
File 150963333254.jpg - (41.04KB , 550x367 , kirk-khan-shout.jpg )
It must be nedphotog! He's watching over you 24 hours a day. He's everywhere! Damn him!

File 150952584312.jpg - (2.52KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
519 No. 519 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know of a tool or website to extract mirrorcreator direct links in one step? We need something like that to easily backup their direct links in case they start taking our files down again. Currently it could be done manually but it's annoying as it takes a few seconds with every upload.
>> No. 520
LOL I do know such a tool but i'm not gonna tell you, faggot. ^_^

talentless prick hahahaha
>> No. 522
Thanks to your inspiration I searched and found a number of "premium link generators" claiming to work with MC but don't like
Now we only need to find one that does. We're very close, thanks G.
>> No. 523
Another "talentless prick" here, unlike the Negative Nancy at >>520 i've started to research what may or may not be possible (at least for GNU/Linux users) via the
utility. Nothing conclusive yet but some promising-looking ideas..
>> No. 524
Oh that's Guyver. He's supposed to be playing the evil guy but every time he tries breaking something it ends up making us stronger, like when he reported the links.

If you'll invest some time in R&D I suggest you postpone mirrorcreator for now and check my updated list of mirror sites on /mir/. They include new services which seem to allow upto 20GB per upload! If they really work it'd be super simple to upload a whole girl's collection with a single click, much better than MC's 400MB limit. All thanks to G of course <3

File 150883261996.jpg - (17.01KB , 350x490 , guillotine.jpg )
504 No. 504 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
We caught a shekeleer falsely bumping his old threads for two months. And he had so many that he created a cutoff point making it seem all threads after page 3 haven't updated since August.

All his threads have been locked or deleted, and shekeleers should check on their threads all the way to the last page nothing has been banned or lost.

File 150856561091.jpg - (45.80KB , 650x625 , square1.jpg )
417 No. 417 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For those who weren't following up on our emergency updates on https://8ch.net/triforce we reverted back to the old host and took out /cg/ again. The new host was horrible. Horrible servers which broke down when you copy a large file, horrible support which leaves you banging your head against the wall for hours. I had to bring us back until we find a good host.

If you know of a liberal hosting company please post its name here or email us. You can email anonymously if you sign up with https://bitmessage.ch or a similar service.

I went to extreme lengths to preserve the 6 hours of posting we had because the new server crashed during the backup so I copied the files manually, and can proudly announce that no posts have been lost including on /mir/ and /cg/ which will be resurrected once we migrate again.

I'm glad I learned a lot about switching servers though and the next move will take less than an hour once we have a server ready. It's a great responsibility on our shoulders, we're literally the last bastion of free speech on the open web.
>> No. 428
Why when I open "Cutie Girls", then I get redirect to "Spam"?
>> No. 431
File 150862318252.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
We're trying to move to the same host again. Turns out their support is solid but just slow to respond.

If the server works we'll move by tomorrow after I stress load the shit out of it to make sure it won't crash again. Else we'll either pick a $tronger server or keep hunting for a new host.

Once we move to a good server we'll fully revive either 144 or 155 under a temporary new domain until we can get the original names back.

If you read down 2 more threads you'll know. Try to enjoy /mir/ and /jb/ till we get /cg/ back.
>> No. 440
File 150872038834.jpg - (30.35KB , 200x200 , stop.jpg )
We're taking a site snapshot now to transfer to the new server. Any posts you make now will be lost. Transfer should be complete in an hour.
>> No. 441
File 15087266988.jpg - (21.32KB , 163x199 , Go.jpg )
We're at our new home and /cg/ has been restored. Post away folks! Please locally backup any links you post here for a few days just in case.

File 150856863064.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
722 No. 722 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I finally managed to take a new backup and we won't be doing any immediate rollbacks. It's always a good idea to backup your links though and bookmark our emergency thread at https://8ch.net/triforce in case 180 goes down. Please recommend any liberal hosts at the discussion in /spam/. We're trying to move out ASAP to restore /cg/.
>> No. 724
File 150861204570.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
155 hasn't gone anywhere JDI. We still have it with all the posts. In fact it's still online but its DNS isn't resolving. Once we find a new host we'll use a new cheap temporary domain to have it accessible again.
>> No. 725
File 150872833586.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
We've just restored /cg/ folks. One of the other 2 chans will follow soon under a new name if we don't hit any bumps.
>> No. 727
I disagree with you. For every happy 1000 downloaders you get a dork or an anti saying something stupid. You're only looking at the ungrateful 0.1%.

File 150871778695.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
439 No. 439 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This may come as a surprise to many people here but your mod is a moralfag. I can't do or participate in something unless I see ethical grounds for it. I want to take this opportunity and share my thoughts on copyright because while most shares on our chans are for dead agencies or sluts liberal girls willingly uploading to FB and YT, some shares still come from active agencies.

The reason I think a little sharing is morally acceptable is because in the internet age only the one best producer kills all its competitors since data replication costs nothing. That goes for the best song producer, best movie producer, best photo producer, etc. You only need to make the best product and instantly everyone on the planet has access to it and would buy it instead of your competitor's product.

So in return for this vast profit and laying off everyone starting from the worst producer all the way up to the second best it's reasonable to demand some public good tax in return. I think of reasonable copyright infringement as the primitive version of Universal Basic Income.

UBI's reasoning is since automation would eventually lead most humans to unemployment and only a handful of programmers and robot manufacturers would be making billions it's fair to tax this handful so the others don't starve to death. In other words if you're making inordinate profits from an automated system that automated system has to pay back to society.

That said emphasis is on responsible sharing because too much would kill an agency like what happened to Vladmodels. I'd take any siterip down in a snap if requested by its copyright holder. The only exception is Newstar's Sergei which I'd still do that for him if he issues an apology on his blog for the bullshit he accused our chans of, and TPI I only wanted to give them a slap on the wrist for being rude but I won't tolerate full siterips for them if they DMCA'd it either.

File 150815820126.jpg - (31.88KB , 355x199 , sinking.jpg )
370 No. 370 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
144 and 155 have been shot down. We won't be able to get 144 back before mid November or 155 before end of November. We're looking into resurrecting one of them under a new name to bring it back immediately. If 180 falls I'll be updating you over at https://8ch.net/triforce using this same tripcode as above !0dPczDktyE.
16 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 401
File 150827692055.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
So we're trying to convert the old databases and folders into a new domain and server. We have the backups but I don't know how to "rebuild html files" for the new domain when it's not accessible yet. Should I start a fresh installation then drop its DBs and restore our DBs instead? Do the SQL DBs need modifying? What about the cache should I edit its files to the reflect the new names or totally flush it? A step by step guide would be great. If it works we could have one of the two dead sites resurrected tomorrow under a new domain.
>> No. 403
>>10592 here
>It has that option for OP threads
Ah, okay, my chan-fu has lapsed since my little board was caught up in the Watkins coup de chan. :(
>> No. 404
There is a reply in your email.
>> No. 405
So what's going on? Is this some kind of personal feud or just a crusader who has you in his sites?
>> No. 407
Lolifox also went down today. Is it related?

File 150841306239.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
369 No. 369 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
We're backing up 180 files and databases to prepare it for transfer to the new host hopefully within 24 hours. Please backup any links or comments you post beyond this point because they will not be on the new site.
>> No. 409
File 150837514134.jpg - (8.54KB , 258x195 , migration.jpg )
We're already there. Post away! You will notice some bumping problems for a few hours because of the new server's time zone.
>> No. 411
Testing timezone
>> No. 413
File 150842769728.gif - (47.21KB , 350x233 , atlantis.gif )
Judging by the timestamps it's clear our new server is located in Atlantis. I wonder what's their legalese on child modeling.

File 147677253397.jpg - (38.08KB , 500x296 , MakeTriforceGreatAgain.jpg )
134 No. 134 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's make this site great again!
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 320
>> No. 352
old dude here.
I'm a bit blown out actually.
I got this ear thingy saying 'the systems gona fall soon to an angry young tune' & 50 fukkken years later the USA elects T R U M P.
i mean really.
Back in 1960 we referred to the uglty american as an aboration of the norm, uummm really now wtf??
>> No. 353
old dude sproutin off againm,
we all have problems between us & our fellow man, shit sometimes gals are a pain.
Somethimes we can codify it with a 'race' callout.
But really if its not coons, niggers, spics, blacks, gays, geeks, or wtfs that you blame, you'd have to blame yourself or your government for your shortcomings sometimes.
>> No. 410

you'd need the Guyver to make the triforce great again.
>> No. 412
Just curious if you think you've got what it takes to run a chan why don't you open your own chan? You'll be the top chan online in a couple of weeks no?

File 145513420048.jpg - (75.44KB , 1024x768 , lolitas -00289.jpg )
42 No. 42 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>> No. 43
File 14552139993.jpg - (16.74KB , 480x480 , thumb_thumb.jpg )

File 150730466598.jpg - (79.03KB , 512x512 , fireworks.jpg )
611 No. 611 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Dear Triforce users,

We're very happy to announce that with http://155chan.info preteen boards up again the Triforce is back with full force. We thank you for your continuous support and promise to do our best to minimize outages in the future. We especially thank our generous logo and banner designers as well as our tireless /mir/ section contributers.

Interesting developments have occured over the last 2 weeks with 180 and 144 getting more daily visitors than before the outage resulting in highly vibrant and lively discussions in /disc/ and /spam/, and we're planning an advertisement campaign soon which will expand our community even further. We're also testing a /boy/ sub under 144 instead of the total failure /loli/.

We made it up for 155 for being down so long by enabling quick comments and making its posts auto accepted instead of 180, and its default style would be the cool Burichan. We've also launched a /hebe/ sub, which like Librechan's /hebe/ will be a cross between /mir/ & /jb/ with a sprinkle of /spam/, and it allows youtube video embeds. 155's /r/ section has been merged into /cg/ & /mir/ and the redundant /teen/ sub is merged with /sw/ just like the other 2 chans.

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, or (God forbid) praises feel free to share them at our official discussion sub http://144chan.org/disc where also a copy of this thread is not locked.

Webmasters, potential ad & link exchange partners can always find our email at the bottom of every page.

Thank you and please enjoy your stay.
Edit: Politically correct bullshit apart, I blew the last 5 hours of posts on 180 when turning its threads into screened. Anything posted on Friday between 11AM-4PM GMT is gone. I hope you backed up your links and please accept my apology.

File 150697874381.png - (109.42KB , 991x438 , Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4_06_33 PM (2).png )
289 No. 289 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
And why does it keep popping up on all 3 chans?
what happens if I click OK?
Only way I can make it go away without clicking ok is the refresh and that is turning into a pain in the ass.
>> No. 290
File 150697910291.jpg - (2.47KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Not sure, I don't have this problem. Try asking on the chan's discussion 144chan.org/disc
>> No. 291
Don't use Chrome maybe
>> No. 292


File 150607081599.jpg - (75.83KB , 355x199 , btc.jpg )
265 No. 265 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I read some claims that bitcoin isn't anonymous because of the blockchain is public but can anyone here explain why wouldn't my bitcoins be anonymous if I bought them with my credit card but then sold them at the exchange and bought new ones using my credit at the exchange website? I mean anyone tracking the original bitcoins trail or my spent bitcoins trail would up with a totally different guy.

File 150375662352.gif - (1.94MB , 324x180 , s8S3Gm5.gif )
721 No. 721 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I know what you like to download, carry on

File 150317040282.jpg - (17.59KB , 214x199 , hat.jpg )
603 No. 603 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
That's your friendly reminder that posting from Tor gives you the same IP as spammers. And so when we delete all the spammer's posts using his IP as identifier your posts will be gone as a collateral damage.

That's not a problem with 144 and 155 since they're currently screened.
>> No. 604
>> No. 605
oh and by the by gravery, you blocking tor users from posting pretty much stops everyone from contributing. there aint no one stupid enough to post without proxies.

i mean god forbid theres a nipple slip or whatever and the pigs see it as cp....


>> No. 606
We can easily block Tor users https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq-abuse.html.en#Bans but we don't. In the likely case you're mentally challenged I'll say it once more: Posting from Tor is not a problem with 144 and 155 because only 180 has posts appear automatically and as such is prone to spam. And you can continue to choose to post over Tor to 180 if you're okay with the risk of losing your posts if the same exit node was used by a spammer.
>> No. 607

i see that as your request to take down the triforce again.

i'll get to work on that tomorrow right away, fart lover.

guys you have fart lover to thank for the next blackout. toodles.

you backstabbing faggot you
>> No. 609
anyway, prepare for the next blackout.

enjoy the chans while they last. because of your last post to me, fart lover, i will now continue to do this over and over again. i wont even post here anymore, just any time its up, im reporting.

no more talk, no more teasing. to gravery: there is literally nothing you can do against this.

File 150292599370.png - (5.47KB , 878x271 , 2017-08-16 19_25_38-403 Forbidden.png )
204 No. 204 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Whats happening with 155chan???

I receive a 403 forbidden when I try to access

File 150122171855.jpg - (31.17KB , 501x585 , shekeleer.jpg )
257 No. 257 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can some of our resident posters here share how much money one can realistically expect from a shekeleering career?
>> No. 258
money made $$$

price on your soul: priceless.
>> No. 259
Look buddy, I'm more than happy to get my looted sets for free with the minimum of effort too.
I'm well enough off to not even consider that lifestyle of posting for cents, pennies, pfennigs etc, anything I share i do on mirror easys.
Also I can only absorb much less than is offered anyway.
What I really want eventually comes around.
I'd imagine a mediocre jobb in a resonable country would make pumping stolen sets for cents seem a bit lame.
That said I find your way of doing stuff to be a pain in the butt. Just like the usual nig bs & your posted image.
Get over it. Get a life. Grow some gonads of your own. Piss off.
>> No. 260

word salad.
>> No. 279
File 150659600290.jpg - (51.76KB , 501x585 , shekeleer.jpg )
You'll find the >>227 thread very informative about shekeleering careers

File 14591160859.png - (10.05KB , 480x386 , 1456111526727.png )
77 No. 77 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
the fuck happened to the rest of the site?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 94
File 146092397413.jpg - (113.72KB , 1280x720 , 1280x720_please.jpg )
please reopen the others boards.
>> No. 95
File 14609588245.jpg - (75.50KB , 512x384 , alissap.jpg )
AlTeRnAtIvE cHAn in Real Time:
>> No. 97
admin need about $30 or $40 asap to save the triforce domains at least, for now.
>> No. 99
File 146108955158.jpg - (93.88KB , 638x479 , time-to-block-ad-block-7-638.jpg )
Hi I think you should put a message in which you indicate to users that should disable ad-block to visit this site, so you avoid the hassle to be asking for money to others. Donations should be voluntary. I know there are many here who would like to donate but with low traffic of visits is impossible. Please restructures your sites, ad-block is ruining both you and the posters. there are many people living with what they earn in this site, do not let it die.
>> No. 110
I'll try

File 146809295758.jpg - (9.94KB , 460x80 , nobanner.jpg )
178 No. 178 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone happen to know what the happened to TOPCHAN.INFO????

So far we are ranked like 25 on 'thechanlist' but topchan was way better for us imo.

144 was ranked 15 last I checked...

Did anyone host their own ranking site and want to add 180chan and 144chan??
>> No. 179
Admin here, btw, I barely have time to lace my shoes let alone repackage sets that I didn't approve, please be more careful if you accuse me of things like that ;)
>> No. 180
It's just the "chan scene"/imageboards has run its course and dieing out. I did noticed topchan and thechanlist had some quality control and only allowed imageboards, now they allow anything down to wannabe porn blog shit.

Maybe topchan is temporally offline, I know interchan and thechanlist been banned many times over their free toplist script they all use. Its very resource intense script that is very poorly coded and optimized. It loves capping ram/cpu limits and crashing servers. Then legal aspect to it, topchanlist and interchan got party vanned & closed down cause they had links to chans that had cp. thechanlist owner did got paranoid as shit about cp after interchan, he created terms of service that has interesting section about links to other websites. Anyway, hosting a chan toplist isn't for faint hearted and can be expensive cause you need atleast good VPS.

Heres some toplists and directories
>> No. 181
Thank you good sir!
>> No. 182
can be expensive cause you need atleast good VPS.

You probably need a dedicated server, because hosting a chan list is like being DDOS'd almost 24/7, like an actual DEDICATED server, a vps won't do they get so much spam, because the bloggers and the porn bloggers and the porn channers know, the only way to get traffic is to get listed. The only ones left are the sleaziest ones out there with all the spam porn sites. (imho).

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