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/spam/ ~ captcha
File 153555170591.png - (8.08KB , 128x128 , Anon.png )
1865 No. 1865
A lot of links force you to solve a captcha, is there any way to avoid these? I don't mind them but after a while they start to get annoying.
>> No. 2155
lol go on vine Kitty's every host needs captcha,waste of time.On a different note really old chat site I got into lolis closed down this year peperonity,sad to see it go after 20 yrs. Also mods is story section coming back ? asstr dot org /
~ LS still up for stories if anyone like great stuff.regards.
>> No. 2232
u obviously don't dl stuff and that's a lame way of changing the subject to a site like asstr
not much activity there and been so about years
juat old reedited stuff up there or some new but rarely more then a couple of storys then nothing

try dl sometimes if you find those bloody captchas with images well hav fun in the pure hell as it is hell cause you'll never pass any of the fucking images
hate that kind of stuff and the worst part it's some hosts who got these bloody captchas use them for some regions only and that's fucking disgusting imo
peace and asstr will never be as it were eever again btw;)

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