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/spam/ ~ We're all terrible people
File 152979911240.jpg - (30.83KB , 400x362 , IMG_20180623_201042.jpg )
1730 No. 1730
Please never act on your desires.
>> No. 1731
what do u mean under "never acting"?
>> No. 1745
Don't go out and rape children.
>> No. 1756
No. We’re not terrible people. Neither are gays etc. We’re just different. Just don’t act on your fantasies in real life and you are safe. Nothing to be ashamed about.
>> No. 1789
Too late. Although I didn't rape her, I recently fucked my friend's 12yr old daughter. She made all the advances and I didn't stop her. She wants to fuck me again but we're just waiting for another opportunity.
>> No. 1793
Would love to hear all the details as well as the follow-up to the next time.
>> No. 1798
You broke the law.

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