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/spam/ ~ PASSWORDS
File 153271828525.jpg - (116.29KB , 480x640 , #PASSWORDS.jpg )
1800 No. 1800
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>> No. 1801
File 153271854982.jpg - (4.13KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
I pointed out 8 months ago that passwords cause unneeded headache because if somebody reports the links they report the password along. However some people just don't feel comfortable without them so we didn't set any rules regarding that.
>> No. 1805
File 153272093823.jpg - (91.75KB , 640x476 , Quartet -Tom Bob Joe Dan.jpg )
I see thread after thread titled Hot Babe or Cute Girl with thumbnails representing the topic.

And then I see 97 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view?

To view what? No Hot or Cute Girls.

Password discussion, what is the password, password is wrong, it worked for me, just copy & paste,
sorry forgot to post the password?

>> No. 1806
File 153272698626.jpg - (508.57KB , 2490x1401 , FULLSCREEN WITH HEADS.jpg )
I do very little downloading these days so it does not affect me. I just feel for all of Tom's & Bob's out there.

I don't think a rule should be necessary just some common sense and a little courtesy might prevent so many headless chickens running throughout the chans?
>> No. 1810
to me passwords are simply something that got hammered in somewhere and not particulary important why btw
so i'm always using a password for simply every file i'll make
some are harder some easier but mostly passwords could have a hint about the content
but if a file by me got a hinted password the file almost always contains another much harder encrypted file which is a hammered in habit also

today i'm not posting as much as previously but habits trained to make the rule for files are harsh to change maybe impossible when used to it for a long time
when i intend to post upon a request there will be a password as easy as i can make them
plus files rarely got a name who can cause interest of the content also a part of the web to me
>>1805 that's quite annoying cause there's simply just to learn to copy/paste & can even be a bit hazardous not knowing the most common things around

btw seen some of your posts for some time and it's never any problems with a file by you never ever
but your files got an advantage compared to any files by me;)
rare posts no need for a single password another habit more useful years ago then today
peace & cheers
>> No. 1811
File 153284524254.jpg - (524.83KB , 2000x3000 , kar_05004.jpg )
Some interesting comments and thoughts of yours that maybe I did not expect, which is good.

So is there someone that you don't want to see your files.
Or is it maybe because of the content or both?

Or just simply habit? jdi
>> No. 1812
since a decade or so it's the habit which makes me use passwords
before that passwords a must only specific recievers had access to the files at the time

a bit fun part of the habit of mine is that the more short of time i am the tougher passwords
something i'll discover later and not intended at all at the time the file were made
that's funny cause if really short of time the password seems to be one of the tougher kind

will i stop using encryption?
well no or at least not in the nearest future

btw seen something by you about hosts.....
files by me don't live particulary long
signing up to any host isn't an option imho
passwords also protect even the most curious host when they decide to screen the files as hosts do sometimes
and that's another reason i chose hosts who demands me to sign up to have my files there
privacy & i happen to like some of that......
peace & cheers
>> No. 1821
File 153341556033.jpg - (27.40KB , 480x297 , jdi_Mod Thanks.jpg )
>> No. 1824
Late to this thread, anyway, my password habit stems from the days when http was the norm and https was the exception. I am not a techie but I figured if I was sending slightly doubtful stuff across an unencrypted connection it might be best to encrypt it before I send it. Don't know if it really made a difference...
>> No. 1825
File 153352946894.jpg - (594.65KB , 2340x3508 , Cute-Alina_3070.jpg )
The whole thing is mystery to me?
I like to hear all viewpoints so Thanks.
>> No. 2087
I wouldn't mind the passwords so much if they only contained letters and numbers.

I normally save the password as part of the filename when I save the preview image but weird passwords make that more difficult.

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