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/spam/ ~ You guys need get rid of the hardcandy/hc on teh chans.
File 153811889716.jpg - (204.55KB , 896x799 , 153554670369.jpg )
1983 No. 1983
(I'm referring strictly to the hardcore crap, not the models or girls in their swimsuits.)

You guys are on the clearnet. Any web-savy user with some time in their hands can easily find you. Having cp on the chans, especially on /cg/, /mir/ doesn't legitimize your site.

Not talking about purging NNs since I don't consider them CP but the hardcore crap should go. It can make this site an easy target for Feds were they ever to find out.

Also don't record ip logs as they make this site an easy target to its users and owners. Try to anonymize everything and delete old threads if they do have any trace of user activity. Also helps keep the chans cleaner and more legit.

I know most users here, myself included, have Tor, Vpn or both but you can never be to sure of things. Just want you guys to survive as long as you can since you're probably one of the best "chans" out their.

-The concerned anon
>> No. 1984
>Having cp on the chans
I think they're deleting CP if it's reported.

I heard they're receiving reports from LEA all the time.

>ip logs
It's software limitation, I also heard they're looking someone who can code PHP.

I'm not admin, so this is not 100% accurate.
>> No. 1987
Who is that girl? need moar.

Can i support this board in any way?
I can code php and also modded this board for a few weeks some time ago.


>> No. 1989
wrote u to ur dismail.
Looks like u dont use ur protonmail anymore?
>> No. 1990
mailed u

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