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/spam/ ~ To the mods, where do I post?
File 153061413915.jpg - (9.68KB , 212x237 , Cute Pikachu!.jpg )
1746 No. 1746
I am transgender, meaning I identify as a girl, but I have a penis. I'm 16 and really want to post on here just because of how fun it might be.
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>> No. 1747
You're too old. That won't even classify as CP in some jurisdictions.
>> No. 1752
If you want a place to post Tumblr will welcome you with open arms.
>> No. 1855
What is the age range for this board, just out of curiosity?


>> No. 1860
File 15350559094.jpg - (41.98KB , 450x358 , 5EBC61946219-1.jpg )
You could post in SW!
>> No. 1863
You're too young to be transgender or gay or anything else. Your parents should be locked up for child abuse and the doctor should lose his license.

16 and transgendered? Ridiculous. You're too young to make those type of decisions that are life altering.

The majority of trannies are mentally ill and have the highest suicide rates ever recorded in mankind. What you need is therapy.


>> No. 1868
Uhm, I'm a girl and go by she and her, you fuck wit.

As for the "doctor should be locked up" comment, I have yet to have any surgery, and need to be on hormone pills for at least a year before I CAN get surgery so that my Estrogen is higher than my testosterone and my body will not reject said surgeries..
>> No. 1877

Pay no heed to Anon. There are idiots who don't understand younger people and their capabilities to consent to these and more issues even among us.
>> No. 1885
You're not a girl. Every cell in our body has the XY chromosome and there is not a magical way to make yourself female no matter how many operations you have or how much hormones you take. This is an undisputed fact and it's existed ever since the beginning of mankind. You can play pretend all you want but the fact is you are a male and you'll always remain a male. You can't change your gender, your age, your species, etc.

Far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you want, call yourself whatever you want, be gay or straight, get married to whomever you want, I don't care. I will treat you with respect if we ever meet in person. HOWEVER, you do not have the right to tell me what pronoun to use when referring to you and you can't convince that you are a female. You are not.
>> No. 1901

lulll you are gonna trigger this poor mentally ill snowflake.

Hey OP dude. You are a DUDE. You have MAN PARTS. If you are gay, just say you are gay. No one will care. But don't go around saying shit like "You dont know about my reality/truth." It makes you sound like a jackass. There is only one truth. Truth is youre a mentally ill gay with a set of balls and a flimsy, from all the limpwristed babble Ive seen I am assuming white, always flaccid cock.

There is a reason minorities are catching up and it is because beta white boys like this. Yall better do something with him.
>> No. 2228
probably 144/b. It's... a photo of preopness. ~shrug~

If you're here for the bantz, well, right here homegirl. Or anywhere you'd like. Welcome, ma'am.

Cut your fat intake, keep your exercise bulemia medically feasible for its corticoid, and you might be able to amennhorea yourself to neutral. 10%. Remember to take a bone cycle with lupron and/or opioids.

Welcome to the board. You're free to kick it. We like to have you here. The floor looks like this.

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