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/spam/ ~ tor gateway for chans
File 153410753025.png - (123.86KB , 788x813 , chanz.png )
1837 No. 1837
Tor (unofficial) gateway for 144 155 180 chans with permanent Tor address:


Chan links are automatically updated when chans change domains (unless all 3 become unavailable at the same time).
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>> No. 1838
Non Tor browser users you can also use it by using tor2web urls like:

>> No. 1840
File 153412781936.jpg - (15.86KB , 376x320 , what's up.jpg )
Am I doing something wrong?
The link is not working for me...
>> No. 1843
It come to my attention that some users can't connect to v3 Tor domains (long ones) because they are using too old Tor browser.

Always have updated Tor browser because of security updates which are usually the main reason for Tor browser updates beside some functionality improvements like those new safer v3 domains.
>> No. 1844
v3 domains are safer only for hidden service itself. as for user stand point both v2 and v3 domains are equally safe
>> No. 1889
>>1838 Using tor2web is a major,world-class bad idea for even remotely sensitive content. If you DO use it,don't drop the soap.At the very least,use tor2web AND a VPN.

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