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/spam/ ~ Make the Triforce Great Again
File 147677253397.jpg - (38.08KB , 500x296 , MakeTriforceGreatAgain.jpg )
134 No. 134
Let's make this site great again!
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>> No. 137
File 147930761790.jpg - (315.71KB , 1795x772 , donation.jpg )
>> No. 184
File 150013569143.jpg - (43.75KB , 720x809 , fake prezz.jpg )
>> No. 320
>> No. 352
old dude here.
I'm a bit blown out actually.
I got this ear thingy saying 'the systems gona fall soon to an angry young tune' & 50 fukkken years later the USA elects T R U M P.
i mean really.
Back in 1960 we referred to the uglty american as an aboration of the norm, uummm really now wtf??
>> No. 353
old dude sproutin off againm,
we all have problems between us & our fellow man, shit sometimes gals are a pain.
Somethimes we can codify it with a 'race' callout.
But really if its not coons, niggers, spics, blacks, gays, geeks, or wtfs that you blame, you'd have to blame yourself or your government for your shortcomings sometimes.
>> No. 410

you'd need the Guyver to make the triforce great again.
>> No. 412
Just curious if you think you've got what it takes to run a chan why don't you open your own chan? You'll be the top chan online in a couple of weeks no?

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