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/spam/ ~ Jewel basket links
File 153412423746.jpg - (17.73KB , 241x300 , EC5A9AA8-3B77-4DDE-B0CE-33F8DA7790A0.jpg )
1839 No. 1839
I’n the jewel basket section I would click a link below a picture thinking the link is related to the pic and find the link leads to a completely different picture. This is really annoying. Am I doing something wrong?
>> No. 1841
there's dozens of links below each picture so they obviously can't all lead to the same picture. It's just a sample.
>> No. 1842
A lot of times in jb section you will have a pic and none of the links match the photo. It just random links. What’s the point?
>> No. 1852
Why do you need the exact photo again you already got it on the chan lol

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