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/spam/ ~ Rankings??
File 146809295758.jpg - (9.94KB , 460x80 , nobanner.jpg )
178 No. 178
Does anyone happen to know what the happened to TOPCHAN.INFO????

So far we are ranked like 25 on 'thechanlist' but topchan was way better for us imo.

144 was ranked 15 last I checked...

Did anyone host their own ranking site and want to add 180chan and 144chan??
>> No. 179
Admin here, btw, I barely have time to lace my shoes let alone repackage sets that I didn't approve, please be more careful if you accuse me of things like that ;)
>> No. 180
It's just the "chan scene"/imageboards has run its course and dieing out. I did noticed topchan and thechanlist had some quality control and only allowed imageboards, now they allow anything down to wannabe porn blog shit.

Maybe topchan is temporally offline, I know interchan and thechanlist been banned many times over their free toplist script they all use. Its very resource intense script that is very poorly coded and optimized. It loves capping ram/cpu limits and crashing servers. Then legal aspect to it, topchanlist and interchan got party vanned & closed down cause they had links to chans that had cp. thechanlist owner did got paranoid as shit about cp after interchan, he created terms of service that has interesting section about links to other websites. Anyway, hosting a chan toplist isn't for faint hearted and can be expensive cause you need atleast good VPS.

Heres some toplists and directories
>> No. 181
Thank you good sir!
>> No. 182
can be expensive cause you need atleast good VPS.

You probably need a dedicated server, because hosting a chan list is like being DDOS'd almost 24/7, like an actual DEDICATED server, a vps won't do they get so much spam, because the bloggers and the porn bloggers and the porn channers know, the only way to get traffic is to get listed. The only ones left are the sleaziest ones out there with all the spam porn sites. (imho).

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